Sparks, "Mickey Mouse"

From the great Angst in My Pants album issued in 1981. This is the only Sparks album I ever had, though I think a friend of mine also had “Kimono My House” and “Propaganda.” Too bad this band never got the popularity they deserved.
True highbrow rock and roll, with tongue firmly in cheek. Or maybe beyond highbrow rock and roll?

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9 thoughts on “Sparks, "Mickey Mouse"”

  1. Greetings, Robert! My very first concert I attended was Sparks at Magic Mountain in California. This was in ’82 or ’83 and they were fantastic! They were touring for their new album In Outer Space and Jane Wiedlin from the Go-Go’s sang on a couple of the songs on this album, so she was there too…

  2. I know Jane Wiedlin. I met her backstage at the Cookoo’s Nest in Costa Mesa at a Go Go’s show. This was right when they were starting to get huge, at least locally. I also met Gina. Jane was a really cool, fun-loving chick, a bit tomboyish. She was drinking a Heineken. Gina struck me as painfully shy.

  3. I was fortunate enough to meet the Mael bros at a fancy party in Beverly Hills. It was excessive to say the least, there was a Hirst cow head sculpture propping open the front door. I was hanging out with my wife and some other artist’s assistants when I turn around and see the brothers from Sparks standing next to me. I geeked out and told them I loved their music and they smiled, nodded and said thanks… About that time Courtney Love walked by and stumbled (close to full on tripped) up some steps right in front of us. She didn’t look so steady but that’s not to say it was obvious she was high or whatever, it was a party afterall. Anyway we kind of all cracked up at the absurdity of the situation and I felt like we had a moment. I’ll never forget it.

    1. Thanks Mr. E,
      I only found out about The Monks recently. They were American GI’s in Germany who had a cover band. They decided to stay there after they were discharged and soon changed their name to The Monks and started playing their own music. They shaved the tops of their heads to fit their name. Minimalist 70’s rock in 1966. The definition of a cult band. Wish I’d known about them in the day.
      It’s always Black Monk Time!

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