Blacks and Capitalism: A Bad Combination

Capitalist Caucasian wrote:

Exactly. Blacks work better under socialism because they have forced limitations on their ability to blow dough. In capitalism, the black mindset of “lets spend every fucking thing on hoes, blow, and clothes” causes a massive wealth redistribution from middle class blax to the elite who supply them with crack and silk clothes.

Well you know, in Cuba, your apartment, education, health care, transportation, cultural events, clothing, clean water, sewage system, roads, all of that, is pretty much taken care of by the state. Black Cubans would not be smart to blow all their money as nowadays the ration book will not take you far. Probably most Black Cubans have a job on the side selling this, that or whatever on the street. And for whatever reason, Black Cubans commit little crime. Personally, I think that under capitalism, Blacks inevitably fall behind for reasons that we are all aware of. Capitalist society drums it into your head, Spend, spend, spend, and says that if you’re not a winner, you are a worthless piece of shit, but only a few people can be winners. Turn on the TV or open a magazines and it is just winners, winners, winners. Black people are sitting there, defined in capitalist society as losers, being bombarded constantly with Buy, buy, buy messages and the TV and media screaming at them 24-7 calling them losers and laughing in their face for not being rich and having stuff. Blacks figure I am gonna be a winner one way or another, so they turn to crime to become capitalist-defined winners. Also Blacks being defined always as losers and ridiculed for that, while at the same time having their paths to winnerdom pretty much blocked, well, this makes Black people pretty angry. The anger and rage turns into crime, particularly violent crime. The more equality, the better Blacks seem to do. Dominica, a pure Black country, has a homicide rate that is 5 In Mozambique under Samora Machel, it was said that you could walk from one end of Maputo (a pure Black African city) to the other at 3 AM, and no one would bother you. I would gather that the more inequality you have in a society, the more crime and especially violent crime the Blacks are going to commit. They are going to be on the short end of that skewed income distribution, and looking up at those rich people is going to make them pretty angry.

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0 thoughts on “Blacks and Capitalism: A Bad Combination”

  1. Well, if blacks were smarter maybe they wouldn’t be so damn poor. Look at Jews and Japs. They come here to Murrica with no money from a Jewish province in Austria or some poor prefecture in Kyoto, and they quickly use wits and preserverance to overtake native Whiteys. Now on the other hand Whites go out of their way to give blacks their own president in a White country, and previously dying in a massive Civil War by the tens of thousands to free some slaves, and beating each other bloody in the civil righgs movement so that some fat bitch nsmed Rosa Parks could sit next to the blonde White family on the bus. Blacks STILL cannot own a proportionate amount of buisnesses relative to their population. This leads to high black unemployment. Whitey fixes this with affirmative action and job quotas. Blacks STILL somehow manage to find a way to fail.
    Multiculturalism can work, but not for blacks. Total segregation does wonders for blacks. However, Latin Americans, Asians, White Gentiles, and the dreaded J00z can live together without impeding the society’s progress.

    1. I think you are right. I’ve noticed the East Asians, Indians, Arabs and Jewish people are able to make great livings in the US, even though the Western culture is completely new to them. Heck even Latinos work hard and get somewhere! However, Blacks simply need to be spoon fed. They have to get everything delivered to them; without handouts, imagine how catastrophic Detroit would be or even Philadelphia!

      1. Indians. Generally the immigrant class are Brahmins who can afford to immigrate. Arabs, well Arabs are anyone who speaks Arabic. More of a linguistic class rather than a genetic one. Syrians are not the same as Saudis.
        Jews are the most amazing tribe to ever exist on da planetz Earths.

        1. Jews are like viruses, you can manage to wipe so many out, but the robust ones manage to survive, to breed just enough for another day.

      2. Wow there……………..Arabs? Have you not heard of the Jihad against the infidel?! Each country now has a history of jihad directed by Arabs against them in its history books and newspapers. For a comprehensive “history of jihad” just type that into Google and read the various histories which include the present day.
        Arabs suffer from infidelphobia which is cured only when they are happy around the Kaaba as no infidels are there. Indeed around the whole city of Mecca and Median. Infidels are not permitted to visit Mecca and Medina because Muslims don’t want unbelievers fouling their holy places by their presence. Infidelphobia. It is so extreme they will not even allow you within a certain radius of the city.

    2. Where I live people are extremely prejudiced against Mexicans. Those people would not agree with your viewpoint at all. They don’t like Asians either, despite the fact they commit little crime. Probably they’ve watched too many Rambo movies.

    3. But jews like to screw things up if they feel threatened by the majority of whatever nations they reside or in any other way, by their prominent involvement in the civil rights movement or they ongoing push for multiculturalism. By that way, the jews can play the game of divide (or combine) & rule, by having various ethnic groups,especially the lower class members focusing on 1 another instead of the jews. But now they feel threatened by the whole world, even by those nationalities who historically never had much contact with them. The world is finally waking up to the jewish menace.

      1. How many of that 1 billion are Muslims who don’t like them because of Israel?
        I like Jews myself. Not necessarily Israel but Jews in the west. I take a liking to them.

        1. 25% of chinese don’t like the jews. Or maybe it’s got to do with being able to see Zionism for what is actually is, a form of jewish supremacy. or more people have woken up to know the ways the Jews tend to work.

        2. “…jews like to screw things up if they feel threatened by the majority of whatever nations they reside or in any other way…”
          Unfortunately they always feel threatened.
          Multiculturalism is White genocide. No one calls for multiculturalism in China or Africa or Japan. Just White countries.

      2. Civil Rights isn’t wrong, despite the fact Jews were pushing it for selfish reasons. If blacks are going to live in America, then they should be treated the same, otherwise they should leave. That only makes sense.
        Multiculturalism is good too, unless it’s a by-product of free trade deals gone bad (ones that destroy Latin American economies).

  2. Blacks are the most culturally dynamic ethnicity however. As opposed to East Asians who are heavily conformist. I think there is a Black-Asian continuum of psychological attributes, with Whites being closer to the Asian side and American Indians, Latinos and Polynesians leaning towards the black side.

    1. Where would Iranians, Afghans, Italians, Greeks and Indians fall into? Just curious since these groups cluster close with genetics, yet are culturally far apart.

      1. The continuum needs to be tweaked. A lot. “Dynamism” and “conformity” are not polar opposites. The continuum is more nuanced and should be 3-dimensional at the very least. ie, Mexicans and Puerto Ricans are nothing alike, but this grouping would lump them together, plus they are quite psychologically dissimilar with American Blacks or Samoans.
        And Blacks are very conformist. Conformity to White culture is not the only definition of conformity (as you seem to infer by calling Asians “conformists.”)

        1. Blacks solely exist to piss off their parents. And “gang culture” is a lot more diverse than you think.
          Puerto Ricans are heavily Caucasians, Mexicans are not. However, they still have a huge amount of Southern Amerindian genes, which partially explains their proclivities.
          Cultural dynamism occurs when a critical mass of non conformists are acheived, creating a subculture which branches off and overtakes its predecessor in mainstream popularity. Blacks are extremely cohesive on the matter of race, but other than that no two blacks can ever conform to another black’s ideals, which is why they scream “Brace yoseff fool!!!” and stab or cap each other to “deaff”.
          When I talk about Asians, I am generally referring to Northeast Asians. Koreans, Japanese, Manchurians, Tungusics, Mongolians, Tibetians, and Oroquens. I would also include the Han Chinese as “Asians”, along with the Hui who are 93% Han genetically. However, both Han and Hui are a genetic agglomerate of a multitude of divergent genetic lineages.
          Asians: Least sexually active. Least rates of STDs, violent crime, drug abuse, greatest ability to defer gratification, forego luxury, be emotionally controlled (this can be disputed), highest intelligence quotient, greatest conformity to societal norms.
          Blacks: Polar fucking opposite. However, I will admit that African-Americans use drugs less than their White counterparts. However, this is negated by the rampant drug abuse in Africa. Even drugs such as HIV antivirals are used for recreational purposes.

      2. Italians and Greeks are fellow honkies. Persians may be Indo-European in language, but a lot of them have non-White Caucasoid admixture to the point where any fool can see that the Ayatollah aint no Steve Jobs. Syrians, although linguistically Arab, are pretty White in phenotype. Steve Jawbz was a half Syrian and besides the diabolical hook nose seemed pretty cracka ass cracka to me.

  3. Plenty of white people have blown money once they got it. Look at all the Hollywood stars who were on cocaine; they all weren’t black, and some wealthy blacks avoided drug induced downfalls.

  4. Even in the US, we have a little taste of Cuba. Many blacks have public housing, and compared to the slums of Brazil, the housing is first class. Some blacks can also get access to higher education, especially if they are disabled. That situation helps them out quite a bit.
    Here is a new idea. Perhaps the reason blacks do well in Cuba and Mozambique is because they’ve rooted out corruption, and there is no dope. it might not be socialism alone doing the job. Even in the US, there are many things for blacks to take advantage of, but if they strung out, then they would get thrown in prison, or be out of their mind. In such cases, public help doesn’t help.

  5. All losers are not black. Many others have failed due to a useless college major, inability to get business loans, family tragedies they had no control over, and many other reasons. They also get bombarded with propaganda saying if you don’t achieve a middle or upper class lifestyle, then you might as well get farted on.
    Would these people benefit from Cuban socialism. Probably, as it would give them access to more education. Education is hard to get in the US, unless your disabled, and many disabled don’t even know they can easily go to university.

    1. There is generally a lot less crime and even violent crime in a more socialist or equitable system. As inequality, rampant consumerism, winner take all, and a winners versus losers mindset takes over, obviously you can’t have a setup like this without having a lot of losers by default. Everyone can’t have an upper middle class lifestyle like the TV says you have to. No matter how hard a lot of people try, they will still fall behind and lose in the race. Saying that everyone can win is like saying you can have a footrace with 1,000 contestants where everyone comes in first place. Some will be in the Top 300, some will be in the Middle 300 and some will be in the Bottom 400, where the losers of the race will reside.
      To say that someone failed or lost in a capitalist system is not much of an insult since the system is set up in such a way as to guarantee or even mandate that you have tens of millions of designated losers. And if everyone tried their hardest (and I think most folks really do try their hardest) you would still have tens of millions of losers simply because the system mandates that. They are basically “Designated Losers.”
      I had a sociology textbook of my sister’s a while back. They produced excellent data that showed that in Europe at least, the more socialism (and apparently equality) the country had, the less crime it had. The less socialism (and I suppose the more inequality), the higher the crime. It was nearly a linear relationship. These were all White folks with similar, highly developed cultures.
      I get called a loser sometimes, I assume by Republican conservatives. Although I say I do not care, I must admit that it makes me very mad to hear that. I literally want to kill anyone who calls me that word, and I am serious when I say that. I didn’t say I am going to kill them. I said I want to. And I almost feel that I could do it too if it were not against the law. It might be hard but I think maybe I could try to take them out. I am a calm educated fellow with a trivial criminal record over 56 years. If that word makes me that nuts, consider what happens when you call less intelligent, less cultured, less educated and less inhibited people names like that. You better duck.

  6. The only reason public housing and other socialist benefits exist in America (and other 1st world powers), to begin with, is because the capitalists are trying to “buy off” a lot of the population. Otherwise, they might face a revolution from those people.

  7. Of course, you don’t always have to take propaganda seriously. The rich and middle class have more than I do? Well, so what? Does it buy happiness?

    1. It hurts a lot more when they say it to your face. Has anyone ever said or implied you were a loser to your face because you don’t have X income? That’s harder to take than TV. Has a woman ever humiliated you for not making enough money to satisfy her whore instincts? That is 10X worse than an insult from a male. I hate that idiot who went nuts in Santa Barbara, but he was right about some things. Insults by females sting way worse than insults by males, he pointed out. Well, he’s right.
      I hate TV so much that I barely even watch it.
      If you’re not upper middle class you’re a loser! If you’re not upper middle class you’re a loser! If you’re not upper middle class you’re a loser! If you’re not upper middle class you’re a loser! You’re a loser! You’re a loser! You’re a loser! You’re a loser! You’re a loser!”
      It almost seems like the TV is yelling that right at my face a lot of the time. There are shows where you can get away from that – movies, animal shows, history shows, documentaries, crime shows, good TV news, some reality shows. Honestly the ads feel the worst of all. It feels like more than 50% of the ads are aimed at 10% of the population. It hurts to watch that stuff.

  8. Can we deny that blacks are inferior? They fail no matter how hard we try to save them. No matter how much we give them they fail. Jews and Asians can build themselves up from nothing. Blacks cannot, because they are inferior.

  9. It would be fantastic if we could trust homicide stats in Africa- it would tell us a lot about what is possible (there are some pretty low homicide rates, especially as compared to US blacks)- but unfortunately I’m not sure we can. Perhaps we can trust Barbados stats though, being a small developed island with a reasonable administration…and the murder rate there varies from 7-12, low compared to the US black rate of 35 according to you. (There are a couple of African countries around 3-4- really quite low- and few around 8,).
    If these rates are accurate, there is large scope for discussions of environmental reasons for US black homicide rate being so high.
    Some time I may go back to looking at poverty and inequality and homicide rates in Africa, looking for correlations. I may get back to you on that.

    1. US Black rate is now down to 26, I believe. Those rates of ~8 for some Islamic Sahel states like Mali and Chad are probably about right. Like I said, Islam chills out Blacks pretty well. Blacks on the island of Dominica have a rate of 2.5, but it is a low key, easy going, relaxed, relatively equal place with a traditional lifestyle and not a lot of dope, tourism and consumerism.

      1. Cool. I never saw that 2.5 figure. I saw a figure of 3.3 for Mozambique. That would be pretty remarkable if it was accurate but it seems so out of line with surrounding countries as to make it questionable.
        One thing you can say about Islam is it is hard on crime (its probably the effect of that plus the morals and family values it instills). it seems to kind of socialise people strongly. Sometimes I wish we were harder on crime and had a more clear sense of right and wrong and moral responsibility.

        1. there’s also the ban on alcohol- alcohol really causes a lot of trouble, as much as I like it.
          there’s probably plenty wrong with it too of course (Islam that is).

        2. Actually in some cases Islam is too hard on crime…amputations for theft…ouch. I wonder if they’re still carried out.

  10. Mistake: Mozambiques is 12. Somebody has falsely put 3.3 on the wiki page. BUT Kenya’s was 3.4 or 3.5 in 2007.

    1. Actually something is wrong with that whole wikipedia page ‘list of countries by intentional homicide rate’. The homicide rates on the page are at odds to those in the document of UN stats. Somebody has changed them it looks like, either on the page or in the doc. I don’t remember so many low figures in the document.

      1. No, I looked up the stats on a UN website and it looks like they have revised the figures themselves. I really remember them being higher!
        We’ve got a lot of low to medium figures for SS Africa.
        Senegal 2.8
        Sierra Leone 1.9
        A LOT around 10.
        seriously WTF. have the UN revised down their figures or am I remembering this wrong? I’m sure I’ve looked at these closely in the past.

        1. Looking over, seems like most homicide rates are below 11 in western Africa, 4,5,6,7,8.
          Really don’t remember them being so low on that doc.

        2. It appears there is a new report in 2013 and the old report I remember is 2011. It looks like the data has changed quite a lot from one report to the next. Weird, huh?! It even looks to me like some of the data has been revised for earlier years. The official homicide rates in Africa are medium, many low.
          are you interested at all in what i’m reporting here or am i talking to myself? lol

  11. Okay I’ve been comparing the stats in both reports and I’m starting to get a grip on how they have got much lower homicide rates for a lot of Africa in the space on 2 years. Partly its by using police and criminal justice instead of public healthy sources and partly they have somehow got new low figures from health sources and just not reported the higher ones from previous years. Is this a deliberate attempt to have lower homicide rates in most regions of Africa and bring the average down? Or have they got real and good reasons for their source choices? And where have the public health reductions come from?

    1. a lot of the low figures are actually in the public health data and in some cases it involves quite big reductions.

  12. It seems like some countries maybe started fixing their public health homicide stats after the first global homicide report came out in 2011…so by 2013 they looked better. If that is the case and the UN report writers missed it, that is negligent at best. But the fact they failed to report previous years…?

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