Great Song from the Disco Era

Turn the Beat Around by Vicki Sue Robinson from 1976! She was a great mulatto singer from that era.
The disco scene was fairly multiracial. As long as you dressed up and danced, any person of any race could be part of the scene, and a lot of the best disco bands were Black, like KC and the Sunshine Band.
Most people think that all music from the disco era was horrible, but that is not necessarily true. I think there was some really great music being made in those times. Of course, I was a part of that era, so maybe I am biased, with my silk and cotton scarves, my velvet pants, silk shirts and four-inch blue platform heels. Unfortunately, there was also quite a bit of male homosexuality and bisexuality in that scene, which I am not too happy about. But mostly it was just all about rich young Whites flaunting their wealth at discos, and it was also wildly heterosexual.
When I was 18, a friend of mine and I worked as car-parkers (What is the name for that?) at a disco in Anaheim, California. We got lots of tips. However, we were required to give all of our tips to the asshole manager, and he said we were not entitled to one penny of those tips. We thought that sucked, so we started “stealing” tips. It wasn’t really stealing to us because we figured that we earned them fair and square. We would give that asshole Manny a certain portion of the tips (maybe 1/3 to 1/4) while keeping most of them for ourselves. He caught on real quick and insisted that we were stealing tips, but we always pleaded innocence.
My best friend M. and I would carpool to the job in Mark’s pickup truck with a camper shell on it (what do you call those?). We would lift up the camper shell and throw the money in the back. At the end of the night at around 2 AM, we would count up all the money and split it 50-50. We used to get some huge tips. Guys would pull in in Lamborghinis and give us $20 tips just to show off. We would take the really hot sports cars out in the back and race around in them. Manny found out about that and told us to knock it off. One time we found some disco chick out in a car in the back getting fucked by some guys.
It was good times, good times!
Unfortunately, M. had a bit of a homosexual problem (not uncommon in that scene) and that among other things (including the fact that I was selling pot to his younger brother) led to the ending of our friendship. But I will save that crazy story for another day!
What was funny was whenever I went around in those disco clothes, a lot of guys would call me a faggot, but some of those clothes drove women and girls wild. Especially those green cotton scarves and cowboy bandanas tied like scarves. Chicks went insane with lust when they saw those things!
Guys can call me a fag all they want. Just give me the pussy!

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7 thoughts on “Great Song from the Disco Era”

  1. Hey Robert,
    The disco scene did have some timeless hits. I grew up listening to Lobo’s Caribbean disco show & Earth, Wind & Fire records among others.
    I believe car-parkers are called valets.

  2. During late 70’s I preferred KISS over the Village People. I was only in the 5th grade, but I used to steal my big brother Benny’s LP’s of Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Queen, & KISS! But who DIDN’T watch Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever? My whole family also wore out the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack- in 8-track of course – in my Dad’s 78′ Chyrsler New Yorker. Cool tunes! Fond memories.)
    (I clearly still remember the older kids with the long straight hair, bell bottoms, and big Brady Bunch collars.)
    In the late 80’s, I began studying the electric bass guitar. For versatility, I actually began to appreciate the bass lines from 70’s funk/disco acts, and discovered that the majority of bass lines that I thought “were cool” were all from Bernard Edwards. A highly underrated bass player whose catchy Iines grooved in the pocket. (Rapper’s Delight anyone?) Most funk/disco songs that hold up today were produced by Nile Rogers & Bernard Edwards (of Chic fame). Do some research, and you will find that many 80’s & 90’s rap/pop/rock acts were influenced by Rogers/Edwards.
    I still prefer 70’s Funk over “Disco” – a watered down version of 70’s funk anyway – but from the perspective of a 10 year old kid, it seemed to have been a cool time…

  3. We haven’t heard from Seximaniac Man in a while. Would love to hear his stories! 🙂
    Great job with the blog, btw.

  4. Some good disco songs for sure. I probably liked 8 or 10 of them. I thought the 70s was just killer for music in general. Then it seemed like January 1 1980 it changed. Since then I have to search for music I like. I like a song here and there but the 70s was something special for me.

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