All You Need to Know About the Latin American Left

I used to have a girlfriend who was an Argentine. She couldn’t really speak English very well, but she worked for her parents’ business so it was no big deal. She was by no means a Leftist, but she was somewhat sympathetic to them in a way that almost no American ever is. For instance, if you mention the Latin American Left and the exterminations to which they were subjected to to an American, liberal, centrist of conservative, they will simply say, “They were Communists! Kill them all! Kill all Communists!” So that’s basically the scope of the very interesting debate in America, world homeland of Freedom of Speech (TM) where there is for all intents and purposes no debate whatsoever on the major questions of society.*
One night we were discussing the Dirty War, backed 100% by Satan Himself, Henry Kissinger. The Dirty War lasted from 1978-1983 and took place after a coup put a military dictatorship in place. There had been a guerrilla war shortly before the coup, but it was more or less over after the new government took power. The coup was hatched in the CIA and was US-backed 100%. In the course of 5 years, approximately 30,000 Argentines, all on the Left, were murdered in cold blood, often by vicious means. Jews were also persecuted by a savagely anti-Semitic regime following the Nazi line that Jews = Communists. Many of those killed were taken up in airplanes blindfolded and tossed into the Atlantic Ocean. Many women were killed, and many of those were mothers. In those cases, the women’s children were confiscated by the state and adopted into the families of the rich who were supporting the slaughter. This entire slaughter was part of a US-supported massacre in the Southern Core called “Operation Condor” in which Leftists were slaughtered in Uruguay, Chile, Argentina and Bolivia.
There are different reports about exactly who was killed. Some say that most of those killed were armed guerrillas, but the insurgency was pretty much dead by the time General Videla took over anyway, so this is doubtful. Others say that those killed were mostly just unarmed members of the Left – students, professors, workers, peasants, human rights and community workers, and Catholic laypeople.
As we were discussing this, she mentioned her horror at the slaughter. Once again, in the US,  land of Freedom of Speech (TM), you cannot do this without being labeled a Communist. However, Latin American banana republics actually have more free speech that America does simply because they have a wider acceptable range of opinion. She said and I quote:

Well, you see, the Latin American Left were dreamers. They had the dream of a better world. And in Latin America, that is a dangerous thing.

That’s really all you need to know about the Latin American Left, their struggles, and the US-backed massacres to which they were subjected by the colonial master of the continent, the United States of America.
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0 thoughts on “All You Need to Know About the Latin American Left”

  1. I really do not know how was the dictatorship in Argentina, but I think 30,000 deaths is almost as exaggerated as 6 million Holocaust. Assuming that in Brazil, the official death toll was 450. I’m not advocating for the right, I want you right and left each other explode. But I think it important to consider not let the team ideological heart rule our thoughts. Left Communists and capitalists right are exactly the same, the ends are equal and have the same motives hegemonically dominate society and impose their way of life.
    I also can not say in relation to other countries, but Brazil is completely dominated by the Gramscian cultural scheme and before we had more freedom of expression than you guys, it’s over. When you connect the tv discourse is almost always the same in all channels. A few opponents who want to keep the little plurality of ideas as journalist Rachel Scheherazade, are being pressured to shut up and realize that she is one of only fighting against the current. The most interesting is that most of their opinions are logical and consistent, there would be reasonable for sensible and rational people to judge it, but the left and especially the crowd of drones, ”vigilants of democracy”, can be anything but rational.
    The scheme Rousseff goes from bad to worse, with lots of corruption, maladministration and advertising on tv style-1984ish when daily scenes of a wonderful Brazil are shown. ‘Oy vey, see how the party workers are fantastic, Brazil of PT”.

    1. Hardcore antisemitism is pretty idiotic. There are things to be criticized about Jews, but you acn say that about just about any group. Most of the really valid critiques about Jews even Jews themselves will admit are true.
      Personally I think a lot of it is sour grapes. Jews are extremely successful. People see that, are envious and start to hate them. It’s really that simple.

  2. Holocaust is a lie that earns millions, as well as those derived from Hebrew monotheism religions. The holocaust is like the myth narrative story of Jesus. It is the new religion, attached to bisexuality and racial mixing. It is a religion of the new era. Every religion is based on myths and all the myths are lies.

    1. So Finkelstein is wrong..
      I’m not anti-semitic because i deny holocaust, i’m not a stupid goym. This correlactions in personal narratives is always wrong, these conections of ”logic” about our discourse and thougth lines are always based in pseudo-correlation and causalities. Look to this example
      ” – If i agree about the collective racial differences in intelligence, behavior and achievements ”i’m racist”. Duur…
      Not, it is not have a causal correlation between to be racist and believe in collective racial differences. In fact, the newest term ”racism” is a political construct.
      I’m not well informed about the denialist studies, but the attitudes of jewish authorities about censorship and jail any public individual that deny holocaust is VERY suspect.

  3. Carlos Lehder, a major cocaine trafficker from the 70s, admired Adolf Hitler, and was a major force behind Colombia’s fascist party. For some strange reason, he also liked Che Guevara and John Lennon.

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