About That Poverty-Crime Link…

Jason Y writes:

I live near West Virginia. Just wait in a few years, this place will be a ghetto. We got plenty of one parent homes, along with pill and meth abuse. The only thing keeping this ship from going down is all the people who aren’t doing drugs. In black inner cities, unfortunately, there aren’t enough good guys to outweigh the bad.

West Virginia is the second poorest state in the US. It also has the second lowest crime rate, and nearly all of the crime there is property crime. So much for that poverty-crime link. The catch? West Virginia is almost all White. The single parenthood thing is not good, but the White rate now is ~27 The drug thing in West Virginia has been going on for a very long time now. Most of it is pills – narcotics pills like Oxycontin. West Virginia in the past was way poorer than it was now. That place has always been Deliverance dirt poor. West Virginia ain’t turning into a ghetto any time soon. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

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  1. The black tendency toward crime must be due to testosterone, not low IQ. As you said, plenty of low IQ areas have a lot less crime than black areas. In addition, you said that being poor has no relation to crime, and cited Southern Appalachia as an example. Of course, in all the non-black areas cited, family values has often played a huge role in keeping civility. However, it can’t be the only factor, as testosterone is another major factor. As we know, there are enough heathens in non-black areas to raise hell, yet none is raised as much as with blacks.

    1. These areas are a sociologist’s dream come true. Tell us everything about W Virginia.

  2. W Virginia. may not be all real shabby. But try living in New Mexico, like I did. The crimes that seemed to happen the most were involving assaults against other people or perceived violations of honor.

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