On Female Solipsism

Steve writes:

Feminists say a lot of stupid shit but I don’t think women are solipsistic and incapable of empathy. I think they are very capable of both empathy and common sense.

Solipsism in no way implies lack of empathy.
Yes, women are solipsistic. Of course they care about others, and they care deeply about us men. Women are far more caring, empathetic and nurturing than men are. But at the same time, they are solipsistic. Female solipsism means that women can only see the world through women’s lenses. They cannot imagine what it is like to be a man.
They cannot put themselves in our shoes and understand what life is like for us. They think if women can get laid at the drop of a hat, then so can men. Women are deeply loving and caring creatures, but at the same time, they are pretty damn wrapped up in themselves, if you haven’t noticed.
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0 thoughts on “On Female Solipsism”

  1. If women hate porn, because they can’t imagine what it’s like to be a man, then how come so many women are in porn? I mean, look at a webcam site and all the regular women, not porn stars, on there.

    1. Women do not necessarily hate porn. I know some women who like to watch it.
      Women are in porn because they love to screw, and the money is good. Webcam girls are in it for the money. The money can be pretty good.

      1. Plus, webcam girls don’t have to have real sex. So there are no angry boyfriends, STDs etc..

  2. Men might discuss him in more detail, after they had known him longer. Probably the women were talking about him right off the bat, because they are looking at him sexually.

  3. Being a teacher, I know for sure that females are as cruel as the guys, often worse. Not only are the youth that way, but also the grown women. Not whining, but, it’s the truth.

    1. Women are not as violent as men, but they are petty, treacherous, vindictive, catty and underhanded. They can be quite vicious, though they are not very physically dangerous.

      1. Over generalization. I have known many women who were not treacherous or vindictive. They didn’t betray or have a vengeful or vicious nature.

    2. Boys will have an argument or fight then make up and move on. Female children tend to ignore and ostracize each other and bear grudges longer.
      Women have not been able to control their husbands by force (as men have to women) so they had to learn how to get their way through more subtle or nonviolent means.
      Cattiness is more of a female trait than a male one (especially with each other) but that doesn’t mean most females are catty. (Good mature women are above it.) Its a tactic they are more likely to employ as they are more non-violent and in a way more sensitive and more complex in their interactions and feelings. Men are simpler in a way- they just say have you got a problem with me then fight. Just like when we are boys.

      1. well, good mature women are not always above it when it comes to an ex husband’s new girlfriend or something. They can be surprisingly catty and petty in this type of situation. Well, I’ve seen this before anyway. I don’t know how general it is. But it was from somebody who is very feminine natured and very deeply caring and protective. A little but of jealousy or competitiveness crept in. Again, I don’t have the experience to say how general it is but it doesn’t surface normally in the one woman I’m talking about. i imagine when women are like this, it is usually to do with competition with another female for a male.
        I think men are simpler social beings but I’m not sure. it just seems that way sometimes. Women certainly seem more sensitive because they get hurt by things that men don’t even know they are doing.

        1. Richie, I always think of more stuff I want to say or I want to correct something. I should probably just let things go and hang back more when I don’t have a great understanding of something but I kind of just write comments or discuss things to develop ideas. I hope its not too much of a pain in the ass. I should be more concise too…I’m working on it!

  4. I’m sure women are perfectly capable of understanding that most men can’t get laid at the drop of a hat…if it is explained to them. Like I said, although it can mathematically make sense for 10% to monopolize, its not obvious. Its not obvious to me and I’m a guy. So it does need to be proved and explained.
    Their lack of knowledge of this does not prove solipsism, or solipsism greater than men. how do you know that we men are any better at imagining what its like to be a woman? They have experienced forms of sexism that we have en masse dismissed because we don’t imagine what its like to be on the receiving end. A lot of the time they get annoyed at us and we don’t understand why…how well do we imagine the female experience, thought processes and feelings?

    1. *of course its obvious that some men have more sex than the others but its not obvious how big the inequality is.

      1. Its also not obvious how big the wealth and income inequality in a capitalist society is. People regularly guess very wrong and have a distorted view. That’s why you need data.

    2. Maybe it is more to the point to say women have never approached women as a man so they don’t know what its like. Most will not have had it explained to them and so en masse they make assumptions based on their own experience. Its not solipsistic if there are just some things you need to be informed about. Its not exactly a priori knowledge.

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