US Blacks and African Blacks Compared

In a previous post, I told how I used to work with a group of people combating Internet scammers out of Nigeria. These Nigerians were so scummy that I started thinking how lucky we are in the US to have our US African-Americans as opposed to these pure hardcore African Blacks! US Blacks have been here for centuries and culturally, we have wrung a lot of the African out of them, which is a good thing. Our US Blacks look like saints so much compared to these African monsters that I almost felt like getting down on my knees and shouting to God about how great our US Blacks were. This also showed up how Blacks’ problems are not all genetic because there is not a lot of genetic difference between a fresh out of the jungle African and the Black guy next door. However, I will say that in the depths of the worst ghettos or maybe when all controls go off like after Hurricane Katrina, all of those centuries of civilizing the US Blacks got here seem to be swept away in an instant, and Africa comes crashing right back in just like one of those 30 foot Katrina waves. You think US Blacks are bad, you ain’t seen nothing. A lot of US Blacks act pretty good. On the other hand, the number of these Africans that we dealt with that behaved even remotely human was less than 5 If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

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20 thoughts on “US Blacks and African Blacks Compared”

  1. There are definitely distinct differences between American and African blacks, but they are few and far between. One of them is one group appears in the pages of National Geographic, and the other group appears in Ebony and Source.

    1. I’m sorry, I meant International Geographic, but with regard to National Geographic, never say never.

  2. ‘These Nigerians were so scummy that I started thinking how lucky we are in the US to have our US African-Americans as opposed to these pure hardcore African Blacks!’
    So you’re judging Africans by Nigerian scammers, one of the worst samples you could find? What’s the point of that? You haven’t been to Africa have you? You’re experience of Africans is Nigerian scammers. Why don’t you go and then see what you think of the people?
    I don’t know if you’re going to get a lot of sensible people reading the blog with posts like this.

    1. Robert I have to humbly disagree with you. Blacks that I’ve met here from Ethiopia and Eritrea seem really well behaved. Is it because of the mixed genetics they got from colonization of their land?

      1. I’m sure you would find many similarly nice people in (or from) any African country. I’ve known a couple of African women- very vibrant and nice. Whenever I see Africans on the television, they seem nice. The kids are always smiling and dancing, despite their lack of wealth.

        1. Well, we also met a number of them from Ghana, and those were just as bad as the Nigerians. We had a Yahoo group for fighting scammers, but people kept bringing in all of these Africans to “help” us. They did nothing but cause problems. Most of them turned out to be scammer criminals. Those that were not scammers would try to talk to women in the group and the first thing they would do is whip their dicks out to the women and it freaked a lot of them out. Others were marriage scammers trying to get married to a White woman to get into the US. They caused so many problems and were so predictable that we eventually had to throw all of the Africans out of the group and we had to put in a really ugly new rule that said that all Black Africans were banned from joining the group. We had about ~1,000 members, and they all agreed.

        2. You do NOT want to go to Black Africa. It is Hell on Earth unless you go on a safari. Very dangerous place.
          I have heard that if you go out to some of the small villages in Nigeria, the people, especially the women, are really nice.

      1. Lol I haven’t met the average African. But from the stuff written hear and from testimonies from friends, I’m starting to see blacks as a lost cause. With Western Education and White admixture, then maybe they can be saved 🙂

  3. Hey this article is a bit racist. In defence of blacks from Africa, they come from a varying lot and you can’t paint everyone with the same brush. Ghana is next door to Nigeria and the people that arrive in India from over there, in my experience are incredibly honest, hard-working (most of the world’s cocoa and coffee comes from there) and best of all, good Christians. If Christianity ever made a difference to a country, Ghana would shine as an incredible example of how the Gospel can empower and transform a society and culture.
    The Nigerians, on the other hand, are complete scumbags, I give it to you. They come from a country which is 50% Islamist and marauding gangs of Al-Qaida types are kidnapping Christian schoolgirls by their hundreds and beheadings are pretty common too. And of course, it’s the country which originated the 419 “get rich by email” scams. Probably survival is tough in Nigeria which makes people resort to unethical tactics to feed their families.
    Some other African countries that would fall into the Nigeria category: Liberia (Google General Buttnaked), Uganda (Idi Amin), Zimbabwe, Somalia (where they practice female circumcision), Congo (something about cannibalism from Tintin comics creates a negative stereotype), Rwanda (they massacre each other by the millions when they get bored).
    However, some African countries are not in the same league as Nigeria. Ethiopians are good-looking people and have created a modern, crime free society. Kenya is where Barack Obama’s father came from, other than that not much clue. They have some filthy slums though in Nairobi.
    Black South Africans are a mixed bunch: I’ve been a lifelong admirer of Nelson Mandela and really enjoyed the recent movie: “Long Walk to Freedom”. I heard Namibia is a very good country as a sizeable percentage of its populate comprises expats from non-black countries.
    Most people mistakenly think that Africa is this monolithic continent where everyone’s black and there’s poverty everywhere you go. In reality, Africa is the second largest continent in this world after Asia in terms of land area and FIVE time zones. It provides more than 50% of the world’s minerals and cash crops without which our modern lives would simply erode into oblivion: gold, diamonds, tungsten, cadmium, titanium, coffee, cocoa.
    I heard there was a proposal for some kind of African Union along the lines of European Union. If this comes through, Africa could become the most powerful country and trading bloc in the world.
    I’m all for a bright and brilliant future for Africa. BLACK POWER.

    1. I am for a great new Africa too with a bright and brilliant future. A bit worried about whether it is possible though. Zimbabwe is actually ok. The people in the capital city are pretty cool and there is not much poverty by African standards.
      I knew a guy from Togo and not only was he one of the smartest human beings I have ever met (I mean that literally)*, but he was a really nice and cool guy. And boy could he get laid.
      His name is Coco and he was a good friend of mine for a bit there.
      *At one point he was working with some of the top computer science students in the world from MIT. He got a Masters in Computer Science and I think at one point he was looking at a doctorate.

      1. yet another racist post a black guy fucked your girlfriend and then she left you or what? your small dick is worried and makes you to write these kinds of rubbish lololol

        1. You silly Black woman. Did you go to school. Do you have problems with reading comprehension? This posts lauds US Blacks (your group, silly) and compares them favorably with African Blacks. You would know that except you flunked English.
          Back to your street corner honey.

  4. African Black people are better at shooting bows and arrows, and shooting poison darts into their prey and adversaries.

  5. A lot of the problems of US blacks are caused by one parent homes. However, I’m not sure about Africa. I do know that many Africans have been orphaned because of AIDS. Could this relate to the problem?

  6. 1) You start talking about bad Nigerians and then start talking about Africans in general as if Nigerians are a reflection on all Africans. Let’s not forget that Africa is a continent, not a country, the biggest continent after Asia. A lot of people just throw all Africans into a single category with no respect for variances across the continent.
    2) If worked combating Nigerian scammers, so of course you’re going to see the ugly side of Nigerians. If you were a Nazi hunter you’d walk away thinking Germans are scumbags. What percentage of Nigerians work in email scamming? I can’t imagine it’s anymore than a few percent at most. I’ve never been to Nigeria but the Nigerians I’ve met that have immigrated to the West are just normal people with normal jobs.
    3) You do realize that all those reports of mayhem after Katrina were mostly lies, right? Supposedly women were being raped in the Superdome, armed bandits robbing people and whatnot. Turns out it never even happened.

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