Dating Site Rundown

Steve says, speaking of Incels:

They should just use a dating site and go on dates, avoid the whole difficulty of getting her number and making something happen from nothing, and then from there they should be okay.

You’re going to have to get her number on the dating site too. At various times in the last 8 years, I have joined some Internet dating sites. Here is a rundown on my experience. Not so easy to get dates on dating sites. You can do it, but you need to have some pretty good game. If you don’t have good game, I am not sure how much luck you would have on dating sites. Usually on dating sites you have to be extremely aggressive and aggressively contact lots of women – you might have to contact 100-200 cuties to get even one strong possibility of a date. Out 100-200, really only a handful will even respond to you. And of those, some say call me, here’s my #, and then you call and no one is there. Others ask you to chat, and then you go to chat with them, and they won’t talk – this happens a lot! And also once you start talking to some chicks, you will turn some of them off some way or other. Some will give you their number to text them, then you text them for a bit, and the conversation goes wrong somehow, or she decides there is something she does not like about you. With others you play phone tag for a bit, or they never even give you their number, and all you do is chat on the site. If your game is good, you might have a good connect with a few of them, but even there, at my age, women are looking for a long term relationship, a life partner or to get married. The numbers of women who just want to date around no strings attached and have fun do not seem to be large at all. If you are not into a long-term thing, your only hope is to be a dog and lie to the women seeking long-term deals and make up a big story about how you are looking for an LTR yourself. If you come out and say you just want casual dating, you will probably just get mass rejection. Your best luck will be women who approach you on dating sites, but unless you have good game on your profile somehow, probably hardly any will approach you instead of you approaching them. I do have some women approaching me, but then I have good game. On many sites, the males extremely outnumber the females. On Adultfriender, there are 10 males for every female, and of the females on there, 50 Most of the good-looking women in any age bracket are in extreme demand, and they are totally bombarded with guys after them. I met a 60 year old woman on one site who had been bombarded with 200-300 guys in a few days after she joined the site. Out of that group, she did pick me to talk to, but then the conversation went south. The hot women on most sites are seriously bombarded, and you are going to have to stand out from the Mob somehow to get picked, and the odds do not look good. I guess if you lower your standards, you can do ok, but I only like good-looking chicks. The amount of rejection you experience on dating sites is absolutely incredible. Guys like me are maniacs and we keep plugging away after the 200th rejection, but probably a lot of guys are more sensitive and can’t handle it. Dating sites are not a paradise by any means at all. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

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33 thoughts on “Dating Site Rundown”

  1. You’ve never quoted me in an article to agree with me ha
    I’ve known guys who had a different experience. They went on a dating site and got dates. You said this guy was young (I think), handsome, intelligent and had a good job so he should be able to gt dates. Maybe its different here in the UK, I don’t know.

    1. there are a hell of a lot of young people on them now. i don’t think there is a big gender imbalance here.

    2. Dating is more or less free or cheap pussy, assuming there is sex. If it is as easy as you say to get free or cheap pussy on dating sites or in bars and nightclubs, why on Earth is there a market for whores. Here whores cost $150 and they do a brisk business. The only reason a whore market exists is because women do not really give it up so easily.

      1. I’m not saying dating sites are about free or cheap pussy. They’re usually about people who want a relationship.
        Nightclubs and one night stands go together. I’m not saying every guy can do it (I’m sure lots can’t) but some guys find it easy and others find it hit and miss but doable. My cousins and uncle used to find it quite easy and do it often. One cousin in particular used to tell me his sex stories about girls he’d picked up in nightclubs when I was 14. An uncle told me he could pretty much go around the bars and clubs on his own and be close to guaranteed to find a woman to go home with (he’s a real alpha male, huge good looking guy with loads of charisma and intelligence). Another guy I spoke to who was in the navy said it was easy and he did it often. Not me, I’m not that bold when it comes to approaching women I don’t know. I don’t even know what to say. But opportunities have always cropped up for me now and then and I’m okay on a date. Not that i have always taken those opportunities. Lost pussy…something men often think about.

        1. im not good at approaching women I don’t know but im good at making friends with them when we meet in a neutral situation. i grew up with female friends and in a house with two females so its nothing. they’re not a different species. you can just talk to them.

        2. dude what did I just say? Its easy for some guys, for lots of guys its not. I don’t know the percentages. It really is fairly easy for some guys. Even at college, a lot of guys are getting some, a lot of guys aren’t.
          That’s why a ‘whore market’ exists, because a lot of guys aren’t getting any and a lot of guys want it even more hassle free and a lot of guys are married and want to be discreet or too old to pick up in clubs.

        3. Pussy is like capitalism, 10% of the guys are getting 90% of the one night stands. The majority of guys at the bars and clubs go home empty-handed. The irony is that while sexual freedom is at an all-time high, the amount of guys getting laid is probably not. But if you’re in that top 10% of guys, life is one big orgy.

        4. Tulio, where are you getting your stats from? Is this a guess?
          1) It seems a bit higher than 10% for pick up ability.
          2) way way WAY more than 10% of guys are in a sexual/romantic relationship.
          Honestly, all the guys that say things like you just did, they sound bitter and deluded to me. No offence, i don’t think this about you usually. But its like they aren’t getting any so they come up with a big conspiracy where nobody is getting any except an elite…its bullshit. Show me some data. And if there is some kind of trend you are onto that is real, you aren’t doing yourself any favours with this kind of obvious gross exaggeration.

        5. I specifically said, “one night stands”. Not sex. Yes, most men get sex, but they get it either from a wife or a girlfriend. There are few men that skilled rapidly seducing a perfect stranger and having sex within hours of meeting. Some guys will “get lucky” from time to time and do this, but few men can do this with any consistency.
          And yes, having been in the L.A. nightlife seen from about 18-35, I can say with confidence that most the guy in the club and bars aren’t leaving with a woman they just met that night. Maybe 5% do. Most either leave with some girl in their social network that they already know or go home wack off.

        6. ^^^ Sorry for so many grammatical errors. Mean to say *scene and I left out some other words. Wish there was an edit post option on comments.

        7. Exactly, Tulio. I agree with you 100% on that.
          10% of the guys are getting 90% of the one night stands. Most guys in bars and clubs go home empty handed.
          This is why there is a whore market right there. Demand for good-looking pussy far exceeds supply, so by the laws of supply and demand, it gets marked up a lot.

        8. Fair enough Tulio. I take some of that back then. I guess life isn’t fair and if you want one night stands, then its up to you to take your chances and try to get one. As long as guys are getting laid, that’s the main thing.
          btw Robert let me point out I didn’t make that comment about incels. I made it about one guy in particular who you said was intelligent, handsome and had a good career. A lot of those not so handsome, overweight broke guys have much less chance of succeeding on a dating site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        9. Tulio is right. 10% of guys are getting 90% of one night stands.
          However, quite a few guys are in relationships. But those guys are being made to pay in a sense. The woman wants something out of it – an attachment, a commitment, cohabitation, marriage, or money.
          Steve when I was in high school, I always said that 10% of the guys were getting 90% of the girls. That is an exaggeration, but that is sort of how it felt at the time.

        10. I have a confession to make. Yes I have met women and girls at dance halls, clubs, nightclubs, and bars and whatnot. Although I have been far more promiscuous than most men, the sad truth is that there has been one and only one time when I picked up a woman in a nightclub and had sex with her after we left the club. So the bar pickup – one night stand thing has happened to me exactly one time in my whole life. And how many times have I gone home from clubs, dance halls, bars and nightclubs alone? All the rest of the time. Sure, sometimes I got a woman’s phone number at the club and then dated her later, but going home alone after a bar to me is just typical.

  2. aren’t you the one who has often said he’s had sex with a lot of women, attracted women easily when you were young, and are still occasionally dating and getting laid? so you should know..

    1. Yep! But it’s not like I can get laid any day of the week that I feel like it! Because I can’t just go out and get laid any day of the week just because I feel like it (getting laid is frankly way more of a hassle than that), well, that is why a whore market exists.
      Think about it. Feminists and even you sort of are saying that guys can get laid just as easily as women can. In fact, almost all modern women actually believe this. This is because women are solipsistic. They can only see the world through a woman’s eyes. They think if it is true for women, then it must be true for men too.
      If that were true, then women would buy whores just as much as guys do. Or hardly anyone would ever buy whores because free sex is trivial.
      The whore market exists because of supply and demand. The demand for attractive pussy far exists the supply of available attractive women who give it up just like that. There’s a pussy shortage. A chronic pussy shortage. And getting laid is a great big gigantic hassle a lot of the time for guys. That is why guys get married – because of the pussy shortage. In fact, pussy is in such short supply, that once a guy finds a women who gives it up to him a lot, he figures I need to marry her to keep a ready supply of pussy on hand and never worry about chasing women anymore.
      I doubt if the whore market exists due to married men. Most guys who buy whores are single.

      1. Nah I aint saying guys can get laid as easily as women can. I would say that women can get laid easier.
        Feminists say a lot of stupid shit but I don’t think women are solipsistic and incapable of empathy. I think they are very capable of both empathy and common sense. Even though most women have absorbed feminist ideas, its the hardcore serious feminists that say most of the really stupid shit. You actually see ordinary women calling them on it in comments sections on newspapers. if most women believe that particular thing, its probably because nobody has explained to them or its not particularly obvious.
        I mean it really isn’t! Logic says that for every woman getting laid, there is a guy involved. You have to think a bit harder or dig a bit deeper to realise that maybe (MAYBE) a minority of guys are getting more than their share. If that is the case then it must be because men are more willing to fuck below their station, which could well be based in biology- men can get as many pregnant as they can have sex with…woman are looking out for the best genes for their one pregnancy.
        If that’s the case, i guess that’s life in the jungle. You have to make an effort and try to impress them or convince them to have sex with you. You’d have to have a pretty absurd sense of entitlement to complain that there aren’t attractive woman letting you fuck them whenever you feel like. I mean, if you complain there aren’t ANY woman who will fuck you, okay.

        1. And the reason i’m not too concerned about this for society in general is that a lot of guys are in relationships. Women might want to fuck equal or above their station but because of monogamy they probably can’t have a full blown relationship with an alpha male. They have to settle for a guy at their level. I see a lot of guys in relationships. maybe not as many as want to but a lot.

        2. They’ll finally settle when reality hits that they are never going to bag prince charming that’s 6’4″, makes 150K a year and has six pack abs. But they’ll let these guys pump and dump them through their prime years.

        3. I am honestly not complaining about 15% of the guys (Alphas and whatnot) monopolizing 90% of the best single women. In the Game/PUA neck of the woods, this is called female hypergamy. Supposedly females are more hypergamous now than they have been in recent decades. I have no idea if that is true, as I saw this very same female hypergamy in spades at my high school.
          But the female hypergamy and the 15% – 90% thing has worked out pretty well for me at certain stages of my life anyway. On the other hand, it’s been a disaster for a lot of my brothers, and I doubt if this sort of thing is sustainable in the long term.

        4. Tulio, I’d like to know the stats for how many men and women in their prime years- say 20’s- are in relationships. It seems not a low % so the ‘settling’ or whatever, finding a guy they want to be in a relationship with, may start early.

  3. I once hooked up with a chick at a nightclub at Sutra Lounge in midtown. She took me back to her high rise condo and we made out. However, as I started undressing her, she refused and then wanted me to sleep with her for the night instead of fucking. Has that ever happened? Felt real strange. I scooted out needless to say.

  4. True words never spoken Robert.
    I’m of Asian background, 33 years old and have never gotten laid, no joke. And I got only a few responses from a couple of dating sites I joined, but I don’t use them anymore obviously. White and black men get all the fun!

      1. Thanks for the reply. I was born/live in Australia, I’m a full-blooded Filipino, 5 foot 10 in height and work in the IT sector. I completed my tertiary studies at a technical college. My IQ was measured at 118. Personality-wise, I am polite, introverted, quiet, down-to-earth, neat, conscientious, insightful and good-natured individual.
        But yes, at 33 years old I am still a single virgin who has never had a girlfriend. I definitely have a preference for women and I’m honestly not gay. Women probably perceive me as being too nice and one that is lacking in self-confidence. I’m of average build and I don’t consider myself as unattractive.

        1. Well stick around then. Maybe the guys on the site will give you some advice. All you Incel guys are always welcome here. I will never make fun of you, yell at you or put you down. All of you are my brothers, and I have had some pretty long dry spells myself.

          1. I will. I visit your site maybe once a week. I have a particular interest in posts such as this. I also think your political posts are quite intriguing, and your stance to be fairly unique (Socialist race realist). Thanks for your kind words by the way. It is reassuring to know that there is a large ‘incel’ community out there.

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