Hunting Boars with Sinks in Russia

[youtube=] LOL this is too funny. Russia is turning into a hunter gatherer society I suppose. And the great hunter comrades destroy the vicious fascist pig! When you go out on a date with a Russian girl, the first thing she asks you is, “How good are you at killing wild boars?” Yeehaw, pulled pork for the whole neighborhood! In Soviet Russia, boar hunts you! In the US Southwest, especially in places like Arkansas, there is a huge wild boar problem. The main issue is that once they get to a certain size, they really have no natural predators other than mountain lions, and cougars have been eradicated from much of their native habitat other than some urban nightclubs. The boar problem is so serious in Arkansas that wardens issue permits for total eradication in some areas. They are also common in Florida and especially Georgia, so common that they are becoming pests. Boars here are an invasive species. The whole population stems from a few boars brought to the US by settlers 500 years ago. They also reproduce very fast. Even if 8

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4 thoughts on “Hunting Boars with Sinks in Russia”

  1. fortunately for us in florida hoogs are delicious. if you use a gun of large caliber then your safety is greatly inhanced. they are dangerious on tv where they need to catch them alive. No reason in the real world. let the hunters do what they enjoy. ( total eradication of a species). Next on the list are boas in the everglades and the snakehead coming to a waterway near you. humans will develop a taste for these species when there is nothing else to eat.

  2. I have one of those Black Russian Boars penned-up in the backyard since May. He’s now a barrow, after castration. Darned pig won’t grow worth a hoot. I plan to butcher in November. I paid a lot of money for him as a 25 lb. pig. He will barely make 200 lbs. at butcher time, after my going broke feeding him.

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