0 thoughts on “What Is This Thing?”

  1. im guessing it lives in water in caves. no visible eyes and skin appears to need constant hydro. Is this why you were so popular robert

      1. Almost all Hindus I know are like that.
        But don’t go be asking some Muslims and Christian Evangelical Hoes or the Leftists about that though

  2. Why no comments on the two Bryan Sykes shows in the UK? Is it because your predictions or inside sources were completely wrong? Be interested to hear more comments about the results so far. One more show from Russia this Sunday.

  3. That thing is Mohammad.
    There is no image of Mohammad…right?…so who is to say its not the Pedophile douche? Right? 😛

    1. That was funny.. It made me laugh
      Yeah…why not.. Its like in that movie Dum and dumber”…. what are my chances? 1 in a million? So you thunk there is a chance?
      So there is a chance that slithering worm like snake could be big Mo!

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