"All Men Are Boys Until Age 40"

Jason Y writes:

A lot of college students don’t even come to class. I think, maybe half of the students drop of out the university completely. Of course, this might not all be due to immaturity. They might just feel that the blue collar workforce has more to offer.

A lot of it is immaturity. For instance, older students who go back to school later in life are often great students, work very hard and have low rates of dropout. They are simply more serious.
When I was in my early 40’s, I met this 20 year old girl. I was worried about the age difference and I asked her, “Am I too old?” She laughed and said, “Oh no! You are perfect! All men are boys until age 40.”
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0 thoughts on “"All Men Are Boys Until Age 40"”

  1. My number is 25. At 25 you have had enough opportunity , or possibly finished secondary education and are aware and serious enough to start handling ‘man’ tasks. Get a career going ( not just some 9 or 10 dollar
    job to fill gaps) start having children ( I always considered under 25 too young to have children- children having children). At 25 a man wants to go out and do what is necessary to make himself successful or at least independent. He has the will and energy to do it.
    After 40 you have been around for awhile and have gained some perspective. I find the guys I know about 45 or over seem more like teenagers. I know a guy who is 63 and lives like he was 18. Sofa surfs and parties as much as he can and chats up ever female that crosses his path.
    It gets worse if they have had some financial luck. Other guy in his sixties
    keeps yakking about corvettes and he is going to buy one of the 500 hp ones soon (z06). Other 70 year old bishop I know got in an actual fist fight …. cuz he felt like it. I y’all have bucks and are an empty-nester sometime after forty, the ‘maturing’ process regresses. They start becoming all teen-ager-y.I think I run my mouth these days like a know it all 12 yr old.
    ( cuz at this age…. I do….)

  2. When I was in my early 40′s, I met this 20 year old girl. I was worried about the age difference and I asked her, “Am I too old?” She laughed and said, “Oh no! You are perfect!
    That my friends is called a pick-up line. Something non-cheesy, straight from the heart and honest to the core. Girls dig that shit more than men like to admit.
    In Pearl S. Buck’s Good Earth (a fantastic book, must recommend), Pear Blossom, a young nubile girl, decides to go for the protagonist Wang Lung despite his grandfatherly age saying “she prefers the quiet devotion of old men to the fiery passions of young men.”

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