I Have Been Saying This for a Long Time

Good point, Comrade Fidel.
Good point, Comrade Fidel.

All systems must be judged against the competition. Look at capitalism in Latin America. That is free market capitalism in its most raw, naked form. Look at the horrific poverty, the inequality, the horrifying squalid slums, the malnutrition, the open sewers, the shantytowns, the people who have never worn shoes or tasted meat. Really? Cuba is worse than this? Really?
Look at India. The 43% malnutrition rate, 600 million shitting outdoors, starvation and its effects killing 14 million humans a year in South Asia, the empty schools with no teachers, the child slaves, the children who start working grueling jobs at age 7, the mass rape of children, the horrific caste system that creates Kings and Slaves on Earth out of millions of humans, the open sewers running through the finest cities, the holy river Ganges, in truth the River Styx itself…Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal are not much better, nor is Afghanistan. Really? Cuba is worse than these countries? Really? Keep in mind that South Asia is free market capitalism in its rawest, near-Libertarian form.
Look at Sub-Saharan Africa. Really? Cuba is worse than that? Really?
Notice that 0% of fleeing Cubans go to the capitalist paradises in Latin America? Notice that they all head straight to the US? If capitalism in Latin America is so great, why don’t any Cubans flee there?

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29 thoughts on “I Have Been Saying This for a Long Time”

  1. Castro does not seem to be a race realist, and without this starting point his way of thinking is flawed; e.g., why is Africa not successful? Hypothetical.

    1. Robert look at Sri Lanka. They have a mix of Socialism and Capitalism and look at their success. I mean they have a 93% literacy rate! Jesus Christ! For a developing country that is good and their economy is starting to ramp up. Look at Vietnam, another Asian success story. I mean India should learn from their neighbour Sri Lanka, Vietnam and even their Chinese brothers; socialism works.

        1. Whites thrive under capitalism. Asians thrive under both, and blacks cannot thrive on any economic system, but totalitarian, authoritan communism does the job of not letting a black society burn to shit. Like black muslims, for example. Or the fact that some of the smartest, well behaved nigs are Nation of Islam members.

        2. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country. I’ve heard they want to be like Singapore…a small, powerful city-state.

        1. The less socialism you have in a country, the lower the literacy rate. The more socialism you have, the highter the literacy rate. The radical capitalist regimes of the 3rd World, modeled after your favorite country, Chile, generally have horrific literacy rates because the state spends almost nothing on education.
          PS Whenever a country announces that they are going to spend a lot of money on education to try to make everyone literate, the United Snakes puts it on its enemies list and threatens to attack it. Nice country we have here!

  2. Robert have you ever considered that capitalism fails in Apefrica because the blacks there spend everything they earn or have immediately on “gangsta” goods and leisure stuff? A White society can sustain capitalism because we save our moolah rather than blowing it all.

    1. I dunno. They had socialism in Mozambique and Burkino Faso for a while, and it was working pretty well. Cuba is 37% Black, and they have great health and education figures. The Venezuelan gene pool is heavily Black. There are some Black countries in Africa and the Caribbean that have high per capita incomes.

      1. Exactly. Blacks work better under socialism because they have forced limitations on their ability to blow dough. In capitalism, the black mindset of “lets spend every fucking thing on hoes, blow, and clothes” causes a massive wealth redistribution from middle class blax to the elite who supply them with crack and silk clothes.

    2. Russia was a white society with a very low literacy rate, and lots of poverty, until the Communists took over. Recently we’ve seen capitalism fail in Greece and Ireland, two white nations.

  3. Brazil is spending billions on the World Cup and Olympics, while much of it’s population is in poverty. Odds are, considering what happened to Greece’s former Olympic stadiums, the Brazilian stadiums will fall to ruins once the games are over.

    1. Hmm. And the genepool in Brazil is 70%+ Caucasian. I guess their spendthrift will be blamed on African genes.

  4. Some have pointed to apartheid South Africa as an example of the success of capitalism under the control of whites. However, the recent downturn of the SA economy and upsurge in violence has more to do with neo-liberalism, than the negative effect of black people.

  5. If the best argument that anti-capitalists can muster for socialism/communism is that capitalism is just as bad, then Capitalism isn’t going to be abolished any time soon. Socialism/Communism is supposed to be superior to Capitalism and deliver better outcomes. It hasn’t been able to do that all. The greatest achievement of socialism/communism is the rapid industrialisation (and the consequent elevation to superpower status) of the Soviet Union under Stalin but it did so at a tremendous cost and then it was all downhill from there. But capitalism did all of that much better in China, Japan and South Korea. Cuba might be better than South America, and South Asia, but Western Europe, North America and East Asia is much better than Cuba.
    “South Asia is free market capitalism in its rawest, near-Libertarian form.”
    This is rubbish.
    For most of its post-colonial history, India followed a centralised Fabian socialist model of economic development. It’s only in the last 20 years, that India has reluctantly reformed its economy and even then, not to the extent that China has. Even so, in the last 20 years it has pulled more people out of poverty than it did in the 40 years prior to that. And really? You’re going to blame the caste system on capitalism?
    Pakistan has been dominated by a Deep State whose primary purpose has been to wage war against India (and preserve their own power & privileges). This meant that it has diverted resources from sectors like education and health to war. Hardly a libertatian utopia.
    Bangladesh was historically one of the areas under British colonialism for the longest period of time. It has also been highly unstable since independence, been particularly vulnerable to environmental disasters and had a high a population growth rate. It has only recently gotten its act together.
    And Afghanistan? Afghanistan’s been at war for the last 35 years. Not an environment conducive to capitalist development.

    1. China is not a capitalist country. China is still a socialist country. Mao built up and industrialized China. The reforms afterwards just built on that base.
      All right look, you rightwing jackass. Rightwingers are not allowed to post on this site. You may not promote rightwing economics on here and you have to be sympathetic to at least some form of socialism. This is a socialist blog, and I ban on that stuff.
      This is insanity. All of the Turd World shitholes with utterly unregulated capitalism and no state oversight or regulation or taxation of the economy are not really Libertarian states! Most of the 3rd World is Libertarian. In most of the 3rd World, you have a very weak state, and the country is run by the rich and the business class. There is little regulation of business or taxation of the rich. All taxation is done on the workers and the poor. Unions are outlawed or repressed. The state and the rich run death squads to kill union leaders, environmentalists, community workers, peasant organizers and whatnot. The state is chronically underfunded and barely exists because the rich won’t fund it, therefore it has no power to regulate the rich or the business sector. Those are all rightwing countries run by rightwingers. And they are all utterly failed states.
      I am banning you. Libertarian dogs are not allowed on here, humans only.

      1. I’m not a libertarian, my politics is best described as social democrat. I’m just a realist that understands what a spectacular failure the communist project has been.
        “Mao built up and industrialized China.”
        In 1988, average wages in China were about 3,00 Yuan, now it is 47,00 Yuan. Today’s China owes more to Deng Xiaoping than it does to that maniac Mao. China liberalised its economy but didn’t liberalise its politics. It’s a state capitalist economy, not communist by any means. I have first hand experience; I’m part-owner of a mid-size factory that produces goods for my company here. And have you ever been to Shanghai? The closest thing to capitalist paradise.
        Go ahead and ban me but for a self-described realist you’re pretty naive. You should know that reality doesn’t go away just because you close your eyes.

        1. Look I am banning you. I do not like your tone and you are propagandizing for capitalism and against socialism on here, and you’re not allowed to do that. Also I do not like your tone.

  6. It’s funny when the right wing bring up churches (They bring up this topic on Fox News.). They say the church does the social service in a libertarian society. Really? Iv’e not seen it.

    1. Another laughable right wing argument, is that charity from private individuals, would make up for any deficits caused by the end of socialism.

  7. Haven’t you guys noticed how the media tries to demonize China, with every chance they get. Watch CNN and look at how they portray China as the evil Western-value hater. The sad thing is that CNN doesn’t want to face the fact that socialism is the best medicine. We see how China became successful and now countries like Vietnam and Sri Lanka are on the rise. However, we see countries that used a capitalist economy like the Philippines and India riddled with corruption and nepotism. Had India and the Philippines followed their Asian brothers, they would probably be quite developed by now.

      1. It is hard to say whether the market (such as it is) plays a bigger role in the country than the state. 45% of the economy is in the public sector. Many of these firms that people think are “capitalist” are actually run by local municipalities and labor collectives. Sure they are run for a profit, but it is not exactly like The Labor Theory of Value, eh?
        Here in the US, social democracy is seen as a type of socialism. Hell, here the Democratic Party is seen as socialists or Communists. The Socialist International is a grouping of social democratic parties around the world who proudly call themselves socialists. These parties often address other parties and members of their own party as “comrade.”
        Communists and some people in Europe say that social democracy is not socialism – only Communism is socialism. But everyone on the right all over the world thinks social democracy is a type of socialism. Wikipedia lists social democracy under the socialism heading. Market socialism is also listed under the socialism heading.
        No one says social democracy is Communism. Well US rightwingers do, and the Right in Latin America does, but hardly anyone else does.
        Most Communist countries had capitalist aspects to them. Communist Czechoslovakia was notorious for its “goulash Communism.” Tito’s Communism allowed enterprises to be owned by the workers, compete with each other, and make a profit.
        Doi Moi was originally just individual or family-owned businesses. No corporations allowed. If I am not mistaken, it is still like that.
        Basically what you are doing here is advocating against socialism and for capitalism. You can’t do that on this blog. This is a socialist blog, and you have to support some sort of socialism, if even as mild as a social safety net. If you can’t do that, I ban you.
        Here in the US and on the Right in much of the world, “capitalism” refers to laissez-faire, neoliberal, neoclassical free market capitalism. Everyone else is said to be “not capitalism.”
        I am going to ban you for advocating capitalism and attacking socialism. I really do not want your type here. It’s ok to support markets, but not like how you are doing it.

    1. The hindu elite,want to be recognized as sun tanned cousins of whites.
      I found this from another site:
      Honestly when i read this news caption from times of india,the most circulated newspaper of india, I can’t help but dumbfound, never mind they might even try to impress india is like a white ‘nordic’ country. Here they’re trying to compare some very wealthy small countries with excellent universal health care, pension and education to Bharat where ‘poverty line’ is rupee 28.65/day in cities and 22.42/day in rural areas(54.3 rupee to $1 last time I checked; even at this low figure, 30% of hindis live below it), where only 6% of workforce are ‘organised’, where 50% of kids are malnourished as if the hindis are so well pampered.
      The only explanation I could offer is that the author of that article, in his air-conditioned office, saw a group of beggars dumping their crap right in the open just across the street, his mind then immediately drifted to the scenes of a ‘nordic’ wealthy country or he then grabbed a pic of a nude blonde to masturbate on, to ease his mental trauma
      Believe me it’s not the first time, many years ago, I read a certain india official said india and sweden had a lot in common,why? One of the reasons was both have military budget about 3% of GDP..”
      Philipinos are Mexicans wanabes that they want to immigrate to US. The difference is the Mexicans have their identity.
      “..Now don’t get me wrong. Filipinos are a wonderful people – sunny, happy and seemingly carefree. They love to smile, laugh, sing and party, are generous and have strong family values, attributes some would say are more important than intelligence. But that old joke of “Give a Filipino a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and he’ll break the fishing rod up for firewood” may not be that far from the truth if the study’s findings are to be believed..”

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