Alt Left: The Collapse of Post-Colonial Africa, or What Went Wrong?

Jason Y writes:

A lot of the problems of US blacks are caused by one parent homes. However, I’m not sure about Africa. I do know that many Africans have been orphaned because of AIDS. Could this relate to the problem?

Although traditional life in much of Africa was reportedly short, nasty and brutish as reported by early White travelers to the region (see Negroes in Negroland, available on the web), in the 20th Century, it was not all bad. As you can see below, traditional Nigerian village life had little crime.

I knew a very smart and honest Nigerian man who came from a small village. He himself admitted that his country was a failed state. He said that in his village there was almost no crime. There were very strict rules against every sort of legal transgression and the punishments were very serious. You could be banned from the village, beaten up, or tortured. In many cases of more serious crime such as rape or homicide, you were simply killed, just like that. So the death penalty was in force for much crime.

I read once on a forum about a guy who went and lived in a Nigerian village for a while. There was almost no crime there, and people were very nice. The women are all super horny and he was a single White man. Half the women in the village wanted him. So he entertained one after the other of these women sexually. They all knew what was going on and did not mind being one of many although they all hoped to nab him. The women were also very feminine, submissive and even shy, which shows that there is no biological imperative for Black women to be highly masculine compared to females of other races.

Almost all of the crime and chaos coming out of Nigeria is from the Christian South. In the North, although there is a terrorist problem, there is reportedly almost zero crime. Almost no Internet scamming whatsoever takes place in the Muslim North. Furthermore, most politicians in the North are comparatively honest, while finding an honest politician from the Christian South is so impossible that it would probably violate a law of physics to find one.

Traditional village life in Nigeria before 1960 had very little crime. There were very strict rules that had to be obeyed and they had the Asian “do not bring shame on your family” thing. Village life has now broken down and West African villages are often frighteningly poor. So many have moved to the cities of Africa. The poverty and squalor in these cities is simply insane.

Traditional culture has for all intents and purposes collapsed and the rest has been chaos, anarchy, massive corruption, a phenomenal crime rate, and overall extreme dysfunction. Most African large cities are simply flat out dangerous. I would not advise anyone to go there.

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0 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Collapse of Post-Colonial Africa, or What Went Wrong?”

    1. To be fair, he said Dubai like. That was built by Europeans too.
      Tulio, there are some surprisingly nice and modern bits of SS Africa. I’ve been looking up photos of capital cities. There are currently high rates of slum dwelling in these cities (though it varies a hell of a lot) but I would expect this to decrease over time. I will share some of my favourite ones but not now.

    2. Why do you assume whites are paying for it? I’m sure Nigerian oil money pays for it. You think whites are just handing out free money to build modern cities in Nigeria? And how do you know who exactly is building it? I doubt that you went and checked the list of contractors working on the project. You probably don’t know one way or the other and are operating on assumptions. Are you going to tell there are no Nigerian architectural firms? I just googled and saw this one, and all the names are Nigerian names:
      I don’t even know why I’m giving a serious response to a blatant troll. I should know better.

      1. On the link I gave it showed the principles of that Nigerian architectural firm, I saw no Western or Asian names there. I saw no evidence that they are managed or financed by whites. The staff page also showed all African names:
        Stop making such claims unless you have evidence to substantiate it.
        The rest of your whining drivel isn’t even worth response.

    3. It looks like its not built yet Tulio. It looks great but they should put money into improving Lagos. Give slum dwellers a decent place to live. That should be the priority.
      By the way, I would bet my bottom dollar European or American firms are significantly involved in this. They often are, even in Dubai. Even in fucking China.

      1. Oh yeah, I’m sure there’s heavy involvement by contractors outside of Africa. But that troll was making some pretty absurd assumptions about who is paying for it and who was involved in the construction. Since there are Nigerian construction firms I would have to assume that at least some of the construction will be done by them.

      Consultants: Dar Al-Handasah, MZ architects, AR=H architects (all Lebanese). Royal Haskoning- founded in the Netherlands.
      Contractors: dredging international (founded in Antwerp, Belgium),
      South Energyx Nigeria ltd, a subsidiary of the Chagoury group are the developers. The Chagoury group was founded by Gilbert Chagoury, a Nigerian born of Lebanese immigrant parents. I’ve no idea if Mr Chagoury is still active in the company or the ethnicity of the employees or the people who run it.
      Big Lebanese connection for some reason.

  1. Robert, this is a far more balanced and sensible and insightful article than the previous one that came across as a crude racist rant.
    Also, it had sex appeal. The guy in the village story- that was hot.

      1. It may have a culture like Southeast Asian countries where prostitution is rampant and local men couldn’t care less about men flying in and fucking the local women. In Thailand all you see is 50 year old plus white men walking around with Thai girls that look like late teenagers.

        1. I think southeast Asian men are happy to share women with whites, as it provides locals with a source of money via marriage or prostitution fees.. Nonetheless, if you rape them, or disrespect their nation, they will cut your throat.

  2. ‘In the North, although there is a terrorist problem, there is reportedly almost zero crime.’
    Really? Well there goes the crazy full black African jungle bunnies are irredeemably evil and its all in their genes hypothesis.

    1. Yes. That was ages ago and I only left a few comments. Are you the commenter formerly known as coward? The dude who used to pretend to be a black kid.

  3. The collapse of family values is to blame, as Robert said. Anytime blacks are exposed to religion and family, than everything gets better. For instance, my racist brother in law (He’s a Mexican.) complained of dirty bathrooms (and bad service) in fast food restaurants in Charlotte, NC. On the other hand, I visited a local black church, and it was so clean you could eat lunch on the toilet.
    However, you could argue family values brings up the civility of any people. Considering all the meth and pill use in my neck of the woods (mostly white), I can’t get down on blacks much.

  4. Northeast Asians aren’t the heartless monsters that everyone portrays them as. Also, remember, at one time, whites had no guilt over their racism. It wasn’t that long ago either.
    For instance, in South Korea there was a big thing over a half Korean-black football player. A lot of Koreans felt sympathy for him. Of course, they only liked him cause he was doing something positive for Korea (He won the Super Bowl.). On the other hand, Apollo Ohno (half Japanese – American) was racially hated, because he supposedly cheated Korea. Nonetheless, Koreans are making progress.

    1. I don’t think everyone portrays them as heartless monsters btw. I’ve know Japanese, Koreans and Chinese people and they were all very cool.

      1. Lots of them are cool people. Nonetheless, be on the look out for white worship. Some can be pretty phony, so consider the motivation.

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