Joe Biden's Record of Service to Corporate and Imperial Power

Portrait of a whore for empire and corporate power, Joe Biden, “liberal” Democrat.

Prior to his current roles, Biden was a member of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest, where he met his wife. He was a founding partner of Oldaker, Biden, and Belair, LLP, and of the mergers and acquisitions firm Eudora Global. Biden was chief executive officer, and later chairman, of hedge fund PARADIGM Global Advisors, which he co-founded with his uncle James Biden and disgraced financier Allen Stanford. At MBNA Corporation, Biden was employed as a senior vice president. Following that, Biden was appointed by Bill Clinton to serve in the United States Department of Commerce under Secretaries Norman Mineta and William M. Daley. He was director of ecommerce policy issues in the Department of Commerce. On May 16, 2006, Biden was nominated by President George W. Bush to the board of directors of Amtrak. He was confirmed unanimously on July 26, 2006 by the United States Senate for a term of five years, and was the vice-chair of the board until January 29, 2009. On May 12th, 2014, Burisma Holdings, Ukraine’s largest private gas producer, announced that it had expanded its Board of Directors by bringing on Mr. R Hunter Biden as a new director.

Nothing wrong with the Jesuit reference, but that was before he was a money-corrupted slut. One wonders what Oldaker, Biden, and Belair, LLP is? A law firm? A corporate law firm? I have nothing against law firms, having worked as a paralegal for an attorney for a while. However, I have a very dim view of the criminals known as “corporate lawyers.” At the very least one would think, nearly ever corporate lawyer is in violation of his state bar’s Code of Ethics? Anyway, after that, he sleazed out. Eudora Global is a mergers and acquisitions fund, in other words, it is Finance Capital = banksters! All of these mergers and acquisitions have generally produced little to no benefit for the US economy. It’s just big corporate fish gobbling up little corporate fish, just like they do in that watery jungle called the ocean. The result is simply monopoly capitalism, in which workers and consumers always lose. Society also loses because monopolies are so huge and powerful and have bribed everyone in government so much they pretty much get to do whatever they want. Monopolies are the antithesis of capitalism as capitalism is based on competition. With vigorous competition, I will be the first to admit that capitalism works fairly well. Companies that compete very hard for customers are less likely to abuse them, whereas large corporations seem to care less and abuse their customers at will as most of us have nowhere to go. Vigorous competition also results in good prices for consumers. Monopolies always rip off the consumer with overinflated pricing. In addition, innovation proceeds well with fierce competition as companies compete with each other to upgrade their products to beat the competition. Once a monopoly is obtained, generally products fail to improve. If you own a monopoly, why improve your product? People have to buy your stuff whether they want to or not as there is no competition, so any money you spend making it better is wasted. In addition, monopolies drive out many excellent if not superior businesses as in many cases an inferior monopoly corporation beats out superior competitors (see Microsoft and the VHS vs. Beta debate). In some cases, fierce competition is even good for workers are companies compete for highly skilled workers by offering better packages than the competition. In other words, monopolies are great for the monopolist and the politicians who slut for them and pretty much bad for everybody else. What this all boils down is that mergers and acquisitions generally suck, creating oligarchs and monopolies and not much else. Later Biden went full bankster, joining PARADIGM Global Advisors, a sleazy hedge fund (criminal hedge fund banksters are what destroyed the world economy in 2008) along with his uncle and a known criminal, a bankster named Allen Stanford. Later Biden went to work for a real true blue bankster corporation called MBNA. MBNA, like all credit card companies, is headquartered in Delaware. The reason all these credit card slimeballs have headquartered there is because Delaware has the most lax rules on credit card companies. Hence, Delaware-headquartered credit card companies can screw their consumers hardest of all from that state. We note that Biden was formerly a Senator from Delaware. It is a sad truth that almost all US Congressmen from Delaware are 100 After his role as a major bankster, Biden was appointed by Bill Clinton to head the Commerce Department under DNC Corporate Democrat Norman Mineta and William H. Daley, heir to the crooked Daley Dynasty political machine in Chicago. In 2006,  President Bush appointed Biden to head up Amtrak. His job there was probably the same as all other heads of Amtrak – to try to destroy the US government train corporation. There is a dirty truth about the passenger train business – it is not profitable, like most forms of mass transit such as buses and maybe even airlines. Hence, in almost all of the civilized world, passenger train services are run by the state out of necessity since if the state doesn’t run it, no one will. Republicans have played into the idiocy of the average Moronican by demanding that Amtrak show a “profit” and not “lose money.” But as I just noted, it is an axiom that nearly all passenger train enterprises cannot turn a profit, and hence “lose money” = need to be subsidized, which is why in most sane and decent countries (note America not included), the state simply runs the trains and subsidizes them. Amtrak, of course, being a typical passenger train enterprise, is basically incapable of turning a profit and runs at a chronic loss. Slimy Republicans know these facts about passenger train enterprises but play on the stupidity of Americans by demanding that Amtrak “show a profit or be shut down.” I admit that for a long time as a typical brainwashed American moron, I thought that it was outrageous that Amtrak ran at a loss, and I thought it was imperative that it show a profit or else. Then one the three or so non-brainwashed people in the country – my mother – told me the truth about passenger trains and mass transit in general. Only then did I see the light. So Biden’s job no doubt was to shove the impossible down Amtrak’s throat and try to kill it. Biden then moved on to the Vice Presidency under Barack Obama where his true imperial nature has become sadly more and more evident, especially during this Ukraine outrage. Now we see that Biden’s son has been nominated to be in charge of Ukraine’s natural gas! Wow! Isn’t that  coincidence! Sleazy! Joe Biden is sleazy! 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