Top Ten: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

World’s 10 most interesting cities where it safest for a woman to travel alone – Guess what? They are all White cities, except one that is mostly Asian with a White minority.
10 worst cities to visit in the US – Guess what? They are all non-White (generally Black) cities.

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0 thoughts on “Top Ten: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

  1. The liberal media has lied to me? And all this time I thought being around large groups of blacks was safe. Enriching and cultural I was told.
    Maybe I’ll take a trip to England and hang out with the local Muslim population. They’ll welcome me. Right?????

    1. You can’t have alpha maleness and low crime. If your alpha, man up, and learn to fight and survive, or get out.

  2. Blacks, in a white area, are safe. Outside of a white area, probably not. However, there are safe black neighborhoods everywhere.

    1. If everyone was truthfully punished and there ceased to be crime (or just very little) then how would the lawyers, police officers, court system, jail system ect continue to turn massive profits? You think cockroaches in the legal system are going to put themselves out of jobs? Won’t happen.

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