Does Radical Capitalism Work Anywhere?

Capitalist Caucasian wrote:

Whites thrive under capitalism. Asians thrive under both, and blacks cannot thrive on any economic system, but totalitarian, authoritarian communism does the job of not letting a black society burn to shit. Like black Muslims, for example. Or the fact that some of the smartest, well behaved nigs are Nation of Islam members.

Not really true. Look at the 19th Century White world in the beginnings of industrialization and tell me things were thriving. Or the Potato Famine. Look at how the gangster capitalists have looted the Ukraine since 1991. Latvia went radical free market and the economy collapsed worse than the Depression and all that remains is a hollowed out shell. Estonia lies in ruins. Greece and maybe Ireland are disaster areas.
Europe was feudal until WW1, and Eastern Europe was feudal until WW2. The life expectancy in capitalist Albania in 1949 was 32 years. With the return to capitalism in Russia, there was an economic crash three times worse than the Great Depression, life expectancy collapsed, gangsters inside and outside the country stripped the place bare, and 15 million people died, more than Stalin killed.
Radical capitalists came to power in Chile and Argentina, two White countries, ran the economies into the ground and murdered 15,000 people in Chile and 30,000 in Argentina.
Capitalists caused all of these messes.
Whites don’t do so great under radical capitalism either. Nobody does. The thriving White world you are talking about is mostly not run by Libertarian neoclassical free marketeers. Most of those countries are run by social democrats who call themselves socialists and are members of the Socialist International.
Asians do well under well under capitalism? In 1949, China was ruined by war and warlords, the nation was under feudal rule, and life expectancy was 32 years.
Not sure which Asians you are talking about? Filipinos and Indonesians do not seem to be doing well under radical capitalism. The only real hardcore free market Asian states are Hong Kong and Singapore. All the rest are either socialist to some degree or becoming that way.
Blacks do pretty well under both Islam and Communism. At the very least, the resulting societies are orderly, well-behaved, calm and have little crime and chaos. Sometimes I think Black people need the “stern father” approach.

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32 thoughts on “Does Radical Capitalism Work Anywhere?”

  1. Not really true. Look at the 19th Century White world in the beginnings of industrialization and tell me things were thriving. Or the Potato Famine. Look at how the gangster capitalists have looted the Ukraine since 1991. Latvia went radical free market and the economy collapsed worse than the Depression and all that remains is a hollowed out shell. Estonia lies in ruins. Greece and maybe Ireland are disaster areas.
    Well a sudden transition from communism to capitalism will obviously crash the market. The transition should be gradual to allow trickle down economics to take effect. This way rich ass fat cats can hire more average Joes because they have more cha-ching to pay them with. Unemployment drops. Of course this eventually causes inflation, but after awhile the economy re stabilizes under the guidance of Rockefeller type investors.
    Korea is doing well under regulated capitalism. Much better than North Korea at least. Also because of the Northeastern chink’s ability to delay gratification, they only spend their money on things they need and they forego luxury until they have a lot of money, which then in turn gives money to the middle class by the trickle down Reagonomics type effect.
    Fillippinos and Indonesians are low IQ Asians so they fail by default. Hong Kong is full of high IQ Asians who can spend wisely. Asians also do well under socialism as well, but because they are also conformist at the same time.
    Capitalism and Blacks don’t mix, like two dicks and no chick.

    1. North Korea was doing well until aid from Russia was cut off. In fact, in the 1970s, they were doing better.
      Whoever said Filipinos fail? They emigrate everywhere, and work incredibly hard, and under harsh conditions (foreign cultures, especially Arab ones). They delay gratification constantly. How do you think they’re able to send any money back home?

    1. Regulated capitalism is the best economic model for Whites.
      I as a White teenager want to grow up in a society where I can choose my own destiny. I can manage this successfully because of a superior IQ and my ability to control emotions and desires, utilizing them to my advantage.
      I think blacks would really benefit from a socialist model where primary education is not mandatory. This way, the smarter blacks would voluntarily go to school (paid for by Big Brutha) and learn leadership skills and thenessecary knowledge of science, economics, medicine, etc. The blacks who wouldnt do good in school anyways can learn a manual trade, which would allow thrm to deliver their maximal potential benefit to society.

      1. This is harsh what I’m about to say, but I think Blacks need to be enslaved (not with chains, but with Socialism). Blacks cannot think for themselves. Name one political ideology or religion that was created by the black man? (No barbarism and savagery doesn’t count as an ideology) Blacks have always waited for the White Man or Brown man or Yellow man to help them through the thick and thin. They should all be repatriated from Canada and US and sent back to Afreaka.

      2. You are a Greek female, am I correct Historia?
        I believe that the two leading races in this world are White Europeans and Northeast Asians. These two races have created 99.9% of the world’s innovations and advancements. The rest of the world simply did not contribute much to humanity aside from the 365 day calendar.
        Blacks, particularly purebred blacks, are not anatomically modern humans. Their torso and limbs may be anatomically modern, but their craniomorphology and neuroanatomy are still vestigal and visceral.
        They simply cannot be expected to function. There are none of them with an IQ above 120. There are mixed bloods like Obama with an IQ of 118, or Neil DeGrasse Tyson type mulattoes with an IQ of 150. No pureblood black guy exists with an IQ that breaches 120. The creme de la crop of blacks exist in the form of immigrants, and their average is 108.
        They have contributed no inventions. None whatsoever. I dare anyone to refute me. Even their spears and stone tools were a legacy of heidelbergensis and Bushmen. Their agriculture came from the Sahel in North Africa.
        I dare anyone to refute me. Anyone.

      3. except the record of socialism in Africa is not an exactly a good one. More often than not, those societies need to devolve into neo-chieftain enclaves ,with a tiny elite overlooking the dredged masses.Through the tiny black run islands of the caribbean seem to have a good track record of democratic government with good enough rule of law & pretty high GNP #s., but then again, the economies tend to be owned by the white minorities or by foreign multinationals.

      4. There hasn’t been a lot of real socialism in Black Africa. I hear Mozambique and Burkina Faso did well. I knew a woman who admired Tanzania’s Julius Nyerere.

      5. You say some in society are undesirable, yet claim they can learn a manual trade. Also, you say that wealth shouldn’t be redistributed to undesirables, yet your advocating education for blacks. Your contradicting yourself.

  2. Sorry Capitalist Caucasian for the late reply. Yes I am Greek and a women 🙂 The reason why I attack blacks and to a lesser extent Muslims, is because whenever I visit my home country, there are hordes of Blacks and a decent amount of Muslims. The Muslims are responsible for a lot of religious crimes, but Blacks in many parts of Greece are known for taken advantage of her economic plight; many Blacks loot and steal and vandalize. (Rape isn’t that widespread here) I am fed up with them so much, I literally vent on here and other blogs. Sorry about Robert. By the way Capitalist Caucasian, are you from Europe or America? I was born and bred in America, but have gone a few times to my home country, so I’m not as knowledge of the day to day crime.

  3. Islam is a nightmare. Communism is fine, but not Islam. We’ve all seen how ridiculously strict Saudi Arabia is.

  4. Many right-wingers like to point to the 1950s as the golden age of US capitalism and morality. Nonetheless, capitalism was far less extreme then, as in the present time. After the Reagan Revolution, radical capitalism came in, and US whites did not do as well as before.

    1. Everyone has lost ground since the early 1970s,except the jews,east asian,India(n) immigrants or Jewish refuseniks from the old USSR.

  5. The statement “15 million died, more than Stalin killed” (after Russia’s return to capitalism) is quite interesting.

  6. Robert, Indonesia does not practice radical capitalism. The government still control the price of rice, fuel, and electricity. We have A LOT of state-owned enterprises and some of them are quite dominant in the local economy and profitable too! Education is highly subsidized by the state, at least for primary, middle school, and high school. Public transport is highly subsidized (admittedly shitty, but at least it’s cheap). Indonesia is probably the only country in the world where you pay the same amount of bus fare regardless of distance. This only applies to urban public transport, but it’s better than no subsidy. So I would disagree with your statement saying Indonesia practices radical capitalism.

    1. Then why is there so much horrific poverty? And why is the elite so insanely corrupt? Why are labor unions nearly illegal? Why do they kill environmentalists? Why are wages so low.
      I will grant you that Indonesia does not practice radical neoliberalism though.

      1. I agree with you on poverty and elite corruption.
        I disagree with you on labor unions and environmentalism. Labor Unions are not illegal. After Soeharto era there are now so many Labor Unions that businessmen begin to complain they don’t know which unions to negotiate with. Sometimes 1 factory would have multiple labor unions. Making it very difficult for factory owner to negotiate.
        Nowadays there also many environmental organizations (NGO) in Indonesia. So it’s clearly not banned. A quick list from Wikipedia
        We also have entire department dedicated to environment led by a government minister
        As for why wages low. Believe it or not wages used to be _even_lower_ So the first reason for why wages is low is because we started from extremely low base. The second reason which is more important is most of our labor force only have middle school or primary school education. They don’t even have high school education.
        Many Westerners are under the impression that Singapore and Indonesia were _equally_poor_ in the past. This is not true. A quick look at Google Public Data shows that Singapore in the 1960 already have GDP per capita almost 9 times that of Indonesia in 1960. So this supports my argument that Singapore has always been richer per capita than in Indonesian even in 1960. Hence Singapore was already a middle income country by the standards of 1960.!ctype=l&strail=false&bcs=d&nselm=h&met_y=ny_gdp_pcap_kd&scale_y=lin&ind_y=false&rdim=region&idim=country:IDN:SGP:GBR&ifdim=region&hl=en_US&dl=en_US&ind=false

  7. Some of these white nationalists (not Robert though) mouth off about undesirables like they are so superior. However, I wonder how tough these nationalists are? Can they shoot a gun, or have big muscles? Do they have combat experience? Considering they’re “high and mighty” proclamations (even against war veterans), they better.
    I remember being on an Asian forum, seeing page after page of resentful Asians (usually US born). There was a high probability that these guys were some of the most puny, nerdy dudes imaginable.

  8. What Capitalist Caucasian advocates isn’t socialism (even a weak socialism). If your going to advocate scraps or nothing for so called “undesirables”, then your advocating libertarianism. The whole point of socialism is recognizing the environment molds how people are. Sure, you can be a race realist and be a socialist, but you would still be at your core, a nurture guy vs a nature one.

    1. They are not that many race realist socialists out there. If someone is a socialist, they usually reject race realism out of hand. If someone is a race realist, they are almost always White and anywhere from Hard Republicans to Libertarians if not fascists or monarchists politically.
      I have seen some pretty hardcore HBD types (pretty near White nationalists) who are socialists, but generally they are advocating stuff like White Socialism Now – socialism for Whites only or some sort of Whites only society. That is actually a fairly common strain over at Stormfront. There are a lot of racist socialists over there. That is one reason why it is an interesting place.

      1. Often blacks have no where to go. They can’t leave Cuba, so socialism is needed for everyone in the nation. Also, Cuba is a multicultural nation anyways, and most people don’t mind it.
        Where would blacks go, if there was some white only socialism coming about? How can we even say that all whites want to live in a whites only nation? Perhaps, only a small percentage do.

  9. Here is another thought. I think all people need to be enslaved. I doubt if real freedom exists, and if people approach that freedom, the more unhappy they are. Maybe this is some religious idea. So whether it be real slavery, parental control, or socialism, it is some kind of bondage. Everyone is in bondage to some degree anyway, whether it be submission to work, school, prison, or whatever.

    1. If you’re referring to the comment I made previously I didn’t mean actual shackles, but rather a socialist system. It seems blacks thrive under a system that creates equal opportunity for all. Further, these systems are known for restricting the short term think of the black man. I didn’t want to come off as a crazy nationalist, but rather one who is moderately crazy 🙂

  10. I like being on bondage to some extent. Some underage teenage girls look pretty damn good, but at my age, if I mess with one, I am probably looking at 10 years in prison. That sentence is crazy, but I am glad it is there. I don’t really want to have the freedom to mess with those girls.
    I feel like killing my enemies sometimes, but I do not think that I would want the freedom to do that. I actually rather like the idea that if I act on those feelings, I will probably get caught and go down very hard, if not get the death penalty.
    I like having a really strong conscience, though it limits me as bastards are generally more successful in a lot of ways than the morally restrained. But I do not think I want to live without this moral straightjacket. It sounds scary. I would be afraid, mostly for myself.
    You love freedom? Look at sociopaths? Sociopaths are free.

  11. Radical Capitalism= The Gilded age. It’d just end up as corporotocracy, where a business is running the country.
    The Robber Barrons did a lot of shady shit.

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