Politically Homeless

Quit calling yourself a leftist you idiot you are example of far right. Don’t hide that you hate the democrats, its pretty evident in all the posts your scummy ass types you republican punk.
No leftists espouses this much racism like you, you are a perfect rightwinger ass-clown!!

This comment went to the spam bin, but I get comments and emails like this from liberals, Leftists, Communists, socialists and Democrats all the time. I am banned from a very large number of Leftist sites, and some even have policies against linking to me on the grounds of “no platform for fascists.” They all ban me on the basis that I am a “racist” and an “anti-Semite.”
How can I possibly be a rightwinger when I hardly agree with one single view that they espouse?
It is really rather bizarre. Truth is I am a socialist economically.
I am on the mailing list of a number of pro-Black groups and I support the US Blacks politically.
Although I am called sexist constantly, I consider myself a feminist and I am on the mailing list of a number of feminist groups whom I support politically. I am actually a former member of the National Organization for Women (NOW), but I left because there were too many stupid radical feminists in there. I support much, though certainly not all, of the feminist political agenda. I am especially strong on abortion rights.
I am constantly called homophobic, but I have gay friends, and I am on the mailing lists of a number of gay organizations whom I support politically. I support most of the gay political agenda.
I am not sure if I have ever voted for a Republican in my life, except sometimes where only Republicans are running for the seat. I do not believe I will vote for a Republican in a competitive race with liberal parties before I die.
I generally vote Democrat but my hatred for the Democratic Party is so extreme that I often vote Third Party (leftwing). That means I vote either Green or Peace and Freedom. I am a former activist in the Democratic Party, Green Party USA and Communist Party USA. I have had long phone conversations with high ranking members of the Green Party, the Socialist Party USA and the Communist Party USA.
I hate the Democrats because they are not leftwing enough.
Nevertheless, I am always accused of being a reactionary, a fascist, a far rightwinger, or a Republican.
When I was told I was not welcome on a huge number of leftwing sites, I wandered over to some Rightwing pro-Republican Party sites where I promptly received the beating of my life.
So really I am politically homeless.
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0 thoughts on “Politically Homeless”

  1. Interesting post. I somewhat feel that way too. I can’t be around liberals too long because they’re too caught up in feminism and all this gay cheerleading and open immigration. And the right just sucks on economic equality issues, healthcare, taxcuts for wealthy, etc.
    Maybe you should start a support group for people like you and then take it from there.

  2. I’m not blind to the faults or blind spots of the left (such as it is), but at least even the worst and most misguided leftists are concerned about real moral and ethical issues, and basically mean well. Almost all rightists I’ve met–even the “nice” ones–seem to be projecting their own sociopathy onto the world at large.

    1. Well that is why I really do feel like I am on the liberal-Left somewhere. Where do these jerks get off telling me that I cannot possibly be a liberal or a leftwinger? Who are they? God? If I call myself a leftwinger, Goddamn it, that is what I am!
      Virtually nothing that conservatives say or do resonates with me in any way whatsoever. Even their take on race realism, which I believe in, seems ugly. I support them on illegal immigration, but I do not hate it for the same stupid reasons that they do. I used to post on an anti-illegal immigration website. Everyone there was a Republican conservative. After they found out I was not one of them and I was one of the liberal enemy, I was permanently banned. Really hurt my feelings.
      I must say it hurts my feelings as a leftwinger to be called all these stupid names like racist, sexist, homophobe, bla bla. But I guess that is the whole purpose right? They are trying to beat me over the head enough times until I get in line and follow the party line once again, right?

  3. Most of these internet support groups are just a bunch of trolls. If you call yourself a socialist, you must check out Communist Party chapters in your local area. They’re present in each and every city of the world.
    I don’t think any reasonable person would call you racist.

      1. I’m that one who was going to start sessions for OCD but then a check of mine got lost in the mail. I’m subscribed to your blog and a bunch of posts popped up in my email, and they looked interesting, so I figured I’d check ’em out.

  4. I feel politically homeless too. I support the right for people to unionize for better wages but I don’t want high taxes, money wasted on supporting people to breed multiple kids out of wedlock. I support the deserving poor especially the homeless getting help immediately instead of waiting months or years but there should be some kind of labor or volunteering in exchange.
    I think that generous and indiscriminate welfare systems are why Europe attracts trashy immigrants and why things are going bankrupt. I also don’t want any foreign aide going anywhere unless there is some kind of extreme emergency such as a mega earthquake. All countries should be cut off. No bailouts of companies should be allowed either. If you fail, you obviously didn’t ruin your business right. At most a temporary loan should be offered but only to necessary industries such as the auto industry. I also thing the youth should have an option to opt out of social security. It won’t be there when we’re older so I don’t see why I should have to pay into the system.

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