Classes in a Socialist Society

You also admit there are superior people in terms of IQ and gratification inhibition such as the Jews, the Northern Germanic, the Northern Chinese; on the other hand you are a socialist and oppose a society of classes such as India always was, such as Southern Confederacy used to be, such as post-modern America strives to be. You seem to hate India with an especial fervour.

I do not oppose a society of classes but obviously as a socialist I am not fond of feudal like extreme class based societies with profound inequities in income. I would rather have a more egalitarian society in which few people were very poor or very rich, and most people were somewhere in that vast region in between.
I have said before that even in a socialist society, I would have no problem with those who had doctorates (dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, attorneys, professors) making up to eight times the minimum wage. So if the minimum wage in the US is $16,500/yr, I would allow people with doctorates to earn up to eight times that or $132,000/yr. Sure that would be a class based society somewhat, but I am ok with that.
I also have no particular problem with societies in which some have extreme wealth while everyone else is more or less taken care of at some reasonable level such as in Western Europe, Canada, Australia, Iran, the Gulf or the Arab World.
As long as workers have good lives and good incomes, I am not all that concerned that a few folks are wallowing in whatever riches they are managing to obtain. The outrage is not so much that some have way too much but more than so many do not have nearly enough.
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4 thoughts on “Classes in a Socialist Society”

  1. People think intelligence only has to do with ethnicity but it also has to do with the families you come from. Someone from a very long line of intelligent people breeding with one another from a lower IQ nation will score higher on the IQ test than the person from mediocre families in the higher IQ nation. There are subgroups within nations as well that are more educated.
    Regression to the mean doesn’t happen that much in long lines of selective breeding or breeding with the brightest. It only happens when you are out of the norm for your family, say a genius born to a single mother and a thug.

  2. I think after doctors spend so many grueling years in medical school they deserve incomes worth several hundred thousand for what they face. They also save lives. 132k is not enough to pay off the loans unless you are very lucrative.

    1. That would be a good solution to get more people to become doctors.
      What should be used to motivate people to go through medical school and grueling residency programs if not higher income? I just think that people that go through this should be heavily compensated. What they do is far more important than say the horrible singers we’re exposed to today yet the horrible singers make multi millions.

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