Bigfoot News October 12, 2013

Rumor: Orang Pendek may already be known to science! The Orang Pendek is the “hairy man” of Sumatra in Indonesia. No one knows quite what it is, but some think it may be in the Homo line, possibly related to the tiny Homo Floresiensis who lived up until at least 12,000 YBP and possibly as late as the 19th Century. Another theory is that it is a great ape similar to an orangutan. The problem with this line is that the Orang Pendek walks upright. I am quite certain that the Orang Pendek exists.

Comparison of Orang Pendek footprints with those of other great apes.
Comparison of Orang Pendek footprints with those of other great apes.

A British journalist, Debbie Martyr, moved to Sumatra in the 1990’s to study this animal and other animals. She has seen it several times. She said, “The first time I saw it, I almost fell over, I was so shocked.” Martyr has since moved on to study tigers. It is short, about 5 feet tall, covered with hair, and has a long flowing mane on its head that gives somewhat the appearance of a lion. It walks on two legs, is very fast, is extremely well built and is said to have great strength. It appears to be largely solitary.
Drawing of an Orang Pendek.
Drawing of an Orang Pendek.

There have been many, many sightings down through the centuries by locals and explorers. In the late 1800’s, a European explorer found a Muslim mullah had captured one and chained it up, where he whipped it regularly as a heathen that refused to follow Muslim law. To this day, locals report regular reports of this creature.
Another drawing of an Orang Pendek.
Another drawing of an Orang Pendek.

Its main habitat is a large national park in Sumatra, Taman Nasional Kerinci Seblat (Kerinci Seblat National Park) (TNKS) which is the largest uninhabited land left in the region. However, illegal loggers and illegal settlers continue to encroach on this park and there is a fear that the Orang Pendek may be becoming endangered. In its favor is the habitat of this national park – a true rainforest with constant rain, mud, bugs and especially leeches. Truly a frightening place for a Westerner to walk around in, and even locals generally hire experienced guides.
I recently spoke with a scientist who studies animal DNA. He told me that the WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) scientists studying tigers in Indonesia had managed to come across good, hard, scientific evidence for what he called “a greater ape” in Sumatra.
The data has already been prepared for some time, and the scientists are certain that they have proof that the creature exists. They have known about it since 1996 but have possibly been sitting on the data for unknown reasons, or maybe they have been gathering more information. Apparently at least one dead specimen exists. The scientist told me that he had seen three photos of a dead specimen of the creature.
He said it was the shape of a Bonobo but the size of a gibbon and described it as “terrestrial,” meaning it lives on land. This sounds approximately like the description of the Orang Pendek. Unfortunately, they have no plans to publish their data documenting this species until 2016, and it would still need to go through peer review. The scientist was not sure exactly what the scientists thought it was, and seemed to be uncertain whether it was in the Pongoid or Homo line. After all, Homo are greater apes also. Anyway, he seemed to be referring to the Orang Pendek as there are no cryptic greater apes in the region other that this.
Is Dr. Bryan Sykes going to study the NuDNA of his purported relict hominid specimens? Via one of my contacts, Shaun, I was informed that Sykes was recently asked if he would be testing the NuDNA of his specimens. His response was, “Yes, where appropriate.” I am not sure what that means, but you can do with that whatever you wish.
Will Sykes conclude that Bigfoots are real or will he not? I reported yesterday that Sykes may conclude that Yetis are real but he cannot prove that Bigfoots are. However, others asked me why he took the trouble of going to the US and hobnobbing with Rhettman Mullis and other top Bigfooter figures if he really felt he could prove nothing about Bigfoots.
There is also a rumor that he had some sort of a Bigfoot encounter up at Lori Simmons’ property in Washington state and he left feeling that Bigfoots were real indeed. Later Sykes himself appeared to pour cold water on that rumor. Also, if Yetis exist, then that surely leaves the door open for Bigfoots to exist via the Bering Strait land bridge. Further, it would prove that there are extant relict hominids, and that right there opens the door for Bigfoot research.
Bill Munns is not God. In addition to blowing it on Adrian Erickson’s Matilda footage, Munns also declared that the famous Melissa Hovey photo, which clearly shows a Bigfoot, is “most probably a hoax.” I believe he said it was probably a man in a suit. But that cannot possibly be a man in a suit. It is either a statue or a Bigfoot, and I really doubt if it is a statue. Claims by a movie director that it is his suit are false. This man is simply a shameless and amoral liar – he is lying. Munns seems to be getting a bit too big for his britches?
Longest Bigfoot audio ever reported. Via the great Bigfoot Evidence, a breakdown from the awesome Phil Poling on the famous Clipper Mills, California recording made in late 2012. Clipper Mills is not much of a town, but for what it is worth, it is located near Redding and Lake Oroville in the lower Sierra Nevada in the western part of the Plumas National Forest. This is not far from the Sierra Kills site, though the SK is on the east side and Clipper Mills is on the west side. But it is interesting in that it implies that Bigfoots may be fairly well distributed in the Sierra Nevada.
William Evans captures image of possible Bigfoot. Or maybe not. According to the researcher: “There is a very clear Sasquatch in the profile. You can easily make out black curly hair, mouth, flat nose, brow ridge, sloping forehead and a huge domed head.” William Evans is an excellent researcher who is little known, but Facebook Find Bigfoot used to play up his stuff a lot. I believe he shot the Baby Bigfoot in a hollow tree video. I am not sure where he researches.
On the other hand, looking at this video, he claims to see 4-5 different Bigfoots in it, and I saw nothing at all. Even the supposed perfect profile could well have been part of a burned out fallen log. This guy seems to see blobsquatches everywhere.
William Evans screenshot of a possible Bigfoot in northern California. Or part of a burned out tree stump, whichever you choose.
William Evans screenshot of a possible Bigfoot in northern California. Or part of a burned out tree stump, whichever you choose. Screen capture by Lars Chiron Bohr.

More comments about Matilda. The possibility exists that immature Bigfoot look quite a bit different from mature Bigfoots. In the Sierra Kills, Justin Smeja described the baby Bigfoot as looking in part like “a boxer dog.” Others have said the young have noses that look like dogs’ noses. The noses later develop a more human form in adulthood.
Relevance of the Orang Pendek story to the Rick Dyer story. There is no good, hard, scientific evidence that Rick Dyer has the body of a Bigfoot. But assuming the rumor is true, let us think for a moment. Rick’s detractors have been screaming that if Rick really had a body, he would have revealed it to the public long ago.
However, note how long it takes to prove an animal exists to science. The group above has known about the Orang Pendek for 17 years now. At some point, apparently they acquired a dead body or at least some photos of one. Right now they feel they have enough data to publish, but still they are not even going to publish until 2016! It can take quite some time to prove a new creature to the satisfaction of science.
Casino owner involved with purported Rick Dyer body said to be an Australian man. I got this information from a good inside source. I went looking up Australian millionaires who own casinos and I could not come up with anything. Maybe someone else can. Supposedly, the casino owner is going to purchase the body from its current owner, probably Hank Williams III, on around December 15, 2013. It may Clive Palmer, Australian billionaire. A quote from an article about his recreation of the Titanic cruise venture:

It’s either the most brilliant idea in the history of themed cruises, or the worst idea in the history of themed cruises, a recreation of the Titanic, now with extra added lifeboats.
It is the brainchild of Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, a working replica of the Titanic with carry 2,600 passengers in 850 cabins and an additional 900 crew members, scheduled to set sail in 2016.

Crazy. What are they going to do, sink the thing and have everyone jump into lifeboats?

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33 thoughts on “Bigfoot News October 12, 2013”

      1. Oh, I didn’t know he would have to own U.S. casinos…apparently he wasn’t successful here with casinos but still has interests in American companies. I didn’t understand that the casino had to be in America.

        1. This was the rumor floated’s this guy>>>
          Clive Palmer
          “It’s either the most brilliant idea in the history of themed cruises, or the worst idea in the history of themed cruises, a recreation of the Titanic, now with extra added lifeboats.
          It is the brainchild of Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, a working replica of the Titanic with carry 2,600 passengers in 850 cabins and an additional 900 crew members, scheduled to set sail in 2016. “

  1. If RD had a body, the Gubment would have taken it away like many reports detail. RD would have no claim to it as there are no laws that recognize the collection of such a critter by the public. The worst BF tracker in the world sits in front of his computer every day talking about what he doesn’t have.

  2. LMFAO at 6:26 “nice little full metal jackets” wrong! and then “I buy Springfields, they are just good rounds, dependable” wrong again. 30-06 Springfield is a calibre not a bullet or cartridge manufacturer! This guy is as unbelieveable as RD! Pure BS.

  3. If the Yeti that Sykes proves to exist is of the classic Himalayan Pongid type, then it has little bearing on Bigfoot research. Foot prints made by the Yeti are similar to Orang Utans. The Almas or Chuchunaa of Siberia are the creatures that became bigfoot when they crossed the Bering strait..

  4. Robert. A couple of scenarios seem to play out. One, after “The Yeti Enigma” publishes, Sykes has plans to delve deeper into Bigfoot. We do know that the Smeja sample was degraded. But I could have sworn I heard Kelly Shaw and his “Rough Hollow” Bigfoot Crew say they sent Sykes a sample, which would lean towards the inference my people (I think we have some in common) are making that Sykes has more in the works. ie–first Yeti, then Sasquatch, then hybridization and the re-stitching of the evolutionary fabric that Sykes himself unraveled. M

  5. What I don’t get is how you can schedule a scientific publication three years in advance…? I’m a biologist myself, and I have no clue how that’s supposed to work. There are journals that routinely take a year or even two from acceptance to publication – but three? (Acceptance of course comes after peer review, but review is a matter of a few months at the most.)
    Also, any discovery of this magnitude would inevitably be submitted to Nature. Nature is a weekly journal that takes just a few months for the whole process. The same holds the number-two journal, Science, and the number-three journal, PNAS.

    1. They are not scheduling it three years in advance with any publication. That is their own timetable, to publish in 2016 – that is their goal. They are in no hurry to publish at all. These guys are tiger biologists, and they really wanted nothing whatsoever to do with this hairy man or whatever the Hell it is. Their attitude is that this thing is just about radioactive.

    1. I’d imagine that by the time December comes, Dyer will try to delay it again like he has been the past 5 year, but just know that it’s because he doesn’t actually have a Bigfoot body not because he’s encountered circumstances that prevent him from showing it.

      1. So far, Dyer is holding his ground on the release. He just reiterated (radio show) his claim on the Dec 12 party and 15th press conference. Not flinching or equivocating one iota.

  6. I listened to Dyer on a special radio broadcast last night. He was allowed to say whatever he wanted and not questioned at this was a great venue for him to *tell his story*. He was steadfast on the release and stated that he will receive $9M after the tour when he returns the body!! WTF? Why BOTHER with this tour and risk something happening to the body?? How much we he himself NET out of this tour after expenses? This makes absolutely ZERO sense guys!

    1. People continue to post that Melba Ketchum believes Sasquatch are half human and half unknown hominid. This is not what she has stated. I think the word “hybrid” she uses is misleading to most people. What she states is that at some point a human female entered the Sasquatch line providing the mitochondrial DNA and creating a new family line. These first offspring would have been half and half. They then continued to breed back with this unknown hominid diluting the human nuclear DNA. Subsequent generations would become less and less human until ultimately it bottomed out and every Sasquatch had a small amount is human DNA.
      Amazingly this is not that far fetched. This has happened before with humans and Neanderthals. Every human originating outside of Africa has 1% to 4% Neanderthal nuclear dna. There were 10x as many humans and we essentially bred Neanderthals out of existence. We know this because the Neanderthal genome has been sequenced. National geographic had a great article in this.
      The same situation occurred with the denisovians. People of South Pacific decent are all a small part denisovian. The denisovians genome has also been sequenced.
      This type of interaction most likely occurred in several areas at several times throughout history with any type of hominid that humans encountered in their expansion around the world.

    2. Keep in mind, he has expenses on this much can he possibly net? Besides, like I said..he’s taking a risk, since he must return this body just like he got it. $9M *Bird in the hand* in the hand vs additional $??? in the *BUSH* with schlepping the body all over ? Makes ZERO sense.

      1. I mentioned this ext strategy on another post Ron, what do you think? Dyer hits the road with the trailer and before any scheduled stops – BOOM! Trailer gets stolen, never to be be seen again, absolutely no trace ever again! He heads back to TT with his victim hat on and here it goes again.

    1. I remember Rick saying in this interview that a former Team Tracker member bought the DVD, asked for a refund, and then tried to buy it again lol.

  7. Just read an interesting article at Mr Drinnons Anthropology site. New genetic information on Denisovans show a larger variation in their mtDNA than Neanderthas and living people even though they seem to have experienced a bottle neck. Also Denisovans have unknown Hominid DNA suggesting that we are all hybrid in some way.
    Is this the Anthropological bombshell Mr Hensieck’s source was talking about?

    1. “Is this the Anthropological bombshell Mr Hensieck’s source was talking about?”
      Possibly. One of the interesting facts is that many of the genes we humans inherited from Neanderthals are related to the immune system. This suggests there was an advantage to mating with these other hominids. This may have made humans more fit to survive in the new regions they migrated to. Neanderthals were isolated in Europe and Asia for over 300000 years. They would have evolved their own diseases which humans may have been susceptible to. Hybrids may have had a competitive advantage over unhybridized humans.

  8. Just for the record..for those still watching Dyer. He admitted that the TOY KEYS he left with HANK was a LIE. Stated so on the recent radio show he had the other day. Adding another *STRAW THAT WILL BREAK THIS CAMELS BACK*?

  9. Someone just stated on the RacerX blog that Dyer also admitted on the radio show that the NOSE SLITS description was a lie! If true, this is a BIGGIE, since it’s material and goes to the specific description of HANK.

    1. Something else just posted there as well regarding the Radio interview>>>
      Not to mention he completely reinvented the shooting scene. Shoots it…creature disappears in dark…Dyer follows…creature circles around and flattens MM. Dyer shoots it again but can`t see/find it. Helps MM back to tent and demands to see footage. Dyer then goes back out and finds the dying Squatch 20 ft. from the tent where he delivers the third and fatal head shot. The coup de gras.
      Completely different story from the original…

  10. I think people are assuming Sykes has found something new in the hominid family in the Himalayas, and may be set for disappointment.
    It could just be related to human evolution and something new about our history previously unknown.
    This is just my thinking out loud by the way, I have nothing to base it on.

  11. Sykes is reported as saying in relation to his DNA results from purported Yeti hair……..
    “The Yeti, the Bigfoot, is surrounded in myth and hoaxes,” he said. “But you can’t invent a DNA sequence from a hair.”
    The statement about not inventing a DNA sequence from a hair sounds like Ketchum speak. Is Sykes agreeing with Ketchum?
    Blurb from publishers indicated that Sykes had made a finding which would change views on human evolution. His apparent current claims that Yeti are an archaic bear (recovering from extinction 40 thousand years ago?) don’t seem related to human evolution. Are these bears bipedal? What was the publisher referring to? Hype?
    The first of the Sykes TV series is about Yeti. Is he saving something else for the climax of the TV series? I am not trying to start a rumour, but I am trying to interpret the bit about changing how we see human evolution. I just can’t see how bears fit into human evolution. I am always a bit slow to grasp new findings like this.

  12. Well it appears things may finally be coming to a screeching halt for the Rick Dyer hoax train. His current VP. Frank Cali has decided enough is enough and is now trying to come clean. It has also been noted that Rick’s “Pay Pal Order” and “Merchandise” buttons have been deactivated on his website.
    Here are some recent posts from his Facebook account:

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