Let's Play Who Hates Who!

Indian nationalists hate Muslims, Christians, Whites, Asians and Blacks. Really everyone who is not a Hindu.
Chinese nationalists hate Whites, Blacks, Jews, Southeast Asians and the non-Han people of China. Remember Huax?
Korean nationalists hate Japanese, Chinese, Whites, Jews, and Blacks. Remember Hacienda?
Vietnamese nationalists hate the Chinese.
Arab nationalists hate Jews and Iranians. With a passion! The worst ones hate Assyrians, Kurds and Berbers also.
Lebanese Christian nationalists hate Arabs and Muslims in general and they especially hate Palestinians and Syrians.
Armenian nationalists hate the Azeris and the Turks.
Assyrian nationalists hate Muslims in general, Arabs and Turks.
Russian nationalists pretty much hate everyone who is not a non-Nordic and non-Slavic Whites. Particular hatred is reserved for Jews, Muslims, Caucasians, Armenians and Asians.
Ukrainian nationalists hate Russians, Jews and apparently Poles.
Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Finnish nationalists hate Russians.
Polish hate Russians and Jews.
German nationalists hate Jews.
Kurdish nationalists hate Turks, Arabs and Iranians. They also in general hate Shia and Yezidi Kurds.
Castillian nationalists hate Basques, Asturians, Galicians and Catalans.
Crimean Tatar nationalists hate Russians.
English nationalists hate the Irish and Catholics in general.
Argentine nationalists hate the British and Jews.
Uighur nationalists hate the Chinese.
Basque nationalists hate the Castillians and the French.
Catalan nationalists hate the Castillians.
Occitan, Breton and Corsican nationalists hate the French.
Venetian nationalists hate the Italians.
Valencian nationalists hate the Catalans and the Castillians.
Circassian nationalists hate Russians.
Rusyn nationalists hate Ukrainians.
Nepali nationalists hate Indians.
Hawaiian nationalists hate Whites.
Indonesian nationalists hate Christians and Chinese.
Filipino nationalists hate the Chinese.
Malay nationalists hate Christians and the Chinese.
Irish nationalists hate the English and Protestants in particular.
Georgian nationalists hate the Abkhazians and the Ossetians.
Hungarian, Bulgarian and Romanian nationalists hate Jews and Gypsies.
Northern Italian nationalists hate Muslims and Southern Italians.
Serbian nationalists hate Muslims, Hungarians, Rusyns, Muslim Bosnians, Albanians and Croats.
Croatian nationalists hate Serbs the most but there is some hatred towards Bosnian Muslims.
Albanian nationalists hate Serbs, Gypsies, Macedonians and Greeks.
Macedonian nationalists hate Muslims, Albanians and Greeks.
Pashtun nationalists hate the Hazara.
Pakistani nationalists hate Indian Hindus.
Greek nationalists hate Turks, Jews and Albanians.
Turkish nationalists hate Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, Russians, Christians and Jews.
Iranian or Persian nationalists hate the US, the British and especially Arabs.
Black nationalists mostly just hate Whites.
Jewish nationalists hate non-Jews in general, particularly Christians, Muslims, Arabs, Turks, Iranians, Germans, Poles, Russians and Blacks.
Japanese nationalists hate Blacks, Chinese, Koreans and Southeast Asians. Honestly everyone who is not Japanese.
Mongolian nationalists frankly hate everyone who is not a Mongolian.
Thai nationalists hate Cambodians and Burmese.
Everybody hates the Roma. Haha.
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30 thoughts on “Let's Play Who Hates Who!”

  1. Robert,
    Ever thought of playing the PolyAnna game, and focusing on who likes who? Instead of looking for what divides the human race, you could look at what glues it together.
    Often people are complex. Sometimes a person has some things about them that you like, and some things you don’t understand or dislike. If you focus on the things you like and have in common, I think it makes for a better chance of living harmoniously.
    If I recall correctly, in a social experiment very young Muslims and Jews were put together in the same football teams, and the children quickly bonded in spite of their different backgrounds.
    There are always different ways at looking at the same thing. If you draw attention to the positive points of view, often others follow your lead and focus on the positives, and the negatives can get lost in the background.

    1. People hating each other causes a lot more problems in the world than people liking each other. I am opposed to the hatred of the ethnic nationalists, and I am calling them out on their bullshit, which is the purpose of this post. I am an investigative and crusading journalist, and I am not that interested in writing about what is wonderful.
      Anyway, most ethnic groups do not particularly like each other all that much when it comes down to it!

      1. I take your point about being an investigative journalist. Anything which gets people thinking can be helpful. Sorry to hear though that if the world ever became perfect, you would not have anything you were interested in writing about. Bit of a contradiction isn’t it, if the world was perfect, you would be redundant as a writer.

        1. Yeah well this comment is really dumb as the world will never be perfect probably ever and certainly not in my lifetime.
          What are you some kind of Pollyanna or something?
          And what is the purpose of your commenting on these threads except to make science fiction suggestions of a world that will probably never come to be.

  2. Lindsay, have u made such observations on Asian nationalists only? 4got ur own homeland or what??

    1. Banned.
      I already discussed White nationalists and Black nationalists. We have all sorts of ethnic nationalist boneheads here, but as “American” is not an ethnicity, we don’t really have American ethnic nationalists, you Hindu idiot.

  3. Indian nationalists hate Muslims, Christians, Whites, Asians and Blacks. Really everyone who is not a Hindu…
    Nope they do not hate whites its just when they are provoked they give it back, as far as christians & muslims yes to some extent but its not off the chart like the hate between jews and arabs.. I wouldn’t call that as hate but a hyper Suspicion and fear more like a xenophobia.. They are idiots for not realizing that those they dont like are of the same stock…as far as orientals are concerned reasons are unexplained probably because they lost the war..

    1. I have met quite a few Hindu nationalists who have an extreme hatred of “the White man” especially the British. The Brahmins seem to hate “the White man” worst of all.

      1. I have met quite a few Hindu nationalists who have an extreme hatred of “the White man” especially the British. The Brahmins seem to hate “the White man” worst of all.
        Not americans right? Its natural to hate someone when you’d been enslaved for centuries. Many of the poor in India (of all religions) don;t even have an idea about their own country and indulged in silly fights among themselves, where’s the time to hate whiteman? Your assumptions that Hindus hate white man is a generalization for the sample size you’ve encountered which is way small given the exploding population.

      2. Brahmins hate Dravidians and Muslims and Arabs. The later 2 cause they destroyed a lot of Hindu culture in northern India and supplanted it with worship of Arabs.

  4. Robert I think you listed Korean twice on the list, and also don’t forget that the Koreans really hate Japanese, so do the Chinese because Japan invaded them and slaughtered them in masses.
    Also, Thai nationalists hate Cambodians and Burmese.

  5. Generally you could say that all ethnic groups are suspicious of outsiders, but that suspicion grows into hatred in case of conflicts of interests. If that conflict has a history then that hatred is also historical (i.e. they still hate others because of past conflicts). Naturally the immediate neighbors are therefore hated most.

  6. Are you high? The Japanese have a lot of modern accomplishments. Sure their ancient history was riddled with barbarism and savagery, but the modern Japanese are as advanced as Western people. By the way Blobert Lindsay are you a troll? You seem against every race? Just curious, that’s all…

    1. Whatever you may think of the Japanese, there is no way they can be described as a third world society. You are so high right now.

    2. The Japanese already had a refined culture when they came into contact with Western civilization. I don’t know what you mean by saying “their ancient history was riddled with barbarism and savagery”.

      1. Personally, their culture wasn’t as refined as the Romans, Greeks, Babylonians, Phoenicians, Persians, etc. Further, from what I’ve read, they would, without hesitation, slaughter Koreans and Chinese without remorse. They nearly made the Ainu extinct,. created a fuedal system or caste system and oppressed their own people and pushed the natives into the corners of the island. I think the Chinese were light years ahead of their East Asian neighbour, Japan. In modern times, the tides have turned though.

  7. I’m not sure all these cases are analogous. In some instances, the object of “hate” is a group that is responsible for oppression, either current or in the recent past. For example, I could not fault an Armenian for hating Turks, or an Irish Catholic for ill feelings toward the British. It gets ridiculous when you have these East Asian nationalists with their long lists of hatreds for peoples they’ve never even encountered in their native lands, or the groups with blanket hatreds of everyone who’s not them. One of these is not like the other, even though it is not desirable to spend your life seething with even justifiable hatred.

  8. Hey Blobert Lindsay,why did the “ancient caucasians” degenerate over time? I mean the Persians created one of the earliest documents of human rights, but ironically, in modern times, the Persians transgress every law written on their ancient text (Cyrus’ Laws). The Babylonians surpassed human ingenuity of the time, but now bomb each other willy nilly. The Indians experienced a renaissance when they had Buddhism but didn’t cling onto it; now India is a land where everyone experiences a Darwinian struggle for survival. The Pakistanis, co founders of Mainland Buddhism, now follow the destructive Islamic cult. The Berbers, Assyrians and Phoenicians reverted from success to barbarism. My question is was this the result of one sand cult (Islam) taking over all these regions? Or were these people just geographically lucky and later lost success, when it was all over?
    Sorry if I’m asking so many questions. Anyone else is free to answer this question, as I’m curious for an answer.

  9. Russians are not nordic, they are Asiatic admixed and therefore cannot hate ‘everyone who is not nordic.’ That would be like a black person hating ‘everyone who isn’t white.’
    Ukranians hated Poles and Russians more than Jews. Croats hated Serbs more than Jews.

    1. You are blatantly wrong. The science does not agree with you. And I’m saying about the Soviet anthropologists who can be hardly blamed for racism or pro-Russian agenda. Yes, Russians are not the same looking they’re heterogeneous like all the peoples on the Earth but they comprise of mostly three anthropological types: Baltids, Nordics, Pontids. Of course, these types are not separated and have intermingled with each others making the variety palette of Russian looks. And also mixed race Russians exist on the periphery but not too many. And the main blow for your false statement is that a typical Russian is a most typical European from an anthropological point of view. They have the most neutral collections of anthropological traits in the whole Europe. They are not too Southern, not too Northern but in the middle, a sort of anthropological median.
      Most probably you mistake the ethnic Russians of the Slavic stock for Russian citizens of the other nations of Russia like Bashkirs or Kalmyks? In English there is only one word for the both – “Russians”, and this often makes confusions. Or maybe you are just fat trolling, who knows.

  10. actually i am only half Russian and something non white i won’t write it lol but for sure not black or too much dark .i look white with pale skin and red hair that white more than you all by many times lol maybe coz i look exactly like my mother haha anyway its jew lie or a propaganda did by oligarchy so Russia open there borders to blacks and gypsies basically for non white .
    but please don’t think that people who lives in russia are only true russians . russia is multinational country there are more than 100 nationality in russia.
    and beleive me russians not only slavs but with finish genes if u read the real history and those who with mongolian blood they are not russian inside russia. the follow their father its their islamic tradition .
    maybe out side russia they are russians since russian jew who descended from khazars are slavs in the west while they are not russians . its easy if he/she looks russian and define him/her self as russian then he is russian like me

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