How Many Jews Were Killed in the Holocaust?

Of course the Holocaust is real, and of course most of those denying it are wildly anti-Semitic. But how many were killed?
The best figure is 5.7 million Jews killed. The Dean of Holocaust Studies, Martin Gilbert, estimates 5.1 million killed. Reasonable estimates go all the way down to I believe 4.2 million killed. Below that and you really are getting into Holocaust Denial territory. There is some very interesting evidence, that may be factual, that the true figure is actually more than 6 million Jews killed.
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0 thoughts on “How Many Jews Were Killed in the Holocaust?”

  1. Holocaust deniers admit some Jews were killed. However, they claim the deaths were due to allied bombs blocking medical supplies.

  2. Nope, their certainties are unfounded. Is extremely common among ”leftists” to do certainties without any prove about you to be talking.

  3. In fact, many jews was killed in this event but many others non-jews also was killed. Jewish holocaust, if it really happen what the way that ”media” and other communication-institutions preach, was only one holocaust among many other ethnic tragedies (as serbian massacre) that are despised by money of ”sentimentalism” of mass cinema. I really don’t doubt about the real holocaust of armenians and serbians. These peoples with middle eastern heritage and ” slightly low iq” (85-95) in fact they are very tribalist and violent or was violent in the recent past, but ashkenazim smartness never allow to be dead pacifically (supposedly) by their enemies. Well, in summarize, second world war have much more history that schools educate.
    This self-histeria about enlarged tragedies to seems to be very common jewish attitude. There is historical reports about it.
    If i search about the true of facts and not about factoids and it, you interpret as ”anti semitism” then ”i’m anti-semitic”.
    But the world is not so simple like that.

  4. Maybe 6 million jews did die during WW2. but did they all die in gas chambers, or were they just as well have been likely to be casualties of war, like being killed in the line of fire, Then so did several million ethnic Russians,Poles, central Asians as well. hell, the Historians can’t even agree on the precise number on how many died in WW2. It’s also should be known Death Camps such as Auschwitz did kill over a million people, though the Jews were far from the only victims there, as were Poles, captured Soviet troops, homosexuals, Romanies(gypsies), the disabled & so on.

    1. Denialists reply that the supposed number of jewish deaths in auschwitz is impossible because of size of camp. Some official historians claim that only in Auschwitz, 2,3 million jewish people die. But, it is very probable to be impossible.
      Germany in pre-second world war is like as USA today, with political polarization and cultural war. Imagine mass immigration, imposition of culture of minority deviant and suppression of free speech.
      But, the most important piece of this historical event is
      jews never was (only) the victims like they paint.
      The real history of second world war in my view is the combination or sum of some components of official narrative with some components of non-official narrative. In fact, many jews was dead, but not near to 6 millions, it is a kabballistic number. The most possible estimative of total deads is between 200 to 700 mil. The jewish ”holocaust” was not these extremely dramatic history, not more dramatic or deserved to be more dramatic and have attention and lamentation than any other massacres and was many them.

  5. You started the entry with “the reality of the Holocaust”.
    “It’s real, you can’t deny it!”
    It reminds me of the debate in the early second millenium between realists and nominalists. Are God, the Angels, the Heaven, REAL? This is Duns Scot’s position, and later Aquinus’. Or is it JUST WORDS? This is Ockham’s and Buridan’s idea. A third position can be found in Abélard, who said that these are CONCEPTS, not just language, and as such allow a grasp on reality.
    I never understood realism — why people bothered to defend the ‘reality’ of God — before I saw that that’s how you defend a myth’s message in a society. The myth has to be the truth. In return the myth applies to reality, for instance, its definition of the sacred is worth real sacrifice .
    Now the sad conclusion is that, according to the tales of the Holocaust, Lampshades are real, so are Gas vans, and various ‘atrocities’, and you, as the follower of a heinous religion, and remote cousin of some German, shall forever refrain from a thoughful critique of Israel’s people, or any minority, because this how the tale started, and you know how it ends, and you know that all of it is REAL.

    1. So you’re equating unquantified proof that God exists with the Holocaust? You must be a special kind of idiot.

  6. the problem that i have with the 6 million figure is this. they arrived at six million in the most rudimentary way possible. they estimated the number of jews living in europe before the war and then they counted those that remained. voila! six million short. very simple, very crude and very unscientific. we know that counting large populations is very difficult. look at the usa, we know we are always wrong by at least 20, 25 millions. were they better at math 75 years ago? there are more scientific ways to get to the actual figures. and all of them hover anywhere between 500k to 2.5 mil
    as the saying goes, figures don’t lie but liars figure

    1. Acceptable figures range all the way down to Martin Gilbert’s 4.1 million and in case you think that is anti-Semitic bias, his name is spelled (((Martin Gilbert))). I happen to like Gilbert and a lot, and I read one of his books.
      They go up from there. I would agree that the 6 million figure is wrong. I like 5.7 million a lot better. That’s the best figure of all. But there are excellent arguments for even extending it up above 6 million. Look, we White Gentiles massacred those people. We tried to wipe them off the face of the Earth.
      NOT OK.

  7. North Korea uses similar logic to explain deaths and other problems in it’s own land. They claim the embargo is to blame.

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