Does It Make Sense to Call White Nationalist Groups Hate Groups?

My fine commenter Jason Y writes:

Nearly all White Nationalism (WN) is based on hate. They aren’t called hate groups for no reason.

Jason is right! Of course WN is based on hate! I used to hang around WN fora a lot, but I usually ended up getting banned or thrown off. I was thrown off Stormfront very quickly for instance. They called me an anti (antiracist) and threw me off right quick. I had a very hard time on most of the other fora because they really did not accept me very well. One of the first things they tell you is that WN is not about hate. Instead, it is about LOVE, love for one’s own people – the Whites. After a while, I figured out that that was all a total lie. It was such a lie that I figured that all WN’s were haters. At one point, I did an experiment to try to see if I could find even one single WN was not a pretty hateful person or did not display some contempt for other races. Honestly, I do not think I ever met a single one. I would have these candidates for a while, and I would watch them, and pretty soon, they would start getting really ugly. The guys at the very top of this business are extremely slick. They wear suits and ties, and some work in corporate America making six figures. Let us just say that I am personal terms with some of the biggest names in WN. And even those people, I am sorry to say, are pretty hateful, though they sure do a great job covering it up! Bottom line is I haven’t met a single non-hateful WN yet. It is possible that they theoretically can exist, but I have certainly never met one and I doubt if it’s even possible. There is nothing particular about White nationalism. After you deal with White nationalists, you start studying other ethnic nationalists like Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arab, Persian, Russian, Ukrainian, Estonian, Latvian, Northern Italian, Serbian, Croatian, Albanian, Macedonian, Greek, Turkish, Black, Jewish, Japanese, Mongolian and Korean nationalists. All of these variety of nationalists are hateful towards at least one group. All and I mean all ethnic nationalists are haters. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

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11 thoughts on “Does It Make Sense to Call White Nationalist Groups Hate Groups?”

  1. I have to agree. I’m a Greek Nationalist and a White Nationalist, but despise the Muslims, particularly Turks. They have occupied our homeland for too long and continue the encroachment. Also, dislike Pakistanis, Indian and Bangladeshi Muslims; they seem to think they are entitled to everything and anything. This attitude is especially common in the Pakistani and Turks. When I visited Thrace, the amount of Pakistanis and Turks there are astounding! They seem to think they run the place, because Turks created false boundaries! Anyway, sorry for ranting.

    1. Oh no worries. Lol what made you think I was Chinese? If it was praising the East Asian success, then I have to admit I respect East Asians. Sorry for being rude to you in another post. I was just curious about you, that’s all

      1. Blobert Lindsay I wholeheartedly agree with you. But, these miscegenation rates are always making me consider. Fortunately, in the Greek community, ethnic ties are strong. But, because of these ties, Greeks are not as accepting towards other White groups. However, whenever I go to UCLA, the Asian Woman White Man rates are horrendous! It’s absolutely disgusting that white men chase after these women. I made this conclusion that these men must be attracted to them greatly, if they are pursuing them.

  2. Brilliant article. I used to hang around Stormfront too and surprisingly, they didn’t “hate” me; they only wanted to love their own kind. I mean what really could be wrong with that. Everyone loves their own.
    There are a few very nice debaters in Stormfront like SDY6401 who
    is an Admin of some sort as he moderates posts. I wanted him to ban me from Stormfront as I had stirred quite a great amount of critical debate (got plent of hate mails) but he never wanted me to leave as we got along quite well and had extensive discussions on a wide range of issues.
    It simply doesn’t make sense for a rational and clear-headed person to mix with this entire tribe of failures including dope addicts, ex-cons, wife-beaters and other trash people just because you all belong to the “white” race. Irrespective of race, I wouldn’t want to be surrounded by such people no matter how much we have in common.
    Then there’s John Joy Tree (or John “Jew” Tree as he has pro-Israeli sympathies which is very unnatural for a board where everyone hates Jews), the super moderator, I think we got along quite well too.
    I haven’t ventured into Stormfront for almost six years. It’s frankly speaking a depressing place which only masquerades as intellectual.
    I also hate this ridiculous notion that different races are basically different species of human beings like you have cats and dogs. We’re all sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, nothing else really matters. I love all human beings, don’t really understand what could wrong with this idea.
    STORMFRONT SUCKS. Not even decent enough for a good laugh. Nowadays it seems filled with annoying trolls and most of the original decent posters have left by now.

  3. Reading this article on White Nationalists reminds me of me bros. in law. You could replace ‘White Nationalist’ with ‘(what do you call Hong Kong nationalists anyway?)’ They aren’t strictly Chinese, yet not their own nation…). Also the previous article ‘who hates who’.
    Anywho. These three are thinly veiled racists. They navigate western society well enough, but have a thorough distaste for anything ‘western’. My experiences with Asian culture has varied, I do find an exceptionally high arrogance level from the Hong Kong-ites. They behave the same way as you just described White Nationalists.

    1. They literally think they are the center of the world!
      The Chinese have some saying that China is a place where all winds – north, south, east and west – begin. The Chinese have also been terrible about accepting the Out of Africa hypothesis. They simply cannot accept that those wonderful Chinamen derived from what they see as “a bunch of lowly niggers.”
      The Japanese literally believe that the sun rises first on Japan and later on everyone else.
      Really, all ethnic nationalism is pretty much junk. It’s for fools.

      1. Really, all ethnic nationalism is pretty much junk. It’s for fools.
        Yeah, that’s my general policy. It’s like they can’t balance love for their culture with respect for others. Feminism is the same thing

        1. Yep it is not enough for feminists to love their own sex. They have to hate the opposite sex at the same time. I do not mind feminists per se, but screw the man-hating gender feminist bitches!

  4. Money can buy off a lot of hate. But nobody has enough money to buy everyone off. Remember Chevy Chase in “Funny Farm”?

  5. Some insight into WNs can be gained by reading Jean Paul Sartre’s “Antisemite and Jew.” Its thesis applies pretty well to obsessive haters and bigots of all stripes, including the Jewish ones. The hatred is not an isolated part of the personality of an otherwise A-OK guy or gal, but an intrinsic part of who they are that shows up in every facet of their lives and souls.

    1. They’re haters.
      What you say is interesting. I thought maybe a lot of these people were really cool people aside from their prejudices. IOW, he’s a great guy as long as you aren’t Jewish or Black, he’s the best friend you could ever have. Some of them indeed I think are probably pretty nice people if you not one of the disliked races. But even those people have this edge of really scary hate that comes out now and again if you get them talking about their disfavored group.
      I also noticed that a lot of these folks are not at all “great guys as long as you not Jewish/Black/whatever. What I learned was that their bigotry and prejudice did not stop with those disfavored groups. Instead, they were just pretty mean, nasty, ugly, hateful and contemptible people in general.
      Sure they could be nice and really friendly. I am actually friends with a few of these guys, and some of I had very warm, pleasant, friendly conversations with some of the ugliest ones of all, but they all sure have that edge, and in a lot of cases, you never know when that weird rage is going to poke its head out of that turtle shell of niceness.

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