LBJ on the War

Famous last words:

“I don’t want to be known as a war president,” LBJ, Summer 1965.

A few short years later:

“That bitch of a war destroyed my Great Society – the woman I really love,” LBJ, late in his term.

Now that’s just sad.

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0 thoughts on “LBJ on the War”

      1. Thank you for knowing your stuff. He was indeed involved, and there’s enough evidence to back that up.

        1. nominay Was that sarcasm or a genuine thanks for the fact that I do indeed know my stuff ?

    1. It’s not sarcasm and it’s no bull. Read “LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination” (2011), “LBJ: The Man Who Killed Kennedy”: (2013), and “LBJ and the Kennedy Killing”. Also, there’s Billie Sol Estes testimony, mistress Madeline Duncan Brown’s account, and more. And then there’s this …
      This belief is more widespread than you think.

      1. Nominay Yes I have that same book amongst many others, the party they were all at the night before where he tells Madeline Brown ” How JFK wouldn`t ever embarrass him again after tonight ” was very compelling, that and he dived down into his car even before the shots were fired, and of course there are photos showing that too. The truth will out, which I guess it pretty much has now. Cheers nominay.

  1. LBJ started the draft that left so many people murdered, maimed, or suffering from the effects of Agent Orange. Next time there is a draft it’s time for people to put their feet down and say no.

    1. I have nothing against the draft, as long as it’s for a right cause. Why should the rich wuss out by going to college, or by weaseling into the national guard, or some other non-combat situation?

      1. Also, the all volunteer army is just another way for pampered youth, or cowards to make sure they never see hard combat.

      2. I don’t think anyone should be drafted. It’s slavery. It’s essentially the government forcing people to risk life and limb for something they think is right.

        1. Do the drafted benefit from living under the government? Nonetheless, they are unwilling to fight. Of course, this scenario wouldn’t apply to Vietnam, cause many could argue our security wasn’t threatened. Unless,you really believed the domino theory was as big of a threat as Hitler taking Poland.

        2. Some lefties have argued that Stalin’s Russia was a good government. In that case, wouldn’t it be just to demand that Russian citizens be drafted. They are reaping the benefits of socialism, so they should fight.
          This same argument would also be good against Jehovah’s Witnesses. They live in the land, reaping all the benefits, but are unwilling to fight for it. To me this sounds like freeloading of the worse sort.

        3. Perhaps the Government should give certain citizens the opportunity to leave, if they are unwilling to fight for it. Nonetheless, as I said before, there is a good argument, that imperialist wars do not benefit the citizens of the oppressor nation. Unless, that is, you really believe that terrorism threats etc.. are real.

        4. Being a citizen of any nation is a form of slavery, in the sense your surrendering freedom for benefits like security and other things. However, since humans are social creatures, being under bondage is inevitable.

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