Bigfoot News October 8, 2013

100% proof positive the Dr. Bryan Sykes study will conclude that Bigfoots exist! I hinted at this yesterday, but now from another book publishing newsletter, we have this:

Genetics professor investigates the Yeti

…Mark Booth, publisher of Hodder & Stoughton’s Coronet imprint, has acquired world rights excluding America in the provisionally titled The Quest for the Yeti, A DNA Detective Story from agent Luigi Bonomi.
The Quest for the Yeti will describe Sykes’ hunt for genetic traces of species whose existence remains scientifically unconfirmed, including the Yeti, the Sasquatch and Big Foot. For the most part the samples he has tracked down for analysis have turned out to be known species such as humans, bears or apes; however two samples taken towards the end of his quest will “change our understanding of human history,” he says…
Bonomi said: “Professor Sykes is a world authority on genetics and what he has to say about Yetis will shock the world”…

This is a different title from the one that was reported yesterday. Please note that this does not mean that science has proven that Bigfoots exist, although I choose to interpret it that way. It proves that Sykes’ research results in the conclusion that Bigfoots exist. However, mainstream science still has to accept Sykes’ findings as real in order for this to be officially proven by science. That is unfortunate, but this is how science works.
Fascinating interview with a retired forest ranger by Stacy Brown of Florida. Brown is a superb researcher, and unless this ranger is making the whole thing up, this is probably a true story. Since I believe that Bigfoots exist, it is obvious that they get hit and killed by vehicles from time to time. In fact, I have reported on many of these incidents. In every case, authorities came, sealed off the area, and the body disappeared. In one case, a black van came, and US soldiers dressed in black came out and took the body away. Black helicopters, black vans and black uniforms are not fantasy. Actually this means nothing more than US military intelligence or DIA. Their color is black.
Reverend Jeff Kelly interview regarding the Erickson Project and Timbergiantbigfoot’s latest videos.
In this video, Jeff interviews special effects guru Doug Hudson. Doug reports that Timbergiantbigfoot’s creature has real fur, not synthetic fur. There are no suits that use real fur. All suits use synthetic fur. Therefore, TGBF’s video shows a real animal of some sort. It could be a Bigfoot, a bear or some sort of a dog, particularly a Chow. All of those have hair that somewhat resembles the hair in that video. My friend at the Smithsonian said that TGBF shot a real Bigfoot in that video also. “I know because that is exactly what their hair looks like.” This man designs the backdrops and displays for the museum.
However, Hudson also said that the Erickson Project’s Matilda video was obviously a Chewbacca mask. But it surely does not match the mask it is said to be on comparison shots in any way whatsoever. There are 4-5 other Chewie masks out there, and those ought to be put up against the Matilda footage as comparison to see if any of those masks match.
In addition, Hudson says that the Harley Hoffman video is 100% a man in a suit. I have always loved this video and I thought it was a real Bigfoot, though the back story is completely insane. I would love to see some good solid proof that this video is fake.
Interesting trail cam video of a possible Bigfoot in Kentucky. I rather like how this things walks. It seems to walk very fast and has that Bigfoot way of walking. However, looking through this fellow’s videos, he has a lot of lot “woo” stuff like videos of ghosts, UFO’s and other paranormal stuff. Therefore, he is simply not a very good source. Until we can analyze this video better, it must remain inconclusive due to the hazy source.
Why I do not believe that Matilda is a mask. The black tongue, gums and inner mouth, the long straight tongue and the jutting lower jaw with a strong underbite all suggest to me that this is not a mask. Yet I am bothered by the fact that her mouth is open the whole time as a mask would be. But she may be opening her mouth to smell better, as many animals open their mouths to smell. She probably smells the human hidden nearby in the ghillie suit. In the rest of the video, Matilda walks forward a few more steps, sees the woman in the ghillie suit, growls and turns and walks away. When she walks away, she walks exactly like Patty, 100% dead ringer.
Back story: This was a known habituation site that the BFRO had been investigating. Dennis Pfohl worked with the BFRO and was investigating the site. The couple who lived there had a number of videos of Bigfoots. They used to show them at parties at their house to the locals. It was well known in town that Bob and Sissy had Bigfoots on their property, but it was sort of an open secret. Later, Erickson got involved and hired Pfohl. The couple offered two of the videos for sale. Both videos looked like the Matilda footage – that is, they looked like Wookies. Erickson rejected them as possible fakes with a Wookie mask.
The woman was instructed to try to get better video. For a long time, the woman tried to get close up video, but she could not get close enough to the creature to videotape it. Finally, Dennis showed her how to use a ghillie suit and loaned her a nice video camera. Using the ghillie suit, she was finally able to obtain good footage such as the Sleeping Bigfoot and Matilda footage.
If this couple were hoaxing, why wait until you get the ghillie suit? Why the long interval between the initial Wookie videos and the later ones shot with the ghillie suit when the woman said she could not get close enough? It’s not a problem to get close to a guy in a suit. If they were hoaxing, they could have delivered Wookie videos at any time. After 4-5 more videos were taken, Erickson apparently decided that maybe Matilda did look like a Wookie after all, and he bought the footage.
What we need to know is what Dennis and Leila Hadj-Chikh saw when they were at the site. Did they get a good look at Matilda? If so, did she look like a Wookie? If she did, then that solves the “she looks too much like a Wookie” problem. Perhaps the reason she looks too much like a Wookie is because that is actually how she looks. I also believe that Matilda is the Bigfoot that Dr. John Bindernagel saw when he was flown out to the site by Adrian Erickson. If so, Bindernagel may also have noticed that she looked like a Wookie.
It is true that the couple sold the videos to Adrian for a pretty penny, possibly ~$100,000. This is where the hoaxing accusations come in – they profited immensely from those videos. They used that money to buy a boat and a new car, and they moved to a better house a few miles away. Some have described the couple as “somewhat shady.” The habituation site was located on Mann Road in Crittenden, Kentucky.
How easy would it be to modify a Chewbacca mask to make it look like Matilda? It has been said that it would be trivial to modify the Chewie mask shown to make it look like Matilda. However, that would mean a custom mask. Custom Bigfoot masks costs tens of thousands of dollars, far beyond the means of most folks, and are available only from a few special effects artists. Furthermore, no Bigfoot hoax has ever used a custom mask. Most Bigfoot hoaxes use only a few masks, which are generally easily identifiable.
Keep in mind also that when George Lucas created his Chewbacca character for Star Wars, it ended up looking very much like a Bigfoot. So it should not be surprising if some Bigfoots look like Wookies.
But would it really be trivial to do this on your own?
How are you going to do that? How and why are you going to modify the jaw so it has marked prognathism (there is no prognathism in the Chewie mask)? How and why are you going to create a browridge (the Chewie mask has no browridge)? How and why are you going to replace all the teeth and create a straight front line of teeth (the teeth on the mask and Matilda are totally different)?
How and why are you going to create much more distance between the nose and the upper lip and make that distance project outwards (prognathism) when the Chewie mask has less distance, and the direction is flat, not prognathous? How and why are you going to give the thing a tongue (the Chewie mask has no tongue)? How and why are you going to recreate the nose (the Chewie mask’s nose is different from Matlida’s)? How and why would you give the thing a black tongue, black gums and black inner mouth? How and why are you going to make the gums show on the creature when there are no gums on the mask?
Robert Wadlow, Bigfoot-sized human. This man lived in the early part of the 20th Century in the US. He was measured at 9 feet, 2 inches tall in his shoes and 8 feet, 11 inches barefoot. Here is his photo below.

Robert Wadlow, human freak. 9 feet 2 inches tall!
Robert Wadlow, human freak. 9 feet 2 inches tall in his shoes!

Beckjord’s Patty from the Patterson film. Jon-Erik Beckjord, now deceased, was one of the craziest Bigfooters of all time. There was scarcely a nutty theory about Bigfoots that he would not endorse. Here is a good sketch marking up a Patty drawing with his fake theories.
Jon-Erik Beckjord's Patty markup - all in good fun.
Jon-Erik Beckjord’s Patty markup – all in good fun.

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130 thoughts on “Bigfoot News October 8, 2013”

  1. Robert the Matilda creature is not real. It is obviously a mask. Yes you are correct it doesn’t match perfectly. I would hope they were smart enough to at least modify it to some extent. It is nothing more than a modified Chewbacca mask.

    1. There is no way to modify that mask in such a way as to resemble that Matilda creature. That would be a custom built mask, and that would have been way too expensive for that hillbilly, unsophisticated couple. These people were backwoods, redneck, hillbilly Kentucky hicks. They were very unsophisticated and uneducated. I doubt if they could have even figured out how to order a Wookie mask or if it even would have occurred to them. They certainly could not have modified one, only a Hollywood expert could do that.

      1. Excuse me, but I live about 15 minutes north of where Matilda was supposedly found. Not everyone in this area is some uneducated country bumpkin, lol. While the area is rural, it’s less than 5 minutes from the interstate highway, and about a 1/2 hr from Cincinnati. Most everyone has internet these days. Someone could easily order a wookie mask and glue some varmint (lol) fur on it and make it look considerably different. And, FYI, there are several excellent costume shops in the Cincinnati/tristate area. just sayin 😉

        1. I am not saying that everyone in that area is a hillbilly, but that’s basically how I would describe this couple.
          Yeah but I know all about that couple. They were uneducated, unsophisticated hicks. And you would have needed to modify the mask far more than gluing some hairs on it here and there. You would have needed a custom mask because the Wookie mask they compare it to is no match.
          You say it’s a mask, show me the mask then!
          I do not care what Munns and Hudson think about this. They could well be wrong.
          I feel the jury is still out on whether or not this is a mask. It could be, but maybe it isn’t.

        2. Quick view on Google Map and I notice the area east of Mann Road has the geography of a watershed source area. These types of areas are commonly reported as typical BF habitat. In your own words could you provide a brief description of the terrain and forest type?

        3. I do not know what the area is like, but I revealed the location as Crittenden, Kentucky on Bigfoot Forums and a lot of people told me to shut up as it was supposed to be a secret. I am not sure if Mann Road was also revealed.
          But a poster on BFF was intrigued and drove over to Crittenden to see what the area was like. He said it was unremarkable Eastern second growth forest. However, he did say that the forest formed a solid wall on either side of the road. At one point, a deer ran in front of his car and then went into the forest on the other side. As it went into the forest, the deer simply disappeared from view. He stopped his car to see if he could see where the deer went but all he saw was a solid wall of green. He thought was pretty significant. That is a very deep and thick forest there.

      2. I don’t know whether the subject in the film is wearing a ‘Chewbacca’ mask or she just happens to resemble the creature in the Lucas films, but I do know that people who on the surface appear to be “backwoods, redneck, hillbilly Kentucky hicks” are not nearly as stupid as some folks think: Many of the folks living in that environment and dealing with the circumstances in these rural areas are very intelligent, insightful, highly resourceful, and incredibly resilient.
        Over the years many educated city people have visited these areas thinking they’ll be able to get the upper hand in some sort of deal, make the foolish mistake of underestimating these folks – and leave thoroughly humbled with their tails tucked between their legs, often with a lot less money than they arrived with.
        These rural people know very well how they’re perceived by ‘outsiders’. Many of the more savvy ‘hicks’ will go out of their way to reinforce this sort of perception and merely pay attention and patiently wait for the unsuspecting big city business man to step right into the trap they’ve created for themselves…Often the smart big city business man wont even realize he’s been bested in the deal ’til it’s all said and done and too late to renegotiate because of his own stipulations.
        It’s a grave, potentially costly mistake to underestimate the ‘hillbilly’ – especially when he (or she) is on their ‘home turf’.

        1. Good points l.perkins. I’m thinking how Mr Erickson might fit into the fabric of rural Kentucky. Being born and raised in the northern part of a Canadian province and spending his youth and young adult life in the very similar environment you describe, is it not possible Kentucky welcomed him and he found equitable opportunity for the landowners? Surely they would have enough in common to keep them engaged enough to have open dialog and visitation before the land was purchased.

        2. Absolutely, Woodchucker – I’d say it is possible the Kentuckians welcomed Mr. Erickson…His attitude about and towards them would go a long ways towards determining how he was viewed and treated there imo

      3. Robert, there is a video out (when they first ran the story about the conference) that had Matilda, at the end of the video you can see her mouth close in an oval shape, like an orangutan over her teeth. I never seen a mask do anything close to it. The movement is to natural to be a mask.I wonder if Bill Munns ever seen the video? I think he would change his mind about the Chewbacca mask.

  2. You are forgetting one thing Robert.. This is the Erickson project. We cannot be certain who paid for the mask (which it is). I am surely not the only person who believes it to be a mask. Bill Munns is convinced. I could modify a chewbacca mask for a few hundred dollars to look like that. That is speaking from experience and a background in sculpture.

    1. How the Hell are you going to do that? How are you going to modify the jaw so it has marked prognathism (there is no prognathism in the Chewie mask)? How are you going to create a browridge (the Chewie mask has no browridge)? How are you going to replace all the teeth and create a straight front line of teeth (the teeth on the mask and Matilda are totally different)?
      How are you going to create much more distance between the nose and the upper lip and make that distance project outwards (prognathism) when the Chewie mask has less distance and the direction is flat, not prognathous? How are you going to give the thing a tongue (Chewie mask has no tongue)? How are you going to recreate the nose (Chewie mask’s nose is different from Matlida’s)? How and why would you give the thing a black tongue, black gums and black inner mouth? How are you going to make the gums show on the creature when there are no gums on the mask?
      What you are talking about is a custom built mask. To this day, no one has ever used one single custom built mask in any Bigfoot hoax. Custom Bigfoot masks cost a great deal of money and they are beyond the means of most folks.

    2. “This is the Erickson project”. I wonder if jason, Bill Munns or Doug Hudson personally know any of the EP members?

  3. “would have been way too expensive for that hillbilly, unsophisticated couple. These people were backwoods, redneck, hillbilly Kentucky hicks. They were very unsophisticated and uneducated. I doubt if they could have even figured out how to order a Wookie mask or if it even would have occurred to them.”
    Ahh yes. It would most certainly take some great erudite mind to make the hair fuzzy on a “chewie” mask. Perhaps only a intolerant California leftist blowhard could achieve such a complex task.

    1. All right you hillbilly worm, I am banning your hick ass. Go stick a blade of grass between your teeth. If you can’t find one, ask your cousin. You know her pretty well, after all, you married her.

  4. Thank you Robert for your frequent and intense Bigfoot reporting. In these days where things seem to be hurtling towards the conclusion we’ve all been hoping for, it’s your blogpost I look forward to the most.

    1. uh-huh. why not as a “fun” demo create one with the material you already have in possession and see how close u come to convincing people it’s bigfoot. think of it as a fun hobby project. and upload it on youtube.
      i always here skeptics claim the paterson-gimlin film is a hoax, but no one has made a replica w/ technology available in October 20, 1967.

      1. Some of the best special effects guys in Hollywood keep on making Bigfoot videos and posting them as real encounters on Youtube. We usually take them apart pretty quickly though some of them are pretty good. Rule of thumb is that 100% of the time a Bigfoot video is uploaded by a special effects guy or a movie studio, it’s a hoax. Most of them simply do not look like real Bigfoots to us pros. We recently had one by one of the top special effects guys who is a Bigfoot skeptic. He keeps uploading videos over the years and we know who he is. He keeps making them better and better but even with his latest one, we caught on pretty quickly.
        Bottom line is even the best hoaxes are often pretty easy for us experts to spot.
        In addition, there are certain things that a real Bigfoot often has that no hoaxer ever tries to replicate or that simply cannot be replicated due to the fact that humans and Bigfoots have different dimensions. Because of these different dimensions, a human in a Bigfoot costume can never look like a proper Bigfoot because the body proportions are simply wrong.
        I will NOT tell you folks what these cards are that we are still holding (the things that real BF’s have that no hoax ever has) because guys like Jason above are always taking notes and trying to make their Bigfoot masks and costumes better and better. There is no reason to help them. The hoaxes are enough of a pain in the ass as it is, and the better they get, the harder our job is.

  5. George Lucas did indeed base his Wookie character on what he thought a Bigfoot looked like.
    No Bigfoot hoax ever has used a custom mask. Doug Hudson states that custom masks cost tens of thousands of dollars and are beyond the means of most folks. There are only a small number of masks that are used in almost all Bigfoot hoaxes, and they are easily identifiable.

    1. skeptics think the paterson-gimlin film is a hoax, presumably with some sort of customized suit/mask. they claimed paterson did it for fame and money

      1. The trouble is, Neo, that no one’s ever replicated it even using modern materials. If it was a hoax – which I doubt – it was one of the greatest hoaxes of all time.

  6. I’m glad you showed that pic of Robert Wadlow. Then ask yourself how Dyer got the Tent Vid shot of just the HEAD taken from a slit window in his tent at close range. It would have much more likely that he would have caught the LOWER body…but no..of ALL things he gets JUST THEAD HEAD! How convenient!

    1. Yeah Ron. That angle is messed up to me. If a set up to observe is being done, why a tent. Wouldn’t a tree stand offer a much less intrusive vantage point and be less conspicuous? 1000s of large game is taken each year from tree stands. It is a definite advantage. Heck some Texas stands are set up like a modern home.

    2. Ron, I know you keep bringing up the height of the alleged bigfoot. I am not saying that you are wrong, but there are a lot of variables that we just don’t know. I haven’t heard the actual distance, the elevation of the tent vs. the tree area, and any tilt of the camera itself. There may be more, but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. If you can sketch it out mathematically or describe how it can’t be over eight feet tall, I am willing to listen.

      1. We know the BF according to Dyer is 8Ft 6in.
        You can see the head fills the slit and the head is a bit over 1ft tall, so he was close to the BF from his vantage point..maybe 20ft. We know the tent is only 5ft or less tall and the slit is maybe 3-4 ft off the ground. We know he took the pic standing away from the slit, so his field of view was limited (up and down). So, he gets a shot ALL THE WAY UP TO THE HEAD..and ONLY the head? The *money shot*?? His shot was NOT tilted UP, because it was fairly level. He would have to have had the camera literally on the GROUND to shoot upwards through the slit to catch the head sitting WAY UP! One would have expected a BODY SHOT at best, but he gets an ISOLATED HEAD SHOT?

        1. And don’t forget the camera lens would have to be far enough back from the tent wall to allow the depth of field of the lens to focus on the BF, tent wall and background images enough through the opening to capture a sharp image. Any camera buffs want to comment on that? Would love to hear their thoughts.

  7. Sorry Robert, but a side by side comparison has already been shown of a Chewie mask and Matilda, the teeth match perfectly as well as many other features, It’s funny watching you write stuff that is easily seen and shown to be incorrect. keep trying, I know you survive off of website hits, its all good. P.S. Munns was the first to show the leaked footage and the comparison, this stuff is not anything new. but you write like it is.

    1. You’re banned, jerkoff.
      I wish this site made money, but the truth is it makes next to nothing. WordPress will not let me carry ads. The site is syndicated, but that brings in maybe $10/month. The site is a hobby more than anything else.
      Anyway I would not knowingly print false information just to get hits. Only a scumbag like you would do that.
      The mask does not match the creature at all. And in fact, the teeth are 100% different.

  8. So the question might be, would someone want to pay to have it done, or even if it was for free, would they care to introduce it to a “hobby” that cost half a million $? And from what I have seen so far, other than Ketchum selling the report for $30 on-line, there has been no attempt to recoup costs. Why do that when one could simply enjoy the $ or invest in a profitable business deal.

    1. There are other problems too. Before Erickson showed up, these people had lots of video of the Bigfoots on the property and some of those videos looked like Wookies. They used to have parties at their house and they would show videos of the Bigfoots (including Wookie footage) to guests. This was far before Erickson even showed up. Why would they have spent tens of thousands of dollars on a custom Wookie mask just to show at their parties? It was well known in town that there were Bigfoots on their property.
      They first offered Erickson some videos, including two Wookie videos. Erickson rejected them as fakes. He assumed they were hoaxed using a Wookie mask.
      They wanted more video but for a long time Sissy could not get any closeup video because she could not get close enough. Why they delay if they could hoax a Wookie mask any time they wanted to? Finally Dennis loaned her an HD camera and showed her how to use a ghillie suit. She got those closeup videos using a ghillie suit. The people delivered some new videos, including one or more Wookie videos. At this point apparently Adrian figured that maybe this Bigfoot actually looked like a Wookie after all.
      If Dennis and Leila saw this creature many times, perhaps they could shed some light on whether or not she does look like a Wookie after all. If she doesn’t, then the video is fake. If she does, then perhaps it is real.
      I think the jury is still out on whether or not the Wookie video is faked.

      1. The Matilda vid is just one element. There are other vids and the samples submitted to Ketchum. 100 years ago we believed if we left meat on a table it turned into maggots. Environmental Science is way behind Engineering in terms of discovery.

  9. There are also multiple how to videos on YouTube detailing how to make latex masks. If this Kentuckian can find them, I’ll just bet others can too.

    1. No Bigfoot hoax has ever used a custom built Bigfoot mask.
      Such masks cost tens of thousands of dollars, beyond the means of most folks. I do not believe that these folks built their own custom built mask, no.

  10. I’m very sure that the Matilda footage is a person wearing a costume and that the entire project is a hoax designed to fool people. If we just take a step back and separate the facts from rumor, everything about this Melba Ketchum/Erickson thing will be clear. Just ask Dr. Bindernagel about what he experienced while at the site…

      1. I spoke with Dr. Bindernagel during the Ohio conference two years ago. When I asked him what he saw while at the research site and he said he was told to look up a hill to see the creature, he saw something walk down through dense foliage and peak around a tree at them, then it walked back up the hill, almost as on cue!
        He didn’t need to say anything more.

  11. Fair enough. But have you, Bill or Doug ever had a converstaion with any of the EP members or can you at least acknowledge that they also have expertise to share?

      1. I looked at some of Bill Munn’s reports on BF and his work. Very knowledgable and articulate person. One thing about the Matilda comparison to the mask is that there are 3 masks being used to compare one critter. Would like to see how the 3 masks look in a one on one with the critter to see how close they would be.

  12. Bigfooters are being mislead by Adrian Erickson and his group. Same thing with Melba Ketchum. It’s all one big fat hoax. It’s nothing like what is was portrayed to be at the very beginning. There’s been some serious hoaxing going on and it’s not the “land owners”.

    1. “Bigfooters are being mislead …not the “land owners”.”
      Most awesome. Bob Lindsay has his very own “Deep Throat”.
      Please do spill all the details ‘Shooting Bigfoot’.
      Show us your are not just shooting off your mouth.
      I tend to think Erickson is above hoaxing. However, you imply
      proof otherwise. Please don’t leave us hanging…..
      Patiently yours,
      Eddy Toomey.

      1. dont scare him off i want him to tell me how he has gone thru the genomes that ketchum and all the professors at all the colleges involved have produced and identify it as something we already know about or something we don’t. I think what you have here mr e is someone that has been told by another half wit that the mountain of evidence is not real. the sounds and the footprints aren’t real. the video isn’t real. and now the dna brought to use by the most complex machines is somehow hoaxed by a woman they claim isn’t smart enough to sequench dna. Much less fool the machines. wow 35’000 sitings. isnt one of them accurate.

    1. I’m trying not to get too excited (been there before).
      Does anyone know when Sykes will be releasing his scientific, peer reviewed paper. I have to fend off some scofftics on my forum and they’re moaning that Sykes is playing to the ‘Bigfoot Circus’ because of the fact that the books and TV programmes are coming out first. If I can chuck the paper at them, they might shut up. 😀

      1. Of course Sykes is playing to the Bigfoot Circus right now. But this makes the scientifc results not useless…however, I guess, the paper is coming out before TV and book.

      2. Thanks Joerg, Jacki. It did occur to me that there might be some funding issues involved. I imagine the TV station helped to fund the research – travel and so on. The books sales might be important for future research – I dunno. I just wish this was resolved one way or the other. The suspense is killing me.

  13. Well,
    I haves a headache from staring at the Matilda- ‘Chewie stills all night.
    The Matilda stills have a much more ‘realistic’ ,’look’.
    I DO see the differences Robert mentions. The way the nose sits on the face is different from the Chewie mask.
    It could be a fake. A very well done fake is not entirely out of the question. Ima gunna call my reality to skepticism ratio
    70/30 in Senor Lindsays favor.

  14. The only problem I have with the Matilda video/pictures outside of the obvious ( that it looks very similar to the “Chewie” mask) is that it just doesn’t seem to look anything like the thousands of sighting/reports that I have read over the years. I know Robert, you keep saying that Chewbacca was based off of Spielbergs vision of a Bigfoot, it just doesn’t line up with PGF or the Freeman footage or any other decent videos that we have seen over the years. I also understand that maybe Bigfoot looks slightly different in different regions and so on, this just does not make any since because it is so far off base. I do feel like we have enough data, sightings and videos to establish a baseline for the look of this creature and Matilda isn’t it.
    Can someone give me a brief description of what is going on with the Sykes stuff, I have always paid attention to Bigfoot but for some reason I have never read anything dealing with Sykes, don’t ask me why, take my Bigfooter card, lol.
    Robert, I have this site in my favorites, this site is NOT blocked at my work, I appreciate what you are doing, I look forward to these updates, I might not agree with you all of the time and I am a huge believer in Bigfoot but I think your belief even surpasses mine, it might even cloud your vision just a little at times but again great job…keep it up!

    1. I think robert has the inside scoop on many things that allow him to be more sure of many things. i dont believe his judgement is clouded. If he doesn’t know he says so.

  15. So here is what Rhettman Mullis, Sykes overweight American friend, has to say – two day ago, int he meantime he also published the announcement from the Bookseller, but without comment:
    We are coming down to the end of it and it will be an interesting fall. As I have said in the past, the documentary will come out first, then Bryan’s paper will follow, and then Bryan’s book which will detail his experiences with this project and engaging the Bigfoot community. When the dates are finalized I will be posting that information. Until then, don’t believe anything you see about me or Bryan or this project on the Internet. Instead just sit back and enjoy the fall because now is the time that Bigfoots are highly active in the lowlands with ripened farms, and the salmon running.

  16. 100% bullshit, at least with this footage. The hair looks like a sheep dog but less realistic, and there’s no muscle definition at all. There is no skin showing at all. Bigfoot is not among the furriest beings on the planet! “Matilda” also looks pitifully small for a Bigfoot. As for the mouth inside, it was spray painted and matte. A taxidermist could easily make a half as inner mouth. I’m disappointed with the Erickson project!

    1. So it is a custom mask, right? Those costs tens of thousands of dollars.
      Matilda was a young adolescent Bigfoot with small, perky breasts just coming into her sexual prime. She was only 5 1/2 feet tall, which is about how tall Bigfoot teenage girls are. Apparently another nearby Bigfoot noticed this Bigfoot teen hottie because during the course of the study, she got knocked up somehow, become pregnant and later bore a spanking new Bigfoot baby! The roving Bigfoot G mack daddy who knocked up this prime teen Bigfoot meat has not been identified.

  17. I have really tried to just not pass judgement on this and sit back and wait. I mean, it has been YEARS. However, those damn teeth..
    Robert, the part I find most odd, is your statement about the teeth. This was the single point that most convinced me it was the same mask. Do you have any links where there has been a comparrison of the teeth so I can see why you say they are 100% different?

    1. Look at the teeth in the mask and the teeth on the Bigfoot. Not the fangs, the other teeth. Not the same. They are small and in a very straight line in the Bigfoot, and there even appear to be more of them. In the mask they look very different.

  18. Sykes along with the NAWAC may have the greatest chances of proving the existence of Bigfoot. The discovery could happen very soon in my opinion. It’s interesting how Ketchum/Erickson group recently came out with that pathetic press conference. Are they sensing that the spotlight will no longer be on them? They should have known they never had a chance with all that fake video and DNA interpretation. People may be stupid, but it’s getting harder to fool the vast majority nowadays.

    1. No genetecist on the planet that has looked at the any of the mtdna or nudna and found a single problem with it being half human and something not yet classified. your dna interpretation would be needed to make a statement like that here. you have said nothing to add to the discussion.

  19. Sykes seems to be primarily using the term Yeti, rather than Bigfoot. If he found 2 interesting samples, would he be using the term Yeti if they were from America?
    Sykes had access to about 30 of the better alleged Bigfoot samples there were to be had anywhere in the World. If the suggestion is that only 2 were interesting, that suggests about 28, the majority were not. If that is the case, perhaps what we look to as higher profile American cases have not been found to be supported by interesting DNA by Sykes.

    1. I think he’s already said Smeja’s sample was too degraded to produce DNA.
      Sykes became interested when a yeti hair he was given came back as unknown DNA. That was 10 or 15 years ago. Hence the title “The Quest for The Yeti…” or “The Yeti Enigma”.

      1. I think the ice age and the edge of the ice sheet had alot to do with human movement. Earlier the dry climate change in africa separated groups of developing hominids

  20. I havent found a feed yet jackie but i would like a feed if i don,t hoping someone like your self will bring us the inportant parts from when you tape it. You guys have vcr right.

  21. The people on this great site are say you all believe in Bigfoot but everything is a makes no sense to me.

    1. C’mon REF, look at some of Scott Carpenters research results. Take a “good” look at his video’s and photographic images. He, in my opinion, has the best evidence to date, that these beings exist, and in my mind without doubt that these beings “are” real. Also, lets look at this for a moment….. Going on the principle of Ockum’s Razor, the most probable answer being the right answer, we’ve either been hoaxed by tens of thousands of people for over a hundreds of years, including sightings, hair samples, blood samples, saliva samples and audio……. Or, they exist.

      1. I don’t think any one persons research is the end all for this real primate exsistence. the 67 pg film has many unhoaxable items still unexplained by skeptics. But i must agree the sheer amount of evidence with the sounds, footprints, video , and dna evedence puts ockum’s razor principle into affect.

      2. One has to handle Ockam’s razor carefully to avoid cutting one’s self.
        I have heard it said that reports of alien abductions in USA are very common, perhaps much more common than reported Bigfoot sightings. I don’t think it is safe to use Ockam’s razor to say thousands of alien abduction reports means alien abductions are real.
        There have been thousands of sightings of the Loch Ness monster over hundreds of years. I don’t think that is evidence the monster exists. Fairly thorough scientific surveys seem to indicate Nessie is a mixed bag of mistaken identity and hoaxes.
        I don’t “know” if Bigfoot exists, but I think it deserves attention from Ketchum and Sykes and others to look for it’s DNA. I think that serious researchers would accept that more than 90% of reported Bigfoot sightings/ photos/ wood knocks are either very probably hoaxes or mistaken identity. I would suggest that much less than 1% would get a serious scientist interested.
        If there are 100 reports of Bigfoot, it does not prove one report is likely to be genuine. If we can prove 99 are false, it does not mean the 100th report is genuine.
        Perhaps you could use Ockam’s razor to say that if we can scientifically prove 99% of reports are false, then statistically the 100th report is more likely to be false also.
        I think one Bigfoot researcher said something like the testimony of many Bigfoot witness would be accepted on another matter in court in a murder trial. That I think is and interesting observation. At this point I am making a mental note to myself to make sure I never end up in court being tried for murder.
        Most witnesses may be genuinely reporting what they believe they saw, but it does not make their interpretation correct. How many innocent persons have ended up on the end of a rope on the basis of a witnesses’s belief in what they saw or thought they remembered?
        I admit to being intrigued by the possibility Bigfoot might exist. There are alleged to be reports from many sane rational persons who have believed they have seen a Bigfoot. Their evidence on another matter would be accepted in court in a murder trial.
        There are huge uninhabited spaces in USA with food sources which hypothetically could support a Bigfoot type of creature. It is possible to put forward arguments for why they have escaped scientific detection if they exist.
        Bigfoot “might” exist, but best I think to look at what might be “hard” evidence. The Ketchum study is a puzzle to me. Some interesting aspects, and some anomalies. I await the Sykes results with interest. Too soon to conclude anything from the rumours. Let’s see what he reports. If he has found 2 results out of 30 interesting, that suggests that around 95% of high profile samples are false. But just the hope that 2 samples were interesting has me moving just a bit closer to the edge of my seat.
        Sykes is a showman, and has a book to promote. It is in his interests to report making an amazing finding. What the finding is, and what is spin we shall just have to wait and see.

        1. “There have been thousands of sightings of the Loch Ness monster over hundreds of years.”
          There was a written report by the Viking Adamnan in 565AD. He described a man killed by a “water beast” while swimming the River Ness a hundred years before. This was an isolated incident and since there are no more reports of Nessie attacking people it doesn’t appear to be relevant.
          Modern sightings of the Loch Ness Monster began in 1933 when Alex Campbell, the water bailiff for Loch Ness and a part-time journalist, wrote that he and his wife had seen “the nearest approach to a dragon or pre-historic animal.”
          Over a 10 year period (2002-2011) there were 22 sightings according to
          Bigfoot has been known on the North American continent for longer than European settlers have been here. Many Native American tribes have stories of these forest people. And the earliest encounter with Europeans was by Leif Ericson in 986 A.D.
          Since then there have been thousands of reports of sightings. How many people see but do not report for fear of ridicule is anyone’s guess.

        2. ” …thousands of alien abduction reports…”
          Where does this come from? There may be thousands of UFO reports, but I don’t know about that. Alien abductions are far rarer than UFO sightings.
          ” Sykes is a showman, and has a book to promote.”
          Dr. Bryan Sykes is one of the leading experts in human genetics in the world.
          His book will come out after he publishes a scientific paper on the subject.
          I’ve been thinking of becoming a professor of human genetics at Oxford University so whereas I might write a book so whereas I might also get into show business. My desired area of expertise will be pitchman for the latest potato peeler.

        3. I guess when you just use sitings by 35,000 people and the video, that can’t be recreated, the sounds ,that can’t be recreated, the footprints and stride, that can’t be created and the dna that can’t be hoaxed id say that the ufo crap and the unicorn crap that curious ( where is that dude ) brought up don’t hold water. lochness come on in the same sentence. My point is if your a skeptic then you can explain away all ,yes all, of the sitings. Before you bring the ufo abductions into this please explain the round metal devices taken from some of those people. made of a metal not found on earth. good day.

    2. “The people on this great site are say you all believe in Bigfoot but everything is a makes no sense to me.”
      – Who wrote this ? Is Borat interested in Bigfootery now ?

  22. Wouldn’t it be great to understand Sykes’ and the SGP’s info speak in unison ( one way or the other ) about BFs in North America and Eurasia? Then I would agree with the last sentence very much too.

    1. Sykes, “no human DNA in yeti…”. Could this mean that Ketchum’s human/unknown hybrid findings are correct then bigfoot could be a human/yeti hybrid? Or at least human/yeti related hybrid?

  23. 😀 I’m wondering how ‘current’ his samples are – and if they’re positive for unknown ape. Recent samples would indicate a currently living population. Exciting times. 🙂

  24. Jacki, Interesting programme to look out for, thanks for news of this. If it is a series, could it be the climax will be the last half of the last episode?

    1. A source on my Facebook page has said “This first episode is the Asian episode. … there are three episodes, Asian, Russian, and American.” This is after he contacted Icon Films who, apparently, made the documentaries.

    2. Jackie I think that wood is a poor surface to pull prints from. the wood would obsorb the oil and even a day later would be so obscure and unidentifiable. while finished wood with a smooth coating of paint or another coating could yield prints.

  25. Interesting radio interview. It is over an hour long and this guy is is either telling the truth or missed his career in politics
    Notice some of things he says in passing. A hoaxer would have highlighted these.
    Size of hands
    Dark fingernails
    length of stride
    Unexplainable fear of the creature
    Some tracks exhibited a mid-tarsal break
    Footprints were inline rather than beside each other
    Possible use of Infrasound calls by the female Sasquatch
    Eyes without pupils
    Odd reaction of the male after the female was shot

    1. Also the distance between the nose and mouth
      The presence of breast on the smaller animal
      The difference in size of the two creatures
      That the male genitalia showed that the male was, “A proud individual”
      The size of the head
      The location is given in a specific enough manner that it could be found
      The bloody hand print

    2. His description of topography sounds like a water source area – “top of a ridge”, “top of a mountain”, “climbed up a cliff”, “hunting between ridges”. And if the screen shot of the google map is the actual area, it appears to be a higher elevation than the surrounding roadways. Many reports are in similar areas.

  26. Yes, that´s one great things about the discovery of the yeti/bigfoot: ending Western “scientific” ignorance once and for all on this issue

  27. A lot like the Bili Ape. I mean who could believe in a man-sized chimpanzee that eats lions and lives in a ‘magic’ part of the forests of the Congo. No one … right?

    1. I’ve noticed since the focus here has changed from POS Dyer to sykes and ketchum that the sceptics have vanished. i believe they are in a corner curled up in a ball shaking.

    2. 😀
      My main concern with Sykes is the lack (so far) of a peer reviewed paper. He needs to produce that or the sceptics’ll be back – with a vengeance.

  28. Robert, I enjoy your bigfoot reports I really do, but I find it somewhat disturbing that you seem to believe so many things that are so obviously a lie. Some examples of this are the fact that you believe (or have believed) that Rick Dyer ever had a bigfoot in the first place. I mean this man is a small time con artist and you believing anything he has to say In relation to him possessing a bigfoot is ridiculous.
    All of these other people claiming the have bigfoot evidence and you believing them is just as sad. I mean you should report on it, on all aspects of it, but don’t claim its real unless you have REAL PROOF validated by scientists. As far as I am concerned its all a big pile of fake shit.
    That said I do enjoy watching the drama that is the Rick Dyer reality show. I know he is a con, but man its funny to watch.

    1. Wang did you listen to the video. What part of that video do you not understand. this individual shot something. he spends alot of time in the woods. he knows what all the other animals look like. did anyone mention rick dyer in this whole days blog. let it go man. 35,000 sitings, samples taken. samples tested. dna results posted. REAL PROOF. enough proof to send you to the electric chair. that is the proof by which all proof is compared. NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU. Mr. E this capital stuff is empowering you should try it. Wang after your done explaining this guys’ day in the woods ten years ago you can start on the other 35,000 sitings and explain them all be means other than a large biped. Every one.

      1. Well, this is a testimonial and an unsubstantiated one. I have seen many testimonials of BF encounters from hunters and they are VERY convincing. In the end, that’s all they are…*stories*. As such you choose to believe..not believe,,,or abstain from a judgment either way.

    2. I am going to continue to report on what in my opinion is real evidence of real Bigfoots.
      Think about it. If these things exist, and they do, then there must be many of them. I would estimate 1000’s in North America. Given those #’s, the many folks out looking for them and all of the trailcams, it stands to reason that we should be getting good evidence of them on a fairly regular basis.
      The other theory is that they exist in the 1000’s, but they are so stealthy that we have never taken a picture of one, or we only did once in 1967. The Patterson film is the only real evidence and all the rest is fake and hoaxed. Obviously, that’s completely insane.
      There is zero, good, hard scientific evidence of Bigfoot yet, so I would have to say that it’s all fake. Screw that.

    3. I have some information from 3rd party sources that leads me to believe that Rick shot and killed a BF, and a body was retained. If it was just him saying that, I would not give it a second listen.

  29. I am personally very disappointed with the Erickson project results and subsequent press conference. Their video evidence is basically laughable and it’s no wonder why everyone (bigfoot community or otherwise), is giving these results a big thumbs down!
    Many have pointed out the numerous ‘red flags’ and all are worth noting. From the extreme likeness to the chewbacca mask, the artificial looking shaggy/dull hair and to the blurry, grainy images of the creature moving on film. I just cant say I’m the slightest bit convinced. If this is what they spent all that time and money on in order to prove the existence of sasquatch to the world, then they should have shelved this evidence and waited for better evidence….
    I don’t generally see blatant likenesses when someone shows a mask and tries to attach that mask to a specific hoax, but in this case, I definitely do. It’s one of the several Chewbacca masks out there available and that has been altered a bit in an attempt to deceive. It failed miserably though and nearly everyone in the bigfoot community agrees that it’s some kind of ‘Chewie’ mask.
    Regarding the Sykes DNA study, I am somewhat anxious to hear about this, although I don’t hold out much hope either. We’ve been down this road before and trying to prove a species is real, without a dead specimen for reference, is almost impossible. You NEED a real live specimen as a model when trying to use DNA to prove that species exists.
    With saying this, I do believe Dr. Melba Ketchum’s study wasn’t as flawed or inconclusive as many think. I believe she and her research team did excellent work uses the samples they got and more or less proved that there is an unknown creature with half human DNA.
    The problem is and has always been; this won’t be enough for mainstream society to believe what the DNA evidence is showing. There are too many variables and the science itself is imperfect, still. DNA research is constantly improving but, unfortunately and at this time, it’s still not far enough along to make the case for sasquatch being a real creature.
    All of us are frustrated with the studies, the poor video evidence, the lack of physical proof AND the hoaxers. Myself, I’ve been an avid enthusiast for over 25 years and I keep waiting for this mystery to be solved once and for all. I 100% believe the creature exists, but like many of you, I want validation, confirmation and for this question to finally be answered by the scientific community. We aren’t crazy for believing and neither are the 1000’s of people who’ve reported about seeing these things!
    We have to remember to keep an open mind about this subject, but not so much that it blinds us to obvious fakes, hoaxers and hoaxes. To quote that famous POS; USE COMMON SENSE PEOPLE! LOL. Common sense is a wonderful thing actually and not everyone has it. Even some of the brightest minds don’t have basic, common sense.
    On the Dyer (POS) front, he’s been really quiet these last couple of days. No shows, no videos posted….nothing.
    Just a tidbit though for anyone who didn’t know….He had a radio show on Wednesday past. It was uploaded and appeared on his channel for about 20 minutes. It was the same old drivel and with Cali, Boswell and Phillips promoting the DVDS and pay-per-view. However, near the end of the 1 hour show, Dallas started talking about his personal experiences with Bigfoots he’d seen and their various physical characteristics. He mentioned seeing one bigfoot with long, vicious looking canine fangs, and another one that had ONE, very unusual but beautiful blue eye.
    Fangs, blue eyes….these are characteristics that nobody has really ever reported about this creature. Now, I don’t necessarily put too much stock into what Dallas says, but in the same breath, I think he has much more experience than say, POS DYER!
    I don’t know why the shut was abruptly interrupted but, while Dallas was reporting on his various encounters and what the creatures looked like, POS jumped in and said to his listening team; “sorry to cut the show off but I’m holding a mandatory TT meeting now on a private link and anyone who doesn’t attend is OFF THE TEAM!”
    Since then, there has been absolutely NO activity on POS’s Y/T channel.
    And just as a reminder or for first time viewing…..These videos compilations say so much with so few words…..

    1. Sorry everyone…
      This was a long posting and I made several edits and in doing so, with cutting, copying and pasting, I inadvertently double posted my entire post TWICE in the same post.. There is also some typos in there as well….
      One I noticed was when talking about Dallas, I said “shut” when I was meaning ‘show’….
      Wish there was an edit feature on this blog Robert! 😉

  30. I really doubt that Bigfoot reach or exceed 8 ft in height. You is believed that they can achieve that mark only 9ft R. Wadlow was?. I am forumer in Look good proportions that witnesses say has a Bigfoot. According say have wider torso, arms and hands longer, have no defined neck and legs are shorter in relation to his torso. R. Wadlow was measured almost a month before he died in 8 ‘0.9 “(272cm), that photo is probably of those days or perhaps closer to his death. You can clearly see that Wadlow has one shoulder lower than the other, your spine was deviating, scoliosis which reduces its height. Robert father was 5 ’11” with shoes (a little over 5′ 10″ barefoot) was not 6ft, as demonstrated in other photos of R. as a child in the You have to “Alton Giant” in 8 ’11 “in shoes in that photo (8’ 9.7” subtracting the heels of her shoes), correcting posture of his shoulders reaching 9ft barefoot in that photo, and close to 9 ‘1.5 “in shoes.You have compared to Robert with the height of his father. Now you tell me with that person or object you compare the height of a Bigfoot? how you are so sure they are over 8ft?, only by the measures of foot-hands prints?. According to this if you had only the handprint of Wadlow you would sure that it is a 10ft human, his hands were measured over 32cm, about 45cm their feet a month before die, but hopefully reached 9ft.
    An adult male gorilla hands like those of a human adult male of 7 ‘4 “to 7’ 6″, but its height is more than the average human. You are sure a bipedal creature that weighs three times more than a human ( according to witnesses ) can reach more than 8ft , and run without getting tired quickly in the mountains or in swampy ? , Bipedalism requires strong legs and long , by that humans have longer legs than the great apes, and they have longer and developed arms because most of his life walking in quadrupeds . Look at the highest human history that exceeded 8ft and see that everyone had and have difficulty walking (some not walking ) , and suffer from exhaustion fast , can not walk long distances , and less running.
    If the creature is real , witnesses are very badly calculating its height , as you would expect from an encounter with something unknown. When you first enter a basketball court or a volleyball game that will surprise the height of same players are , then when you go often, its height makes stops surprise and get family, however you will see that the percentage of players that exceed 7 ‘is low compared to those over 6’. I think the witnesses see a creature that weighs three times more than a human but it’s probably about 6 ‘4″ to 6’ 9″ , perhaps some individuals reach the 7 ‘4 ” with lucky.

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