New Interview with Me Up

At Robert Stark’s fantastic site.
Why the Mainstream Left Rejects Him for His Opposition to Political Correctness, Radical Feminism, Illegal Immigration, and Critical Race Theory
The Silicon Valley’s H1B Visa Program and How Its Destroying White Programmers
How Bill Gates Forces You to Buy and Use His Crap
Why the Cable Monopolies Suck
Small Business = Good, Big Business = Bad
Why Microsoft  and  Intel Suck
The “Necessary Level of Unemployment”: An Example of the Craziness of Capitalist Economics
Portrait of the Billionaire as a Monster
The Gangster Bolshevik Movement
Intelligence and Personality Types of the Rich
The Myth That a High IQ Nearly Guarantee Riches
The Paradox of Very High IQ types:
The Life of the Mind Versus the Life of the Senses
IQ and Extroversion
Extroversion and  Crime
Robert Lindsay the Sigma Male

Teliophilia and Ephebophilia
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0 thoughts on “New Interview with Me Up”

  1. Pretty much, the programming industry is dead in the US. There are still a lot of jobs in computer repair though. There is a future in article writing, as foreign writers make too many mistakes.

  2. Robert you have an accent. You sound somewhat like some Mexican guys I worked with for some reason (when I was washing cars).
    Good points. Try Open Office if you want to avoid normal Word. You can open Word files. It’s not as good but it’s free.

    1. I grew up on the beach with a bunch of surfers. I surfed all summer and then skied all winter and was lost in a haze of marijuana smoke most of the time. All surfers at the beach talked like that. That is a California surfer accent.

  3. We can’t all be rich, I suppose one good thing is that your typical low earner in the USA has a better life overall in terms of life expectancy and so forth compared to someone living in the 1700’s.

    1. What if they are homeless? Try living on $11,000/yr sometime. I have been doing it for years now and believe me, it is not very fun.
      I am making more than that now, but still…

  4. If they are homeless than they live worse than the average person living in the 1700’s but less than 1% of American are homeless living outside. People in the bottom 5-10 percent in the USA have a better overall quality of life than your middle class person living way back then.
    My mom lived on disability and I got free lunches at school, luckily I had a good housing arrangement though…150 years ago we would have starved.

  5. I just want to add that the popularity of 18 year old girls in the porn industry is just an artificial popularity created by the legal restriction of under 18’s. If there were no legal restrictions the most popular age for porn actresses would be about 14.
    A few years ago a big porn producer came out and said that he wishes there was no age of consent so that he’d be able to sell porn with girls aged 12-17 and quadruple his profits. These people know more about male sexual desire than any academics. They sell sex to men, it’s their business to know what men want.

  6. Your accent has some Canadian sounds at times- aboot for about. I think i’ve said that before. You sound laid back and kind of plain speaking, remind me of Bob Dylan a bit.

      1. Haha! Women like my voice. Women and girls have been telling me I have a sexy voice for a long time now. If you learn any game at all, I would say that a sexy voice is a damn good thing to have. It is something that many guys can probably acquire too.

  7. I replied to you on open thread but it hasn’t showed up in the recent comment list in the margin.

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