Bigfoot News May 28, 2014

Aaron Arcand spills the beans on Todd Standing, the Alberta Habituation Site, Matt Moneymaker, Melba Ketchum, David Paulides and other assorted sleazeballs. This post will feature the testimony of Aaron Arcand, one of Canada’s top Bigfoot researchers, up there with Sasquatch Ontario and John Bindernagel. I would add Todd Standing, but he is too scurrilous to get a mention.
Here Aaron uncovers the ugly truth about the Alberta Habituation Site now featured in TV shows like Bigfoot North and Survivorman. The location is given as Nordegg, but the actual site is a bit a ways from that town. In this post, Aaron will describe what a scoundrel Todd Standing really is. He will also reveal some sleazy behavior by Matt Moneymaker, Melba Ketchum and David Paulides, no strangers to sleaze and calculated, cunning amorality in the past.
About the Todd Standing – Adrian Erickson – Matt Moneymaker vignette below regarding the Matilda footage, some clarification is in order. Adrian was in fact not there when that footage was taken. It was taken a by a woman in her late 20’s named Sissy who resided on the property. Matt was not involved in any possible hoax that Sissy may have perpetrated, but Matt was probably the one who initially acquired the footage and then sold it to Erickson.
Todd Standing’s Radium Creek, British Colombia research location is apparently the site of Todd’s “Sylvanic” area.

The Alberta Canada Habituation Site

In the heart of Alberta’s foothills of the Rockies, there is a plot of remote wilderness which by some has been described as possibly one of the best Sasquatch research locations in North America. There has been a lot of talk recently in regards to this location, and I would like to set the record straight. I am in the unique position to do this because I am Aaron Arcand, and I am the one who invited Todd Standing and showed him the location but not before spending two and one half seasons there on a regular basis conducting both day and nighttime research.
In the spring of 2011, I met a Sasquatch enthusiast, I’ll call him KW. KW introduced me to an area he had learned about from a trapper friend of his. It has been said that I poached this area from KW. Not true. KW showed me this area with the willingness for me doing research there because he does not go out very often. KW gave me the area. According to KW, the trapper had several notable experiences in this area, described below, before selling the trapline to his cousin or brother or someone like that. The person who bought the line is not trapping it either, come to think of it, I’ve never seen anyone else out there with the exception of the odd quadder down by the river.
Anyway, the trapper according to KW, has had the following sightings and encounters there. I am unsure of how long the trapper trapped there as he apparently stopped trapping there because of Sasquatch issues.
The trapper apparently had seven daytime sightings, and it is possible he saw one or more of them more than once. This does not necessarily indicate that there are seven Sasquatches in the area.
One of the sightings was described by KW to me as follows:
The trapper was out there doing his thing, and he suddenly found himself surrounded by some Sasquatches who were screaming at him. The trapper fired a shot in the air to let them know it was him. Immediately following the shot, a large male Sasquatch came out from behind the trees and began to charge at him. While the male was in full charge, the female also showed herself. When the male saw the female, he stopped dead in his tracks, they looked at each other, verbally communicated, and then disappeared back into the trees. KW said the incident was so traumatizing that it was the last time the trapper trapped in that area.
The above described incident provides a piece of very important intel about Sasquatches, and this is how I interpret what happened. The trapper fired a shot in the air to let the Sasquatches know that it was him. The male Sasquatch thought the trapper had shot his female Sasquatch partner, and charged at the trapper in retaliation. In mid-charge, the female Sasquatch stepped out from behind the trees and showed herself to the male Sasquatch as well as the trapper. Upon seeing the female Sasquatch, the male Sasquatch stopped charging at the trapper. The male and female Sasquatches then communicated and disappeared into the trees.
This can only mean one thing: the Sasquatch is a logical thinker. Once the male Sasquatch realized that no harm had come to the female Sasquatch, he backed off.
According to KW, the trapper also attempted to get pictures with a game cam using a pile of coyotes which is favored dish of the squatches. The first game cam got destroyed, smashed to bits and pieces which were scattered in the bush in the surrounding area, no SD card was found, and the coyotes were all gone. A second setup with two game cams was put
in place. Now, if the smashed camera was done by a Squatch that tells me that Sasquatches can sense the electromagnetic frequencies coming from electronic equipment, and they do not like it.
The two camera setup also provides some interesting intel. The first game cam was set up on the coyote pile while the second game cam was setup on the first camera. Upon return, the trapper discovered that something approached from behind camera two and physically turned the
camera on the tree to face away from camera one. Something actually grabbed the camera and turned it away from camera one. There were even scrape marks on the tree from the friction of the game cam being turned. As for game cam one, aimed at the pile of coyotes. Destroyed. No SD card found, and the coyotes were gone. This, if done by the Squatches, also provides some very interesting intel depending on how you want to interpret it.
That’s all I was told from KW about the trapper, however I am leaning towards betting that the trapper has had other encounters and most likely knows more about the behavior of the Sasquatch than any other Sasquatch researcher.
KW showed me the location and a few of the structures along the road that goes into the area. He also showed me some pictures of a dome shaped type structure that was also discovered along the road about ten yards in the bush which was surrounded by stool samples of which KW had collected a large quantity. KW had given me a small bag from what they had collected, and it is now in my freezer.
KW also told me of campers in the past that had made remarks about hearing strange howls in the area, and some have been scared out of the area. KW also ran into a pair of hunters who were on their way out of what I call Ground Zero Sasquatch Country. KW could see it in the hunters faces and body language that something was wrong. The hunting pair asked KW if he was going into that area and warned him that if he goes back there, he may get killed.
They went on to say that it was not safe to go into that area, we are leaving, and we are never returning anywhere near here again. Well, knowing what he knows about the area, KW assumed that the pair of hunters had some sort of close encounter with one or more Sasquatches. I agree with KW that something strange happened to these two guys and it involved the Sasquatch phenomenon.
So after introducing me to the area, KW asked that I keep the location secret, especially from Matt Moneymaker and the BFRO. And I did. For the seasons of 2011-July 2013, when, due to the strong activity and aggression I experienced, I did not feel safe being there by myself, so I asked KW if I could bring Todd Standing there. KW said no.
After KW said no, I was going to respect his decision even though I really did not need his permission because the location is Crown Land. But next I was told that KW was attending the 2013 BFRO Alberta expedition, and plans were for KW to bring the BFRO there. When I learned of that, all bets were off. So I contacted Todd Standing via his website, and I invited him out to my area.
Now, some may ask why the hell would I invite Todd Standing? He is a liar, a fraud and a hoaxer. Well, I am the type of person who judges people by what I know of them and not what others say, so I invited Todd Standing so I could judge him for myself. As it turns out, that was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life.
In the 2nd week of July 2013 I contacted Todd Standing and invited him to come out to my area and check it out. So Todd came out there as a guest, I made it clear to him he was a guest, and he understood that. We spent the weekend there, I showed him everything that KW showed me as well as all the tree breaks I had discovered, and in addition, we had some activity of our own as well. I have brought this to the attention to the world of Sasquatch researchers, and since then Todd has been calling me a liar but has unable to prove his claims. However,  I am able to prove that Todd is lying to everyone, including Jeff Meldrum, John Bindernagel and Les Stroud.
These are his lies:
Todd is passing the area off as his discovery, found via his research. This is a lie. Todd did not discover this area. He was a guest of mine after I had been researching the area for three years. The proof of this lie can be found in the first episode of Survivorman Bigfoot as well as on his Bigfoot North show.
Todd stated on his Bigfoot North show that he had been researching the site for six months prior to bringing Jeff and John there. This too is a lie. The first time Todd was there was in the second week of July 2013. Proof of when I first brought Todd to the area is on an Internet forum, and I will tell Robert Lindsay where to find it so he can confirm it. I will not state its location in this article for fear of that post being removed in an attempt to discredit me.
Todd has claimed to be the one to discover the tree structures and tree breaks. Also a lie. The tree structures were shown to me by KW, and I showed them to Todd. The tree breaks he claims he discovered were discovered by me and shown to him. Even when we were out there together, new tree breaks and a new 13 inch track was discovered by me. He was there at that time also; however, I was the one to see and point out these things.
Proof of this is also online and again, Robert Lindsay will confirm. After showing the area to Todd, he has been passing of the research findings of KW and myself as his own. He is using our research findings to vindicate himself of his earlier hoaxes. He is unethical, has no morals, and is a media hound who is trying to get rich off Sasquatch.
Bottom line. Todd Standing is a liar.
Above are three proven lies told by Todd. If you fuck a chicken once, ok. Twice, fine. Fuck a chicken for a third time and people will call you a chicken fucker. Well Todd has publicly told three proven lies, and the only conclusion anyone can come to is that Todd is a liar, and his credibility is once again tarnished. There is not one person out there who can prove anything I said is a lie.
However, I can prove that everything I have stated in this article is 100% true. So, Todd Standing, if you are reading this, Even though it is Crown Land, you are not welcome there and, if I see you there I will have you arrested and removed from the site. I have done the research and know exactly how to accomplish this. Stay away, for you are not welcome there.

A Dentist Comes to the Habituation Site

On my second outing with Todd Standing, he invited a man by the name Brian S.,  a dentist from Calgary – Todd’s own dentist as a matter of fact. Brian S. arrived at my primary research area prior to Todd. I was caught off guard because I was unaware that Brian S. or anyone else for that matter was coming out there. However, Brian and I hit it off right away. We have spent many hours together out in the field since we met that day, and much of that was with just he and I without Todd.
Truth be told, Brian was invited to meet John and Jeff and he is fully aware of everything that that has transpired. Brian also thinks that what Todd did to me was a really shitty thing to do, and he also knows that everything I have stated is the truth. Brian and I have done lots of research together, and we have some big plans for this summer that do not include Todd Standing. Brian is a dentist. He has a doctor title. He is a pillar of his community. Does this sound like a person who would go out in the remote wilderness alone with a delusional crazy lunatic who tells nothing but lies? I don’t think so.

Todd’s Stories

On the first outing with Todd Standing in my primary research area, he had many things to say about other Sasquatch researchers. Now a lot of what he had to say I had already heard before. It was the usual hate talk that goes on in the world of Sasquatch research. However, there was one very interesting thing he had to say on the topic of Dr. Melba Ketchum and the Erickson Project which also involves Matt Moneymaker. Here is what he had to say.
Todd told me that he went down to the states to do some research with Dr. Melba Ketchum and her psychic boyfriend who I have been told is apparently none other than David Paulides. While he was there, Melba apparently put forth a strong effort to get Todd to divulge his financial backer. Todd thinks she was trying to poach his financier. At one point during his visit with them, he noticed her Paulides looking at the tags on his luggage. Paulides later tried to use the information that gleaned from the tags in a phony effort to convince Todd that he really was psychic – all part of an effort to get Todd to give them some money to Paulides and Ketchum.
Now for the juicy part.
This involves the Erickson Project. Todd also told me that he saw Adrian Erickson’s footage while visiting Adrian at his home. He stated that while watching it on Adrian’s big screen, he noticed the closeup face shot of Matilda, which to me looks like a Chewbacca mask. According to Todd, he noticed that when Matilda’s mouth moved, you could see the teeth bend which would suggest a mask and therefore a hoax. He pointed this out to Adrian. Adrian agreed and responded by calling Matt Moneymaker and giving Matt crap about their discovery in the footage. Matt responded by saying, “Oh, just edit out the last 2 or 3 seconds. Then it will be ok.”
Now, if what Todd told me is in fact true, then this would mean that Adrian was not present when the closeup footage was taken, and it also suggests that the footage was hoaxed and that Matt Moneymaker was involved. Interesting!
In conclusion, I would like to state that I have already proven that Todd Standing is a liar and therefore it is possible that he is lying about these incidents as well. But on a second note, what if he actually told me the truth about this Adrian Erickson stuff? I doubt it, but if he did tell me the, WOW, what blockbuster news.

Todd’s Research Areas

When Todd and I were out, another topic he discussed was his research sites in Montana and near Radium Creek, B.C. These were discussed in the context of the upcoming Les Stroud show. He was moaning about how he was not sure if he was going to be able to take Les to his sites due to problems with both research areas. At the Montana Site, apparently a younger Sasquatch took over the group from the older one, and the new group leader moved the group out of Todd’s area to some other unknown location. Radium Creek was apparently was destroyed by the devastating floods in the spring of 2013. After I heard that, I did some research. The flooding did not affect the Radium Creek area. Another lie By Todd Standing.


I think it is sad that Todd Standing is getting recognition for the research findings of KW and myself. Now everyone can know the truth. I am very happy that John and Jeff were in my research area and got to experience this amazing habituation site. In fact, prior to me inviting Todd Standing, I have emails and LinkedIn conversations between Jeff and me on the subject of my research area, and I suggested my research area as a trial ground for the Falcon Project.
Amazingly, all this could have been avoided. All Todd Standing had to do was come to me and say, “Hey Aaron, I have made arrangements for Jeff Meldrum and John Bindernagel to come to look at your research area. They are going to be here from this date to this date. Come out during that time and join us. Oh and by the way, Les Stroud is also coming to film an
episode of Survivorman Bigfoot. You will not be in front of the camera, but we would still like you to come out with us.” Had this happened, I would have welcomed it with open arms, and Todd Standing’s reputation with me would have been golden.
But no, he had to be deceitful about the whole thing. He did not even mention my name to these people. He just passed everything off as his research findings. What a piece of shit he is.
Conclusion, Todd Standing is a proven liar.

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150 thoughts on “Bigfoot News May 28, 2014”

    1. Some interesting things to think about when it comes to Matilda and moneymaker. The David paulides thing sounds a little weird.

  1. If Bigfoot is real, it can’t be as half as weird as the intrigues and carry ons in the community of “Bigfoot researchers”.
    I am following the Todd Standing & Jeff Meldrum Bigfoot radio programme with interest. I don’t regard Bigfoot as proven, but the programme has given me a few things to think about. Todd seems to me to be intelligent, but I am still trying to figure him out, and figure out if his Bigfoot photos are real.
    Recently on the programme, Todd said he had some Bigfoot DNA samples, and Jeff said he would endeavour to help Todd to get them DNA tested. I think that it will be a good reality check to find out if these samples are Bigfoot or not. Is the DNA from Bigfoot stool samples, or stool samples from a feral bull? We need to know.

  2. i’m here to announce that there will be a new season of finding bigfoot i think it starts this sunday on AP.
    IMHO FB should partner up with Tod Driscolli of bigfoot bounty and collect samples for DNA testing.

  3. And Mr Dyer has left the car lot to post a 15 minute video in which he discusses the location of Hank, Matthews and the press conference. I am taking some heroin.

  4. It has been stated here before by long departed posters, disputed by other more assholy long departed posters (you know who you are, Squatchy Squatcherson), and now apparently confirmed here: Todd Standing is the Canadian RD. Beware Meldrum, Bindernagel and Stroud. Do not be tarnished by association.

  5. I was always suspicious of Fraud Standing. He gives off such ‘chickenfucker’ vibes.
    I am convinced that there is probably more than one ‘secret’ location up there in the Great White North. I am quite familiar with Alberta. Lived in Edmonton briefly and still have family there, lived in Calgary briefly, worked at a ski resort for a season there (Kananaskis) and have traveled throughout the province.
    I play the lottery like a fiend. If that hits or I find some other short term solution…I wanna go. If A.A. is letting Bob know where those big fuckers are…let me IN!
    Powerball is a big one this week 173 mil. That should be enough to fly Bob, me and whatever regulars from this website to the Alberta ‘squatch site for our own investigation. I’m down…one of us just gotta hit the big one.

    1. I’m in if they will let me have a passport. Canada has the best bud. We should see lots of things up there.

      1. ‘Canada has the best bud. We should see lots of things up there.’
        Axially that is a hell of strategy. Only look for Bigfoot in the areas that are purported to have cannabis growing. It would double your chances of finding something interesting.

      2. ‘I promise not to do too much screaming and fainting’
        Not your job. My lungs are way more powerfull.

    1. Tiny Top Circus is “The World’s Only Pataphysical Circus”. Thus this event will take place on 21 Merdre 141, according to the Pataphysical calendar…I think…

  6. The Adrian Erickson story is true, I don’t know about Moneymakers role. You know yourself that film was purchased from the original landowners, why omit that? Have you made the slightest effort to contact Standing or Erickson and talk to them?

    1. Erickson refuses to talk to me, and I am certain that Standing will also refuse to talk to me.
      I DID note that the original landowner took the film, it is right there in the text.

  7. Wow. Ooooooo Mr. Kotter over here! I would love to go Mr. Arcand. I do have significant financial constraints at the moment. I had mentioned in a previous post I have spent time in Alberta… originally from Manitoba and now residing in California.
    I have always been intrigued by the Sasquatch phenomena. Gawd I would love to go though. Wonky hip and all….

  8. This guy is sour grapes over losing some recognition for the habituation area. Get over it and grow up. None of this discredits Standings actual research. And for God’s sake if you’re going to “read the riot act” on someone, at least use proper grammar; as it makes you look like an idiot when you don’t proofread your work.

    1. ‘None of this discredits Standings actual research’
      You mean the fake head shots ? ROFL.
      Shut up Greg.

      1. Sadly, since you’re the most adroit of all the commenters I’ve read so far, it would certainly be a wasted effort to do otherwise. Shutting up Einstein!!

  9. Reasons why Bigfoot cant exist;
    Why has NOBODY EVER killed one?
    Whyis their no DNA collected from Bigfoot shit or hair follicles? As a matter of fact, why is their no Bigfoot shit?
    Why doesnt the government take it seriously and try to find one?
    Why do all modern scientists laugh at the notion?
    Why don’t Bigfoot ever come out into the open like bears, komodo dragons, dinosaur bones, rare birds, albino crocodiles, etc?
    Bigfoot is fake.

    1. Hi Alpha douche.
      I’m hoping you are aware your 15 mins are about up.
      You seem like a 12 yr old pathological liar.
      1) Why has NOBODY EVER killed one?
      Justin Smeja
      2) Why is their no DNA collected from Bigfoot shit or hair follicles? As a matter of fact, why is their no Bigfoot shit?
      Melba Ketchum, A.A. just posted he has bags of the stuff.
      3)Why doesn’t the government take it seriously and try to find one?
      How do you know they don’t and haven’t?
      4)Why do all modern scientists laugh at the notion?
      Jeff Meldrum
      5) Why don’t Bigfoot ever come out into the open like bears, komodo dragons, dinosaur bones, rare birds, albino crocodiles, etc?
      Maybe they do. Lots of purported sightings of just that.
      see BFRO
      6) Bigfoot is fake.
      No more so than your online identity.
      Now take your cup of STFU and go sit in a corner.
      Have A Nice Day.

      1. Wow you are passionate about bigfoot. My problem is we always hear about these kills, bodies, steaks, dna evidence but nothing ever seems to come of it…is it because people are faking? The evidence of the evidence never seems to appear!

        1. My problem is we always hear about these kills, bodies, steaks, dna evidence but nothing ever seems to come of it…is it because people are faking?
          I s’pose you are correct. It is YOUR problem.

        2. ‘Its my problem no real evidence has been produced yet? I’d say that’s your problem.’
          Uhm no. You are just one of those mouthy little pricks for whom there may never be enough evidence.
          You just like to jump up and down and yell conspiracy! Like every other simpleton.
          Fuck off Shitstain Steve.
          Have A Nice Day.

        3. “You are just one of those mouthy little pricks for whom there may never be enough evidence. You just like to jump up and down and yell conspiracy”.
          No I would have to care a lot more about Bigfoot for that to be true. I just don’t pay any attention. Come to me when you’ve got some DNA evidence. That is the standard of evidence I need to be convinced.
          The speed with which you get angry and abusive doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.
          Good day.

    2. where have you been alpha. hundreds have been killed. dna has been collected and 3 nuclear dna genomes have been assigned the homo sapian cognitus name. the government does take it seriously and have taken 100 percent of the bodies. all modern scientist do not laugh at the notion. only the old ones locked in a box do. hundreds of photos and video of bigfoot. many of which cant be explained. bigfoot isn’t fake and your statements were all wrong. thanks for coming by and telling us how stupid you are.

    1. Mr E2me has a small cawk. Ba-caw-baw-caw-hooohooooooiioiiiooooooi
      Uhm no. As a matter of fact I am beating you over the head with it. You are just too dumb to figure it out.

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        You are a unicorn loving brony computer nerd beta omega faggot who probably gets killed during the first 12 seconds of playing Halo.

        1. ‘You are a unicorn loving brony computer nerd beta omega faggot who probably gets killed during the first 12 seconds of playing Halo.’
          That comment right there ascertains you are on your mom’s computer without her permission. ROFL. Child.

        2. I never got owned by nobody. It was YOOOOOOUUUUU who got PAWNED bitch back at the other page. You have a retard’s brain and a nerd’s dick.

    1. No, its nice NIGHT ASSHOLE. The daytime is when the SUN is VISIBLE. The NIGHT is when the MOON is VISIBLE. Oh yeah, I forgot ur IQ is like 57. Mine is 186! Beat that bitch!

    1. what the hell is halo. is that a game that little boys play where its not real guns. come on alpha I want to play with real guns. you shot your load when you said halo. and mr e would love to meet you in person. so would I. remember internet insults don’t mean anything. come see me I person. little dick.

    2. Alpha your an idiot. When you were playing halo with your gay buddies I was balls deep in a woman.

  10. Some insignificant little prick said..
    ‘No I would have to care a lot more about Bigfoot for that to be true. I just don’t pay any attention. Come to me when you’ve got some DNA evidence. That is the standard of evidence I need to be convinced.’
    Who the fuck are you besides some mouthy little internet entity? Why should I need to convince you when actual, factual scientists are already involved. Big minds believe in the possible. Small minds believe in the impossible. Really, second time…… fuck off.
    ‘The speed with which you get angry and abusive doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.’
    Are you fucking kidding me? You were mouthing off and taunting me. If you can’t handle the heat, get the fuck out of the kitchen.

    1. When was I mouthing off and taunting you?
      The only thing I said that could be seen as a taunt was when I said to Alpha ‘you juts got owned by somebody who believes in bigfoot’ which I admit is disrespectful to you but I only said it to rip alpha. I actually do respect Robert as a thinker so don’t take that comment too seriously.
      Apart from that, I didn’t taunt you and was trying to be reasonable. I’m not asking you to personally provide the evidence. I’m saying I will only believe in bigfoot when there is public verified dna evidence. I think that is quite reasonable, especially for somebody who doesn’t pay much attention to the subject. I haven’t even read the above blog post.
      I’m not totally closed to the possibility of bigfoot. Its an intriguing idea and I consider it a real possibility but I’m just not going to take it too seriously until there is hard evidence and not just constant talk of hard evidence coming out soon.
      I can handle the heat….somebody insulting me on the internet isn’t really going to bother me that much, is it? I’m just as significant to myself and my loved ones as you are to yourself and yours. What have you done to make yourself so significant to the world? I’m an Idiot….not true. I’ve got an above average IQ, not a low one.

      1. ‘The only thing I said that could be seen as a taunt was when I said to Alpha ‘you juts got owned by somebody who believes in bigfoot’ which I admit is disrespectful to you but I only said it to rip alpha. I actually do respect Robert as a thinker so don’t take that comment too seriously.’
        I had pretty much decided to move on from any grudge, as the real trouble maker is now gone. The quoted part shows you know where I
        am coming from. That’s were I was having issue w/ you and you seemed to be on the clown’s bandwagon at the time.
        Whatevs. Let sleeping dogs lie.

        1. Yeah I was in a self confident mood and alpha could bring the troll out in Gandhi.
          I haven’t even gone back yet to see what Tulio replied to me.
          Okay, peace.

  11. Also, if bigfoot exist, how come NO ONE NOT EVEN Obama made a the controversy aboht it like with Benghazi or NSA cover ups? Hmmmmmm?

      1. Thanks Mr. Lindsay! He/she/it whatever ‘Alpha’ is most assuredly one of, if not THE most disagreeable, foul, disrespectful, and profane poster with the most to say about nothing of any poster I believe I’ve yet to encounter. Looking forward to seeing the conversation return to the interesting one it began as.
        Thanks for sharing your account of what’s been going on in your neck of the woods, Mr. Arcand. Much of what you’re saying confirms suspicions I’ve had for some time – though I don’t recall ever having heard of Paulides’ psychic abilities: Seems he could have a wildly successful sequel to his other book if he applied those psychic gifts to discover what really happened to all those unfortunate missing folks, accompanied of course with tangible proof of the reliability of his ‘abilities’ – bones in a shallow grave, photos of the ‘Bigfoot’ bunch who did the kidnapping, etc..

  12. Redpill Neo
    May 28, 2014 at 2:40 PM
    and there is RD.
    Yeah, but RD does not have anything to do with ‘Bigfoot researching’….never did….he doesn’t belong in that category…
    Hell, even Biscardi makes videos of going to locations, conducts interviews, etc….does way less talking about himself than RD…even sells lame DVDs …that people actually receive(may even have the honor of selling the lowest rated Bigfoot DVD available).
    RD belongs in the ‘internet/on-line scams’ category…
    the Bigfoot is just his current title for ‘send me your money, chumps’…
    last month it was ‘used cars’….now it’s back to Bigfoot again.
    Nothing to do with research in any way shape or form.
    for some unknown reason(to me) people keep placing RD in the so-called ‘Bigfoot Community’.

      1. Redpill Neo
        May 31, 2014 at 10:38 AM
        true – he does have that vid of bigfoot attacking tho

        you mean Morgan Matthews film?
        that not Dyer’s…..Dyer didn’t even have the so-called camper/tent video either(if he did he would have been using it endlessly)..all he ever used was the still image capture from the FBFB Camper video…believe me…if Dyer had anything to do with taking the tent video, his face would’ve been the 1st thing anyone saw…that boy loves to see himself in video.
        any Bigfoot would get ‘second billing’ in a Dyer video…:)

  13. Thanks for the AHS post Robert. I Get the sense from the post AA got duped by Standing who took the big $ for the Survivorman shows. KW asked him NOT to take anyone there, why invite Standing? And why open it up to excursions there this year? That area is miles from any RCMP station, even if an arrest could be made there, it would be unlikely to happen on the spot. An investigation would likely be conducted after the fact. And the involvement of the RCMP would take a felony charge or a Highway Traffic Act violation. The Forested area is under the Provinces control and their officers don’t charge under laws which the RCMP have control over. It’s crown land. Even a grazing lease is accessible to the public. There is very little that could be done to keep Standing or any other Albertan from that area.

  14. According to Dyer interview on the Ed Brown show, Shooting Bigfoot will be shown on the Discovery Channel soon.. Dyer says that Mathews/Minnow Films will make a statement in the next month. DVDs sent out, some will have a lot of extra footage….no extra goodies on the DVDs being sent to three of the haters. Dyer claims in the Brown interview that the actual University where Hank was kept was leaked by someone and no one followed up or paid attention…the university was never in Washington but in the Central time zone.

    1. so I must be a very special hater to him, because until now I have not received my DVD (not that I expcted it to come..). Have seen parts of new Dyer blogtalk show on youtube show and, well, what I can I say – at least he does not give up..;-) Most interesting “fact” apart from that DVDs are out now is that “platinum members” (are there still any around?) were allegedly shown a photo of the real Hank and of the truck that carried Hank to the place of the press conference on the weekend….

      1. ‘so I must be a very special hater to him, because until now I have not received my DVD (not that I expected it to come..).
        That’s like, a bummer man. A real bummer. I would have bought one too if I had some spare $$$. Just to see if the clown would send it. I do not feel like you wasted yur money Joerg. It was just another avenue for us to expose the fraud that is Ric Dyer.
        However, with your permission, I would propose a
        ‘kind of’ solution. You let some of us be your agent. Here is what I propose. You are in Germany, right? Not likely you are about to stumble across that POS and chew him out yourself. I might be in Vegas at some point.
        If he travels to So. California I would be all over him. For example I could show up right in front of
        the fucker and start screaming “Where’s my DVD you scum! I am Joerg Heinsik and you owe me MONEY!” I do this type of thing real well. I am 6 ft, about 220 lbs, and bald w a goatee.
        It’s kind of an affectation I learned bouncing. Fear can be a wonderful tool. I am sure there are others on this blog would be happy to participate, on your behalf. I would be happy to bring you a little
        satisfaction and some more chaos to Dyers existence.

        1. hahaha, that`s great Mr. E2Me! But to be honest: I found the price of 100 dollars quite OK (I have bought things even more useless than this, I have to admit). It is the right penalty for believing him a second time after 2008. And should the DVD emerge one fine day: then at least it will be “classic material” for anybody who is interested in cryptozoology and all the BS that is happening in this community. And again: at least nobody can say that good old Ricky (and Morgan Matthews?) tried his (their?) best to make this critter in the video rather convincing looking (the best “bigfoot” apart from PG and Freeman. sorry, to mention these two in the same breath as Dyer!). Therefore it is (almost) “class A material” and (almost) worth the 100 dollars. 🙂

      2. Not necessarily, Dyer claims that he is adding footage for those who ordered the DVDs originally almost a year ago and that he considers haters to be the people who went after his family on blogs or were stalker types who still ordered the DVD. You may be getting one of the DVDs with extra footage Joerg .

      3. Joerg Hensiek
        June 2, 2014 at 6:15 AM
        so I must be a very special hater to him, because until now I have not received my DVD (not that I expcted it to come..).

        nobody has….his latest rant was he’ll mail them out at the end of this week(June 1-June 7)….now what that actually means in RD lingo is open to interpretation. 🙂

        Joerg Hensiek
        June 2, 2014 at 6:15 AM
        ….Have seen parts of new Dyer blogtalk show on youtube show and, well, what I can I say – at least he does not give up..;-)

        That’s the only way to watch a RD video…’in parts’…
        I have to admit the highlite was Dyer defending his penis size,weight and yellow teeth(no kidding…he really did)

        Most interesting “fact” apart from that DVDs are out now is that “platinum members” (are there still any around?) were allegedly shown a photo of the real Hank and of the truck that carried Hank to the place of the press conference on the weekend….

        I must’ve skipped over that ‘gem’
        but we already seen the real Hank and truck that carried it anyway….must be for new platinum people…the last group only got a video of Dyer sitting in a bathroom(at the infamous location where Hank was taken) saying that Hank was right beyond the door and he couldn’t take any video of it at that time.

        Joerg Hensiek
        June 2, 2014 at 6:15 AM
        so I must be a very special hater to him, because until now I have not received my DVD

        I think you’ll get some kind of disc eventually……when you do, and if you post some of it; I’m sure the from then on it’ll be known as the ‘Hensiek video’….that would be cool…seriously…that’s what I would do..

    2. Jacki Leighton-Boyce
      June 2, 2014 at 1:25 AM
      …If Matthews does make a statement it will probably be as cryptic as ever and the mystery will continue…
      I must have missed something over the last couple of weeks…what mystery?

  15. Someone on this blog big g, may have been you, posted photos of a facility in either Tx or Az several months ago. This would have put Hankenstein within a days drive of Vegas and Musky never seeing the body in Nevada but in another state. If Musky actually saw a body of a Sasquatch.

    1. My impression is it was a secure agri facility. There are 2 in las Vegas and one of those deals with large agri animals. Horses and cows. There are also 2 universities there in Vegas with large agri departments. I am not sure I heard anybody mentioning anywhere else.

  16. I read the article again and filtered out this……..
    “So after introducing me to the area, KW asked that I keep the location secret…..”
    “After KW said no, I was going to respect his decision….”
    “I contacted Todd Standing via his website, and I invited him out to my area.”
    One thing for sure about footin’, a sites location shouldn’t be shared.

  17. It would be awesome to be able to research with Aaron Arcand. I am sonewhat familiar with the general area of Nordegg, Robb and Edson.
    The forestry road keads to all sorts of off shoot roads and trails. Dense forest up there.

    1. It would be awesome to visit the location. I would have to know KW gave his OK as he still researches there with BFRO ( as per AA’s comments ). Not only is the forest dense, the slopes are steep too. Fleeing from a large critter would not be a very easy task, nor would getting a close visual in the summer months when foliage is at it’s fullest.

  18. Not in any way sticking up for Todd Standing but maybe Todd doesn’t want his own site revealed on television. Still, it’s wrong the claims he was making but I still believe his heart is in it for the right reasons of proving Sasquatch and protecting the species. Oh man, why are there so many personality clashes with everyone in the BF community…..
    Everyone needs to set aside egos and come together in the spirit of an amazing unveiling!!!!!

    1. For the survivor man bigfoot series they went to nordegg but they also went somewhere else. Todd prolly has several sites to choose from. I would also like to research with Aaron and randy. Yes randy. He’s a great guy if you get him away from dyer. Randy and woodchucker are from bigfoot heaven. The great white north.

    2. If the site we saw in the Survivorman series was near Nordegg, I don’t believe it’s the same one Meldrum and Standing were at. Nordegg has been a research area for years. The trapper site has only become better known over the last 2 or 3 years. If AA showed Standing the area, and as Meldrum posted here a few months ago he did visit what he understood as the area, there is truth to the story. It’s a matter of interpreting what parts of each story are accurate. Standing did push for a bill to have the species protected by the gubment and that does speak to his intent.

      1. Aaron, my point was, I believe the AHS (trappers) site is not close to Nordegg, its NW of there and agree Standing has more than one site. I wasn’t suggesting those 3 persons didn’t visit the AHS site. I am not totally unfamiliar with that area of the woods and I lived for many years just blocks from your address posted above. I read through Roberts posts and make my own conclusions based on the info. Using the word “my” to describe a research site is confusing to those here who know it as the AHS / trappers site. The one person who I would like to read a comment from is KW. And what he thinks of Standing and co being there as a result of your unwanted invitation. It seems to me you damaged your best research contact with that decision.

      2. KW doesn’t care that Todd is using that area. In fact, he sort of likes Todd for some odd reason, even though he agrees that he is a snake. He has had some dealings with Todd and found Todd to be a very likeable fellow, as many of these types are since they are able to be very charming.
        KW feels that the whole site is completely blown now anyway, and it is not a secret anymore so there is no point in hiding it as Meldrum, Bindernagel, Todd and Aaron have all been out there.

      3. Well if encounters there create the kind of uneasiness reported and more people are going there it’s just a matter of time before a photo or vid are captured. Can’t wait.

  19. did anyone see the Russian yeti program last night on discovery. they investigated 7 young hikers killed in the Russian mountains and the evidence suppressed at the time . one girl had her tongue ripped out and her eyes taken. the others had internal injuries and one had a fractured skull. autopsied doctor said no human could cause the damage he saw,. large footprints didn’t make the official record and as in America nobody listened to the Indians of the area.

    1. Thought I heard there was radiation in the areas too and the bodies were burned internally and externally?

    2. ‘did anyone see the Russian yeti program last night on discovery’
      I read somewhere Dr. Brian Sykes saw the evidence. He was quite convinced it was a wolf. Possibly giant lemur. I Did watch the show myself and wasn’t quite sure what to think. THEN Rev. Jeff goes and blows the lid off things.
      Those motherfuckers on the discovery channel have decided that documentaries don’t cut it and now do ‘Mythological Docu-tainment’. They made that shit up. I fucking hate when they do that. They did one on mermaids, and one on the ‘megamouth’ shark, now this fucking shit.
      Gaaah. I used to like Discovery channel. Now I want to kick the programming director firmly between the uprights for passing off that shit….

      1. How would a wolf take out that girls eyes without messing up her face. How would a giant lemur get to Russia from Madagascar. How would a wolf cause internal injuries when their only weapon is their mouth. I’m sorry but I think Sykes should give his PhD back. When an autopsy is done and the doctor from the area ( who sees wolf kills) doesn’t say wolf or any known predator then how could Sykes say wolf. He is better say inconclusive. The Indians were right. Hell its called dead mountain for a reason.

  20. Hello Robert Lindsay, I have come here to go public with the information which I am allowed to divulge.
    Bigfoot is actually of the subfamily of primate Homininae and it diverged from the homo exactly 4.2 million years before present, which was 0.73 million years prior to the evolution of australiopithecus afarensis, whose presence in the Horn of Africa was verified by specimen AL 288-1.
    Bigfoot was a pseudo-“missing link” between the Austaliopithecines and the Ergaster genus of species agglomerate. Due to its vestigial anatomorphological inheritance from its ancestral Southern Apes, it bore a conspicuous resemblance to Chimpanzees and the so called “sasquatch” of Sino-Tibetan and Nepalese myths, as well as the Algonquin-Blackfoot indigenous North Americans’ legend of Da-Ne Kasedanuki, leading many leading anthropologists of the first few decades of the 21 st century to assume that Bigfoot was a hoax perpetuated by cryptozoologists.
    Bigfoot’s mitochondrial megahaplogroup clusters derive from their Most Recent Common Maternal Ancestor which diverged from the maternal lineage Mitochondrial Eve descends from about 4 million years ago. Therefore, their mtDNA diverges from ours on a rate of 1 out of 1,735 base pairs. By contrast, human nuclear DNA across global populations diverges an average of 1 out of 1,150 base pairs on average.
    Their Y-chromosome is more visceral and simian. By analysis of their pseudoautosomal region on their Y-chromosome, which is the outermost fringe region of the chromosome which can recombine with homologous regions on the X-chromosome, (however the bulk of the Y-chromosome is incapable of homologous recombination with the X) we have concluded that about 0.0032 more of their sex chromosome base pairs are capable of recombination. The deterioration of the pseudoautosomal region in the Y-chromosome has begun since the divergence of the X and Y chromosomes from their ancestral chromosome 166 million years before present. As evidence, most ectothermic vertebrates lack the gender-determining function in their genome, but rather possess an environmentally determined gender system. The decay of this pseudoautosomal region has been constant at a rate of 12 base pairs per 5 generations, however this is in highly prolific reproducers, and as reproduction has decreased inversely proportional to the increase of cognitive function and prefrontal cortex gerantomorphication, the decay of the pseudoautosomal region has been exponentially retarded. Therefore, we can assume that the paternal lineage of Bigfoot could not have been separate from homo sapiens more than 6 million years, which suggests that paternally, Bigfoots are closer to Bonobos and Lowland Chimpanzees than to humans.
    The actual scientific name for Bigfoot is Intermissiosius Panhomonidae. This taxonomical classification was derived from the Latin “intermissio” (in-between) and “Pan” (the scientific terminology for the Chimpanzee-Bonobo genus) “Hominidae” (human). “In between human and ape,” would be the formally equivalent translation.
    There are actually two subspecies of Bigfoot, one is passive-aggressive and possesses a capacity for semi cognitive autonomous determination, which is to basically state one is partially capable of free will and self-introspection. This particular one has a reduction in the triad of Machiavellian personality and extraversion, but is able to utilize these characteristics more efficiently, meaning they lie, cheat and kill less, but are able to do this more efficiently than their sister sub-species.
    My name is John Titor and I am willing to divulge more information for the return of information on a retrocomputer. The IBM 1500 is the device of which I speak of, and I will leak more information in return for any information on the location and availability of the IBM 1500. Thank you, and I apologize that I must use a proxy, however, I cannot reveal my personal Internet Protocol Address, due to confidentiality reasons.

    1. ‘Hello Robert Lindsay, I have come here to go public with the information which I am allowed to divulge.
      My name is John Titor and I am willing to divulge more information for the return of information on a retrocomputer. The IBM 1500 is the device of which I speak of, and I will leak more information in return for any information on the location and availability of the IBM 1500. Thank you, and I apologize that I must use a proxy, however, I cannot reveal my personal Internet Protocol Address, due to confidentiality reasons.’
      Any one else feel the same as me about the previous comments ?
      Perhaps we should comply and and find the machine of which he speaks. He might release ‘ Preparation H’ on the world.

    2. Are you using the name John Titor as a sobriquet or are you actually claiming to be John Titor? Can you shed any light on whether the Sasquatches in Morgan Matthew’s documentary are real and if the body and DNA will actually be released or if this is a probability on the pre 2036 timeline?

  21. In your words, I guess “it really depends”. Bigfoot was examined by District 4 United States scientists after the World War (III) destroyed a significant amount of local flora, forcing some of them into the open. You see, in my timeline, a series of uprisings between 2004 and 2008 led to the secession and breakdown of the United States, causing us to split into 5 separate districts. We were christened DSUA, or the Districts of the United States of America. Do you remember how when Obama was reelected in 2012 many states threatened to seceed? Well in my timeline this occurred in 2008 during his first election and the secession was sucessful because no petitions were filed to the federal government for secession. As you know, an act of secession is considered illegitimate by the federal government.
    Your timeline differs from mine due to my actions. You see, the universe is actually a section of “potential” called a p-brane. Potential is what you refer to as “space-time”, and there are sections of those floating around everywhere outside of the universe, but this is on a scale of 17 dimensions, something your science based on quantum mechanics and string theory would find incomprehensible. When two sections of potential collide, they hypercondense into one dimension. Afterwards, they hyperinflate into 4 dimensions. This is known as the “Big Bang”. The uniformity of a potential’s section is dismantled and depending on the multidimensional trajectory of collision form its compressed “pockets” of potential. The p-branes eventually tear from the acceleration of expansion, creating infinitesimal Einstein-Rosenberg bridges which periodically collapse, creating “waves” in the p-brane, which converts to “matter”. Baryons, such as protons and antiprotons. Electrons and positrons. These are oppositely charged on the electromagnetic scale and annihilate each other.
    Because an elementary particle takes all possible trajectories, the frequency of collision is uneven. Therefore, an imbalance in matter-antimatter is created.
    On a “quantum” scale (based on your quantum mechanics), this divergence of trajectories occurs under observation. However, on a macrocosmic scale, this is an unobservable phenomenon. This creates parallel universes.
    This Everett-Wheeler interpretation dictates that humans do not choose between whether to eat that apple or orange. They choose both, but in separate parallel worlds. This is termed temporal divergence. This is rated on a scale of 0-100. A divergence in apple/oranges type choices are attributed a point of 0.01. 0.10 would be a divergence in directions, friends, and sleep habits. A 1 is achieved when major world events occur, such as wars or groundbreaking inventions.
    Our world temporally diverges from yours by 1.73 and therefore your world has not experienced many of the events ours has.
    I deliberately orchestrated events which would prevent the Second Civil War of America. For example, I convinced the Air Force to allow the terrorist attacks of 9/11 to cascade by unimpeded. This caused severe Islamophobia amongst Americans, which led to Islamophobia being labeled as politically incorrect. This led to many leftwing Americans voting for Obama based on both his color and middle name of Arabic origin (though Obama is a Christian).
    This prevented the 2008 secession.
    I altered your timeline. However, a world war weighs at least 5 points. I must reach 5% divergence prior to the deadline in 2015 or travel back to 2036. I do not know if Bigfoot will be discovered in this timeline. If I am sucessful in averting world war, it will not be brought to mainstream attention.
    In my timeline;
    Lupus Erythematosis was cured in October 12th, 2003.
    A sucessful vaccine against 65% of HIV strains was developed in 2011. This vaccine was effective in 85% of the population.
    Quantum entanglement was manipulated to teleport information from four protons 10 miles away each sucessfully in 7/3/2012.
    An apparatus for artificial cardiopulmonary animation was developed in 2012. This was composed of organic material as opposed to the artificial hearts consisting of polysaccharides in your timeline.
    Also, the attacks of September the 11th never occurred.
    This comment was intended as a response to HermesT.

    1. ‘I deliberately orchestrated events which would prevent the Second Civil War of America. For example, I convinced the Air Force to allow the terrorist attacks of 9/11 to cascade by unimpeded.’
      I bet ‘your science’ has made some huge leaps in psychoactive technology.
      Hey John,
      Ima gonna go ahead and cut n paste these posts of yours and collect them in a file. Should you interdimensionally time-travel outta here, there should be a record provided for others. Or a nice fat work of fiction to publish. Anywho’s no more resistance from this end, please tell me more.

    2. Thank you for your reply Mr. Titor. Some humans have claimed experiences with Sasquatches that imply that these creatures have inter dimensional capabilities. Do you have an opinion on this subject? In one of my two experiences with the Sasquatch species, I was effected by what I believe was a form of infrasound, in your timeline, has it been revealed that these creatures are capable of this? Is there any truth to the rumor that the Sasquatch species have healing potential for humans via their blood, fluids or DNA.?

  22. Jacki Leighton Boyce,
    World War Three begins in 2015. However, the exact day the first two nations declare war has been delayed due to the 1.73 temporal divergence rate. Unless I achieve a 5 percent divergence rate, the world war will not be averted. A world war or a war fought by more than 3 nations takes a 5 percent divergence to revert, whereas a war fought between two or three nations requires a temporal divergence rate of 1 to nullify.
    In my timeline (let us refer to it as timeline A), World War Three began when Petro Poroshenko and Vladmir Putin failed to reach an ultimatum or a compromise. Russia began shipment of oil to China, and Xi Jinping cut off ties to North Korea, deeming Russia as an acceptable substitute. NK leader Kim Jong chul (Kim Jong Un never ascended to power, his brother did instead) attempted to rehabilitate their relations with South Korea, and merge as a single, capitalist nation. However, this was thwarted by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu through District 3 of the United States. District 3 was heavily Republican, and the GOP supported Israel. Through diplomatic negotiations, Israel convinced the United States to plant seeds of doubt in South Korea’s mind as to the authenticity of North Korea’s desires to peacefully merge. Netanyahu did this because they needed a shipment of North Korean experimental military technology to continue being manufactured under the Communist regime, thereby allowing clandestine export of said materials to the Arab world. This would allow Israel to justify transgressing international regulations by possessing a plethora of nuclear devices themselves, their justification being self defense in the face of impending Arab nuclear incursion. They were employing classical Horkheimerian reverse psychology to convince the world they were justified in possessing nuclear warheads.
    However, the Islamic percentage of representation in the parliaments and semi-presidential governments of Western Europe increased over time, and favor shifted from the Judeo-Christian geopolitical axis to the Islamic axis. The world now favored Palestine and Iran over Israel and the Districts of the USA.
    The North Korean government felt threatened by the South Korean government’s blatant refusing of their peace offer. The demilitarized zone was breached and the United States District 1 Navy, the South Korean ROK Marines, were deployed into combat after SK declared war.
    China wanted nothing to do with either Koreas due to their recent alliance breakup with NK and their sociopolitical contrasts with SK. However, Russia made a last ditch effort to support NK, and attempted to pull China in with them. Xi Jinping lent his support to Putin, which caused massive riots to break out in China, as the Chinese did not want war with SK and their favorable view of Putin had drastically shifted to an unfavorable view.
    This led to Taiwan and Nepal’s guerilla forces invading China as retribution for historical crimes, taking advantage of the weakened Chinese social infrastructure. This caused American Districts to self-manufacture all its goods it once imported from China, and this caused a drastic deflation due to high availability of goods. However, due to the high availability of jobs, credit, and the sudden increase in the dollar bill due to the deflation, the corporate directors increased the price of goods exponentially, causing a huge inflation and market crash. This could have been prevented by the federal government’s regulations, however there were 5 state governments for the 5 Districts as opposed to a central government. They had difficulty in communications and basically there were too many leaders and not enough followers willing to comply. The amount of legislature approved decreased by 85%.
    This resulted in a reunion of the United States to recover the economy. The reunited USA declared war on Iran, NK, China, and Russia, with full Congressional approval. The war efforts would reboot the economy, however, the United States made the mistake of attempting to destroy Russian nuclear warheads by detonating them in Russia through a series of signal scrambling projections.
    Nuclear war erupted. Many of the nuclear warheads were destroyed mid flight by United States RIM-161 SM-3s, however there was significant damage to the stratosphere and destruction of wastelands led to ozone depletion, as destructive polyatomic synthetic material went airborne.
    After the war, all of Western Europe united into the United European Emirates under Islamic rule.
    That is all I can tell you without negatively affecting the timeline should members in positions of power read and believe my statements.
    I am sorry. Have you ever attempted suicide before, by any chance?

    1. In the future will we forget where to properly post a reply? Oh, the horror! When are you off to next, so I can avoid that time period altogether. You temporal divergence rate is at 17.31. Time to circle the drain.

    2. Too late, I’ve already “read and believe (your) statements”. I will now set in motion changes that will make Kiss reunite and severely affect the future of the world.

      1. Yes, Ant, I love that statement: “That is all I can tell you without negatively affecting the timeline should members in positions of power read and believe my statements.”
        Heaven forbid we change the future and avoid WWIII. Like things could be worse, right. Alpha Male gets banned and John Rick Haber comes back from the dead. Please ignore the false claims from the past…this time he’s telling it straight. Only 3 days until the Tiny Top Circus. If you miss it you can always come back later. The wonders of time travel and footery.

        1. “…time travel and footery…”
          Time traveler visits the sight of P-G filming and scares off Patty. Time traveler visits Dyer’s shooting of Hank and is killed by a stay bullet. Time traveler visits Melba’s habitation site and invents Bigfoot porn.

    3. ‘I am sorry. Have you ever attempted suicide before, by any chance?’
      While I have been enjoying the audaciousness and creativity of your posts, John, Y’all might have stepped over the line…Smokey.
      I am going to have to ask for some real proof from here on in. Please provide future winning Powerball numbers. And make them the big jackpots so I know yur not fooling around. I would ask other contributing members of this sight to agree this is the only fair honest method of ascertaining yur statements.

    4. The fate of the UK is to vote into power another groups of hapless selfish idiots, same as usual really. ; )

      1. I’m seeing Sharia law in your future, UK. Those offensive cathedrals and country churches will have to be blown up.

  23. John titor. I am just going to assume you are real because it is more fun that way. I have read all the transcripts of hour earlier posts many times. A few questions.
    1) you said that the begginings of time time travel would be discovered shortly after the CERN projectvwss up and running. I believe you said they would create a miniature black hole. Why did this not happen?
    2) Did you leave and come back or have you never left? Why this blot to start posting g again? Why bigfoot?
    3) Am I famous in your timeline?

  24. How is Todd Standing a hoaxer? I’ve seen so many people claim this over and over yet never seen any proof or even a story of how he has hoaxed anything. Like on here people are saying he is the Canadian Rick Dyer and everyone knows the bullshit Dyers pulled but what has Standing done? I hope your not gonna say his videos are a hoax, cause Ive seen them and dont see anything hoaxy about them at all, and if you saw the full documentary Standing put out, it shows more than just the head. If Standings only crime is not crediting someone for a huge piece of wilderness, I’d say he’s a pretty decent guy compared to most people, especially in the Bigfoot world.

    1. Todd Standing is a hoaxer. All of his videos are hoaxed. All of those puppets and tiki dolls are fake. His sister works in Special Effects and Todd himself is involved in the film industry.
      It is really unfortunate that Drs. Meldrum and Bindernagel have gotten wrapped up with this crook.

  25. The date of the Bigfoot press conference will be announced in the next two weeks according to Dyer website. Hank will be on display and all medical findings will be discussed. According to Dyer, he was prevented from giving real facts about Hank,,,, he is 7 foot 6 inches not over 8 feet…he has 18 inch footprints…..penis and testicles that retract. Real or fake, this is a helluva story on many levels and we are all still discussing it which may mean that we need lithium.

  26. Big news on the Rick Dyer front.
    Bigfoot press conference will be in Atlanta on Jan 15 2015, Dyer says Hank has been in Georgia since Sept 12, 2012. There will be 26 experts who worked on Hank speaking at the presser. Hank is frozen in a large case and will eventually go to a museum. Dyer invited David Durette and Pinkfoot to come back if they want. Press conference will be in a 400 plus venue, 100 seats for press. Dyer to release photo of freezer truck and photo of Hank dead. Yikes.

  27. Heading to Alberta in June 2015 from Florida. My main goal is to go and try to find some answers in a couple of experiences I have had in Florida and in Michigan. THESE experiences have made me very curious in the bigfoot phenom. Would be my lifetime dream to be able to join you in your recreational area. Please contact me

      1. I have re-watched the survivorman episode with Fraud Standing. I must
        recant my enthusiasm for going. That is some serious terrain. My hip replacement is like a year off , at least. I can barely walk a flat mile or two.
        Whatever research I do will be done from atv/jeep from here on in. 10 years ago, I would already have been in Alberta calling all the A. Arcand’s in the phone book. All that deep woods , mountainside terrain looks hellacious and painfull. I’ll be hanging out at the 4 wheel drive trails around Happy Camp and Tahoe. The mosquitoes up there as well . They don’t bite,they take donations.
        Somebody should go . Bet it would be awesome.
        Anywho, hope we are churning some interest for a BF news update.

    1. That would mean he completed his personal mission if he’s lagit but it’s never been made clear weather or not he’s a real person if he is and he is in fact telling the truth and was in fact born around the 90s then he would be around in our timeline today witch is 2016 why hasnt any one come forth with factual evidence of his exsistance granted if one were to go back in time\enter a different timeline and not use a sudo name would probably be a disaster for his or her cause … But out of ones own curiousity if I could ask said time and or dimension traveler a question if you can go back can you go foword if so I’d like to know if piece amongst humanity is ever achieved and if not at what point does human greed destroy this beautiful planet we are so lucky to inhabit ? Ik this probably won’t be read and taken seriously but damn it at least someone asked PS it’s better to believe in something rather than nothing at all wouldn’t you agree ¿

  28. It’s weird how… if this is truly a prank, why keep it going for so many years? My other question, why help and try to save the world from World War 3? I understand it from a point like “Oh! Our lives!” but then there’s also you, John, who wouldn’t benefit from it considering where you come from it is post World War 3 I believe (I didn’t indulge in some of what you had to say because I’m a 14 year old girl who doesn’t understand what you have to say about the time travel machine and space jumping things and may have missed what you have said) and you can’t do anything about it. In less, you can benefit from preventing the World War 3. It would then possibly fix your future? I have no clue.

  29. Two of us were Bow Hunting in Northwestern Ontario the middle of September in 1999 just South of Perault falls On. Redbud Rd. Off of Hwy1 to Red Lake. Scouted a new logging Rd, loaded with Moose tracks. At 4:30 AM WE parked the truck and started walking in very slowly and quietly as we could as it was dead calm. After a little more than 30 minutes of walking we heard a scream type roar that was so loud and close that it shook our inner organs of our bodies. We both jumped in the ditch on opposite side of the Rd. And put & Arrow on our strings. We could both hear brush breaking & shortly after that a very Large tree went down right where the scream came from. We both felt the vibrations of what ever it was like a thud thud thud coming from the ground. We left & never went back there. I tried to describe what happened to our outfitter Doug and Beverly Drinkwalter owners of Lost Bay Resort on Cliff Lake. Doug who grew up in the bush said it took him 56 years to see a Lynx, the Bush hides it’s secrets well he said. But he had no idea of what it was that we heard.
    A couple years ago there was nothing on television so I watched Finding Bigfoot. There was a woman from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with recordings of a Bigfoot Howl she recorded in her back yard, when asked by Matt when did you record this her Reply was LAST NIGHT!
    When she played that recording I almost jumped off the couch!
    IT was EXACTLY the sound we heard in Ontario!
    Since I watched that show I can’t get enough of anything Bigfoot and have learned that what we had experienced in every respect was very similar to a lot of other people.
    Les Stroud is in his 5th week of Survivorman/ Bigfoot, and have watched them all 4-5 times. I absolutely love this show. I never believed any animal like that could exist,& still don’t cause I never saw one yet, but just hearing what we heard that morning was so confusing to me at the time it happened, I know what we heard, and I,like Les have an insatiable need to find out just what made those sounds in the dark.
    Randy Weisell
    209 Kohl Avenue

  30. Hi Aaron,
    My name’s Alex… that Todd Standing sounds like a real dipshit .. he’s not the guy that sold that fake bigfoot suit encassed in ice for a million dollars, is he? I can’t stand liars.
    Anyways, I’m heading up to Nordeg the weekend of May 2nd, and I picked an area that I’m hoping might be a bigfoot hotspot, though I have no idea. If you could give me a hint as to an approximate area where I might get lucky and spot one, that would be awesome! You don’t have to worry about this info going any further than between you and I.. not trying to get rich off it, but it’s definitely a long-time personal interest and hobby. At most, I might get a photo, in which case you’ll be given credit for helping me find the location (and you’re the only person I would tell as to where I took the photo) .
    Any help would be great, but if not, no worries!
    Cheers! Good luck with finding more evidence-

  31. Hi there I love squatching and would love to know more about the area I’m going out near nordeg this weekend

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