Letter from India

Just received another mail from an Indian Christian. The profound rage and hatred that these Indian Christians have towards Hindus is astounding. And apparently it is all due to the extreme abuse that majority Hindus have meted out to my fellow Christians in India. The poster is correct. Hinduism is anti-Western and anti-Christian. And not in a good way either; more like in a bad way. The Hindu harkens back to an earlier, pagan, less evolved era of paganism and caste, two of the earliest features of many human religions (the Yezidis, one of the oldest religions known, have castes and I believe the Zoroastrians had caste too). They hate Christianity due to its universality and message of equality under one God. The inferiority complex of the Hindu is obvious, as is the expected projection of this shame and self-hate out onto the others who point the fingers at the Hindu. In this way, the inferior Hindu becomes superior and the superior Christian becomes inferior. It’s Defense Mechanisms 101. I had nothing against these people until I met some of them and learned what they were all about. I was appalled. Now I am basically blowing the whistle on them in hopes that others will catch on.

Robert Lindsay, your understanding of the Indian Hindu is astounding. I would go so far as to proclaim you a ‘whistleblower’ except you aren’t an insider to this barbaric people. As someone who grew up in India, I can verify that India is a disaster waiting to happen. The Hindus suffer from such a powerful and deep-rooted self-hate (inferiority complex) that they have attempted to project the opposite in a vain attempt to try and convince younger generations that Indians are a superior race. The Hindutva trolls on your blog have a predictable strategy for posting comments: a) Pose as White European – preferably a White Christian name with an Anti-Christian message in the handle. b) Praise India and the ‘tolerance’ of Hindus. LOL. c) Divert the attention to Muslims – a very sneaky way of diverting attention from themselves. As you and several Europeans in the West have begun to realize – Hinduism is ANTI-WESTERN and ANTI-CHRISTIAN. The only difference between Hindus and Muslims in this regard is that the Hindus lack the balls. Indian Hindus believe that they can cleanse the land of all minority groups – a silly idea considering their Muslim population alone constitute the SECOND-LARGEST concentration anywhere in the world. It’s not just Indian Muslims who hate Hindus. Christians like me and other minorities (Sikhs, Buddhists, Jews, you name it) also dislike Hindus. Not because we’re biased. It’s because we’ve lived among them and know how they think. They have poor morals (what can you expect when their religion has no moral structure or order). They believe in oppressing rather than freedom. They are SO insecure that they will go to extraordinary lengths to defend and defame rather than introspect and fix. The comments on this blog are an excellent example. Hindus – There are Christians like me who have identified your true nature. We will pull you down. Not because of the persecution you’re meting out to Christians in India but because it is our duty to God and Humanity. You are an evil people and we will crush you in time. You have one more enemy now – we didn’t have any BEEF with you earlier. 🙂

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229 thoughts on “Letter from India”

  1. Robert, very interesting. It’s another example of how we always get so much misinformation from our media. Hindu’s are portrayed as peace loving, getting along with everybody.
    It’s as though our media try’s to paint the picture that we are the only dysfunctional society. That all these other foreign cultures are superior to us. We have a lot of self-loathing in our country; but truth be told, compared to much of the world, we have have it pretty good.
    Very informative. Keep up the good work!

    1. Rob – as a Christian who grew up in India, I can tell you that were it not for the West, the world would still be in the dark ages.
      Hinduism is so frighteningly Anti-Western that it often surprises me that more Europeans aren’t aware of what they’re letting into their nations.
      I believe it’s because the focus has been on Islam’s perceived war with the West. The Hindus know this too which is why they’re doing their best to divert attention to the West’s well-established problems with Islam. This shifts the attention from their own Anti-Western attitudes and agenda.
      Please research the persecution of Christians and other minorities in India – you’ll be shocked. What’s even more troubling, these activities are funded by foreign currency – Hindus who settle in the West and send money home to kill Christians.
      Believe me Rob, the West is superior in morals and intentions and has the ability to introspect and fix – something that Hindus consciously avoid.

      1. Christians are spreading Creationism and superstitions in schools..They are anti science. Western countries are fighting the influence of Christianity to advance
        Science always had to fight the Church. The Church and Christianity are against facts and critical thinking.. They want “belief” to trump “truth”
        At least Hindus do not interfere with science and knowledge…they are not threatened by discoveries.

        1. Dear Hindus,
          The West is far from finished with Christianity. We’re just getting started. This time around, we’ll finish the job. So you might as well be open about your Anti-Christian agenda.
          Let’s see your thousand and one dalmations, err I mean ‘Gods’ fight what’s coming.
          And don’t forget, we’re not the only ones who dislike you – the Muslims will surely teach you a fitting lesson and I hope to God they do it soon (just a matter of time).

      2. Hindus are Pro Western and Pro Science
        Many non Christians are anti Christians because Christianity is always at war with Non Christians. You know.. Onward Christians soldiers…. Warring with non Christians around the world.
        As long as Christians have this warring attitude towards non Christians, Christians need to own up the religious war they are surrounded with whereever the Christian critters go

        1. Hindus are Pro SCIENCE? Like when you proclaim the drinking of cow-urine to be healthy ??
          If you Hindus are so ‘PRO-SCIENCE’ as you like to put it, why can’t you scientifically fix the country? Why can’t you install ‘toilets’ ? Is it that advanced of a science ?

        2. Hindus are by far the most insanely superstitious Morons in the world. Superstition is the polar opposite of science and rationalism.

      3. The West could have progressed so much faster without the baggage of Christianity. Christianity is a curse on the West. Europeans are leaving the Church by the millions… Christianity is a dying religion in Europe.

        1. What an irrational fool. The West is miles and miles ahead of Hindu India even with the “baggage” of Christianity. You are too stupid to realize that you are proving that Hinduism is far more baggage than India. Take a look at the hell on earth called India that you Hindus have created.

      4. The rationalists in the US have to constantly fight superstitions and evil from Christianity.. Its a constant battle to keep the Christians away from the good and liberal culture of the US.
        We find Christianity has much credibility as the Spaghetti monster

      5. Yes..Western thoughts have progressed and is universal and good for everyone. But I am afraid we cannot say the same thing about Christian culture.

        1. LOL Nice try Ganesh. The world doesn’t need lessons on morality from a people who rape their own women and oppress minorities.
          What’s the matter? Overdoing it on the cow-urine a bit much?
          Readers are capable enough to see through your tactics – the truth is out and everyone knows what the Hindus are really like now. Thank GOD for the Internet and good people like Robert.

    2. Yes it is a great topic and few have heard of it!
      We are not worse than all of those other countries. We have some issues, but the USA is better than India in countless ways, and this is in large part due to the superiority of our culture!

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  3. Alright the flame warms are on in full swing… Jebus and Murphy would you guys stop it please.. You guys are driving other readers out of this blog who come here for knowledge and share their precious opinions… Just stop it for god’s sake It’s insane and downright silly…

    1. Sorry, it’s a bit late to stop. When will Hindus stop persecuting minorities in their country?
      As I pointed out earlier, this blog does a WONDERFUL job of letting the Western world know what Hinduism is really like and what their real intentions are.
      I reiterate – Hinduism is extremely ANTI-WESTERN and ANTI-CHRISTIAN.

        1. Hindus are PRO-WESTERN ??? LOL
          That’s new. Next you’ll be saying that Hindus invented the West. Oh wait.. LOL
          Hinduism is Anti-Western and Anti-Christian and as someone who grew up in that excuse for a nation, I know your nation will fall. Frankly, can’t wait for it. God Bless Robert and blogs such as these that defend the persecuted.

      1. Why do you mix “western” with “Christianity”? Why do you want to steal the achievements of western civilization with Christian civilization?
        Christianity like Islam originated in the middle east…not the west

        1. Hindu man: Let me try and defend Hinduism – we hindus really are good human beings.
          Title: Insecure Hindu man attempts to defend failed civilization.

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    Glory to India. Death to UK. India is Master Race. Bow down before us infidels!

  7. We have a new Hindu troll! Allimcbiel (?) !
    Welcome dear insecure hindu ! We hope you keep returning to feed of the insults.
    How much of an insecurity complex have you gotta have to be like these self-hating HIndus out here huh ? LOL

    1. Murphy Top of the morning to yuh!
      It is great to see a excellent white racist in action. Keep it up! You will be in heaven if you come to India. You can spend all day foaming at the mouth by insulting everyone you see. Have a great life!
      May the luck of the Irish be with you! Or not! Remember the Irish potato famine! That was good one. Good bit of luck there. How did you survive? What did you eat when you had run out of potato dishes?

        1. Right on. And a pissed off Indian Christian at that. We’re warning you in advance – the Hindus are a threat to your way of life and religion. Snuff those evil bastards out.

          1. Good on Murphy and Robert. Hindu upper caste lunatics who support the BJP (ultra right wing Hindu fundamentalist party) are in many ways just as big a threat as Muslims. Only worse sometimes, because they present themselves with a smile on their faces, before they stab you in the back. Murphy is right – snuff the pricks in the west and torpedo their butts into the deep sea where their fat gluttonuous corpulent cartoon Gawd Ganesha can come outta the water and save them.

  8. Neanderthalic war in Internet. Some diferent Neanderthal clans living their versión of history.
    Nothing said about the cromagnons chillaren thrown to the firme by the hindu priests and christmas priests. Wellington, in India there is a veremony of selfservice inmolition in fire and it still practice. In a cover of a rae against the machine LP you see that “ceremony”.
    Someone mentionned the irish potato famine for free as it was an argument but in the context of the reply have not any sense.
    Neanderthals at their best.
    A ver interesting apointment is that hindus go to western for work and get money and then they send to India for killing christians. Western countries aré gong to have problems if they continúe bring so weak.

    1. And that is why I’m impressed with people like Robert who have shrewdly managed to catch what most others in the West have missed.
      No on is asking readers to believe anything. They are only being asked to research (youtube) persecution of Christians in India.
      Can of worms, anyone?

  9. I see. He is not irish.
    What a fool. He is another dark as sin kind of guy who thinks he can get into the good books of the white people by insulting other darkie people.
    What a way these darkies think! He should go to Finland or Norway and see how these true whites treat him there. Behind a computer he thinks he some kind of candidate for the Swedish parliament. What a darkie clown he is. Just because he becomes Christian he thinks he is white. Typical darkie mistake!
    Coward is right and he is white.
    Murphy is a dark as sin. His soul is full of the blackness of sin, just like his skin. Having a cross around you will not make you white my friend. For that you need some specialist Indian fairness soap as used in the film industry!

    1. Cromanion/neandertal hibrid
      I think this clown is also on the let me get into the white man’s good books bandwagon. Will you darkies ever learn?
      You are hybrid that is for sure. A hybrid of blackness of skin and wanting to be patted on the head by white people.
      I will pat you on the head with my white gloved white hand sometime but only when you learn the essential lesson that I teach fools like you. Maybe then your oily black haired self can be humbled enough to try to think in a more original fashion.
      If you really want to be patted on the head by whites why not go to another website run by true white nationalists and see how you get one.
      The same goes for the Indian Christian clown I mentioned earlier on. I am sure true white nationalists will have fun teasing you for your blackness and your christianity. No more easy ride for you there. It is time to up your game and move on to where the big boys play white racial politics.
      Here you have an easy ride and trade a few insults and go to bed happy. There you will be humbled as you have never been before.

      1. The white nationalists are not a threat or problem for the West and Christianity. Hindus are. You can call me a clown – but I stand by what I say – Hindus are a big threat to the West and Christianity.
        I wonder why so many Hindus pose as White people online (read the content of this post and you’ll see how ‘dinky’ fits the description wonderfully)
        God Bless all who come in peace. We’re preparing for the rest of you.

      2. Dinky, I’m not speaking about sin color. There is neanderthals of all colors and cromagnons of all colors. In my country there is white neanderthals and white cromagnons living together. In India there is black neanderthals and black cromagnons living together, as in Africa. I’m from a piece of earth that nos it is calles Spain in english language. When i say that i am hibrid it is not for the skin color, i am white and my fathers aré whites.
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        In some way i am RACIST, but it is not for sin color. If neanderthals continúe to behave as they do and cromagnons know their existance, it Will be a true wold war. Neanderthals, do not subestimare domino effect. If some cromagnons know the truth malle the effect would be unestopable.

    2. My poor misinformed friend. It is not me but you who are unaware of what Christianity teaches. We are equal in Christ.
      I love Europe for reasons that will be incomprehensible to someone like you. I suspect you’re a Hindu posing as a white person.
      Regardless, my position is firm – Hindus are an evil people and I will do everything I can to destroy them. Readers are free to research on their own and understand why Christians in India are upset.
      Be warned – what you find may disturb you.

    3. Dinky is right. People like Murphy and others who supposedly hide behind a keyboard and start throwing flames to his fellow countrymen supposedly think just because he embraced christianity he automatically identifies with the western people. Just like he mentions go to a country like finland or denmark you guys are no different from any outsiders adn you guys will just treated like any other race. Hispanics are not as colored as the blacks yet still the white men considers them both at the same level. Just because you follow christianity doesn’t mean they’ll shower you with any respect. there are billions of black in the world following christianity so what? did the white man treat them equally? the same is applicable to people like Murphy… As some one mentioned in-the earlier comments A gunga -din will always be a gunga-din.
      Murphy, I reiterate if you are a atheist and have the guts to call all religion as shit nobody’s gonna have any problems. But the way you post makes you no different from a idiot like jebus.

      1. Murphy sounds like the michelle malkin up in the west pesudo western
        Robert ,whats your view on Michelle malkin? She desperately wants to be white.. see her enunciate her words to try to sound more white, and I bet she can’t speak Filipino and English at the same time still I like her for her toughness..

      2. Dear Hindus,
        There are Christians like me who are pissed off. And we’re going to fight back. Get ready because this time, it isn’t going away. You wanted to make it worse? Well guess what, this time it’s not just the Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists and others that are against you.
        Count people like me among your many enemies. It doesn’t matter what Hindus think. The world is onto you and people are starting to understand your agenda.
        Hinduism is a mess and rather than introspect, they prefer to forcibly oppress voices of dissent.
        When it hits back and it’s definitely going to hit back, it’s going to destroy your nation and civilization. Frankly, I’m cheering for the other side 🙂

      3. “Hispanics are not as colored as the blacks yet still the white men considers them both at the same level”
        Those Brown people you refer to, are not Hispanic, they are Amerindian / part Amerindian
        Amerindian / part Amerindian = The Brown people from Latin America.
        Hispanic = any race, a Hispanic is just a person who speaks Spanish and comes from a Latin American country, you are called Hispanic because your COUNTRY of origin and your LANGUAGE ( Spanish) ,not because your race,
        People from Argentina and Uruguay are also Hispanics because they speak Spanish and live in South America, but their race is White, they are White Hispanics.

    4. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
      Another self-loathing Hindu suffering from a deep inferiority complex.

      1. Oh you’re so fond of murphy because he teaches you things that you’re probably unaware of have a minimal knowledge of ? I have already mentioned that I do not follow any religion and blasted jebus, Allimcbeal and Murphy on the same pedestal. there’s no need for me to self loathe Im fine doing things my way and i’m a happy self. I just wish my country gets better off from silly communal elements thats it.. Just because Murphy follows your religion does not mean that he is on the same level as you. First he is an Indian, he will be no different from any indian that you encounter be it in behavior, traits etc. ..

        1. Sham – As a Christian, I see beyond borders and boundaries.
          Regardless of what you or any other person says – the truth isn’t going away. Hindus are ANTI-WESTERN and ANTI-CHRISTIAN.
          It’s only a matter of time before the world takes notice (that time is now). As I’ve said before, God Bless Robert and people like him for taking a stand on the truth.

        2. Murphy.,
          I do not care which side you’re taking in santa claus boy. All i can see you are notoriously provocating the other morons Jebus and Allymcbeal who are right wing nutcases giving their shitty screeds about hinduism and sprewing hatred at other religion with youtube vids. In my money, you’re no different from those scumbags. See one nutcase talks about Jesus in india and other shit as if he’s seen jesus and shared a bed with him. I suppose you are an educated indian working somewhere ., when educated people like you fell prey to the notorious tactics of the congress and BJP, by engaging in silly communal feuds how can we move forward. The congress in order to protect their ass from all scams and corruption and divert an issue whenever media highlights a humongous scam., always keep blaming BJP for any communal violence in the country and call itself as secular when most of their MPs and MLA;s have criminal background. BJP on their part have nothing in store for the people with their shitty ideology and orchestrating communal violence in vulnerable areas and their vehement shitty stand on Ayodhya. Can’t that place be used to build any university on par with international standards (considering not even 1 indian university is in top 50) nor a good medical facility when people lose their lives with curable diseases on those benighted areas in UP..
          Yes for people like you who engage provocating others., this might sound only good on paper. So what you love? have cajones and say it louder.. “You attack us. we attack you., you betray us., we betray you You go on a rampage and vandalizing ., we sure know how to..” Isn’t that what you want?. Do you think will anyone will remain after a full fledged communal war ends?Do you think western nations will fund indian christians if at all a civil war breaks? if so think twice buddy. Indian will always be a Indian to the outsiders no matter what religion he follows… Religion is a plague., its like a cancer no matter which religion it’s gonna eat you.
          Like I said best way forward for India to move is to abort all the religions and move on with their work. Once they shed their religion automatically their attitude towards their fellow humans will automatically improve…

  10. Actually, I’ve been out to prove a point. And it was well proven in my opinion. Hindus are ANTI-CHRISTIAN and ANTI-WESTERN.

    1. I think India as a nation might cease to exist, My State andhra pradesh has recently undergone separation..I am not either pro-or anti separation, i can’t stop the pattern that is unfolding in my state and country at large.
      India as a nation might cease to exist in 30 years from now or at least the geographical borders of India will not be same..
      dissolving the Indian union can be done in a peaceful manner and let people choose their identity,but given the false patriotism and Insecurities that were deep seated into Hindu Mind, the story will not end properly..
      All in all , india is a failed experiment, 68 years of misery that people have to undergo in self rule, but given the arrogance and Stupidity of masses this nationhood will exist for another 30 years perhaps after that people will rediscover their past,their real identities and claim separation like its happening in Telangana or entire ignorant bunch of people will become hinduized .
      To stop the balkanization of india, Hinduism must penetrate into every fabric of life and this is why hindutva movement is interested in Reinventing the history using ancient mythologies,they can’t provide knowledge,food,Shelter to people but can give fake pride to ignorant masses, currently they are doing a damn great job in instilling this pseudo Nationalism and fake pride in ignorant masses. But their social engineering schemes will fail , not because they can’t force religion and fake Culture on ignorant masses but hinduism has outlived its life, It will cease to exist, something new will take its place in society, its natural…Ancient Greek,Egyptian religions have died , I feel even the Old Hindu religion and its Dogmatic beliefs and rituals have long died, what’s left today are last ashes of a Dogmatic Cult which has Destroyed People’s ability to reason and imposed its superstitions and rituals .strict set of Social hierarchy..
      Nature and humans will move on..68 years of nationhood might be long time span for Insecure Hindus but in historical context 68 years is Nothing..

      1. Your post was interesting to read. I agree with all you have to say. What are your views on the internal religious problems in India. I’ve read that the biggest conflict will likely be between Hindus and Muslims.

  11. Robert,
    I wonder owners of youtube will regret why did they allow youtube in india… All its used for here is Hindu vs Muslim vs Christian rants and stupid garbage hideous bollywood films. Has our country given anything of significance to the world in the recent years, when small countries are making giant strides in technology and sports.
    Now the nobel prizes having declared, If indians had any brain , they should think why are they continuously failing to get a single nobel prize for any achievements or inventions in science, medicine, humanity anything when other small countries who are 1/10th as smaller as india are walking away with the honours ever year. same is the case with the olympics. look at china, country as big as ours and even more populous , they stand at top three in any sporting events but here with nutcases like Jebus, Allimcbeal, murphy fighting flame wars. …Unless they throw their religion away and embrace humanity their dilapidated minds cannot achieve anything worth to taken their

  12. IN CONTINUATION WITH previous comment..
    Unless they throw their religion away and embrace humanity their dilapidated minds cannot achieve anything worth to take our country forward. And its time now to act up on, as the world has reached a kind of saturation limit as far as science and technology are concerned. I cannot foresee any more inventions to make life comfortable for living. As far as indian contribution goes it is 0 percent. its time for india to stop the internal caste war, religion wars and stand up in the race with the other countries. We need another 20 years at least to make india to clean the filth in her country and make her atleast half civilized to stand up with the world. If we allow religion and caste in path of it, i dont see it happening in even a century. Its time to act now or it will be never.

    1. Agree with you,actually Population doesn’t matter,its population density what matters,the population density of India is 380 while that of China is 150.So population density is a big obstacle to growth.But countries like UAE,Mauritious and Netherlands have seemingly more Population Density than India and have managed to leave India far behind.
      And also the crappy education system is responsible for the downfall of India,Einstein has said that “Imagination is more important than Knowledge,Knowledge is limited but Imagination encircles the world”,in Indian schools the students are only trained to score ‘marks’ in examination,they are not taught to imagine.The parents,to satisfy their ego,force their kids to do high profiled jobs and qualifications like Engineering,Management,Medical Science etc while the inner talent of a student is never recognized and hence other ‘low profiled’ fields like literature,journalism,mass communication etc are losing their worth.This is why none of the Indian universities,rank in the top 50 universities.

      1. Wow, Sonu! Excellent point! Einstein quote: “Imagination is more important than knowledge, knowledge is limited but imagination encircles the world.” This really strikes me as true and the reason countries like India continue to struggle.

    2. Sham – Hindus haven’t spared a single minority – not even Christians.
      Regardless of what political agenda they pursue today, there is surely no question of peace between Hindus and Muslims. Anyone who has lived in India long enough will tell you that.
      It’s going to get bad very soon and frankly, I’m in support of an enemy invasion or civil war. India was given a chance and they’ve proved they can’t tolerate or live in peace.

      1. Isn’t it funny how these hindutva assholes keep using words like “Nigger”, “black as sin” to insult their opponents? As if they are not black or close to black themselves.

        1. As Robert rightly points out in the main body of the article, this is one of the defense mechanisms that Hindus use to try and project their inferior complex onto the other.
          Thus, by calling others ‘black as sin, nigger, etc.’ they’re trying to convince themselves of their aryan (urine?) purity.

      2. Stanley., As a secular non religious person I believe., All religious doctrines are garbages be it smritis., bibles., qurans.. this is proven most of them were doctored according to the ages to suit their convenience.
        It gets silly when people start fighting based on those garbages. what bothers me is not one secular non believer questions those stupid practices. All of those who argue here quotes flaws in other’s religion and try to throw flames in them be it jaipal., swedish shit., Murphy.
        For your question., India as a country existing thus far is a big miracle. Name any one country which has that much diversity as like india,. that much languages like in india., that much culture in india.. when people basically have this many divisions they are mostly vulnerable to fight amongst themselves. Indians must first come out of the religion which will solve most of their problems. As you guys think if fight is a solution., then No one will survive….
        When you talk about genocide its been happening all over the world and not every country can afford a civil war over there. Look at srilanka,. the sinhalese monsters did to tamils after the civil war…
        In a similar vein You should also ask this question to hindus in Pakistan… For your information Danish Kaneira a cricketer from pakistan who is of hindu origin was forced to cut short his career though he performed well on most of the occasions when given a chance. SO does communal violence happen only in india? Do you know how hindus live in pakistan?

  13. Its a shame to see what India was and what it has become.India was a blessed country with a great culture,it was basically heaven on earth and now its polluted with vile people.After resurrection,Christ visited India and lived there until his natural death.He was amazed by the spiritual awareness of Indians and declared that India was his ‘real home’.He also fought the foolish caste system.This is beautifully recorded in the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Scroll down to chapter VI to read about the preaching of Christ in India and also his struggle against the caste system.

  14. “Sham – As a Christian, I see beyond borders and boundaries.”
    OK Murphy Mr I want to be an irishman with lily white skin and red hair.
    But do whites see beyond their skin colour?
    You are darkie and just because you embraced Christianity you think you are something special and forget your black as sin skin. And as for religion you worship a MORAL MONSTER. Take a look at this passage from the bible where god kills children for mocking his prophet. He gets a bear to rip apart fourty two children because they mocked the baldness of his prophet:
    2:23 And he went up from thence unto Bethel: and as he was going up by the way, there came forth little children out of the city, and mocked him, and said unto him, Go up, thou bald head; go up, thou bald head.
    2:24 And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of the LORD.
    And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tore forty and two children of them.
    2:25 And he went from thence to mount Carmel, and from thence he returned to Samaria.
    No wonder you have become moral monster yourself and spend your life cursing people. In fact you got the idea from the bible but this time behind a keyboard as no she bear is coming to rip you apart. I guess your God has better things to do. He just lets you post your garbage and make a self loathing white wannabe clown of yourself

    1. Mr Murphy as a blackie Indian you might want to remember the country you live in is your country. You do not live Ireland. You live in India.
      You can see beyond borders all you want but white people do not see beyond their skin. As far as they are concerned you are just a curry nigger. Try showing them your cross and see if that helps! Yeah right!
      Christian Ideology has blotted out the darkie skin you are in from your own mind but not for the blue eyes of the whites and their minds.
      It is because you are the subject to yourself. But to whites you are an OBJECT.
      They see a darkie indian and that is the first thing they see and they will not see beyond that just because you have a cross around your neck.
      White wannabe types come in all shapes and colours. You are one of many. Like the bible said about the demons you are LEGION. You are many and nothing special. White wannabes are two a penny on this blog.
      In fact they are all over the white nationalist blogs too. That is where you should peddle some of your rantings and see how you get on with the sharper minds that exist there; and these clear minds can see clearly through the garbage you love so very much to talk about here. I guess here is safe for you. You rant a bit and go to sleep. You even get some kind of acceptance. A kind of community feeling. A church of hatred. A sort of darkie KKK church in fact.
      It may surprise you to learn that I am not your enemy but I see you as a pitiful creature that needs moral assistance.
      You need prayer. You need help.

    2. I’m even more convinced you’re a HINDU now LOL What do you think Robert? Does Dinky here fit the bill? Why would a while European go through ALL that trouble? It’s typical of Hindu scum to research and post online – classic Hindu Troll Pattern (HTP).
      Regardless of the rubbish you say dear dinky, the fact remains that Hindus are persecuting Christians in India and Hindus are deeply ANTI-WESTERN.
      Don’t even get me started on a religion that worships cows/rats/monkeys, kills their girl children, rapes their women, worships a penis (!) and believes they are Aryan Supreme.
      Hindus – we’re onto you and we are gonna pull you down – one miserable monkey at a time. Please don’t throw your excrement at us while we do it – that’s what the streets in India are for.

      1. I see you support a MORAL MONSTER for a god who kills forty two children with a she bear and you can not reply to that. You failed to answer for your god. Your ad hominem attacks are only natural and to be expected. Since you have nothing else but abuse.
        Answer the question. Do you support a MORAL MONSTER for a god who kills fourty two children because they mocked a prophet for his baldness?
        I know you can not answer this question and will do the usual LOSER technique to avoid answering a straight question by ad hominem attacks. Answer the question and let us see your skill in theology rather than abuse.
        You are on your own. Robert as far as I can tell is not a white christian. It is you who are the darkie christian. So it up to you to answer a simple question. Ad hominem attacks have been tried. Now up your game and try some theology.
        Ok since you are full of abuse; write the usual abusive paragraphs (THREE SHOULD BE FINE) and then answer the question.

        1. Don’t divert attention you silly Ganesh. Hindus are ANTI-WESTERN and ANTI-CHRISTIAN. You are an excellent example of the average Hindu troll.
          Count us among your enemies you ugly-souled animals.

        2. Dinkky dont feed the troll… the fucked up bastard is a serial troller and he does not have any other job in his life. He simply trolls across with his hatred in his blood and he’s staring at abyss and abyss is staring at him. He is no man’s land and probably void of companions…

        1. Those silly Ganeshes. The muslims will deal with them in time, before we can get around to it. After all, they’ve hacked more muslims with the aid of the government than anyone can keep track of.
          And now the Hindus are afraid. LOL! That’s why they’re trying to defend themselves and cloud the truth. Those silly Ganeshes I tell ya..

        2. Yes it is Swedish Shit. SS has been back on this blog for some time now. He is being pretty good and no one is calling for him to be banned, so I have not banned him yet. I won’t unless I get a lot of calls to ban him. As you can see, he goes in for flame wars.

  15. The Hindus are Anti-Western and Anti- Christian scum and are trying their best to not let the world catch up to their wrongdoings.
    Please research anti-Christian persecution in India (or read the comments on this blog to get a better idea of the average Aryan).
    Also, have a look at the persecution of other minorities (muslims -gujarat, sikhs 1984), rape statistics of women, kashmir and other separatist movements (north-east assam and nagaland).
    The average Hindu condones and promotes violence against all of the above. Don’t take my word for it – let google give you the last word.
    Get ready Hindus – We’re gonna fuck you 🙂 Oh and you’re right – the Muslims are with us. I have great faith in Indian muslims – they’ve suffered the most under the noble aryan hindus and will surely bite back in less than 20 years. Good luck er I mean fuck ! 😀

    1. Deuteronomy 13:6-10, notes that the true and consistent Bible-believer should stone his son or daughter if she comes home from a yoga class and starts believing in some other god.
      Here are the verses.
      13:6 If thy brother, the son of thy mother, or thy son, or thy daughter, or the wife of thy bosom, or thy friend, which is as thine own soul, entice thee secretly, saying, Let us go and serve other gods, which thou hast not known, thou, nor thy fathers;
      13:7 Namely, of the gods of the people which are round about you, nigh unto thee, or far off from thee, from the one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth;
      13:8 Thou shalt not consent unto him, nor hearken unto him; neither shall thine eye pity him, neither shalt thou spare, neither shalt thou conceal him:
      13:9 But thou shalt surely kill him; thine hand shall be first upon him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all the people.
      13:10 And thou shalt stone him with stones, that he die;
      Now since you believe in the bible are you prepared to stone and kill your son if he came home from a yoga class and started talking about how he feels connected to the Hare Krishna methods he has learnt? Of course you should.
      Actually you should do this to a white guy who is your friend as well. Say a true Murphy from Ireland (not some darkie fake like you) forsakes the Lord Jesus and moves to another god such as Hare Krishna than of course you are duty bound to stone him to death. He was certainly your friend in faith before he found the Lord Krishna.
      I am sure the Irish Hare Krishnas will be amazed as you try to stone them to death!
      They actually live on beautiful island (INIS RATH ISLAND) off the coast of Ireland and I am sure they will be amazed as you arrive on your boat from India with a your bags of stones!
      So remember when you declare war you may be declaring war on some MURPHYS who are truely MURPHYS unlike your black as sin fake self.

      1. LOL Yes oh superior Aryan Hindu! You silly Ganeshes need to wipe the excrement of your cow-dung-smeared walls so you can read the writing on it.
        You guys are fucked. Just a matter of time !

  16. !Don’t divert attention you silly Ganesh. Hindus are ANTI-WESTERN and ANTI-CHRISTIAN. You are an excellent example of the average Hindu troll.
    Count us among your enemies you ugly-souled animals.”

      Yelling won’t prove your point you silly Ganesh ! Hindus are evil and you are a brilliant example of why they need to be dealt with. And they WILL be dealt with 🙂
      You know what I talk about – You guys are fucked. The Muslims aren’t gonna let you live in peace and now you’ve got us to worry about to. Oh and the Sikhs.
      Silly Hindus – Don’t you know when you’re losing ? Thank you and please don’t come again LOL

      1. So you could not answer a simple question. I will not type in capitals now.
        I will instead ask you for the third time to justify your god who feels it is necessary to kill innocent children because they mock someone for his baldness. Maybe one day you will be bald and children will mock you. You could always ask god to get the bears out for you in order to tear these innocent children to pieces.
        This is your Jesus. God in one and god in three. The Holy Ghost and God the Father. He kills children because they mock his so called prophet. No wonder you can not answer the question and you will never answer the question. Because you worship a god who is moral monster.

        1. Lol. Look! The silly hindu is back! Talking to yourself again Ganesh?
          Wonder why you insecure, superior Aryans come to this blog? More cow-urine Ganesh?

  17. Psalm 137: “Happy is he who repays you for what you have done to us / He who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.”
    Would you like to do this to your darkie enemies. I am sure you would as your god and your bible would love you to take babies from their cots and throw them against the rocks.
    I have not done anything so bad as that to you or your darkie indian people. I have only asked a question and you have refused to answer. Shame, perhaps at the Ghastly god you worship. A so called god that kills children and smashes babies against rocks. He relishes that kind of stuff does he not? He asks you to read such passages and mediate on them. What kind of lessons will these passages teach you when it comes to dealing with your darkie filthy indian enemies?

    1. Mr I wannabe a Murphy from Ireland did you convert to this ghastly religion of Christianity or was your dark as sin self born into it?
      In other words did you have a choice in the matter or was you just born into a life with a constant yearning to be a full fledged bible believing Irish Murphy?
      |I actually knew a real irish murphy a few years back. Boy would he be amazed to see your dark sin self going around calling yourself murphy.

      1. You are such a silly murphy! Stay focused on my question. I see you have posted a reply to ale but you not replied to me. Why is that you silly murphy?!
        Get your black disgusting indian self ready to reply to me. I have asked a question that needs an answer. Do you worship a moral monster or do you not? This is the last and final time.
        Come on silly murphy with a your black oily head answer the question.

        1. LOL ! I love watching a Hindu troll getting wound up ! I thought it was supposed to be the other way around you silly Ganesh!
          Come now, have a peanut. LOL.

  18. Oh yawn!!! so Dinky is swedish -shit the serial troller in different avtar??? Right., hindutva idiot go tear a paper out of smriti and wipe your dirty ass…

    1. Sure I will contact you Coward my good man. Sorry about saying all that stuff about the Nordics. I had some bad experiences in Sweden when I worked there, but since then I have since regained my composure. Nordics are great. You can not judge a great race of people by just one bad apple.

      1. BTW coward do you know what the Nation of Islam is saying about the white race. They are saying it was invented by a guy called Yakub. They also believe the blacks invented peanut butter. Well that is a delicious invention.
        Anyway let us take a look at the creation of the white race by a one Dr Yakub.
        Yakub aquired the nickname “big head”, because of his unusually large head and his arrogance.By the age of 18, he had exhausted all knowledge in the universities of Mecca. With 59,999 followers, he went to an island where he set about breeding out black racial traits, killed all darker babies, and created a brown race after much experimentation. Yakub died at the age of 152, but his followers carried on his work. After 600 years of this deliberate eugenics, the white race was created.
        So you see the white “race” and peanut butter are a result of exhaustive experimentation. When you see an ad with a hungry white boy in a cute baseball hat eating a peanut butter sandwich which his mom has lovingly prepared; you are literally looking at a whole world which was deliberately pioneered; so that could have your viewing pleasure and learn true history from that pleasurable experience!

        1. LOL ! Clearly this Ganesh hasn’t read the main post –
          a) Pose as White European – preferably a White Christian name with an Anti-Christian message in the handle.
          b) Praise India and the ‘tolerance’ of Hindus. LOL.
          c) Divert the attention to Muslims – a very sneaky way of diverting attention from themselves. As you and several Europeans in the West have begun to realize – Hinduism is ANTI-WESTERN and ANTI-CHRISTIAN. The only difference between Hindus and Muslims in this regard is that the Hindus lack the balls.
          This HIndu troll fits point c beautifully – stay focused you silly Ganesh!

  19. Wow! This page has turned out to be a comedy. On a serious note, I really wish these Hindus and Hindu extremists to think about what exactly they learn and follow from their religion. Admittedly, their practise has done no good for the country or for their own community to say the least. Its painfully sad to see the situation of the country going so hopeless and dark.
    I’m an Indian, christian believer, and definitely disliking the Hindu practices. They are meaningless, most of it, and a complete waste of time and enormous money! I dont think the hindus would learn anything from their religious practices! Nowadays, i think there is just a stupid trend and competitveness in the act of holding huge religious ceremonies and doing blah, blah stuff but in actual truth the goodness in them lasts to nothing.
    However, i would like to point it out that because of this vast majority there is a tendency of negative stereotypism towards all Indians as people with bad attitudes and behaviour, which is what i hope to clarify. Most of the hindus would also be aware of this and would want to change for the better. Not all hindus or Indians (for that matter) misbehave or talk shit or objectify women, there is a population of hindus that just want to be neutral amidst all this drama, mostly from urban areas. So foreigners, pls dont regard all Indians as stupid and uncivilised!

    1. “I’m an Indian, christian believer, and definitely disliking the Hindu practices. They are meaningless, most of it, and a complete waste of time and enormous money!”
      spoken like a true desi christian doucbhebag…y’all should be treated like enemies in India. Time to do that

      1. Thanks allimcbiel. Just because i have some opinions doesnt make me the enemy. I dont stop hindus from doing their practise, I just dont believe inthem. You will never here christians coming upto physical violence in India. Its always the extremists from other communities.
        You just wanna open your mouth and blabber and act aggressive.

    2. As a christian, you are certainly not speaking with love about people who need the gospel.
      How will people follow the gospel of Christ when you speak so harshly?
      Should you not speak with love and mildness. Surely you will put people off who are Hindu and therefore be against the teaching of Christ who counselled that his followers should make disciples of all men that none should perish.
      “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. ~ II Peter 3:9”

      1. Yeah it does seem as if Indian Christians are too weak to apply the difficult but profound teachings of Christ.
        All this rage and hatred they feel. I feel their Christianity is weak and they are not a good example to anyone. They are in fact weak in the faith and as the apostle Paul would say they have not graduated to solid food but still drink milk.
        Also they are uneducated to the level of being barely literate and hence incapable of answering the tough theological issues which have been raised in some of the posts. All in all they are a work in progress;but on this blog they have disgraced themselves as theologically inarticulate and morally weak.

  20. Hi Robert – Just curious what do you think you about Sikhs and Jains they too are fully Hinduized, and have the f*cked up Indian Mindset
    Where do you se India in the next 50- 100 years. Also Indians are scared The West is catching onto the BS and closing the immigration doors (could not have happened sooner).
    Also what do you think about US/Western Born Indian so 2nd/3rd Generation Immigrants. I noticed this ABCD in South Asians generally. The Whole Sub-Continent is f*cked betting hope IMHO.

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