Woman Gives Birth on Back Lawn of a Mexican Hospital

A Mazatec Indian arrived at the local clinic in the small town of Jalapa de Diaz in Oaxaca far gone into labor. She only spoke Mazatec, so the workers at the clinic could not seem to understand her. She waited around for two hours and then went back out to the back lawn and gave birth on the lawn. The clinic workers then took care of her very well. Sad case, honestly. Story here.

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0 thoughts on “Woman Gives Birth on Back Lawn of a Mexican Hospital”

  1. ‘She only spoke Mazatec, so the workers at the clinic could not seem to understand her.’
    See, that is bullshit right there. How the fuck hard is it to tell someone you might imminently be birthing. I bet I could translate that message from some tribal female from New Guinnea. Anything screaming ,with breasts and a large protruding belly can be interpreted as a possible labor giving situation. I could tell when a female Bonobo ape is about to pop and I don’t even speak Bonobo.
    Mexican racism directed toward the Mazatec imho.

  2. mr. e i went to a hospital here in florida and the hatian nurse kept poking my gout. she didn’t understant that when i screamed ” stop poking my ankle or i’ll break your fucking neck”. The nurse from next door in the emergency room translated for her. I think its funny all those years i worked with mexican helpers that didn’t speak english but the company kept them around for something , that thinking is now in our medical industry cause english speaking nurses wont work for 8 dollars an hour. No wonder china is laughing at us.

  3. o giving birth looks gross… I have seen a cow giving birth live it was even more grosser i couldn’t eat anything that whole day

  4. Sir please remove the photo from the post and just provide the link for it. It looks pretty gross and will drive some people away… the photo can be on the other blog where you share videos…

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