Incel Rage at UC Santa Barbara

In a repeat of the George Sodini incel rampage against young women at a health spa, another incel, this one named Elliot Rodger, went on a mass shooting spree, targeting not only young women (he specifically targeted beautiful blonds from the hottest sorority (the one with the best women) on campus but also men and really whoever was in his way.

He started his rampage by murdering his three Chinese exchange student roommates with a knife. He apparently stabbed them while they were sleeping.

He then planned to lure people to his apartment and slowly torture them to death. Then he would chop off their heads. After a few days of this, he would begin his rampage by heading to that sorority house of that hottest sorority mentioned earlier.

He knocked on the door to try to get in so he could slaughter the women inside, but he was not allowed in. He then walked around to the backyard of the house where there were some beautiful young women hanging out. He aimed his weapon and shot two of the women dead. Then he walked into a pizza joint, pointed his gun at the man behind the counter, and shot him dead too.

After that, Rodger climbed into his fancy BMW and started driving around the area, shooting randomly at various young people here and there. The police were on their way so he accelerated away. He took a handful of prescription pills, pointed the gun at his head and pulled the trigger.

He left a number of videos on Youtube and a 141 page manifesto which I have not read in full. It could have been titled, “My Lousy Life.”


One of the videos shows him in the drivers’ seat of his vehicle narrating to the camera. He tells how he is going to go on his spree and his motivation for doing so. He lets out a small evil laugh at several points in the diatribe.


His Youtube channel with many of his videos can be found here.

His stated reason for the mass shooting was that girls and women had been shining him on and blowing him off most of his life. Boys and men had not treated him much better. At age 22, he had never had a date nor kissed a girl even once. He wanted sex, but there had never been any females out there who had shown the slightest interest in him.

He had been diagnosed as having “High functioning Asperger’s,” which seems about right. He seems strangely unemotional in the video. Looking at him in the video, I must say he is a very good-looking young man. He also has delicate features and is quite soft and wimpy if not out and out effeminate.

There have been stupid suggestions in the media that he was gay. However, reading through his manifesto, it is clear that he is fully heterosexual and is not the slightest bit gay. He was also the son of a Hollywood film director. He had lived well, regularly flying all over the world, driving expensive cars and wearing designer clothes and sunglasses. He lived in a fancy part of LA.

Many people are giving him diagnoses of sociopath, psychopath and Antisocial Personality Disorder. None of those are correct, however he has a strong sense of entitlement, jealousy and envy such that a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder seems appropriate.

Many suggest that the guy was obviously psycho and this is why females had nothing to do with him. I doubt that very much. Instead, I think he was simply coming across as a weird, socially awkward Aspie type. Women hate weird nerdy types, and it is quite common for these guys to go without sex, love, or female affection for a very long time. Apparently females rejected him so much for so long that he started hating them. It’s not right, but it’s understandable. You hit a man enough times, and he just might start hitting back.

On feminist sites, much space is expended about how misogynistic this fellow was. Well, he hated women very much, it is true. But why was that? Wasn’t it because females had been rejecting him and treating him like crap his whole life? Misogyny doesn’t necessarily spring from a vacuum you know.

Most of the comments on feminist and blue pill sites are stupid. He felt entitled to sex. Most males do nowadays. Feminists love to say that no man on Earth is entitled to sex. This is an interesting attitude because it seems to imply that there are some men who will be rejected so much by women that they may be long-term virgins or may live very barren and sexless lives, and feminists say that this is just fine and dandy.

A lot of men in the cockfest called China are going through the same thing, and predictably, we are seeing 40 year old Chinese male virgins going berserk with axes and bulldozers and slaughtering anything in their path, even little children.

Sex is a part of life. Feminists deny this and apparently state that some males are so weird and socially awkward that they deserve to be denied sex with years, decades or possibly for life. Perhaps this is so. Most men will be subjected to such a treatment will not flip out and shoot up the mall. But a small percentage of them will.

After the George Sodini shooting, I predicted that there would be more of these incel guys going berserk like this, and I caught a lot of crap for writing that. Not because it’s a good thing, or because the bitches deserve it, or men have a right to kill women when the guy isn’t getting any, but just because it all figures. You deny young men sex for long periods of time, and some of them are going to snap and start shooting women or couples. That just logically follows from long-term incel in a few guys who can’t take it anymore.

The SPLC has a big write-up in which they tell how Rodger frequented sites called PUAHate and I have spent time on both of these sites.

The bodybuilder site is just a site where young men with an interest in lifting weights get together to discuss this, that, or whatever. It is misogynistic or dicky only in the sense that a lot of masculine young men are assholey and have misogynistic tendencies. In other words, it’s a site full of normal masculine young men. Rodger made many a creepy or scary post there to which there was little in the way of alarmed responses.

PUAHate is smeared by the feminist SPLC as a site for failed pick-up artists. That is not really true and it is a slur. Most men who attempt to be pickup artists are going to fail at the task, so it is no insult to fail at such a thing which is attainable by only a small elite of men.

Instead, PUAHate is a site for mostly young men, often incel, who are failing to attract female company, love, or sex, are very lonely and angry about this, and are venting. Quite a few of them sunk a lot of cash into PUA programs run by PUA con-artists. They got nothing out of these expensive sessions, and they are very mad.

Rodger states some truisms in his manifesto. He states that it is 10X worse to be insulted by a female than it is to be insulted by a male. This is correct and I have experienced this many times.

He is also correct that mass rejection over time can lead to a feeling of rage. I actually went through a phase at one very bad point in my life that was like this, so I agree that this is true also.

He also says repeatedly that nice guys finish last, and females don’t like nice guy types. There is actually something to this of course, and in his case, he added wimpiness/effeminacy to the toxic brew. I know this because I went through an unfortunate nice guy phase where I was being friendzoned by every young woman within a 5 mile radius and I must say, it is a frustrating feeling.

Nice guys can do all right, but they need good game, and it helps to have a bit of bastard in you too. Rodger says that young females flock to obnoxious brutes and ignore nice guys like him. This truism has been stated many times, and of course there is something to it. I have done pretty well with females in my life, so I assume I must have some obnoxious brute in me somewhere.

I would say that the real take-home point here is to try to be more obnoxious or brutal or better yet combine the two, and then the chicks ought to start rolling in. I need to up my obnoxious brute game myself, come to think of it.

The entire MRA/PUA movement is being attacked and blamed by feminists/Blue Pillers over this guy’s freakout. Indeed, his mindset is similar to that seen often in the Manosphere and on PUA sites. Frankly, the over the top misogyny on MRA and PUA sites disgusts me and makes me not want to identify with these movements. Are these sites feeding the rage of these guys?

Not sure, it is hard to say, but you can’t shut them down. To the extent that these sites are typically insanely misogynistic, and this guy had become an extreme misogynist as well, the sites were simply feeding into feelings he was already experiencing anyway. This is sort of like racist sites. Only racists go to racist sites. If you are not racist to start with, you don’t hang out there. Sure, racists find an outlet for their racism on these sites. Do the sites rev up their racism and make them even more angry? Who knows?

At the risk of having a feminist suicide bomber attack me, I would also note that this story is a prime example of why more young women need to start giving out mercy fucks. Some on ladies, take one for the team! The life you save may be your own!

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158 thoughts on “Incel Rage at UC Santa Barbara”

  1. I discovered this awesome personal algorithm that gets me laid every time. I act like the nicest, most spineless guy in the world, and just as she is about to write me off, I beat her over the head with a heavy iron Williams & Sonoma egg pan. The bitch can’t take her hands off me after that.

  2. A lot of men in the cockfest called China are going through the same thing, and predictably, we are seeing 40 year old Chinese male virgins going berserk with axes and bulldozers and slaughtering anything in their path, even little children.
    This has a precedent in Chinese history too. During the late Qing Dynasty, there were groups of sexless, frustrated men known as “bare branches,” who, surprise, caused a lot of social unrest and were attracted to radical movements.
    What he did was reprehensible and appalling, not to mention that thanks to him, the authorities will be cracking down on young men and demonizing their libido more than ever. There was already a major moral panic whipped up over the supposed rape epidemic on campuses, and I even recall reading about kangaroo courts being instituted for men charged with rape.
    They sure as hell will be bringing down the feminist, anti-male hammer now.

    1. BAG,
      do you remember a comment on this site by some guy who said he had a Chinese mother and white father and wrote this quite intense diatribe. He was talking about how his mum had mated with a white guy (she’d betrayed her people or something) and he seemed to have really conflicting feelings about the different parts of his heritage. He may have even blamed the Asian part for not succeeding with women. As you can see I can hardly remember it but I just remember the sense that the guy had really screwed up attitudes and was troubled. I remember you commented something like ‘i’ll remember not to marry an an Asian women if the kids will have issues like you’.
      I’m just thinking it could have been Elliot Rodgers. He was obviously big into the internet and PUA blogs and racial stuff. Apparently in the writing he left he blamed his Asian side for his lack of success with women. And I just remember this guy having intense issues and some pretty strong psychological stuff going on. Could it be him? Do you remember what I’m talking about?

        1. After looking at some of Rogers Youtube comments, he sounds like the total antithesis of “StuffEurasianMalesLike” :
          “Men who are half white half asian are the most beautiful. We are the new master race, above both whites and asians.”
          “And white/asian is not a bad combo, are you retarded? It’s the most beautiful combo. Look at Keanu Reeves. You are jealous.”
          ” It will be very satisfying to see Asians dominating white people. One day this will really happen, and I will laugh. Americans think they are better than Asians, they discriminate and look down upon Asians, and yet Asians have the capability to rule the world even today! The only thing that’s stopping them are their weak, corrupt leaders.”

      1. @ Steve
        Oh yeah, I remember the guy. His name was “StuffEurasianMalesLike” or something of the sort.
        He seemed like he had a lot of demons as well.

        1. shit i don’t need to see it. I just read some of his blog, ‘a white guys guide to picking up Asian chicks’. Fuck me.

  3. He should’ve used his dad’s wealth, gone to Vegas and fucked a couple of hookers. Throw about 5-10 Gs and he’d be partying with hot bitches just like Leslie Chow in the last Hangover.
    He had this ego in him which prevented him from paying for sex. Too much of an idealist who envisaged hot bitches all over him because he was such a nice guy. This ain’t happening in the USA. To fuck hot sorority girls, you have to be an obnoxious as shit jock. Or at least mingle with them and be in good terms in the hopes you’d be invited to a party. A thing I didn’t do in grad school and now regret.
    Sex is a transaction. We all pay.

    1. Really? Women love guys who treat them like shit. Proof. My brother is much better looking than I, wealthier, pretty “buffed” and masculine. Professional UFC fighter. Gets laid maybe 3 times a week, all by groupies. He treats women with utter respect because he studied Jiu-Jitsu in Japan and they teach men to be “dominant but understanding”.
      Me, I’m chubby, rarely brush my teeth, work by uploading videos to YouTube of video games I play. Pretty ugly in the mirror, IQ 117 as opposed to my brother’s 135. Short, high pitched voice, small dick.
      So then tell me how I get laid by different women 6 nights a week on average? I must be lucking out how only 1 out of 100,000 guys could, unless you are a billionaire in Thailand. I don’t get the leftovers either, I get 7s and 8s, and occasionally 9s. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I treat my females like shit. I cheat on my multiple gfs, financially leech off them, embarras her in front of her friends (whom I screw), occasionally hit her.
      Case in point; women love being abused. Why do abused women keep coming back to the abusive guy? When he is old ugly inbred fat trailer trash, why? One reason, they love the abuse.
      I never got laid in high school. I dropped out of college and went to a bar to drink, pretty pissed. After I got drunk I insulted some gal calling her a skank and she immediately started flirting with me. Lost my virginity. Funny thing is, she wasnt a skank at all. An off duty police officer. Wow.
      That Elliot kid should have shed his nice guy tude and smacked a whore. He would have gotten more pussy than a cat veternarian.

      1. @Alpha Male
        Maybe your brother is more fussy than you or too busy doing other things?
        P.s You get some men who’ll only give respect to people who treat them like shit too i’ve noticed…

      2. QUOTE: “So then tell me how I get laid by different women 6 nights a week on average? I must be lucking out how only 1 out of 100,000 guys could, unless you are a billionaire in Thailand. I don’t get the leftovers either, I get 7s and 8s, and occasionally 9s.”
        You should get your own infomercial. When is your next book coming out?
        QUOTE ” I get 7s and 8s, and occasionally 9s.”
        You mean 7, 8 and 9 year olds? lol

      3. QUOTE “Im busy too. I rarely get adequate sleep, I play video games and watch TV about 14 hours a day, and the rest of the time is spent on the internetz. ”
        With physical training like that, you should really be able to dominate them bitches, LOL
        QUOTE “internetz.”
        Some kind of inner city slang, or Sesame Street? LOL

  4. At first I thought he was a psychopath, but then after seeing some of the manifesto……. Which showed a different person than him in his videos…. almost. I realized that he was extremely delusional but not all schizo. he said he wanted to be dictator of earth and outlaw sex and that he wanted to show the world that he was a god. he seemed very manic so i think he was bipolar mixed with personality problems. I don’t agree that he was autistic. high functioning? no. why? his stupid dorky gestures to the camera suggest he has normal body language. he did have a lack of emotion tho. even when he raised his voice in anger he didn’t have emotion. i think he did have it just not much. lust was probably the major feeling he had.

    1. No, he isn’t a God. I think at some point in everyone’s life, we need to realize this. We live in a world of shit, and we have to deal with it, because we are social creatures. We don’t live alone, and we can’t force everyone to like us.

  5. It’s not an excuse. Heck, I had a philosophy professor who belittled students every class, one student even cried. What are we supposed to do, shoot him (as well as a dozen innocent by-standards)? What about the degradation people get at boot camp? What about people who go to foreign nations and are picked on because of their race, or cause locals have a political grudge against them? Yet, these people keep on at their job with stoic strength ignoring all the BS.

  6. Young women always hate dorky guys, that’s nothing new. However, there is nothing wrong with being beta. Anyhow, this guy might have got a rush, but he’ll feel really guilty, suicidally guilty, once the demons are gone, and he has to face what he has done.
    I think everybody wants to commit mass murder, but people need to get it under control, with religion, psycho-therapy, whatever that is needed.

  7. I think the real moral of the story, coming from me, a real incel, is that we’re always going to find people who hate us. It’s not about young women hating us. It’s the fact that wherever you go some people will hate you. They can be young women, old women, old men, young children, teenagers, you name it. So you have to deal with it, without violence.

  8. Shit, this guy was rich? He could have got any girl he wanted. This incel stuff is ridiculous. In my case, I’m an incel, but I’m dirt poor. However, this guy could fly out to the Philippines, Russia, anywhere, and get all he wants.

    1. This is the problem I see with many incels and me included is that we want the validation. Going to hookers is like playing a video game in cheat mode. it would not give us the satisfaction and we would always be reminded of being that subhuman unwanted person.

  9. The fucker I want to beat over the head and kick in the teeth is this asshole’s father who is bleating that it was too easy for his kid to get a weapon.
    No personal responsibility for parenting a psycho. I read somewhere they knew it was him and were rushing to the crime scene. Excuse me. You knew your kid was on edge and didn’t correct? I’m sure they were welled up with emotion that Elliot was temper tantruming again and about to off a bunch of innocent citizens. This whole story smacks of parental overindulgence and lack of discipline.
    Fuck you Elliots. Shitty indulgent parenting will bite you in the ass every time. I feel that little prick had an ego. He wasn’t that ugly. He had money. He didn’t want to settle for what was probably his demographic. He was looking for potential Victoria’s Secret models and nothing else will do.
    Had he busted off a $1000 dollar nug from daddy , Sherri’s ranch might have been the notch on the bedpost he needed. So yeah, Fuck this idiot’s overindulgent careless parents. Hands off parenting never works. I hope those shitty fuckers are tortured for the rest of their years by remorse for the innocent lives taken by their Hellspawn. Did I tell the Elliots Fuck you? Please supersize that.

      1. ‘That’s what I have been thinking too. That step mother was a real twat as well.’
        I’ve been dwelling on it somewhat and I am still convinced that if Elliot Rodger (Is that his name … did I get it backwards in previous rant ?.. oh well) had a decent father, none of this would have gone down. It is possible that he was chemically imbalanced.
        I think he didn’t get the advice a father should be giving his son. The kid was horribly obsessed with wimmins. There should have been somebody giving him fatherly advice. Who else do you look to for that kind of information?
        My Dad was stoic. Just go and meet them he told me. Talk. Like it was no big deal. I have groomed my stepson (little bit older than this Elliot clown) to not worry so much about chicks. Build yourself up and it will come. He’s done fine, all it took is was some common sense at the appropriate time from the appropriate person.
        It really seems to me that this obsession with beautiful wimmins could not have gone unnoticed if you were his father. And as a father you should feel like it is your job to set things straight.

  10. I’m afraid the young man was frustrated with the lack of self control and impulsiveness many young people possess. Unfortunately, he was running after the same handful of objectively hot women that every other college man was chasing. And i imagine in a place like Santa Barbara and LA, rich people are a dime a dozen. And it was his Daddy’s money anyway, so he was probably not impressive on his own steam.
    Of course, had he tried with young women who were perhaps not quite so high on the popularity charts or possibly nerdy like him, he likely may have had many a girlfriend. But that wasn’t good enough, was it? I bet he never would have given a dorky shy young woman a second glance.

    1. I bet he never would have given a dorky shy young woman a second glance.
      As long as she was physically attractive, I bet he would have.
      Shyness and awkwardness aren’t dating/sexual death sentences for women the same way that they are for men. The female equivalent of Elliot Rodger would be an obese ugly chick.

      1. Kind of my point. That he would never have given an uncool young woman, both attractive and reasonably attractive (but definitely not unattractive), the time of day. The cool factors in very heavily with the young, and the old for that matter.

        1. Not exactly.
          When it comes to initially assessing a woman’s attractiveness, men primarily judge a woman based on her looks. So long as a woman possesses some degree of physical attractiveness, she’ll generate a significant amount of male interest, irrespective of her awkwardness or shyness.

        2. @bayareaguy, and I think you are missing the point that I am trying to make – that he would not have given a fat shy unattractive young woman a second glance. Are we to think that these young women, who can go long stretches or their entire lives without sexual or emotional gratification, should also take up arms and gun down attractive men?

        3. that he would not have given a fat shy unattractive young woman a second glance.
          Ah, gotcha.
          Based on your above comment (“that he would never have given an uncool young woman, both attractive and reasonably attractive the time of day”) I thought you were saying that he would have shunned a shy woman irrespective of her looks.

        4. Then how this plain looking girl got 330 likes on facebook? if looks matter so much for women? true that Middle schoolers are very into facebook, true that once you got a decent popularity ,it increases and then you turn popular for the sake of being popular (Paris Hilton) ,but still

        5. Then how this plain looking girl got 330 likes on facebook?
          Because, women in the U.S. simply aren’t held up to very high standards.
          (if this facebook post is from another country, feel free to correct me)
          Due to the rampant obesity among women (not to mention the trashy tattoos, short haircuts, etc), simply being a woman in decent shape and not looking like a troglodyte is enough to generate likes on facebook and enjoy a good number of male suitors.

        6. Is from Mexico, but anyways Mexico has even worse obesity problems than United States 🙂 I am not to talk bad about that girl, its was one example to this topic, plus she is so full of herself that is annoying, and I am glad I read an honest opinion of what she deserves, could you believe she has more than 900 followers on facebook ?! in some photos she is a cheerleader, it may be that

      2. @Bay Area Guy
        Re: “Shyness and awkwardness aren’t dating/sexual death sentences for women the same way that they are for men”
        I don’t see much difference, as an adult it seems mainly men that go around approaching and harrasing women for sex etc, but when I was at school it seemed quite the opposite – I noticed a few shy, awkward boys being pestered by a few girls…

        1. I noticed a few shy, awkward boys being pestered by a few girls…
          Key words, “a few.”
          They are the exceptions that prove the rule.

  11. Sex is a biological necessity. Without it, men go beserk in some fashion, either mildly or with hostility. Women are bitches for going for bad guys over nice guys. They don’t deserve the deplorable treatment of being murdered, but deliberately snubbing guys with lots of virtue is a dastardly sin.

        1. You have to assume that this shit works at all ages. Nice guys lose. Women hate nice guys. They love bad boys and assholes. I doubt if it changes much as you get older.
          The solution to this unfortunate state of affairs is probably to ratchet up the bad boy and assholey stuff I would assume.

        2. My sister’s new boyfriend- a very nice guy. Affable, good humoured, kind, a gentleman. Not unmanly, but definitely nice. My sister is probably an 8, in the top 20 or 30% of attractiveness.
          So, its not always so, is it Mr Lindsay?
          I’m not gonna compromise the person I am and want to be and act like an asshole to be attractive to women. I don’t think that’s a very confident attitude. If you are fairly good looking and masculine and outgoing and have good social skills and can talk to women confidently, you’ll get plenty of them while being good person and not treating them badly. I know loads of guys who could charm women’s pants off (literally) without acting like an asshole towards them.
          There is a such thing as too nice, those guys trying too hard to be sensitive and considerate and then they don’t seem strong and decisive or exciting but you can be a successful womanizer while being fun and acting good to them (up to the point that maybe you don’t return their calls). Clearly.

        3. I do not know. I claim to be a bastard, but most gf’s say I am very, very nice and that I am basically a great big pussycat. And I have had sex with a lot of females in my life. On the other hand, I can really be a fucker if I want to. If women piss me off, I call them names. I call them cunts, bitches, whores, sluts, worthless, stupid, dumb, lame, idiot. I threaten them, tell them to drop dead. I say, “Shut the fuck up you stupid fucking cunt.” Etc.
          I usually do not talk like that, but when they are getting really out of line and out of control, contemptuous, belligerent, insulting and hostile, I just blast the living fuck out of them.
          So I am a pretty nice guy most of the time, but if women really get aggressive, I let them have it.
          All these PUA guys say never apologize to a woman ever for anything. I have been apologizing to them my whole life and I got a lot of women.
          What I mean is to cultivate the “bad boy” attitude. Supposedly I still have that. Women describe me using words like naughty, a bit of rough, bad boy, devilish, etc. That’s the sort of thing that works, not being an asshole scumbag.
          I went through a misogynistic phase for a while, and it completely failed. I lived in Dar al Harb, a world of war and hatred with women. Women picked up on my vibes and just threw it right back at me. Some of them tried to sabotage me by damaging my property. One put a piece of chalk in my coffee cup. I can assure you I did not get a lot of dates. Whereas when I was in phases of my life where I truly loved women and girls, they appreciated it and I had them around me a lot. I also got lots of sex.
          Even now, when I insult gf’s, hurt their feelings, or act like a fuckers, they cry, get hurt, or get furious. They scream and yell at me. I more or less sit there and take it. I figure if I fight back she will leave. So my assholish behavior only makes them cry, makes them hurt and angry and full of spite and hate.
          The “bad boy” game works. Being an asshole and treating women like shit? No idea, but it has certainly never worked for me.
          Any guy who treats women like shit does not love or even like women. If you love or even like women, you would not treat them like shit. Guys who treat women like shit are called misogynists.

        4. Okay man fair enough. I agree that many women do like bad boys and treating them badly when you meet is only going to repel them. They like the idea that the bad boy is nice to them and she is on the inside and sees another side to him. She maybe even imagines she can change him or tame him.

          1. By the time they are in their 30’s, they feel like idiots, and genuinely good guys are married by then, just when those bitches want to settle down themselves. The loser status is turned upside down.

        5. No, Alphas/Sigmas do not feel like idiots in their 30’s. Most of them pretty much keep on scoring all throughout life. Life is always good for someone like that.

    1. Do these virgins also snub women, say BBWs or other less than perfect women? Surely, the pool for mating is bigger than we think, and this guy had a lot of money for foreign travel.

    2. Lots of guys go without sex, and it’s not fair. What about people paralyzed from the neck down, or someone who got his nuts shot off. Now, this dude makes excuses of why he is owed sex from society?

      1. @Jason Y
        Re: “Now, this dude makes excuses of why he is owed sex from society?”
        He was possibly very isolated as well so hadn’t been able to learn the skill of successfully getting into someones knickers and if all he had ever experienced was rejection thus far he probably had no comprehension that it didn’t have to be that way if he’d broaden his horizons, travel, try and meet lots of new people etc. Once he got over the first time it would have become easier and more obvious though, I think…

        1. QUOTE (from Lesley)
          “He was possibly very isolated as well so hadn’t been able to learn the skill of successfully getting into someones knickers and if all he had ever experienced was rejection thus far he probably had no comprehension that it didn’t have to be that way if he’d broaden his horizons, travel, try and meet lots of new people etc. Once he got over the first time it would have become easier and more obvious though, I think…”
          Right, and that gave him an excuse to kill people (sarcasm). When will this liberal shit (and this coming from a liberal) stop??

        2. @Jason Y
          Re: “Right, and that gave him an excuse to kill people (sarcasm)”
          I never said that, that’s your assumption.
          I never said anything about him having an excuse for killing people. I was talking about the fact he was a virgin at 22.

      2. That’s like saying we should belittle the struggles of paralyzed people, because their lot in life is nothing next to those who Al Qaeda behead. Yes, I’d rather be paralyzed than to have my head sawed off slowly with a dull blade. Does that mean I’m less worthy of empathy and compassion? My point is, it’s unnatural to not have sex and it makes men mentally ill to go without it.

        1. ‘My point is, it’s unnatural to not have sex and it makes men mentally ill to go without it.’
          Agreed. The catholic church has provided proof for eons.

  12. Robert – please be aware that Asperger Syndrome is spelt as I’ve mentioned it. I am diagnosed with AS myself – and it’s one of the sticking points that it’s used as an insult when mis-spelt.
    This is felt across the board by the autistic community – and it would help the MHRA no end if they kept the high road on this one.
    Under the Feminine Imperative – it would appear that we are viewed as eternal betas – and in a sane, rational world, things would be better for us.
    Which is why you see a lot of us engineer types gone MGTOW. But if it is at all possible to help rebuild, some of us may well pitch in. That’s what we do.

        1. I took out the Assburgers remark. I do use it here, and I have some regular Aspie commenters who even use it themselves! But I do not want to give the impression that I hate you guys. The best evidence that I have seen indicates that you guys are not neurotypical and you simply cannot help being whatever you are. It’s not your fault! That said, I do not understand the condition well. I have an anxiety disorder myself, and when it is going full-blown, the world, including women, pretty much treat me the way Aspies get treated on a daily basis, so I understand how they feel.
          I do not get the social retardation part, but apparently this is rooted in the brain also.
          I work as a therapist and the last thing I want to do is bash people with mental disorders or neurological stuff that they have no control over, believe me. I have been called crazy a lot myself in life, and it made me pretty damn angry. About as angry as this Rodger guy, I would say. 🙁

          1. re the social processing – easiest way to describe it is that the NT has a dedicated coprocessor for that stuff.. we have to run an “NT emulator”. Comes from my tech skills being mostly innate – the social handling is learned from first principles. CF Social Stories, the existence of the book “Socially Curious and Curiously Social” etc.
            And as this runs on the main CPU – and it is at best reverse-engineered.. it’s a bit like a Linux driver where the specs haven’t been supplied.. so you’re constantly working behind, or with the best approximation.
            Hope that helps..

  13. I am a 33 year old virgin and drive a black BMW (2008 model), so this incident is both tragic and surreal to me. I hope I don’t become like him, because I sure do have feelings of resentment and hidden frustration from time to time.

    1. Aww dont be sad dude. I was a virgin until 20, all you have to do is treat women like shit. Believe me, it has worked for me.
      Make her feel horrible. Cheat on her and when confronted say “so?” Tell her what to do and when she refuses yell. Always be on top during sex and pin her arms down and stretch them. Thrust violently.
      Believe me, youll be a stud in no time.

      1. Ha! That’s a rather interesting take, but an aggressive approach is not in my nature. I guess I will have to die a virgin then, but I won’t do anything crazy.

      2. While I realize that being a cocky, devilish bastard is seen as exciting and sexy by a lot of women, if that’s not your natural temperament(and it isn’t mine), you are going to come off as try-hard. Suppose you are a relaxed guy with an imperturbable nature. Are you really going to try to act like Tommy Lee? One of my favorite quotes comes from Kurt Cobain, “Trying to be someone you’re not is a waste of the person you are.” The problem with Elliot Rodger is that he didn’t fit into the type of Fraternity and Sorority culture in Isla Vista. Rodger was an Aspie, introspective introvert that lived deeply in his own head. People like that are COMPLETELY out of a place in a known party school like UCSB. And most sorority girls don’t even date/fuck guys that aren’t in frats anyway. My question is why was he even there in the first place. He didn’t fit in to that scene and should’ve gone somewhere more amenable to his personality type. Somewhere like Asia or Eastern Europe.
        I don’t think most women want a bad boy, I think most want good guy that can get bad. A nice guy and a bad boy are at opposite extremes. A good guy is the ideal middle. A man with principles who knows how to treat a woman well, but also doesn’t put up with any shit either. Any woman that prefers men who are emotionally/physically abusive is a damaged good from the get-go and worth little more than a hump ‘n’ dump.

        1. I doubt if you need to be an asshole to have successful relationships with attractive women. I know a lot of guys who seem like really nice guys or good guys and they seem to be very happily married to attractive women.
          If you want to be a player, it helps to be a bit of a bastard (a moral player is an oxymoron), but not every guy wants to be Player of the Year.

      3. QUOTE “Aww dont be sad dude. I was a virgin until 20,”
        You were? What a PUSSY. HA HA Hey, was that also the time you learned to read? LOL

  14. Beverly Hills culture is just a copy of the materialism in American culture. However, it’s not an excuse to snap. As I said before, millions of people endure injustice without going bananas. If you give the green light for him to kill, then anybody has the right.

  15. Yes, this is tragic and awful and we’re all weeping copious tears. But I don’t see anyone shedding a single tear for women who get snubbed daily by men – overweight, fat, obese, uncool, not hip, not whatever.

  16. In a paragraph, you wrote “At age 22, he had never had a date nor killed a girl even once.” I think you meant to write “nor kissed a girl even once.”
    PS: no need to publish this comment.

  17. someone bring shitty advice please this cunt only had 62 posts,why everyone is blaming the site is beyond me. fuck this shitty earth

  18. This further proves that women are narcissistic and will stop at nothing to make sex a weapon.

    1. It proves this guy was narcissistic, not women. And the subculture of hatred and contempt for women could only encourage him.

      1. I 100% suport this guy. If women are not being nice to him, why should he be nice to them? Give and take. She never gave, so why should she take her safety as a guarantee? Fuck that and murder the cunt.
        Even now, 15 years after losing my virginity and getting enough pussy to make Solomon’s Harem go obese, I cannot forgive women for the mental anguish they caused me. I will NEVER forgive them. When my own mother got raped I applauded. I wanted to find the guy and give him a fucking medal.
        All women should be treated like shit.

        1. @Alpha male
          I take it your joking?
          Because I don’t hate you because my dad and some of my ex boyfriends were bad to me or some boys bullied me at school, just because you happen to be the same sex as them, lol…

        2. QUOTE “Even now, 15 years after losing my virginity and getting enough pussy to make Solomon’s Harem go obese,”
          15 years also refers to Alpha Male’s REAL AGE.
          QUOTE “I cannot forgive women for the mental anguish they caused me. I will NEVER forgive them.”
          You mean when they kicked your ass, or was it their “Alpha Male” boyfriends? LOL

    1. His main psychological problem was narcissism. That and the Aspergers. Other than that, there was nothing wrong with him psychologically. Was there something wrong with him morally? Yes.

    1. @Alpha Male
      Re: “Key is treat women like shit”
      Your probably right in most cases, but those women who look upto guys who treat them like shit are morons – so yous deserve each other…

      1. I am simply not into treating women like shit, and I have been very successful with women in my life. I doubt if it’s a necessity.
        One thing though: females need to respect you as a masculine, virile, heterosexual man – that is, as a sexual threat. If they do not respect you as a sexual threat, it’s not going to be ok. The key to the best friendships and relationships with women is that they must respect you as a sexual threat. That way they can like you and respect you at the same time. Guys are friendzoned because females do not fear and respect them as a sexual threat.

      2. They are afraid you are going to fuck them! You are perfectly capable of fucking them and you can do it any time, all they have to do is say yes. Male sexuality is very scary to a female. We are big and strong and we do penetrate their bodies with our organ. Once we are in there we can pound away pretty hard. We are violent and that is pretty scary too. With all your clothes off, you are pretty vulnerable, and a lot of men are sexually violent too. A lot of female sexuality is based on fear of a strong, dominant potentially violent male.

      3. @Robert Lindsay
        Re: “They are afraid you are going to fuck them!”
        Oh, if I find someone attractive that’s what I usually want them to do…
        …if I was scared of a guy i’d probably try and avoid him if I could… lol… 😉

      4. I know what you’re getting at, but I don’t think “sexual threat” is a good way to term it. It sounds like some guy about to rape. I think rather, women have to view you as a “sexual entity” or see some sort of sex appeal in you.

    2. QUOTE “Im ugly, chubby, and I almost never brush my teeth. I also go without wiping my ass occasionally.”
      Well, maybe you should ask your mama to brush your teeth, and wipe your ass, lol.

  19. i find it interesting is that he is half Anglo Saxon and Half Asian. His behavior is perhaps the the genetic expression of the worst sides of his inheritances.
    From the Anglo-Saxon : the extreme sense of entitlement to the bodies and possessions of others which require extreme and typically organized violence to satisfy.
    From the Asian: extreme social awkardness and ethno chauvinism.
    The two together produce and explosive combo.

    1. White men and Asian men are wimpy and treat their women good. Its why they cant get laid. Im a white guy, I should know.
      Now hate blacky all you want, but he gets twat. Why? He has no respect for his women.
      If you are a white guy or Asian tryna get sum…….just smack a gal.

    2. I think he inherited a shy introverted personality from his Chinese mother, and narcissist traits from his white father. His father seemed incredibly ruthless, neglectful and cold-hearted throughout his childhoof. On top of that, what kind of personality type does it take to be an ambitious Hollywood director, and succeed at it?
      According to Rushton, a grandiose self-concept is more common amongst whites than it is with East-Asians. Narcissism and self concept clarity maybe predictors for anger and verbal aggression. In my experience whites are generally more narcissistic and bad tempered than Asians, despite being less talented, and having lower levels of achievement. Richard lynn claims white people are significantly more psychopathic than East-Asians, possibly up to 1/3 of a standard deviation ( ). I mention this because narcissism is one characteristic of a psychopathic personality.

      1. I recently read that depression is a common thing in East Asia compared to western countries, maybe because Asians have the shorter version of the serotonin transporter gene. So I suspect he inherited his depressive introverted personality and from his Chinese mother, and narcissist/psychopathic traits from his cold-hearted white father. Then add in his small asian statue and you’ve got the worst of both worlds.

  20. Do anglo-saxons today have an ‘extreme sense of entitlement to the bodies and possessions of others’? Is this a common natural urge of the millions of anglo-saxons today? Think about it.

  21. I’m an Incel, so I can understand how Rodger’s felt. I bet a lot of people who have been rejected so many times feel like going on a killing spree but would never even contemplate doing so because rational thought kicks in. The irony is this guys said women are irrational but there was nothing rational or masculine about his behaviour.
    Feminists are blaming MRAs but this guy was the opposite of an alpha, he was the archetypal “nice guy” that MRAs heap scorn on: whiny, entitled–almost every page of his “manifesto” features him crying and feeling sorry for himself. Another interesting thing is that he had an over-indulgent mother who gave him expensive gifts and a more distant father. A lot of violent criminals have mother issues so I don’t see how you can blame the “patriarchy” or masculinity for this. Real patriarchy only exists in Islamic countries and isolated religious families (like Orthodox Jews or Mormons) these days.
    This guy was better looking than me and had money. There’s no way he couldn’t manage to snag a FOB Asian chick, he could have also have level-grinded on the chubby below-average looking women on Craigslist’s “personal encounters” section. I’m poor, can’t afford to travel or run a car, average looking, short. I’m not bitter or depressed about it though, I’ve accepted my place on the food chain–dead bottom, and learned to deal with it.
    I wonder how long it’ll take for girls on Twitter and Facebook start calling him cute or hot. Just look at how the Boston bomber became a massive heartthrob. Women like dangerous psychopaths, see also Richard Ramirez, Charles Manson et al…
    Rodger’s was a total loon who should’ve been sectioned a long time before this tragedy unfolded.

    1. I agree. It seems as though Rodger was dead set on having a hot sorority blonde and would accept nothing less. He also seemed to have some racial inferiority complex issues so I doubt he’d have wanted an Asian woman.
      Also, we need to quite saying women are hot for serial killers. I see that a lot in the manosphere. That’s bullshit. 99% of women would run for their lives if they saw Richard Ramirez. He’s the ultimate “creeper”. The 1% of women that would fuck him are outliers every bit as mentally deranged as he is.

  22. Nobody is ‘entitled’ to sex whether they are male or female, it’s nice if it happens, but I don’t believe it’s a human right, like food is, and I certainly don’t believe having children is a human right – I think it should be a privilege for those that are willing to devote the time and effort it takes to it.
    That said, this guy could have probably got sex if he had tried harder i.e not been put off by the rejections, and after one rejection simply moved on to the next.
    I know one *really* nerdy guy in his early forties that is never without a girlfriend or two – mostly chatting them up on Facebook and plenty of fish as well as at the dancing etc and his girlfriend at the moment is 28 (and he’s cheated on her a few times), lol.
    It’s understandable that rejection dents people’s confidence and puts them off trying again, but if you can fight it and keep plodding on you’ll begin to realise that not everyone will reject you no matter who you are (practically). If you get knocked down, the best thing to do is say bad luck and get back up again. It would probably have gotten a lot easier once he got the first time over with, it usually does.
    Also, are there no equally ‘nerdy’ women out there for him to try? Of course there are.
    But if these ‘nerdy’ women are not his type, perhaps that means that he is not actually a ‘nerd’ himself after all? It’s all labels any way. Even people who are generally perceived to be ‘cool’ can do weird things or act a bit weird sometimes, no one is perfect…

    1. Nobody deserves to be given food either. There are no givens in this life. Somebody has to grow the food. I agree with your statements accept they apply to standards. We are dealing with a person incapable of dealing with his own emotion. Many fatherless boys are catered to by their mommys. When that boy gets older and nobody treats them like their mommy and gives them everything they cry for they have an episode it happens everyday. Its all in the upbringing. The parents are to blame. Every time this happens we find parents who never spanked their children.

      1. @big g
        I think a child has the right to expect a parent to provide food and shelter for them and raise them in a way that well help them get on ok in society, if a parent is unable or unwilling to do that I think they should keep their legs shut/trousers on imo (or use contraception)…
        I don’t agree with hitting children though except for in *very* extreme circumstances, you can talk to children and there are many other ways of disaplining them without hitting them imo… 😉

        1. Our prisons are full of boys that were never disaplind. Why is it so easy for women to spare the rod. Of course I’m not advocating spanking( not abuse) on the first attempt at disapline. It worked for our parents. In a world with no disapline why do so many women not get the problem. Children are catered to far to much even into adulthood. Women of U.S. are raising a better child. They are raising the prison population with their 0 disapline bulkshit.

      1. How can you say everybody has a right to sex when you also say that you can’t force anybody to have sex with somebody they don’t want to? You can either gaurentee people sex by forcing others to have sex with them or you can gaurentee people the right not to be raped or forced to have sex with somebody they don’t want to.
        You could have a completely different culture where everybody has to marry young so everybody has a sexual partner but how do we get from here to there? Without Christianity (and I’m not a Christian btw), what ideology or justification can we come up with to encourage this culture to develop or to institute it? I don’t think people generally want to give up their right to marry who they want when they want and have sex with who they want beforehand.

        1. There are losers in a culture where people are not paired off by their elders but if it came to a vote, I bet a large majority of adults in the west would vote for the current status quo. Even if it means I go without sex for some time, I would rather have the freedom to marry who I chose when I chose and date first instead of meeting somebody a couple of times then getting rushed down the aisle with them like in south Asian arranged marriages. I do sympathise very much with the guys who are virgins at 25 with nothing in sight who desperately want sex and romance.

        2. I find it hard to find good stats on this sort of thing. Just found this on psychology today:
          “That began to change with the 2009 publication of a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Using data from the National Survey of Family Growth, the researchers tracked sexual abstinence among 2,469 men and 5,120 women age 25 to 45, and found that 122 of the men (5 percent) and 104 of the women (2 percent) said they’d never had partner sex.”

        3. I’d really like to find stats for what % of people are single and what % are not having sex at least say 5 or 10 times per year.
          44% are married (ages 25-34, 2009), then a big chunk more will be in a relationship but not married, then some more will be having sex (at least sometimes) but not in a relationship. I wonder what the ‘incel’ population actually is when it comes down to it. Any guesses?
          If I think of all the adults I know…I have 15 adult cousins (20s and 30s) and I can only think of 1 of them not in a relationship or married, one more including me. My 7 uncles and aunts are all in relationships. Perhaps we are just a relationship successful family?

        4. I know more adults than that of course but most of the others I can think of are in relationships. My dad has a fiance and her 4 kids in their 20’s are all in relationships. From all the adults I can think of that I know, its about 1 in 8 or 1 in 10 not in relationships.

      2. @Steve
        Re: “I do sympathise very much with the guys who are virgins at 25 with nothing in sight who desperately want sex and romance”
        Funnily enough I know a guy who was a virgin until he was 25 and apart from that he doesn’t come across as weird or out of the ordinary at all and he’s quite good looking too – don’t know how he managed to stay a virgin till 25, lol…

        1. @Steve
          Well he’s got two kids with the woman he lost his virginity to – think she got pregnant within a few months of them meeting, lol…

  23. ” Some on ladies, take one for the team! The life you save may be your own!The life you save may be your own!”
    Hahaha I love that portion of your passage Robert!!! I honestly feel this guy has gone too far under the clutch of his emotions. He could have toned it down a bit and better concentrated elsewhere. We all go through such emotions sometimes in our lives, unfortunately this guy chose the wrong path. Do Asperger’s patients go that far?? I thought they were always passive, unreactive, introverted and confined to themselves, but to pick up a gun and go on a shooting spree must have a lots of courage which I believe is unlikely possible in a person with Asperger’s though with years of frustration. The report states he had prescription drugs, (For what?? can we be sure if he had one for Aspergers, of course there are many other drugs for other mental illness which causes quite a rage for normal people who consume them) may be a high dosage of one such could have contributed to this…

        1. It’s not true. Asperger’s Syndrome is associated with criminality and violence. Only some of them are like this, but still. For one thing, Aspies generally lack empathy for other humans. So you can see how that might lead to crime.

  24. People won’t go to the gym, not even for a little work each day. They wonder why they’re ignored. Nature doesn’t reward the lazy in this matter, and despite leftist beliefs, sexual welfare seems out of the question.

    1. I get way more attention from men now that i’m overweight than I did when I was much slimmer – I think the sheer size of me just makes people notice me more, lol.

      1. ‘I get way more attention from men now that i’m overweight than I did when I was much slimmer – I think the sheer size of me just makes people notice me more, lol.’
        This comment would be soo much better with a picture. I’m a quite visual person and am requesting this purely for academic reasons.

        1. @Mr. E2me
          Re: “This comment would be soo much better with a picture”
          No way lol. Of course I looked better when I was slimmer, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference to whether you get attention from men or not – a lot of them are obviously just not fussy…

  25. No u r all wrong. I told you being polite never works. Only time I get women is when I am dominating and overt. This is why I get laid more than allayu tards.

  26. Feminism isn’t to blame for this. Roger was just being a wussy, using that approach to solve his problem. Comparing this to China is pointless also. Chinese men are depraved of women, due to things beyond their control. Guys like Rogers can easily change their situation by working out, and developing a more stoic outlook on life.

  27. I don’t feel threatened by feminists. Feminists are simply raising the bar for men, which is a good thing. Now, since women marry later, and are more picky, men are forced to improve themselves. Nonetheless, today’s men are too lazy. Who disagrees?

  28. I might sound like an asshole for saying this, but when are men going to quit playing video games, get their own place, and start acting like real men? Of course, I suppose feminism is to blame (sarcasm).

    1. When are women going to stop burying their face in their iphones endlessly addicted to FB, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram. When are they going to stop going fucking cocky bad boys and settle down with a good guy when they are in their reproductive prime? When are women going to start acting like real women instead of emulating masculine goals and personality traits?

        1. For a one night stand or just getting laid it’s a bad idea. However when it comes to longer term relationships it’s a better idea. People should have a “take it or leave it” attitude so that incompatible people never get together in the first place. It’s better to have things break up before marriage several times than ever enter a marriage that will fail.

      1. Women are attracted to bad boys, cause they are bad. People are bad (Better word would be edgy and adventurous.), men and women. Nice guys are too predictable. Even if your a nice guy, being unpredictable, and refusing to kiss a woman’s ass, will give you some advantage.
        Also, to be honest, a woman who kissed my ass, and was predictable would be boring. I think there was an old Twilight Zone episode about this scenario.

      2. “We aren’t here to make things perfect. The snowflakes are perfect. The stars are perfect. Not us. Not us! We are here to ruin ourselves and to break our hearts and love the wrong people and *die*.”
        – That maestro of modern cinema, Nicholas Cage, in Moonstruck.

      3. Good guys like you I bet.
        Lots of good guys- or at least normal guys- have attractive girlfriends. If you can’t interest them in a relationship or get them to fuck you then its your problem, not theirs.
        And if you are not that good looking then you can’t expect good looking women to necessarily want to be your girlfriend. Go for your own level. And don’t pretend average guys can’t get average girls to be their girlfriend because the country is full of average guy-average girl couples.
        I do think there is an element of unattractive guys not getting an attractive girlfriend then getting bitter and blaming women for making the wrong choices.
        I don’t think anyone has anybody should be bitter because attractive women wont fuck them. You’ll never hear me complaining like this. Its on me to make things happen and if I don’t I’ll only blame myself. I’m a man for gods sake.

        1. I can just see these below average looking guys sitting there, looking at hot women with bad boys and thinking ‘they should be choosing somebody who is good for them like me, who will treat them well and provide a stable home. These women don’t know what is good for them’. Well, you just can’t get a woman to want to be with somebody who she isn’t attracted to. Maybe they want somebody who can provide a stable home and isn’t an ugly fucker!
          The only way they can get a hot woman is if she if forced into a traditional arranged marriage with them so they start fantasizing about that and convince themselves its the ideal system…make women do what’s good for them which is surprise surprise….marry you.

        2. It seemed like when I was doing really well with chicks as a young man I was still a nice guy or a good guy to most people. But players have to act bad. I tried being a moral player and it did not work. I would get a hot gf, then I would immediately start going around trying to get Woman #2 and Woman #3. I would tell the new women pretty quickly that I already had a gf, and they would all take off just like that.
          All players lie. If you don’t want to lie, then don’t play that role. If you want to play that game, you need to be a liar. They all cheat too, so players by default are somewhat bad boys in certain respects anyway. It is simply a necessity if you want to play that role.
          Women have been saying I am really nice guy for a long time now, and it hasn’t really gotten in the way of anything. I don’t take any shit from them though, that’s for damn sure. If they really act bad, I blast the Hell out of them and call them every name in the book. So I do not know if that is a pure nice guy or not. I used to let women bash the Hell out of me and I just got hurt and never fought back because I was brought up that only evil men fight women. I really do not think that works. You need to stand up to their shit.
          The super players I knew back in the day were nice guys too or good guys. They were nice to most people. They basically could afford to be as they did not consider any other male on Earth to be competition. If you are not worried about other guys as competitors, you can afford to be nice to them.
          Not sure how they treated women and girls, but they cheated and lied constantly like all such types.

        3. and female hypergamy is exaggerated by these guys. if you are an average guy, you CAN get an average looking girlfriend. If you are a guy who is a 4, you can get a girlfriend who is a 4. I see below average looking couples all the time. There are enough of them who want boyfriends. It might involve making an effort though.

        4. Bob,
          “All players lie. If you don’t want to lie, then don’t play that role. If you want to play that game, you need to be a liar. They all cheat too, so players by default are somewhat bad boys in certain respects anyway. It is simply a necessity if you want to play that role.”
          Agreed and that makes sense. If you want to be more moral, just go for one woman at a time. You can still have sex with many women this way. Some self-restraint is not a bad thing. Or if you are lucky enough and have an open relationship and want one then you could still have one night stands and casual sex.
          “Women have been saying I am really nice guy for a long time now, and it hasn’t really gotten in the way of anything. I don’t take any shit from them though, that’s for damn sure. If they really act bad, I blast the Hell out of them and call them every name in the book.”
          There’s nothing wrong with standing up for yourself…and respond proportionally to how disrespectful she is being. Just don’t be an abusive douche.

      4. Hey Tulio, are you speakeasy? What is a good contact email, I can send questions about the manosphere to you?

  29. I have wondered if this is the motive behind the Zodiac killings and the Texarkana Moonlight Phantom killings in Texarkana in the 40s. He was going after couples specifically in lover’s lane areas. Neither were caught. I’ve actually wondered if the Phantom was the Zodiac, but LE doesn’t seem to think so.

  30. Women fall for alpha males, and the divorce rate is skyrocketing. Is there some connection between the two?

  31. Roissy’s site is extremely hostile towards incels. Whether or not there are incels on there, I have no idea, but those commenters are total assholes, and they would beat the Hell out of any male commenter who admitted such a thing. Most of the commenters are arrogant, rude, belligerent, aggressive, hostile guys who have adopted a super masculine pose.
    They also fashion themselves as big studs who do great with the chicks. And there is a nasty stream of misogyny running through the whole thing. So they do great with women, but they basically hate women too.
    Roissy himself has nothing but contempt for incels. He mocks them and calls them faggots. Roissy is a huge asshole of a man.

    1. As we discussed before, bullying builds character. Considering this to be true, why does everybody expect life to be easy? People are hated for all kinds of reasons, being a fag, being mixed race is only two reasons. Also, Rodgers was mixed Asian and white, but then again, that doesn’t mean anything. It isn’t an excuse for the rampage.

      1. He complained to his dad about being half Asian. His dad called him a racist to Barbara Walters because he wished he was White. Why kill your Asian roomates? Likely some of them had the same problem.

  32. I think this article is very good… The only problem I have with it, is that Elliot never ONCE approached the girl. He consistently thought that ‘hot chicks’ should be coming on to him constantly.
    As a female, I’m supposed to have hatred towards him and anyone else that would cause harm to other women. I say to hell with what all these other women say I should think, it’s ridiculous that this feminist crap is shoved in our daily diet as children.
    Personally, I think he had trouble communicating and he was extremely shy and introverted. I also kind of disagree with your statement that most girls like brutish/obnoxious men. I am an attractive blonde female, and I have never once went for the a****** type in a guy.
    I think you are right when you saId that this could happen again after the Sodini shooting. Men are sexual creatures by nature, and I can only imagine how frustrating celibacy on a long-term basis would be. It’s time for all women to quit demonizing men for being HUMAN.

  33. This was so fucking LOL! I remember the first time I saw this guy’s video where he calls himself the perfect gentleman and the true alpha male, I was laughing so fucking hard for weeks, literally.
    And oh yeah, if prostitution was LEGAL, this guy never would have went on his killing spree. Fucking feminist cunts and religious CUCKservatives are the ones that want to keep people sexually repressed and keep prostitution illegal.

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