The Clintons are Dirty Rotten Degenerates

Good roundup here.
John de Nugent is a monster of a man, a White nationalist and neo-Nazi cut out of the National Alliance mode. In fact, he was a close ally of William Pierce. The NA is now collapsing, as is neo-Nazism all over America. It peaked about 10 years ago in the early 2000’s. All of the activism has now moved online. That is why you see so many WN and neo-Nazi scumbags on the Net.
Anyway, this article about the Clintons appears to be true in most respects. I would like to commend John for a job well done. He rejects many of the big Clinton scandals while focusing on the endless bimbo eruptions. He says Vince Foster killed himself, but Hillary may have partly driven him to it. He and Hillary were probably long term lovers. Webb Hubbell, not Bill, probably is the father of Chelsea Clinton. Hillary is apparently a raving bisexual. Bill has easily screwed hundreds of women, probably fathered children out of wedlock and apparently has Herpes. He probably used cocaine off and on for years.
Both Hillary and Bill are pretty monstrous people who have spent their careers lying, pushing people around threatening their enemies. Whether or not the Clintons have killed anyone is not known, but they have hired private investigators to do some nasty stuff to threaten their enemies and they may have had one man beaten up badly. This is pretty much par for the political course. Most big Republican politicians act much the same way, perhaps minus the sexual degeneracy.
Dark triad traits (Machiavellianism, narcissism and sociopathy) are more or less necessary if you are going to succeed in politics. Power politics is ubiquitous and essential in most power driven parts of society such as the workplace, the business world and the world of politics. Also many organizations and fields are driven by power politics. The world is a sleazy place, and like in warm-water ponds, the scum tends to float to the top.
The Right acts like all of this is a reason not to support the Clintons. But they are disingenuous. They hate the Clintons because they are on the Left of US politics and for no other reason. If their own did everything listed in that article, the Right would not bat an eye and they would say it was all lies or they would shrug their shoulders and say, “So what?”
Is any of this reason to vote against Hillary Clinton? Why would it be? So she’s a scumbag. So what? She’s a big politician. What do you expect. I always vote on politics and never on character. Many Moronicans vote on character and not politics. This has never made the tiniest lick of sense to me. If Hillary is better than the Republican nominee (that is a given) of course I will vote for her. I might even help out her campaign in some way.

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16 thoughts on “The Clintons are Dirty Rotten Degenerates”

  1. WN’s are on the internet for the same reason the Tahrir Square protestors were — it’s a democratic medium where the establishment doesn’t get to gatekeep ideas. Responding to your suggestion below, that’s the sort of thing the Great Firewall of China is for.

    1. Yes but they used to be in meatspace and on the Net at the same time. Now the meatspace neo-Nazis are just about dried up, and they only exist on the Net.
      About WN’s per se who are not neo-Nazis, I am not so certain.

      1. coward said”…WNs period should be banned, since they want to remain “separate” and “segregated”. This is unfair to Blacks and Asians…”
        Uuugghh… How does separating Whites from others hurt them. Isn’t that racist? They can’t manage on their own without Whites? If they’re never together how can it cause conflict? What if WN don’t believe they’re superior and just want to be left alone?

  2. while we talk about how awful a person has to be to make it in todays politics we completely forget that the present 2 party system doesn’t work. Both partys have organized large money payments to steer the government to act as an agent for finacial corporations that drain the economy thru rediculious monitary payments to , mortgages , petroliem products , heathcare, cell phones and lawyers. While working for minimun wage. Yes slavery still happens in the U.S. It will continue as long as the government gets paid for making desicions favoring corporations.

  3. I don’t think Raoul cared for them either.
    (From an interview in ‘Atlantic Unbound’- Matt Hahn interviewer)
    MH: Clinton had a vision for a Great Society when he was elected. What do you think has happened since then?
    HST: Well, the things that Clinton has been accused of are prima facie worse than what Nixon was run out of office for. Nixon was never even accused of things like Clinton is being accused of now. Bringing the Chinese into the political process, selling out to the Indonesians, selling the Lincoln bedroom at night, dropping his pants, trying to hustle little girls in Little Rock. God, what a degenerate town that is. Phew.

    1. I saw Chelsea in an interview the other day. She looks like someone put Bill and Hill in a blender. She is so obviously Bill’s offspring it is stupid.
      Hill may well have had an affair w/ V. Foster. It was broken off when they moved into the White House, if it happened at all. So?
      Bill has bastards and Hill has Lez Lovers? Where are they? Oh, yeah, they are somewhere. Are they busy writing their books?
      The Clinton’s had someone “beaten up”? Oh, the horror. Bill snorted coke in the 80’s? Shock.
      Let’s see Nixon and Kissinger responsible for 2-4 million deaths in SE Asia, subverting the Constitution via usurpation of powers. All for domestic political reasons, not authorized by Congress.
      Yeah, you’re right- the Clintons were way worse. If you are a lunatic.

  4. “The Right acts like all of this is a reason not to support the Clintons. But they are disingenuous. They hate the Clintons because they are on the Left of US politics and for no other reason. If their own did everything listed in that article, the Right would not bat an eye and they would say it was all lies or they would shrug their shoulders and say, “So what?””
    Classic example of “Identity politics”. Signs of studipity and double standard.

  5. What do you think about Obamacare Robert lindsay? I personally believe the Obamacare goose is finally cooked and on the kitchen table and the dinner guests are making excuses and leaving. They say when making a decision sometimes it is best to wait and see if things change. Well, they have changed in a big way. The Obamacare goose, currently on the kitchen table, will become an albatross around the neck of the democrats. Why put it back in the oven for another year? The democrats are digging themselves into a hole. Don’t take away their shovel. Let the goose run….If Americans don’t impeach Obama we will all soon be owned by China living under a communist regime. Impeach Obama before we are all under communist rule.
    RINOs like Peter King from the liberal state of New York and John McCain are sellouts. To hear any Republican say what these two losers have said about another Republican… in this case Ted Cruz… exposes the color down their backs: YELLOW. These cowards are either bought or senile, either way, the backlash against these turncoats should be severe in the next election cycle. Because these sellouts don’t have the balls to fight… they should at least keep their mouths shut and get out of the way for the true and much needed revolutionists of the Republican Party. Cruz, Lee, Rand, etc are the only one’s fighting to save this country from the disaster that is Obamacare and they are the only one’s standing up to the false messiah in the White House
    let the correct republicans stand up and protect this country.
    We need Republicans at the helm ASAP

  6. When the Republicans realized they had shut down the government they CHEERED on the floor! Members of the Press (almost to a man/women) described their apparent “elation” and the word “giddy” was the most heard and reported attribute assigned these cognitively-challenged and spiritually-bankrupt children.
    The repeal of the ACA is nothing more then a “pretense”! Their intent all along (and even when running for office) was to shut our government down and even to go as far as defaulting on our nation’s debt. These people are still fighting the War of Northern Aggression and hate (let me repeat that) hate on some level this country and this Union. They will do more damage to our people, our economy and our way of life then any outside terrorist group could ever dream of achieving!
    These are coded-racists, Confederates Sympathizers, Theocrats, Secessionists, anti-intellectuals, Absolutists and vocal professing Christians who act anything but (using the tenants of their faith selectively, narrowly, without context and then doing so as a weapon to bludgeon to near-death the poor, the sick, women, working people, members of the Armed Forces and the non believer)!
    Having all the attributes of low-functioning sociopaths… to a man/women they discharge with abandon platitudes like Freedom, America, Family, Patriot, and Values and do so with the projectile-speed and an indiscriminate-dispersal (having no thought, genuine feeling-invested or understanding of the sacrosanct concepts in question)!
    For them the medium in which they swim is Hate Radio, paranoia and conspiracy (and the more fantastic… the more readily transmitted… as though a horrible contagion). These are Reactionaries who rather then being for a someone or something are for reasons of raw unflinching pathological self-interest against everyone… “not them”. They live in a world free-of-facts, where history is to be revised (accordingly) and the only voices they hear are their own self-reinforcing feverish rants!
    This necrotizing-vestige and fading shadow of what was formerly the Party of Reagan have now made of what was once the call and privilege of public service nothing more then a “reductive pursuit” in the pursuit of ever narrowing-interests and “purity”. Never to be sullied by the hard work-of-governance or a need to actually have the capacity of compassion… these craven, puerile, destructive, intellectually-lazy, full-on nihilist “place holders” see both compromise and reasonable accommodation as the failings of capitulation and strive only to circumvent good-order, to-impede, slow and if allowed flat-line the progress of the nation.
    They reject the very structures of our democracy, its intended healthy-tension, civility, discourse, debate and unity-of-purposes (no loyal opposition here). They brandish mini-constitutions like fetishes and all the while working to undo all that this guiding-document has allowed us to achieve and the very society which has raised up around it (yes… they will save us by maiming, crippling and killing us)! For them their moral-universe extends no further then their petty concerns will take them and the theft (extortion) of power is just another day’s work!
    If they cannot re-litigate laws already duly and democratically passed and invalidate the consensus of elections already held they will then hold to our collective head (each and every one of us) a Weapon of Mass Economic Destruction (and yes… they will pull the trigger)! By not relenting they threaten our demise and by doing so unknowingly their murder-suicide (every Republican in the House, the Tea Party and the Leadership will without question be held to account as accessories to this historic crime, this self-inflicted Pearl Harbor and even acts of treason)!
    Their world is ever shrinking and circumscribed… they would make of a great nation a lesser thing! Their path is a descent downward in allegiance – to region (only), then state, then county, then city, then town, then fiefdom and finally to barricade the gates of their mind and then the door!
    They are the enemy within! They are the dry rot in the floorboards of our civilization! They are the cancer metastasizing through the body-politic! They are collectively a dangerous unknowing child with a gun now found and THEY WILL WOUND US ALL TERRIBLY. Koch’s are evil period… What you say ya?

  7. robert , why does people hate the kochs so much? theyve built an business empire and are one of the most successful people in the world. Is it because an average citizen always identifies with the middle class or low class and sees the world through them and brand the rich as evil… I have seen so many people just blast kochs literally and also also hate people like glenn beck, rush limbaugh, michelle malkin whats the reason you think our average man hates the rich.. i do see a lot of people hate obama, but a lot reserve their hate due to his skin color rather than his policies. I do believe both the parties policies are doing no good for the country. Also i believe Ted Cruz and chris christie are a different lot amongst the republicans and can prove to be a good leader. I love their policies and speeches

  8. sorry about the duplicate comment. i reposted it twice. This ricky guy seems one helluva guy Boy o boy he does hate the republicans REAL!!!!! Very interesting points

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