The Nature of Female Aggression

Female aggression is characterized by underhandedness, subterfuge, passive-aggression, silent treatment, the withholding of sex, cattiness, clique formation, rivalry, man-stealing, rumor proliferation, pettiness, treachery, vindictiveness, and grudge-holding.
These of course are the types of aggression that are favored by weaker individuals in general, often seem among slaves, workers, or mistreated domestic help.
Males of course are vastly more aggressive than females in general, and we are also just flat out colder. Women are much warmer, kinder, more nurturing, caring, sympathetic, empathetic and giving than men area. This follows from the necessity of all of these things in raising children.
The world of men tends to be a very brutal and savage one in many ways across time and space, hence any sort of softness doesn’t really benefit you and may be seen as weakness both by other men and even women themselves. In addition, men are socialized away from soft and sensitive feelings by acculturation which punishes and threatening them when they display this behavior. Most guys learn one way or another. For many males, childhood was often the most brutal part of their lives, but from it hopefully emerges a man.
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12 thoughts on “The Nature of Female Aggression”

  1. That was the experience in South Korea. All sorts of passive aggressiveness. Always the justification, was “We’re a colony.”, If you cry or complain about it, the Koreans call you a weakling. If you tell the folks back home, your a wussy. In addition, people back home can’t understand period, because they don’t believe America is an imperialist power. So they think your just being a douche, because they really don’t care, as it’s a million miles away.
    Philippines was cool, but some resentment about being a colony. However, I give them a free pass, because it’s really poor there, and the people aren’t arrogant.

  2. Women are less soft than you think. A lot of them go thru life without demanding pats on the back. They put up with a lot of crap, like raising children, working, going to school, all without emotion. Definitely, they are very stoic, as much as most men.

    1. They put up with a lot of crap, like raising children, working, going to school, all without emotion.
      I would not say that they are unemotional all through this process, but the women in the older generation were a lot more stoic than these new women. Women are pretty emo in general, and all sorts of emotional ups and downs are simply the norm for most females. If you have ever been in a long-term relationship with a woman, you would know what I mean. They are very complicated creatures, and you toy with them at your own risk.
      One sign that it effects them is that after women have a kid or two and are in their 30’s, they often cut the husband off from sex. This happens so much that I would say it is almost normal. This shows that child-raising is really getting to them somehow.

        1. That is pretty aggro behavior. Both men and women do it, but that sounds more male.
          Females can really whip out the insults though. Males insult a lot, but they are often afraid of the consequences so they insult less than they want to.
          Males do a tremendous amount of yelling and carrying. Really emo females yell a lot too, mostly in a frustrated or exasperated way. I have had some relationships with females, especially young ones about 20-21. At some point in the relationship, we are on the phone and she simply starts screaming at me, “Bob!!!! Bla bla bla bla bla bla scream yell like a banshee maniac.” I put the phone down real fast, assume it’s all over, and never call them again.
          Men can aggressively question but they do not do it all that much because that is “cop” behavior and once you start doing that, it seems like there’s going to be a fight pretty soon. The guy you are questioning violently is going to get violent back at you.
          Women do this too sometimes and it usually tied in with suspicion. With me they usually do it when they suspect I am cheating on them. Unfortunately they are often right!

  3. I think everybody practices passive aggressiveness sometimes. It’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes, it’s needed as it’s the only way to communicate displeasure to your superiors.
    In general macho men don’t like it, as it’s annoying. They are thinking “Why can’t everybody just lighten up?”. It definitely takes a man to just ignore all the constant bitching.

  4. Fredrick Nietzsche argued that slave morality was bad, and that the morality of the nobles was better. However, I don’t agree. There is a great use for slave morality, as it checks the power of the nobles. If Considering the fact I am opposed to US imperialism, I definitely agree slave morality is needed.

  5. Good characterization of female aggression and at the same time an explanation of why that doesn’t demonize them! Also, well done on listing the good points of female nature.

    1. Well I mean we are all aggressive. Most humans are aggressive at some point or another. There is a continuum on which some humans display almost no aggression (call them Aggro 1’s) and then all the way at the other end you have Nazis and serial killers (Aggro 100) . I do not see why it is a slur on a human being or group of humans to say they get aggressive at times. Personally, I am pro-aggression in that I think sometimes it is simply called for. You can see when I ban people that I am pretty damned mean and aggressive.
      OTOH, I am a pretty chill dude and I hate to fight. But once in a while, I do get into it with people. You really do not want to piss me off. When I am mad, people use words like scary, dangerous, maniac, psycho, murderer, serial killer, creepy, etc. That level of aggression doesn’t bother me as I don’t intend to kill or seriously hurt anyone in the forseeable future, and my aggression is all verbal anyway, except if you hit me or spit on me I might just hit you back. I have even hit a few women, but they hit me first.
      Thank you very much Steve.

  6. But i know of straight women who liked to beat up upon a very few straight males in high school, that’s including myself. What passes for female aggression is more nuance yes, generally speaking. but I’ve seen young girls physically beating upon disabled people. or even freaks of nature in my time. So females should be seen as maybe the softer, more sensitive, even the more nurturing gender, but not the kinder sex either.

  7. I’ve always been a female-button pusher. Even if I commit myself to just getting along, I can guarantee you that in no time I will be fighting with any chick. I enjoy arguing, I enjoy shouting and dramatics. I can’t help myself. Some men jump out of planes or off cliffs. I piss women off. I’m in a committed relationship right now and every so often I go off the deep end and just trigger some bullshit just cause it feels…right 🙂
    I am not afraid of women at all. I relish the battle!

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