The Men Are Quite Promiscuous, But the Women Are Highly Monogamous

Many societies have just that going on. Logically, it would not seem to make sense right?
Steve notes:

I mean it really isn’t! Logic says that for every woman getting laid, there is a guy involved.

Takes two to tango, eh? If lots of guys are getting laid a lot, then lots of women are too, right?
Here is what is happening in most of the world. Many guys are in relationships or marriages, mostly monogamous and getting sex or not.
However, for single guys, it is totally different. There are indeed many societies where men in general and single men in particular are way more promiscuous than your average single woman.
You say that doesn’t make sense?
Look. This is how it works in most of the world, like Hispanic society. 90-95% of Hispanic woman are “nice girls.” They are not whores. That is the worst thing you can call them. The Hispanic women around my city  of any age simply do not give it up that easy because that would mean she is a whore. It is called the Madonna Whore Syndrome. According to a Texano commenter who comes here, in his Texano culture in South Texas, the only time regular single Hispanic women give it up is if you have been dating them for at least maybe 3-4 months. Only then do they start putting out.
However, Hispanic males, married or otherwise, can be pretty promiscuous while the females are monogamous. How does that make sense? Simple.
Maybe 5-10% of women in Hispanic culture are more or less out and out whores. Whores are really demeaned and downgraded in that society, but there are still quite a few of them anyway.
So in Hispanic society, 70-80% of the men are fucking 5-10% of the women! In this scenario, the men can end up being pretty promiscuous while the women end up pretty monogamous.
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0 thoughts on “The Men Are Quite Promiscuous, But the Women Are Highly Monogamous”

    1. I concur. Latinas have a rather conservative, but passionate kind of sexuality. I guess that’s why a lot of white guys love latinas.

  1. I like Spanish-speaking beauties from countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Paraguay. Much better than Western American women who don’t really know how to treat a man nicely. While it may not be casual for these Spanish-speaking beauties to put out, it’s relatively easy to score a date or dance with them. They really appreciate men for taking out the time to give company which is a rare quality.

    1. Re: “I like Spanish-speaking beauties from countries like Argentina…
      …While it may not be casual for these Spanish-speaking beauties to put out”
      Eva Peron ‘put out’ quite a bit from what i’ve gathered (from the musical ‘Evita’)… 😉

      1. I had a gf from Argentina once. She didn’t even speak English really. We conducted most of the relationship in Spanish. She didn’t put out right away either. Pretty soon, but not right away, and Argentine women are pretty liberal for Latin American women.
        Re: Eva Peron, every country has its whores!

  2. Most of the women I know are A HELL of a lot easier than that. My mum ‘put out’ for my dad the same night she met him, which isn’t that unusual either…

      1. @Robert Lindsay
        Re: “The average woman in the US has something like ~5 sexual partners in her whole life”
        Well it depends how many guys they’ve been out with too. Some of these these women are probably lying as well…

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