Everyone Should Support Their Own Kind

Some idiot named Jason writes:

I came across this site, because I was looking up Uighurs.. Wow, this Robert Lindsay guy really tries to imply having “Caucasian” features as being some sign of superiority. He must love what he see’s in the mirror.

I do like what I see in the mirror. Having Caucasian features is no sign of superiority at all. I like Caucasian features, but that is because I am a Caucasian White man! Of course I like White features. What would you expect?
I honestly think that all races should feel as proud and happy about themselves as I do about being White.
I wake up every morning, look up at the ceiling and think, “Thank God for making me White!”
I wish that same pride on everyone. I hope that Black, Asian, Indian, Polynesian, Amerindian, Micronesian and any other race would wake up in the morning and think, “Thank God for making me Black/Asian/Indian/Polynesian/Micronesian/Amerindian!” What’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with everyone feeling good about their race, their people and their kind?
I do not have much sympathy for race traitors. I think everyone should support their people. It is only natural.

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37 thoughts on “Everyone Should Support Their Own Kind”

  1. U r quite true, Lindsay! But I guess u should add just one more thing in it- everyone should support their own kind but at the same time they should respect others’ kind too! 🙂

  2. I tend to think of “race” as an evolutionary adaption of a gene pool to an environment. The white races evolved over long periods of time as an adaption to colder lower sunlight environments in northern regions. Black races evolved over long periods of time as an adaption to warmer higher sunlight environments.
    To some extent modern humans can with modern technologies cope outside of the climatic zones they are best suited for by evolution. But my guess is that there is still an advantage in having evolutionary adaptions best suited to the climatic zone you live in.
    I suspect that a person living close to the arctic circle might have more successful children if he chooses a wife adapted to cooler lower light environments. I suspect that a person living near the equator might have more successful children if he chooses a wife adapted to warmer higher light environment.
    Evolution has probably conditioned us to feel most comfortable with types similar to ourselves, as over long time periods breeding features into a gene pool advantageous to the environment has been vital to the well being of the local population or “race”.
    One has to admire each race for their specific adaptions to a particular type of environment.
    I am white, and comfortable in my own skin, living in a moderately cooler environment, but I have respect for people of all skin colours.

    1. so much interbreeding has already occurred that there are no longer any races. just haploid groups made up of dominate genes .

    2. This adaptation does not always work. Yakuts or Inuits live in very harsh northern environment, but they are physically Mongoloid close to Chinese or Vietnamese. They did not become looking like Norwegians. The Native tribe of Brazil did not become look like Africans of the Congo. Etc.

  3. People should like their own race. However, if some want to date or marry other races, then that’s fine, but not if the motivation is hatred of their own race.

  4. Exceptions to the rule exist. Some people are more happy in another culture. No problem with that, again, as long as the motivation isn’t hatred of their own race. In other words, saying there is something intrinsically wrong with being white, black, mixed race etc..

  5. When you’re dead it doesn’t matter what race you were. We’ll all be dead soon. My life is not based on my race.

  6. White worship can be quite annoying. You see this with black guys who take “trophy wives”, northeast Asians, high caste Indians etc.. In other words, these people look at you as a white doll, and not a human. It’s just as unjust as being hated for your race. If your a guy, pretty soon, an “I’m with stupid # 2” feeling comes about when you interact with your white worshiping friends.

    1. Yup a lot of Asian guys tried hitting on me. Unfortunately, a friend of mine told me that people of color find the white woman so alluring, because of the exclusiveness of them; that is, there are a limited number of white women available for the world, let alone the white male. They see a white woman as a rare object, rather than an actual human being. Personally, if you are white woman, I strongly suggest marrying white men. However, Jason, these days I noticed men also pursuing the East Asian woman and the Arab women, since men also consider these “rarities”; Arab women allure men, since they are forbidden and East Asian women, since they are quite attractive. Jason, I agree a lot with you. Are you guys against race mixing?

      1. No, myself, I think people should be free to date and marry whomever they want without guilt. However, I do question the motives of inter-racial stuff sometimes. Nonetheless, often real love does exist between partners of different backgrounds.
        Sure, everybody gets off on getting some exotic stuff, just make sure there is more to the relationship, than just being a trophy, or being exalted while somebody else is being lowered (South Korean hatred of black people and southeast Asians).

    2. Note: In general, this white worshiping stuff isn’t just about romance. Some non-white men kiss the ass of white men in the platonic sense, It happens big time in many parts of the world. I mentioned a few places like India (or if you happen to run into Indians in the US), South Korea etc..

      1. People really need to start supporting themselves. I mean its good to admire the endeavours of the Western or White man, but an Indian has a lot to be proud of- tremendous mathematical contributions, spiritual contributions to the East, etc, a Korean can be proud of their strong work ethic and ingenuity, the Japanese can be proud of their technologically advanced society and the Iraqis can “babble on” about their Babylonian history (lol). Seriously this kissing up and interracial marriage seems more of a political stunt, than it does an expression of love.

        1. The Chinese can also be proud of their tremendous contribution to the development of paper and gun powder, Persians the first Human Rights Document, Arabians chemistry and others as well. The more one learns about other cultures, the quicker one realizes that a majority of human civilizations have made some contribution to the modern society we live in. Sorry for double posts guys.

        2. People can be proud of their heritage and also racially inter-marry. Also, people can also be proud of their heritage, and be a platonic ass kisser of other races. The 2nd, I don’t much care for.

        3. So much white envy/exsulation from the other races because we were they ones who made the world what it is today,via, exploration, conquest, enslavement, imperialism, segregation, etc. As the Europeans/whites have pretty much real the world for the last 500+ years. As much as other groups may be resentful for our mistreatment of the world’s non white races, they look up to us for all the achievements we’ve made. Even the east asian nations of China,Korea & Japan who were historically more technologically advanced & have the highest average I.Q. levels,outside of ashkenazi Jews., look @ whites for people too elluminate. Not to forget, all those asian girls like us white males for being cooler,stronger & better than their own guys.& also we treat them better than their own men as well. As just as true with SE asian women as well.

        4. I really do believe that there is a heirarchy of masculinity among men racially. Face it, Black guys are more masculine than us White guys. Not that that is so good – they are so masculine that it seems to lead to a lot of problems. And we White guys, I hate to say it, yeah, we are more masculine than Asian men.
          I had a Black gf once and she kept insisting that I must be bisexual. She also said I was “meek.” I guess I was a great big pussy compared to the Black guys she was used to.
          White women are on our level.
          But I have been with a number of Asian women and they did not treat me like that Black girl at all. They treated me like I was some big, scary, dominant, hyper-masculine Paul Bunyan type. And they like that!
          So you see masculinity/femininity depends on who is evaluating you really.

        5. “But I have been with a number of Asian women and they did not treat me like that Black girl at all. They treated me like I was some big, scary, dominant, hyper-masculine Paul Bunyan type. And they like that!”
          You liked it too I bet. Men like to be with a feminine woman, not just because feminine woman are sexy but because they also make us feel masculine and virile by comparison. Men like to feel like men and women like to feel feminine. If you do some push ups and gain some muscle, your sex drive goes way up, partly because of the extra t and hormones, partly also because you feel more masculine and attractive I think.

        6. I mean, t goes up not from having more muscle but immediately after doing the exercise. I think it does from my experience anyway.

      1. About as mixed as the passibly whites of Argentina & Chile, whom are 20-25% Amerindian genetically speaking, being mixed comparable to US blacks.

  7. Most of this nationalistic stuff (not from Robert though) is just an attempt to bully mixed raced people, saying they don’t belong, or they’re ugly. However, I think people of mixed or pure (if that exists) should be proud of who they are.

  8. It’s easy to distinguish a black person from a mixed-race person. I’ve been racially abused by blacks and whites throughout my life, i don’t think race mixing is such a good thing.

    1. People should be proud of who they are. People are trying to cop out of bullying. Everybody faces it. It build character. Look at it this way, if they didn’t attack you for that, they’d attack you for something else.
      Also, whites bully kids with mixed race characteristics also. The effect is the same.

    2. Not unless you find others whom are mixed race in the same way as you are. Then maybe you weren’t feel so lonely. Obama is considered black, even if he is really a mulatto, because he looks & acts like a US black, even if his complexion is somewhat lighter skinned than average. Other than that, i’m not so sure how I can help you. Still much better than being the @$$burger I am.

    1. I find it interesting that so many people are distressed with putting everyone in a group by physical appearance only. When I say there are no races anymore and use DNA to support it, the statement gets completely ignored as if choosing peoples categories by their appearance is even 1 percent correct. There are no distinct races that can be determined by appearence. Period. Any argument to the contrary is basing that argument on physical features and not haploid groups. All humans on the planet are 99 percent related. What your argument insists is that humans can be separated into groups using physical appearence and that isn’t true.

      1. I agree, but that’s just the way human nature is. However, it’s a travesty when people wuss out of the fight, and refuse to be proud of who they are.

    2. If you lived in an all white area, the bullying from whites could be as intense as from blacks. But, it would be worse, if you had white skin. If you were mixed, but had a black face, then they’d just think your black.

  9. Blacks tend to be violent, so the bullying from them, as far as mixed race people do, would be worse (in the sense of actually being physically harmed). However, verbal abuse toward mixed raced kids is the same from everybody. Verbal stuff can mess with your head, but it builds character.

    1. Bob Marley had the same problem you did. However, he started boxing and the bullying stopped. Best of all, he was never ashamed of being part black and white.

        1. Yeah, anybody treating blacks with respect must be Jewish (sarcasm). Unless of course, it was those pesky Jewish slaveholders. (sarcasm)

  10. Your telling me white gentile men didn’t marry or screw black women in all the history of the world?

  11. “I am a Caucasian White man!”
    You mean you are a swarthy (or rather albino if you call yourself “white”) hook-nosed hairy Muslim guy with medieval mafioso-tribalist mentality from the Caucasus? 🙂

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