The Crime – IQ – Poverty Conundrum

Jason Y writes:

The black tendency toward crime must be due to testosterone, not low IQ. As you said, plenty of low IQ areas have a lot less crime than black areas. In addition, you said that being poor has no relation to crime, and cited Southern Appalachia as an example. Of course, in all the non-black areas cited, family values has often played a huge role in keeping civility. However, it can’t be the only factor, as testosterone is another major factor. As we know, there are enough heathens in non-black areas to raise hell, yet none is raised as much as with blacks.

An 85 IQ of US and UK Blacks is not even all that low on a world scale. Many Arab states have IQ’s in that range, and they have almost no crime. It is certainly not true that at 85 IQ, a population is so stupid that they are doomed to mass criminality.
If an 85 IQ doesn’t cause mass crime in the Arab World or Iran, why would it automatically with Blacks? Makes no sense.
I am not sure about poverty either. Countries like Georgia and Moldova are horribly poor, but there is little crime. And we can look at the West Virginian example that shows that very poor people can indeed behave very well and commit surprisingly low levels of crime.
On the other hand, crime is related to IQ and poverty. Under the old scale, the US White IQ was 10o, but the US White criminal IQ was 90, 10 points lower. I believe that Black criminals also have similarly lower IQ’s than US Blacks in general. I am not sure how many criminal types you all have known or been around, but I have known quite a few street criminals in my life. One thing that hits you over and over is how stupid most street criminals are. When you think about it, being a street crook is a pretty dumb thing to do. Most of them get caught, and the downside is pretty ugly.
And it is well known that during recessions or depressions, crime can increase. During Cuba’s Special Period, the crime rate went wild, particularly property crime. The type of crime that usually goes up as poverty increases in a population is typically property crime, not violent crime. Which figures. The poorer people are, the more they want to rip stuff off. But being poor alone doesn’t necessarily increase violent crime.
Nevertheless, in most nations, you will indeed find the most property crime and violent crime in the poorest, crappiest parts of town, which shows there is a link.
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0 thoughts on “The Crime – IQ – Poverty Conundrum”

  1. Blacks have less advancement time out of the hunter-gatherer spirit. I identify with this because at heart, I’m a hunter-gatherer. I admire and worship the spirit of living for today. I don’t buy into the communal spirit of sharing and joint-ownership and bartering. Fuck all that.

    1. Hey if you like em so much you could always move to the hood. There are lots of them there and you can observe them in their natural habitat. And maybe even interact with them! B-but be careful! I hear rent in the hood is awful cheap. I really don’t think you could handle the hood. You been in the barrio your whole life, Mex. I mean yeah I know you are pretty hard from all those years in Chololandia, but if you think the barrio is bad-ass, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, nigga! Try the hood on for size!
      I suppose I l am also a hunter gatherer. I like to hunt women and I try to gather them too if they are docile enough and do not require hunting.

      1. I do think there us a biological connection to being closer to the hunter gatherer. In an agri society you evolve around agri cycles. In ancient times these cycles would have been yearly. Its a different way of thinking compared to hunting or gathering what you need now. Modern society is based on agrarian while crime is based on the hunter design.

  2. Here is part of my exchange with Chuck at Occidentalist:
    Me: What is your view of the genetic IQ potential of sub saharan Africans?
    Chuck: See here: A while back I argued that the genetic g of sub saharan Africans was about 1 SD lower than that of Europeans. I haven’t changed my position. I found some more UK data, btw. Based on 2 recent studies, the adult UK BW phenotypic gap looks to be about 0.7 SD — Not much smaller than the U.S. White- 2nd gen Black gap.
    0.7 SD gap would give a UK adult black IQ of 89.5 (right?) to the white 100.
    I assume he is estimating immigrant selection and then allowing for regression tot he mean to arrive at a genotypic IQ of 85 for SS African.

      1. The above scores could be depressed somewhat by foreign born blacks ,whose scores may be affected by environmental effects from home countries(e.g.: disease burden, as Chuck had proposed before), esp: those who immigrated at relatively late ages; (adolescence or later).
        I think Chuck may have later raised a point along the lines of the above, in a latter thread of the same “openpsych” forum.

  3. If someone such as myself as an IQ of 105, but still has developmental disabilities, I guess that makes the normal minded lower IQ person better functioning in human society then. Then that makes them better than me therefore. but i also wonder about the average I.q. of a police officer, for I read once how someone with 125 IQ level was legally not allowed to join the force due to his high IQ. Why would that be the case?

      1. In places such as Saudi Arabia. I disagree with a lot of the way the laws are handled but I think in some ways it beats how the West handles it. People without consciences will only respond to fear. Talking it out never works in the real world.

  4. The Romans had a brutal system of justice. Do you think most of the Roman population had a low iQ?

  5. Again, on the subject of black crime, blacks have become like facebook members. A joke goes that facebook is free cause the members are the product. 😆 Get it ??
    Blacks are the products of an industry, much as in slavery. They have to be fed, clothed, much as people in a nursing home must be treated.
    Right, and people say blacks are draining our nation dry as far as money goes..

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