Confidence Is Real or It's Nothing

Well, yeah, I do have an Alpha/Sigma side to my personality. When I am in it, I am basically a self-impressed, vain, egotistical, conceited douchebag who thinks he is God’s gift to women and who walks around like he is the King of the World. I can turn that on or off at will. One thing I noticed though is that there are times when it is hard to go into that personality due to low self-esteem, a lot of lousy, failure-type things happening in my life or this or that bummers. Sometimes I cannot go into that personality, but I try anyway, and it feels like I am faking it and it’s all a big lie. That definitely does NOT work somehow, and somehow amazingly people pick up on the fact that it’s all fake.

If you are going to try to go into a personality like that, the only thing that works is that you need to believe it 100%. It may be a big lie, but you have to believe in that lie completely. Fake confidence, fake self-esteem, etc. simply does not work. If it’s not real, then hang it up. People can tell.

There are all these PUA sites telling all these guys how to act like Alpha males. Well, fine and dandy, but a lot of these probably just do not have that personality structure available to them. Sadly this sort of behavior is generally derived from experience, especially experiences in adolescence and early adulthood. In other words, a lot of Alphas/Sigmas, etc. simply had a lot of really great and successful experiences with females during these formative years. If a man does not have these successful experiences at this stage in life, I am a bit worried that he might never be able to access a personality structure like that. In particular, guys who had a lot of humiliating and degrading failures with the opposite sex seem to be damaged by these experiences far into adulthood.

These guys are not “Naturals” are going to try on the Alpha thing, and they will come across as “Synthetic” Alphas at best. It’s not going to work. Every guy cannot become an Alpha Male. It’s like having a footrace with 100 guys and saying that they are all going to finish in the Top 15%.

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54 thoughts on “Confidence Is Real or It's Nothing”

  1. Every body can be bipolar depending on your mood and focus. If you focus on failure, you get depression and behave omega. If you focus on success, you feel like million bucks.
    Try to find some thing in life that few others can compete with you. Focus on it, advance it and you will come out like winner. Good at women, go for it. Good at making money, go for it. Good at taking test, do it. Good at sport, train for it.
    If you are shorty, and want to be a basket ball player, then you will feel like loser forever.

  2. I find vain, egotistical douchbags annoying whether they are male or female. I also feel a lot of people who feel the need to act like this actually lack confidence. I’m sure most guys that are successful with women usually are because they are able to be charming and friendly (at least when it might serve a purpose)…

    1. @truthteller99
      Re: “Improving yourself is always good. Don’t let others tell you who you are or what you can do. Show the world who’s boss”
      Exactly – most people will try and stamp all over you if you don’t put your foot down. Who is anyone to tell you they know who YOU are more than YOU? They don’t. Be honest with yourself but don’t except anyone else’s labels if you don’t agree with them. Most people seem to love nothing better than to rip an individual apart if they see them alone and get a chance. You have to be on your guard and nip it in the bud as soon as you see them trying to start. Don’t take any shit, why should anyone? 😉

      1. Yes. Nobody knows you better than yourself. You know what you can do and the limitations you’re working with. Outsiders don’t know your capabilities. It seems like these days people are backlashing so much against the “you can do anything” mentality that they morphed it into “you can’t do anything”. Wrong. If something is wrong improve it instead of whining about it and lacking confidence. I have no respect for people who feel no self esteem and take other people’s labels upon themselves. Society is fickle anyways and changes its mind like the wind.

        1. @truthteller99
          Re: “Society is fickle anyways and changes its mind like the wind”
          Re: “I have no respect for people who feel no self esteem and take other people’s labels upon themselves”
          Sometimes people are that bullied or brow beaten though and it’s been going on so long that they feel like they don’t have a choice or don’t even realise they’re doing it… 😉

  3. off topic but there was a protest song you put up ages ago by some woman. She was talking about america and Jesus and hypocrisy and it was a country type of singing. can you tell me what it was called?

  4. Elliot Rodger also displayed grandiosity and persecutory delusion. From my proffesional opinion, he is classic schizophrenic patient who should have been put into mental institute.

    1. Hollywood and history are full of such types: Hitler, Stalin, etc.. On the other hand, a schizo with no fame gets thrown in a hospital. Not fair!

  5. I fake confidence all the time and it works. You just have to give the vibe of someone who can kill 20 men at once if you wanted to, even though in reality u r a pussy ass twat

  6. Form what I learned from being an ESL teacher (in which high priority was placed on being outgoing), an alpha personality can be faked. That is, if there is a plan. However, if you got no strong plan, and it helps if the school backs you up, then you deflate into your natural beta. Being beta in that line of work is a crucifixion sentence.

    1. if you act confident and it works, you will actually become more confident and expect it to work next time. so why not think of it as a process of developing genuine confidence instead of faking it? Just fake it at first.
      It strikes me as a sort of beta attitude that you are not worthy of being able to actually do it. fuck that. if you can find a way to attract women then you are really doing it!

    1. @Alpha Male
      Re: “Steve the only way to attract women is to be a grade a asshole”
      It’s not just women, some idiot men will only start treating you like a human being once you start treating them as badly as they’ve tried to treat you. Their pathetic really and not really worth wasting your time on, better to find someone genuine that treats everyone with a bit of common courtesy and doesn’t feel the need to treat other people like shit to make themselves feel better. Honestly, why waste your time with someone who treats you like shit and acts like they have no respect for you…? 😉

    1. QUOTE (Alpha Male) “Leeminho shut up u fucking ugly chink. U look likea girl.”
      All Alpha Boy can fight is girls, or maybe handicapped women. Most women would kick his scrawny ass. Of course, he’s such a coward that he wouldn’t even come out of his mom’s house, to begin with.

  7. Confidence is more or gene and early childhood to adolescence experience and also depend on ground circumstances.
    We know blacks have low IQ but blacks are the most confident. Much of their confidence could be derive from their body size and their outward manifestation of strength and health.
    The East Asians are least confident because they are too clever and know that very few thing is categorial. Confident people have conviction in their belief but East Asians have doubts on all things.
    East Asians are least confident but they are most likely to predict the most accurate outcome in their reckoning.
    Whether someone is alpha or not, there is one more important points I wish to add to Robert’s POV. It is the mode switching of brains.
    I have a friend who was a virgin until around 25 years old. He appears to be a hopeless omega. Then he started screw one woman. From then on, he acquire a certain mysterious look and dangerous aura, women found him exciting and tantalizing. Women found him unpredictable and irresistible.
    For the next 4-5 years, this person went on to screw more than 20 women.
    This is equivalent to what Buddhist call “enlightenment”. Screwing one woman give him insights of women and women can tell this man is a “MOFOS”. Nevertheless women are attracted to bad guys and they fall for him.
    Elliot Rogers should have visit prostitute on the start and start screwing. He will find himself more attractive to women. And as he start screwing more and more, he will accumulate a certain dark aura which attract more women to him.

    1. Ill push your grandma’s tombstone over and hump her skull till she rolls over in her grave

      1. QUOTE: (Alpha Male) “Ill push your grandma’s tombstone over and hump her skull till she rolls over in her grave.”
        That comeback is so lame and boring, they wouldn’t even use it on a bad Disney sitcom, LOL

  8. QUOTE “I am assuming you are a white guy? And you have to FAKE Alpha status in an ASIAN country? Hahahahahahaha what ah poser.”
    I’ve always wondered about that myself. Did I break some Guinness World Record?

      I know you are, but what am I? LOL

      1. What are you? Hmmmm….lets C, a homosexual, a gay guy, a faggot, a guy who sticks his dick in to another mans dick, etc. Hmmmm?

      2. QUOTE (Alpha Male)
        “What are you? Hmmmm….lets C, a homosexual, a gay guy, a faggot, a guy who sticks his dick in to another mans dick, etc. Hmmmm?”
        That comeback would have really bothered me, if I was in 7th grade. Few adults would give a shit about that comment.
        It’s a bit funny though, cause it’s coming from a monkey, LOL.

  9. Victory speech, after pulling it out of your two cellmates. It was a long struggle, but you finally broke them. Congrats, mate.

  10. Women this women that, when LGTB men will have equality in your eyes as option mates? yes, the true agenda of gay rights is THAT kind of equality, just like Feminists want equality between men and women, enough of that please

  11. What do you all think of bodybuilders? Are they egotistical? They definitely get their share of haters, and if they jog, even more so.

    1. Bodybuilders: I think some people way overestimate the extent to which women care about muscles, etc. A lot of these incels have neither muscles nor personality, and they choose to blame their inadequacy on their lack of physical appeal. That way they can claim the women who reject or ignore them are superficial. On the other hand, working out is a great way to feel better and move through the world with more confidence. Body builders take it a little far, but there is something to be said for the feeling of near invulnerability that comes from being bigger and stronger than most other people. I’ve been in shape and out of shape, and in shape is better. Way better.

      1. I like bodybuilding, and the feeling it gives, but we should be on guard against narcissism and showing off. My nephew is well built up. Nonetheless, he shows off a bit too much, and it brings on haters, and he wonders why. For instance, he jogs down public streets, when he could jog in more secret places.
        Also a lot of guys showing their body off in the gym. However, if you wear a regular shirt, not a tank top (or topless), then you get the same results. That’s assuming your doing the right form.

        1. My dad jogs all the time and the last thing you could call him is vain when it come to his appearance…

        2. QUOTE: (Lesley) “My dad jogs all the time and the last thing you could call him is vain when it come to his appearance…”
          Well, you know, where I live has a lot of haters and rednecks.

      2. Muscles are easier to develop than personality. Perhaps incels are shy to go to the gym, because they feel unwelcome. Nonetheless, if they won’t make that step, nothing will happen. In addition, they have to go to the gym at least a few times a week for any results.
        Personality might be developed if they got out of their shell. If they are really desperate, they could just go to a bar or restaurant, and practice socialization with bartenders or waitresses (but be sure to tip at least 20 percent).

    Was that your speech at Special Olympics?

    1. Dont ever talk to me like that again Jason Y. If I remember correctly you are so beta you had to fake being Alpha in Korea. Look it up their dick size is 3.7 at ERECTION. If you are THAT beta then your dick is so small it could split an atom when you get a boner.

  13. Whatever you say about confidence the confident man will win the election. People only vote for whomever is most confident. They will vote for the horrible ideas just because the man projects an image of being sure of himself. The interviewer will decide to hire the person who can project the image of being an expert. The woman will decide to go with the man who projects the image of being good in bed.

  14. I’m not so sure about confidence having to be “real”. I read an article once about bouncers. They have to project complete confidence and toughness when dealing with disruptive and potentionally violent patrons. But behind the facade they put up they are often pretty scared. But usually the facade works and no actual violence is required. The other guy backs down. So the confidence works even though it’s not completely “real”.
    In battles involving hand to hand combat the psychology can change abruptly from confidence to panic in just an instant or so. Phobos and Deimos – Fear and Terror – are probably never that far from confidence and bravery. So confidence is never totally real.

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