Gangster Bolshevism on Zionism and the Jews

Gangster Bolsheviks are a very strange group that formed online. They are led by a good friend of mine. It is basically a strange political ideology. It has some problems with it, but there is nothing to worry about as it isn’t going anywhere anyway. I like them, but I am aware of their issues and deficiencies, which I am wary of.
This is a pretty good position to take with regard to Jews, Zionism and Antisemitism. I feel that it sums up the various problems well and criticized Zionism and even the Jews themselves without being anti-Semitic which is a pretty hard thing to do. I know the leader of this movement very well, and whatever else he may be, I assure you that is not an antisemite!
Of course most Jews would call this antisemitic, but most Jews are insane when it comes to the issue of antisemitism. Everything is antisemitic to the Jew. Antisemitism is everywhere, underneath every bed whether visible or not, lurking deep in the heart of every goy, even the nicest and most philosemitic of them. Screaming antisemitism all the time over nothing (for every ten people the Jew accuses of antisemitism, nine of those people are innocent.
The problem here is that the most innocent critic of the Jews or everyone any Gentile who refuses to become a fawning philosemite gets incessantly bashed, harassed, abused and even threatened by paranoid Jewish lunatics. After a while, these people, who were not anti-Semitic to start with start to become anti-Semitic due to all the Jewish abuse. You hit  a man enough times and he might start hitting back. Paradoxically, this makes Jews happy since in a weird way, the more antisemites in the world (without having too many of the too extreme ones) the happier the Jews are.
One truism about the Jews is that you can never take away the Jew’s victimhood. This is his prized possession, and he will virtually kill to retain possession of it. Without a world full of ugly haters always on the verge of genocide, there is no reason for the Jews to exist as a separate people who only breed in with their own kind.
As antisemitism diminishes, Jews relax more, become less Jewish and “Jewy,” mingle more with non-Jews and start to marry out with Gentiles in droves. In this way any serious diminishment of antisemitism is a fatal stab to the heart of the Jews. Jews are no different from many humans in this way. The most cynical leaders of political movements and states know that it is always handy to have some enemies around. If everyone around is nice, well, just go and pick a few fights and create some brand new enemies and give yourself, your party, movement or nation a new reason to exist.
GB statement begins here:
‘GB Antizionism’ denies that Jewish ethnocentrism is by default more evil than other forms of ethnocentrism, but criticizes the modern forms of Jewish ethnocentrism:

  1. Zionist Jewish power over the American Government (or any other non-Jewish Government).
  2. Zionist choice of location in Palestine, when Palestine is already the homeland of Palestinians.
  3. Insincere promotion of ‘multiculturalism’ in non-Jewish lands.
  4. ‘Neocon’ and Trotskyite ideologies (which are perversions of conservative and Marxist-Leninist ideologies respectively).
  5. Moral stigmatization of Holocaust Revisionism. Debunking it is acceptable, since debate is not an ethnocentric tactic.
  6. Use of controlled mass media to do all of the above (though television can be made irrelevant and obsolete).

Jewish ethnocentrism could take place in other forms, which are more desirable, but which have been forsaken in the name of a Jewish ethnostate in Palestine:

  1. In a mafia.
  2. In a revolution that is in the interest of the working class and majority ethnic group.
  3. In an Amish style traditional community.
  4. In an uninhabited separate nation with or without foreign aid from other governments.

Jewish ‘group loyalty’ is not intolerable under all circumstances but for specific reasons. We’re opposed to Zionist Jews ruling over Americans and Palestinians, insincere multiculturalism and subversion of existing ideologies (Marxism becomes Trotskyism, Conservatism become neoconservatism). We realize this insincere multiculturalism and subversion of existing ideologies occurs at the hands of non-Jews as well.
Finally we realize that Jewish ethnocentrism is not dependent upon Jewish racial purity but Jewish psychology. We deny the total separation between eastern and western civilizations, noting that the Caucasian race originated outside of Europe and the European religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) except for paganism originated in the middle east.
We recognize that Nordic traits are less common among Jews than Northern Europeans (not Southern Europeans) and realize that maternal ancestry transmits Jewishness (as well as Orthodox conversions), but still do not classify Jews as a race but an ethnoreligious group. Jews are also not a nation because they fail the ‘common territory’ requirement for nationhood (which is borrowed from Josef Stalin’s ‘Marxism and the National Question’).
We promote non-Jews and ‘apostate’ Jews being wise to Jewish ethnocentrism instead of denying it. Zionist ideology and spying existed, though with less popularity, before Israel was officially a state. In general non-Jews and apostate Jews should be aware of Jewish ethnocentrism, but not obsessed with or opposed to it under reasonable circumstances.
Individual Jews must choose either assimilation or self-reliance, but not parasitic behavior. If this is maintained for a few generation the parasitic behavior will disappear as non-Jews are wise to it and Zionists have less power.
Jews may form a homeland in ‘open’ territories (areas that are not already occupied by a nationality) and Jews may become Palestinian and worship in Palestine as non-Palestinians.
Our positions against antisemitism:

  1. We oppose attacking Jews as a ‘race’ (we have defined them already as an ethnoreligious community).
  2. We oppose ‘explanations’ that exclusively blame Jews for world predicaments while ignoring other factors.
  3. We oppose ‘Christian Antisemitism’ (and think the Jewish-invented god was stolen by Christians and Muslims).
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5 thoughts on “Gangster Bolshevism on Zionism and the Jews”

  1. A few things.
    1) it’s difficult for readers to know when your writing ends and mine begins.
    2) We are succeeding in our underground gang trolling, which is exactly what we want to do.
    3) you should explain your issues in detail.

  2. One of the most foolish conspiracy theories says Jews were responsible for black slavery. However, considering that the south as a whole benefited from slavery, and cheap labor after the civil war, does this idea make sense?

  3. What a bland place this would be, if the US was totally white, with no outside cultural influence. In my view, a mix of whites and some blacks, and few Asians and Latinos would work. Nonetheless, the nation should be dominated by one group. That’s not saying that group is superior, only that one group should dominate. Plus, we should keep out certain races that have a higher probability of wanting to kill us.

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