"Freedom of the Press" in the UK

Check this out.
Outright distortion and bias on the Scottish independence referendum. That’s the BBC, the state-owned media. It’s not the corporate media and I suppose it ought to be relatively free of bias. Instead it seems to be the house organ of the British state similar to the way Pravda was in the USSR. The corporate media in the UK, like the corporate media in the US, follows the corporate/state party line on many issues. Diversity of opinion, as in the US, is basically nonexistent. As is bias and a tremendous amount of lying.
We already know there is no freedom of the press here in the US. All of the media outlets are owned by the same folks, and on many issues, they are pretty much all saying the same thing. There is no significant real dissident media in the US.
Well, now it looks like there is no freedom of the press in the UK either.
But the British they do somewhat better than the US. For instance John Pilger is a regular columnist in the Guardian.
I have also received some reports out of Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia stating that there is no real freedom of the press there either and the entire media just sings as a chorus on many issues.
For instance, virtually 100% of major European media is taking the US/EU stance on the Ukrainian crisis. I cannot think of one large European outlet that is taking the Russian point of view.
So it looks like there might not be much of a free press in all of Europe!
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