Alt Left: The Hindu as “Nazi”

This is from a Hindu poster from India, obviously high caste. I cannot tell you how many comments like this I get. Many of them are just banned without being published, but a number do get published. I removed a lot of the obscenities and sexual insults.

No Lindsay, the Asian females you refer to are sluts from China and Korea The look terrible, with monkey-looking shui-like features. They came to the West for money. They’re tired of relentless cheating by their own men. These bitches want to marry some White trailer trash for money alone and get settled there, but the percentage of White men banging these Asians is quite small compared to niggers banging White women.

Pure and cultured White men do not marry these sluts with horrible-looking features. Only vermin like you go for this ugly trash.

Only Indian and Japanese women living in America still go for men of their race.

The White race has always cheated, looted, and raped other people’s culture. Niggers are bad too since they commit so much crime. Asians like Chinese and Koreans are scum of the earth.

The only good race is the Hindu Aryan race, some Japanese, and a few Whites like Nazis.

Amazing really. These guys really do think they are a Master Race! Wow. I always wondered why Hindutvas loved Hitler so much and why Mein Kampf sells so many copies in Hindu India. Apologists say the Hindus love him because he was anti-British, but obviously it goes far beyond that. The high caste Hindus practice a form of ethnic and even racial supremacism.

As you can see above, they hate most Oriental. Orientals are usually called “chinkies” in Hindu India and are widely despised as an inferior, ugly, monkey-like people. It goes without saying that Indian Hindus have an extreme level of hatred for Black people, who they think are an unevolved, primitive, savage, and once again, monkey-like race. There is also extreme hatred towards Whites and their religion, Christianity. They call us trailer trash and think we are both morally debased and also a conquering, enslaving, looting, colonizing race, which is actually true to some extent.

In addition, they absolutely hate all Muslims everywhere on Earth. They also have extreme hatred for Arabs, probably because they are mostly Muslim.

Note that this fellow says he only likes the Japanese (one of the most racially supremacist people on Earth who just recently went on an extreme and genocidal Nazi-like racial ethnonationalist rampage). He also likes some Whites, mostly the White nationalist or neo-Nazi types. In other words, he’s a Nazi, and he only likes other Nazi-like folks around the world, including the ethnosupremacist Japanese and White neo-Nazis.

The Hindutva movement has had a long love affair with fascism, dating back to its very roots. This is not hyperbole or a smear. It is the dead-on truth.

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62 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Hindu as “Nazi””

  1. Arrogance from a position of weakness is farce.
    Frequent trumpeting/exaggerating the past is the perfect sign of present impotency.
    Example 1: Here a high profile indian scientist claimed the ancient hindus invented stem cell technology
    A lost science?
    In Adi parva , one of the chapters of Mahabharata, it is said that Kauravas were created from pinda [ a ball of flesh] which Gandhari delivered after two years of pregnancy. It was then handed over to the sage Dwapayan , which was then divided into one hundred parts and treated with herbs and ghee. The pieces were then covered with cloth and kept in a chamber to cool for two years; out of which the Kauravas were born.” There cannot be any other explanation for this….” Says Dr Matapurkar of the Delhi Maulana Azad Medical College.
    Example 2: Ancient hindus invented flying saucers

      1. The only thing the Muslim bastards invented was Islam and Allah and all the murdereous thuggi culture of Muslims

        1. Even the Thuggi was as a Muslims murderous cult erroneously attributed to Hindus of India.

          Confessions of a Thug is an English novel written by Philip Meadows Taylor in 1839 based on the Thuggee cult in British India. Ameer Ali, the anti-hero protagonist of Confessions of a Thug, was said to be based on a real Thug called Syeed Amir Ali (or Feringhea), whom the author was acquainted with.[1]

  2. For many years, I had an Indian (Christian) GF with a lot of relatives in the area. One thing they had in common — their doctors were all Jewish. Whatever they believe about master races, they think Hitler blew it.

  3. Robert I’ve been trolling your website for quite some time but today, I feel like “coming out” in support of the views expressed here. Make no mistake, you disturb me everytime you curse the land (India) and its people. I know Indian culture is sick but wishing all inhabitants of India an eternal hell, seriously? Does it not occur to you that most of them may not know any better since they were born into this benighted culture and environment?
    Perhaps you should consider toning down this anti-India rhetoric in your future posts because they come across as pure and unwarranted racial vilification.
    That being said, I’ve been openly critical of a number of things about my country some of which revolt me so much that I’ve chosen to describe myself as a self-hating Indian. The biggest bogey is Hindutva, or whatever term one may use to describe the abundance of blind, superstitious beliefs characterizing modern day India. After much research on this subject, and comparing studies from other major world religions, my conscience tells me I don’t want to call myself a Hindu anymore. Unfortunately in India the census form has no option to delete yourself from the label of Hinduism unless and until you formally convert to another religion which isn’t an easy affair either.
    Anyways, I feel all organized religions are bunk including Hinduism whose very foundation is based on lies, deceit and hypocrisy which translates into the endemic corruption prevalent in India across all walks of life.
    However, most Indians per se are not corrupt; I never had any shopkeeper shortchange me; traders generally give an honest deal; there have been incidents like when I lost my wallet in a public park only to have it returned by some Samaritan. I know policemen who will not accept bribes; teachers dedicated to their jobs despite working for less pay; doctors and medical clinics that treat poor patients for free or for very nominal charges. These people I describe come from all walks of life – they may be Hindus, Jains, Sikhs or Muslims. The point is, the Indian nation on the whole isn’t that unlivable as depicted in Western media.
    I still have deep-rooted hatred for Indian “spirituality” disguised under the 1000 nuances of Hinduism…Tantra, Mantra, Karma theory, Sutras etc. My problem lies with the fact that most Indians see great pride in holding on to to the achievements of their ancestors some 3000-5000 years ago. Agreed ancient India was a wonderful place to be but that’s no longer relevant for present times; Indians should really embrace the 21st century, Western ideals of enlightenment and new age knowledge rather than hark back to a bygone era which is not connected to your present reality in any way.
    Do modern day Greeks hold on to the worship of 12 imaginary gods sitting on Mount Olympus? Maybe some do but in India it’s the majority who are so deluded that they think everything about Ancient India must have been glorious. You should be proud of living in the 21st century; despite its imperfections, it’s an era where slavery is forbidden everywhere, science and technology is at its peak and people’s consciousness unfailingly supports human rights (and even animal rights). Indians, let me ask you this: would you really like to live in a glorious era of Ancient India where one could legally buy slaves, widows could be freely tossed into the funeral pyre alongside their dead husbands and child marriage was the norm rather than exception.
    Unfortunately, the very fabric of Indian society is built on Hinduism which makes my atheistic beliefs an oddity. There are many atheists or agnostics in India but they wouldn’t dare to speak against the blind superstitious beliefs of Hinduism for fear of imprisonment. That is a sure recipe for a stagnating society that does not encourage introspection, the evolution of ideas becomes more difficult than countries like the United States and France where religion and state are strictly separated. I really admire the French secular model where any public display of faith is discouraged.
    The Indian government had banned untouchability and caste system at the nation’s inception in 1947; India’s first Prime Minister, Mr. Nehru was a progressive atheist. Unfortunately even today, in 2013, so many Indians choose to live in darkness and all social evils characterizing Indian society germinate and spread like an infection.

    1. I do not wish Indians an eternal Hell! I am actually better than most Hindus, since most Hindus celebrate the darkness and insanity of Indian culture. I want only the best for India and Indians! Unfortunately, that is going to mean major changes since Indian culture has been so sick for so long. I worry that they won’t be able to change much, but China changed a lot when the Communists took over. So did Russia. Lots of places change. Communism is great for radically changing society, but it is not so good for other things. I fear that India is so eternally screwed up that even Indian Communists will fail and fall prey to the diseases of Indian culture.
      “Hindu” is not a race. It’s a culture. Indian culture blows. In a sense of course they can’t help it as they were born into it and it’s all they know, but that is true for all societies good and bad, and many cultures have made great changes.
      However, most Indians per se are not corrupt; I never had any shopkeeper shortchange me; traders generally give an honest deal; there have been incidents like when I lost my wallet in a public park only to have it returned by some Samaritan. I know policemen who will not accept bribes; teachers dedicated to their jobs despite working for less pay; doctors and medical clinics that treat poor patients for free or for very nominal charges. These people I describe come from all walks of life – they may be Hindus, Jains, Sikhs or Muslims. The point is, the Indian nation on the whole isn’t that unlivable as depicted in Western media.
      This is good to hear. Why don’t you stay on the blog? I really think we both want the best for India and Indians! The people who want the status quo are our enemies, and they do NOT want what is best for the country or the people.

      1. I am not a big fan of communism, but India should have gone through a communism phase like China and Vietnam.

          1. I worked in India. I lived in India. I am a white man.

            India did flirt with Communism. Certainly, South India is socialist, albeit dependent upon Gulf Remissions…which will be a huge problem now that Gulf Arab countries are nationalizing their labor sector.

    2. “There are many atheists or agnostics in India but they wouldn’t dare to speak against the blind superstitious beliefs of Hinduism for fear of imprisonment. ”
      Ha Ha Ha Ha!
      The Majority in India are indeed secular atheists, they are the ruling class in India.
      You are liar!

    3. I wish all the non Hindus of India would burn in hell for ever…they would find that bastard Nehru who started the entire corruption Raj in India.

      1. Nisha randi, go get sexually abused by your father 😂. Your inferiority complex drips off your vagina lmao.

  4. so, how are the “Hindus” different from the non Hindus posting hate in this blog?
    Almost every single poster here can do a one up on the bad Hindu.

    1. Nisha, please stuff an Asaram Bapu-sized dick in your mouth and take your Hindutvadi garbage elsewhere. How can anyone in their right mind continue to support a religion that openly encourages untouchability, preaches ignorance and superstitious beliefs and worst of all, perpetuate a chauvinistic culture where women are being raped and eve-teased all the time. Most marriages in India especially arranged marriages are a sham where women are exploited and made to sacrifice their feelings in order to fit into a male-dominated society’s fixations with “honour”. It’s time to abolish this backward religious system which is dragging the country back into medieval ages instead of moving forward into the 21st century.

  5. No Coward., they both have a mutual love/hate relationship with each other based on their ideology and some might despise india for easily submitting to the british without much fight which they never had…
    see the links below

    1. Nazi Anti Semitusm came from Martin Luther the Protestant founder.who wrote some trash about Jews when they refused to convert to christianity.
      This created a climate for anti semitism in the christian world of Germany, Poland and other places of Europe
      You should also read the book “Hitler willing executioners”. Ordinary christian Germans and their willing participation in the Holocaust

      1. Himmler was a christian and so were the entire population of Germany nd Poland who participated in the Holcaust.
        The Holocaust is a christian thing. Anti semitism is a christiand and Muslim thing

    1. Dear Hindu Troll,
      Stay on topic – the topic does not talk of Christians or Muslims but Hindus and their ANTI-WESTERN and ANTI-CHRISTIAN agenda.
      Try and stay focused Ganesh!

  6. Robert Lindsay, your understanding of the Indian Hindu is astounding. I would go so far as to proclaim you a ‘whistleblower’ except you aren’t an insider to this barbaric people.
    As someone who grew up in India, I can verify that India is a disaster waiting to happen. The Hindus suffer from such a powerful and deep-rooted self-hate (inferiority complex) that they have attempted to project the opposite in a vain attempt to try and convince younger generations that Indians are a superior race.
    The hindutva trolls on your blog have a predictable strategy for posting comments:
    a) Pose as White European – preferably a White Christian name with an Anti-Christian message in the handle.
    b) Praise India and the ‘tolerance’ of hindus. Lol.
    c) Divert the attention to Muslims – a very sneaky way of diverting attention from themselves. As you and several Europeans in the West have begun to realize – Hinduism is ANTI-WESTERN and ANTI-CHRISTIAN. The only difference between hindus and muslims in this regard is that the hindus lack the balls.
    Indian Hindus believe that they can cleanse the land of all minority groups – a silly idea considering their muslim population alone constitute the SECOND-LARGEST concentration anywhere in the world. It’s not just Indian muslims who hate hindus. Christians like me and other minorities (sikhs, buddhists, jews, you name it) also dislike Hindus. Not because we’re biased. It’s because we’ve lived among them and know how they think. They have poor morals (what can you expect when their religion has no moral structure or order). They believe in oppressing rather than freedom. They are SO insecure that they will go to extraordinary lengths to defend and defame rather than introspect and fix. The comments on this blog are an excellent example.
    Hindus – There are Christians like me who have identified your true nature. We will pull you down. Not because of the persecution you’re meting out to Christians in India but because it is our duty to God and Humanity. You are an evil people and we will crush you in time. You have one more enemy now – we didn’t have any BEEF with you earlier.

    1. Christians are often traitors in Asia, ME and Africa…the religion dictates that they become enemies of the nation they are born in and bat for the outsider…

  7. Says the Hindu who has been getting fucked by every other race since the dawn of civilization…wait a minute, civilization hasn’t dawned on you cow-urine drinkers has it?
    I love how these insecure Hindus simply HAVE to come read what other people have to say about them.
    Hindus are a bigger threat to the West than any other race or religion. That’s the truth and Robert is light-years ahead in recognizing that.

        1. Lol ! He actually replied ! Oh dear crazy hindu.
          Do you want a peanut for your cow? No of course not, you just want the cow’s pee.. LOL

        1. Etymology is the study of words and word structure along with origins of words. I will give you a lesson using Jesus;
          ‘He’ is Celtic and Proto-Indo-European for ‘Lord’ as a titular epithet. In Latin (Roman) ‘He’ is ‘Je’ which is identical to the word ‘Ja’ and ‘Jou’ formed as deity in Roman vernacular ‘Jove.’ In Roman it also means “Lord.”
          As ‘Jou-Pater’ ‘Jupiter’ means “Father Lord” or “God.”
          ‘Jove’ in Roman-Latin is pronounced ‘Ja-veh’ or ‘Yahweh’ with a Semitic accent.
          “Hesus” or “Esus” was a Celtic deity who was a carpenter and shepherd and son of God who predates Jesus. Serapis was a “Christ” figure from Egypt worshiped in Greece who also predates Jesus. When Nero burned Rome it was these, “Chrestans” who worshiped Serapis he was angry at and blamed for the arson.
          ‘Sus’ ‘Sas’ ‘Sakh’ Sagg’ ‘Seus’ ‘Zaz’ ‘Zag’ ‘Zak’ ‘Zuz’ “Zeus” were the many ways ancient Greek tribes spelt their god’s name. Essentially it is a carry ‘Z’ or ‘S’ as in long sound with a vowel and ending in the same consonant.
          “Sus” is “Zeus” “He or Je” is “Lord”
          Jesus in Greek means “Lord Zeus”
          Zeus is a dialectic variation of Dyaus, Deus, Dios, Dis meaning God.
          Translated in modern English; “Lord God”
          “Chrestes” is Greek meaning, “Priest” so Jesus Christ is literally, “Lord Zeus’ Priest or Priest of Lord Zeus.”

    1. Pg. 163 “Secret History of the Jesuits” by Edmond Paris
      From the Spanish Press 3rd of May 1945 the day Hitler died;
      “Adolf Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, died while defending Christianity. It is therefore understandable that words cannot be found to lament over his death when so many were found to exalt his life. Over his mortal remains stands a victorious moral figure. With a palm of the martyr, God gives Hitler the laurels of Victory.”

    1. Pg. 164 “Secret History of the Jesuits” by Edmond Paris
      -Hermann Rauschning, former nationalist socialist chief of the government of Dantzig quoting Adolf Hitler;
      “I learned much from the Order of the Jesuits. Until now there has never been anything more grandiose on earth than the hierarchical organization of the Catholic Church. I transferred much of this organization into my own party…I am going to let you in on a secret, I am founding an Order. In my ‘Burgs’ of the Order we will RAISE UP A YOUTH WHICH WILL MAKE THE WORLD TREMBLE…i CANNOT SAY ANYMORE.” -Adolf Hitler
      He is talking about the Anti-Christ and the Jesuit mission is to forced Jesus to return by creating the conditions necessary for him to intervene in our suffering; in short to start a World War that kills so many people God has no choice but to physically come here and stop it fulfilling Revelations.
      Think about the arrogance of this…how many children should be slaughtered to force the return of Jesus?
      Should they be American children?
      Arab children?
      How many do we kill deliberately before God reappears on earth to save us and prove Christianity is true? What if Christians are wrong and Jesus does not appear and we are left with an irradiated dying planet humans can no longer live upon; what then?
      Oh well right.

  8. This particular Ganesh has an obsession with link-posting.
    Why not link your brain up with the truth you poor insecure Hindu?
    Why do you come to this blog anyway? Do you enjoy feeding of the dislike others display for you and your barbaric ‘religion’?

  9. Did NOT realize that Hindus were persecuting people in India.
    Those videos are horrific! Shows how ignorant we are in the West.

    1. Ignorant about what? About how the christian bible belt is the source of Slavery, Jim Crowe, Lynchings? Spreading racial and religious supremacy and hate?

  10. If I may just insert a constructive aside to the debate at hand with the observation that Hindus are indeed the smelliest of peoples. They actually bathe, defecate, empty the ashes of their dead and urinate in their holy Ganges. Its Kali Yuga time MF’s bring it…

  11. Hindus have a strange mix of superiority and inferiority complexes. Deep down they massage their ego about how their civilization was ‘da greatest’ with a total ignorance on other civilizations and their achievements. According to Hindus ancient India compared to the rest of the world is equivalent to comparing the city of Vienna during Mozart with highlanders in papua New Guinea. As if ancient India was like this huge Vienna while the rest of the world were primitive. But during the last some centuries they were first enslaved by Muslims from Central Asia/ Persia (whom they consider savage bloodthirsty barbarians ignoring the intellectual side of Islamic civilization which itself was plagiarized to a good extent from Greek learning) and then the Europeans. One difference was that in the case of Islamic invaders they could hide under the carpet the invader’s intellectual side and they are thus dehumanized as savage bloodthirsty monsters (this label is justified though as the Islamic rulers were quite brutal). But when the Europeans especially the British came, they could not ignore their obvious technological superiority with their steam engines and telegraphs. Thus this conflicting superiority/ inferiority complex feelings. They were as per their myth numero Uno civilization in the world but now they are nearly at the bottom. White people with their strange but seeming superior looks, behaviour give us the inferiority complex. Besides even the Japanese/ koreans are way ahead of us and now the Chinese are racing ahead. Mainland Indians just cannot accept the rise of China, ‘those chinkis like the chinkis of Nepal and North Eastern Indians going ahead of us, not possible’ we say. Thus the desire to prove ancient India being as technologically advanced as the modern world as the modern technological world is 90% a White creation and we cannot fathom a people other than us could have done so. I think this is same with the Arabs with their Islam. Islam, the last word of God and having an Arab as it’s last and greatest prophet has fallen behind the White non-believers. Oh the horror. Blacks, well most Indians consider blacks as some savage monkey people anyways. I would say we Indians are some of the most racist people in the world but our racism is very subtle.

  12. You surely touched a raw never there. However I must correct you on facts, it’s very rare to find a Hindu Indian actively hating on white westerners. If at all, whites (including Jews) are highly looked upon by middle-class Indians and especially the people working in the tourism industry.
    There are some Indian elites who have formed a habit of making disparaging comments on whites alleging that these people don’t have any culture, are trashy, polluted and lack common courtesies but even Indian elites realize deep down that it simply isn’t true.
    Whites be it Christian, Agnostic, neo-pagan, Buddhist or Hippies, all of them would feel equally welcome in India and among all classes of Indians. A white female backpacker traveling alone in a rickety Indian bus can expect some random swarthy Indian male to give up his seat to her; after all, he has been probably fantasizing about her since his childhood. If she’s down on her luck that day, he and his buddies would make her feel more welcome in India by taking turns to gang-rape her.
    Whites happen to be the only category of foreigners welcome in India (apart from the Japanese as you rightly pointed out who are seen as cash-rich foreigners with lots of money). However even among whites, Indians know how to discriminate between cash-rich white people from Western Europe, Australia, Canada and the US and the poverty-stricken whites living in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. Usually an answer to a question, “Where you’re from?” such as “Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia is met with derision. Probably Indians fascination with whites has something to do with the perception that most of them are rich which is fast changing).
    On a summary note, Indians hate pretty much everyone else: e.g.
    AFRICANS? I’ve lost count of the times Indians even the seemingly educated ones casually dropped words like “nigger” or “negro”. There are tens of thousands of Africans living in Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai and in Goa. In general, no-one trusts them and many of them are at risk of being deported for drug trafficking, pimping and prostitution. Landlords don’t want them as tenants (but the same landlords would go out on a limb to have white tenants and will even waive off advanced deposit fee in many cases). However, in general, African tourists in India especially females face no problems and can travel around with complete safety. Black African males face a lot more problems with the Police than their female counterparts.
    CHINESE, KOREANS & THAI – They are all interchangeably viewed as “chinkies” and would be treated just slightly above Africans. However, most Chinese and Koreans I met have reported positive experiences during their stay in India. This is probably because they travelled as tourists and kept out of troublesome situation. Hindu Indians despise their own fellow countrymen from North-eastern India (Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya) and all of them are treated as “chinkies” owing to their Mongoloid features.
    MUSLIMS (Belonging to any country) – They are the enemy. Period.
    Indians are pretty much confused on how to categorize foreigners like Mexicans, Latin Americans, people from the Maghreb who don’t speak English very well, Turks from Turkey and people from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan etc. In general, they are all considered “weird” and left alone.

      1. I thought Indians liked the East Asians, since they are culturally similar (Hinduism and Buddhism practicing) and South East Asians (Vietnamese, Thai, Laotians, Sri Lankans) ?

  13. Apologists say the Hindus love him(Hitler) because he was anti-British.

    I believe Hitler was a soft on Brits. He was an Anglophile and it may well have cost him the war.

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