Can You Have a Society Where Every Man Is An Alpha Male?

Steve writes:

So if everyone learns better game, will things even out or will women only ever f*ck men they deem more attractive than themselves?

It is a good question and one I have thought of a lot. Can you have a society where all of the men are Alpha males? What would that look like? The Arab World? But how sex would they all be having with how many women. I sort of think that just as everyone can’t come in first in a race and win the race, the numbers of Alpha types in any society is probably stuck at ~15

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0 thoughts on “Can You Have a Society Where Every Man Is An Alpha Male?”

  1. Prison is full of alpha males, all trying to be “King of the Mountain”. At least, that’s what a certain TV show seemed to say.

  2. Softness isn’t a good trait (at least as far as personality) for men or women. For instance, on social media everybody wants a pat on the back. For instance, there is this one woman who gives daily updates on her “quit smoking” progress. OK, I’m thinking, this is social media, not an AA meeting. Anyhow, if you need a pat on the back, then get it from God, not people. Millions of people suffer thru life without daily pats on the back.

    1. It’s lame for men to be a pussy. I have known quite a few pussy guys. For instance, I know grown men who used to burst into tears all the time, having regular breakdowns, including at work, where they would often be sent home in sympathy.
      Most guys would display contempt or jump all over them, but I try to be as nice as is possible to someone like that. I simply tell them that it is not ok in our society for men to do that, and if they keep on doing it, there are some pretty serious consequences in store. Basically, society is going to kick your ass in one way or another.
      I like soft behavior in women because it is very submissive and feminine, but if I get involved with any of these women, I often warn them of the consequences of being too nice, never fighting back, wearing a blouse that says, “Punch me” on the back, and being a doormat in general. I encourage women like this to fight back.

      1. Soft behavior is fine for women. However, not “pat on the back” stuff.
        Yes, I agree crying is ridiculous for men. If you feel you must cry, then do it in a closet.

        1. Obviously it is ok for a man to cry once in a while if the situation calls for it. My brothers, if someone you love dies, go ahead and cry dammit!
          On the other hand, male crybabies are just pathetic and disgusting, I am afraid.

  3. Male aggressiveness is inevitable. Maybe this has got something to do with the way we evolved. But conundrum is the established fact that we tend to think with our “small heads” ( inside joke).
    Like, in social situations we always have some group trying to implement their dominance. Competition is always something desirable because then we push ourselves towards perfection. But in work settings, this maybe the single most destructive behavior since “weak beta type males ” don’t get the attention that they want even if they have something useful.
    Robert, can you do some research about Cyrus the great, he is even mentioned in Quran as an inspirational King. He based all his policies on benevolence and forged the greatest empire that ruled for over a 1000 years unlike Alexander.

  4. Well isnt black africans the most alfa-race, so obviously it would look like Black Africa countries.

    1. Agree. Civilization needs law and order which is fulfilled by bata behavior. Most alpha will be dead in long run. As species, tiger and lion facing extinction. But exploited pigs, chicken and domestic crops will thrive in civilized society. Be alpha all you can, but beta will shoot you in the back.

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