Bigfoot News May 27, 2014

Apology. I am very sorry there have not been any updates in a long time. I am extremely tired, and I can barely even function at all these days. The only thing that helps me is allergy shots. This is a very bad time of year for me. Ray Crowe book review of David Paulides’ latest Missing 411 book.

Book Review, 4th Paulides Missing 411-The Devil’s in the Details

Once again Dave Paulides has published a blockbuster of a book about the sad stories of missing people. Disappearances seem to occur in clusters, and Dave has included a large United States wall map showing where the poor people vanished. It’s revealing – the east and west coasts are almost darkened with missing cluster tags. This time around, Dave has gone international, including lists of missing people from six continents. As in earlier books, the little preteens seem to be the largest group targeted by some entity that concentrates on kidnapping and leaving the victims often either dead or alive, and missing articles of clothing or shoes without any indication of molestation. Usually the victim has no idea what occurred, is dazed, or can’t communicate what happened to them. Dave mentions that the last-in-line of hiking groups often disappears, and comments on the number of missing people found at the base of steep cliffs, near water or swamps, in brier patches (victims often found with horrible scratches), having traveled many miles or having unknowingly traveled uphill. Often their pets disappear with them and either come back confused or never do return. Search dogs cannot find their scent of the missing, and bloodhounds and cadaver dogs appear baffled. And in so many cases, an area previously searched multiple times eventually turns up a victim that’s in plain sight. The first book chapters cover another large batch of missing people, running the total from the 411 books up another 174. On May 18th, the release date of the book, Dave was a guest on George Knapp on Coast-to-Coast radio, and he mentioned that his total was up to 1,240 now. I wonder what that would amount to in the number of gallons of shed tears? Look at “Devil’s Detail,” an introductory page that has a long listing of place names with the word devil in them. Other significant detailed charts and statistical information elsewhere in the volume highlight fascinating cases that boggle the mind: Little 7 year old Jack who in two days managed to get 50 miles from where he was lost. And he was found in good condition! How can that be? Another 11 people were found 20 or more miles from where they had disappeared. Not all of them were as lucky as Jack. Many other interesting listings are tabulated: Weather conditions turn inclement when lost; occasions when the first or last in a line of hikers vanishes; there are those that turn up missing and were last seen inside of a home (in one case a house alarm failed to ring) or from a locked car with no inside door handles (go-figure that one out), the puzzling cases of the disabled who go missing, and the “climbers”-those that when lost go uphill, often being found on top of a barren peak (20 in four books climbed 1,000 feet or more). These and several other “Devil’s Detail” categories are listed under Dave’s final “Conclusions” chapter. Impossible cases are cited, like 2 year old Ryan, sleeping with his sister Shawna next to the wall. On awakening, his family discovered that he was gone, only to be later found dead under a dock at a nearby lake. And then there was the mystery of Megumi. Hiking on a well used trail in New Mexico, when lost she simply dialed 911 on her cell phone (needed to triangulate). She was forwarded to the non-emergency dispatcher…not once but seven times! Unbelievable! It has never happened before or since! Finally routed correctly, search teams found Megumi. It started to snow! A helicopter was called in for evacuation of the cold and weak graduate student in physics, nanotechnology and optics. The tail rotor of the helicopter hit a tree! In a debris field 800 feet down the 12,000 foot mountain, the bodies of the pilot and Megumi were found. It appears that at times the well-educated are targeted! What’s happening to all these people? Dave wisely doesn’t speculate. It’s just too crazy. In one case you think a Bigfoot kidnapped them. Then in the next a UFO abducted them, or they vanish into a dimensional hole or orb, or the culprit is an entity that reaches through from a black hole, grabs them and transports them for miles, dragging them unmercifully through briers. I can only scratch my head and ponder. Don’t know how much just plain old bad luck is involved either. One can only offer a silent prayer for all the unfortunate missing people, past and present, especially the children…the poor little babies, Amen. And those left behind to suffer: wives, siblings, mothers, grandparents, girlfriends…all of those and more. I feel saddest of all for them. Ray Crowe, May 26, 2014

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  1. We have quite big forrested areas here in Sweden, but all of this is “cultivated forrest”, so I bet on that we don´t have any Bigfoots of any kind here either at this point in time. But read Ibn Fadlans ” The thirteenth warrior” ( one of the better translations editing in all the remaining old translations), and you will understand that at that time ( about 900 AD) there were. One former Duke boasted about having killed the last “Troll” in the southern parts about 1500 AD.

      1. The original manuscrip was written in Arabic, but have been lost. What is left is early translations mainly into latin. I have read a recent new translation to Swedish made directly from those old translations put together.
        Off cause there are a great treasure of old folklore about “Troll” also, but this is all regarded as imaginary stories derived from the old heathen religion. The interresting thing with Ibn Fadlans notes, is that those came from an Arab emissary that was kidnapped by Vikings. He is clearly discriminating between what they tell him and what he is experiencing himself.

      2. Correction, one of the most reliable suorces that it is based on is an Arabic one, seemingly rewritten parts of the original manuscript by Jakut Ibn- Abdallah.

    1. I thought that book ( Eaters of the Dead was the US title) was just a fictional work by Michael Crichton written in such a way as to give the impression of being an actual account by an arab traveller. I was unaware it was an actual historical document. Is it? It has been a long time since I read it.

      1. You’re correct. It’s a novel by Michael Crichton. It’s based on SOME factual material, such as archaeological evidence of some trade between Scandinavia and the Arab world in the Middle Ages. But mostly, it’s the events of “Beowulf” (which was handed down orally for several hundred years from Denmark before being written in Anglo-Saxon England) told as if witnessed by an outsider from a literate culture. It’s also one of my favorite books!

        1. The Danish suorces are seen as more unreliable, as they would have gottten entangled with the other traditional tales and retold too many times.

  2. I’m aboot to jump into Paulides’ books. Got a friend here just started reading them and is fascinated. He propositioned me, If a buy a couple, he will buy the other 2 (he’s already got 1) and we can do the trade-y thing. I find what I’ve read about his books quite fascinating.

  3. I have a couple of his books. Need to take the time to read them. Hope you feel better soon Robert.

  4. Great to have you back Robert, hope you feel better. It would appear that Dennis Martin may have been abducted by a Sasquatch but what is so haunting about David’s books is that we may be dealing with something not yet understood and our mind’s love for logic isn’t satisfied with an easy conclusion for many of these cases. I had a terrifying experience out in a national forest with a friend but can’t get into the details here …I will say that if you think you know what inhabits our physical world based on the prism through which you look, think again.
    Did anyone ever get their DVD?
    I may be in a minority here but I still think that’s a Sasquatch that pushes Morgan Matthews over.

    1. im hoping you feel better Robert. I want to know what david paulides has found out that our fbi doesn’t already know . what is the real reason for bigfoot coverups. is the human race ready for what is at the end of paulides investigation. why has the majority of the population ignored the missing person info. why hasn’t our law enforcement community found anything out. what have they found out.

  5. Robert, i’m bothered by allergies big time. i have nasal sprays and take claritin when i need to, but it gives me muscle cramps. the allergy stuff seems to trigger a kind of fatigue thing with aches and pains too. anyway i just stumbled onto something that is helping. B12. it helps to moderate the immune response. you can google it. turns out the omeprazole i take every day fights b12 absorption, and my smoking is bad for it too. plus all my habits and pills are diuretic and the b vitamins are water soluble. i started taking a big dose of b12 daily and it is helping. plus my mood is better

  6. Hey Robert,
    Hope yur feeling better and thanks for the Bigfoot News. It occurred to me you have cats? And allergies? Not a good combo. You were the last person I thought would get sick from too much pussy.

  7. Looked up some interesting statistics. In 2012 278 million people visited all National Parks combined. Rounding off Paulides missing number total to 1300 Missing {see where this is going?] over how many years? Even if you say they all occured in the same year 1300 missing people as a percentage of 278 million is statistically meaningless.1300 missing over 10 years and 2.5 billion park visitors is statistically inconsequential. More people die brushing their teeth! In New York City metro there were around 24 million people in 2012 with 21,000 missing person reports and 2800 unsolved. The numbers are nearly the same for the ten previous years. So your are what 1000’s of times? safer and less likely to go missing in a national park than in NYC or any city in America by a huge margin! There is no story here! The only thing remarkable about 1300 total missing persons in a park system with 297 million visitors a year is how safe you are in the woods with wild animals mountains rivers lakes shakes ect! If you want to feel scared then realize you are so stupid to think this is a mystery you shouldn’t be allowed to cross the street alone!. So there is no mystery except how Paulides manages to peddle this shyte to so many people and sell so many books to so many really dumb people?! I guess everyone likes a scary story with lots of scary details even if it is total BS.

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