RIP Black Rhinoceros

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At some point in the next five or ten years, all sub-species of black rhinos will go extinct in the wild. He writes at one point that in order for Namibia’s black rhinos to survive, it isn’t necessary for local tribesmen to like the animals – it’s only necessary that they not hate them. But as long as there exists a black market in Africa, those tribesmen need only hate their own poverty (or feel a touch of a human emotion called greed) to keep going out into the scrubland and shooting rhinos.
The more the Namibian government clamps down on poaching, the more money the black market will offer for every dead animal. This would be bad enough if there were ten thousand black rhinos in the world, but there are very likely fewer than a thousand. There’s no way the animals can win.

Conservatives like this? They think this is ok, all right, no big deal, not a problem?
I don’t get it. But I will say, “Screw conservatives,” just for that one crap view right there.
On another note, primitive people of any type, African Blacks in particular, simply cannot be relied upon to preserve any wild animal of any type. To preserve wildlife goes against the human tendency to solipsism and short-term profit at the expense, and I think in the modern era, it requires a relatively high IQ. The Black African IQ, at 67 or 75 or whatever it is, is simply too low to preserve any wild animal. “What’s in it for me?” They will ask. “Nothing,” will be the answer.
Don’t give me the poverty argument. Georgia and Moldova are just as poor and they are not exterminating any animals on their land, though they could easily do so, particularly with the hated wolves.
The Blacks were never able to complete their goal of exterminating  everything wild in Africa but the cockroaches and flies not because they were nice people but because they had primitive weapons. When modern weapons showed up, the Blacks were all colonized, and the Europeans, believe it or not, kept the Blacks from exterminating all the animals, and even made parks to protect the creatures.
With decolonization in the mid-1960’s, the Africans quickly went about exterminating all non-human non-domesticated animals. After all, now they not only had guns, but they even had automatic weapons. Giving a 67 IQ human an AK-47 can never be a good idea. At the same time, they also went about exterminating a lot of their fellow humans. The extermination of wildlife was so extreme (painfully recorded in the great Italian film Africa Addio) that the Europeans, who had just been tossed out, were quickly called back in by some decent-minded Africans to serve as quasi-colonists to protect the animals from the Africans and the Africans from themselves.
European paternalism is the only reason that there are large numbers of wild animals left on the continent. I am still convinced that Africans are in need of some paternalism.

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0 thoughts on “RIP Black Rhinoceros”

  1. “Conservatives like this”
    shouldt they dislike it normally? I mean conservative comes from conserve, wich means to preserve the current state of something.

    1. When do they ever do that? When do modern conservatives ever conserve anything? Natural landscapes, trees, forests, swamps, animals, fish stocks, grazing land, agricultural land, plants, mountains, plains, deserts, don’t they typically just want to destroy and decimate all of these things to make a buck.

      1. They want to conserve the gap between rich and poor. Well actually they try to make it bigger, so even this isnt that true.

  2. I guess we can’t expect better from such dull people. To me, a much more intriguing (and infuriating, since I AM interested in conservation) question is why rich smart Asian people honestly believe that eating a tiger’s penis or ingesting rhino horn powder will somehow make their dicks….. better…. at something.

    1. That situation begs the question “Which is a greater threat, a low IQ, or superstition?”. Some atheists are totally convinced non-rational belief systems are the cause of all human misery.

      1. I’m talking specifically about the belief that eating certain parts of endangered animals somehow improves sexual performance or other areas of human health. I’d be willing to bet that most adherents are probably not believers in the supernatural.

    2. Maybe doing such things as eating tiger’s penises & rhino horns actually does affect their bodies in some way, though not for the reasons they think. Or could it be the equivalent of a placebo effect @ play? IDK!

  3. The poaching is mainly fueled by Chinese demand. They have these silly superstitions which demand the death of exotic endangered animals.

  4. What complicates the matter is the fact that you have a source of money that is surrounded by a lot of poor people. On top of that, the source may not be well guarded much of the time.

    1. especially when western food is made artificially cheaper via tariffs &/or subsidies to big Arg or the likes of Monsanto.

  5. Money lowers people’s morality in general, despite IQ. Plenty of medium or high IQ people would sell some rhinos for big cash.

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