The "Egalitarian Left" Strawman

Francis Meville writes:

My opinion is that the African Negro race has been given to us by nature as the proof writ gigantic of the utter inanity of all humanistic equalitarian theories…

HBD’ers are always accusing the Left of believing that all humans are equal in every way, but the truth is that almost no one on the Left believes that. Francis has set up a liberal straw man – the egalitarian straw men. Although many liberals and Lefties do not like to believe in genetic differences among races, I assure you that almost everyone on the Left is fully aware that some humans are more intelligent than other humans. Most would even break down human intelligence into Retarded, Borderline retarded, Low Normal, High Normal, Bright, Gifted and Genius. Most would say it certainly makes sense to categorize intelligence in that way. Furthermore, most everyone on the Left is well aware that some folks have short time frames while others have longer preferences. So as you can see, almost no one on the Left is arguing that “all human beings are equal.” That is called the “egalitarian lie” and HBD’ers use it all the time. Where the Left has a problem is in saying that whole entire races are superior or inferior to whole other races. But even here, the Left’s motivation for believing this comes from a spirit of kindness, decency and generosity, whereas most HBD’ers seem to be coming from a place of hatred, contempt and extreme racism towards what they see as inferior races. In other words, one group is coming from a warmhearted place while the other is coming from an ugly and coldhearted place. Motivations are important in life. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

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6 thoughts on “The "Egalitarian Left" Strawman”

  1. Generally speaking, most HBDs promote an alpha male fear mentality. They’re not interested in any loving interaction among the races, unless, it’s some nostalgia for antebellum slavery, British Imperialism, or Jim Crow (white man’s burden mentality). How many times have I heard it shoved down people’s throats? This idea that the white man saved Africa from the savage Africans.

    1. Bring back Rudyard Kipling and the Birth of a Nation. How wonderful. How uplifting.
      I’ve got a great idea! Let’s not forwards like intelligent humans. Let’s go backwards instead! That’s the plan!

      1. Well, sometimes people need tough love. I mean your drill instructor isn’t going to tell you how “special you are”. Nonetheless, the “white man’s burden thing” is very condescending. Try espousing that attitude in any non-white nation, and see the reaction from the crowd.

  2. YOU don’t, Robert, but most leftists I encounter are rabid egalitarians, and they can’t, or won’t, understand that each race has a bell curve, so of COURSE there are Blacks more intelligent than most Whites. I don’t know any HBD people who deny that.

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