42% of Americans Say Capitalism Isn't Working

This is great news. 42% of Americans say that capitalism is not working well in the US. Sure, 58% say it is working well, but that 42% sure is a great figure. Amazing. I bet four years ago you could not even ask that question in a survey for fear you might get killed. It was one of those “unaskable questions.”It is hard to believe that 42% of Americans agree with what we socialists have been saying for years.
We need to subtract 4% off that 42% though because those are Tea Party tards who say that capitalism isn’t working in the US because of too much government interference and regulation.
Sure, capitalism may have worked pretty well at various points in America’s past. I think what they are saying is that this current brand of radical, laissez faire, Ayn Randist, Libertarian crony capitalism pretty much blows. Well of course it does. It is great for the rich and the corporations and it’s bad for everyone else. Why is it so? Because this is how it is designed to work. The economics of the rich is designed to benefit the rich and screw everyone else. The economics of the corporate class is designed to benefit them and screw everyone else.
The solution then is more socialism and less capitalism. More regulation of business and corporations. More democratic decision making. Making political choices based on what is good for communities, the workers, the poor, children, mothers, consumers and the environment and not what is good for corporations and the rich.
Typically, what is good for corporations and the rich is bad for communities, poor people, workers, ordinary folks, consumers, the environment, kids and Moms. So it’s an either/or thing. You are for one or the other. Where the interests of the corporations and the rich are bad for those listed above, we need to side with those listed above and against the corporations and the rich. Business will carry on regardless. Corporations are designed to make money and make it hand over foot whether we regulate them or not. Rich people stay rich no matter which political party is in charge. They even stay rich after we tax the Hell out of them.
The business class and the rich are always screaming that if we crack down on their predations of make them pay their fair share, the economy will collapse and the apocalypse will ensue. This has never happened in the US, nor has it happened in much of the world. It’s never happened in Europe, the Middle East or South Asia. In some former Communist countries, there are excessive regulations and restrictions on business, but this is by far the exception and not the norm in the world today.
My favorite solution is market socialism or a social market. Nothing wrong with a market. A market is great for making stuff and keeping the stores full and creating wealth. All fine and good. But it needs to be regulated to the interests of society, and society needs to be able to shut down or limit any aspect of the market that is getting out control and hurting society more than it is benefiting it. Markets should be regulated to serve the interests of society. Markets must serve society, not the other way around. In the US, society serves the market and the market. Well screw that.
We also need to keep the market out of politics. The market is great as a tool for creating wealth and making lots of stuff, but it’s terrible as a political class. The market as a tool, not as a form of politics.
I really like what the Chinese, Vietnamese, Laotian and Cuban Communists are doing in this regard. Belarus is also doing very well, and Europe has been doing well for a long time. Venezuela’s Bolivarianism is another great model, being somewhat copied now by Nicaragua, Argentina. Brazil, Bolivia and Ecuador.
This is another way!

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8 thoughts on “42% of Americans Say Capitalism Isn't Working”

  1. Yo whats up punk? Ya america needs obama care ., limited foreign borders., high black crimes., more and more george zimmerman case so sad that if we vote republicans we need not need to “enjoy” all these/.. right!!!!

    1. Listen up you sick little rightwing worm.
      The choice is NOT between radical laissez faire Ayn Rand Libertarian free market capitalism and pure Communism. This is the insane dichotomy that all you retarded Republican scum throw up there.
      There is a whole universe of economic systems in between those two extremes. This is what we are talking about here, you worthless fucktard.

  2. Great article robert you never ceised to amaze me with your knowledge of the socialogical nature. I still feel your blogs are a great way for you to make a statement and see where the chips fall. Many ipeoiple i talk to do not see what you’ve talked about here. Most americans cant see past the mini van and thier late’ to realize that gross domestic product shouldn’t be completely dominated by make believe money profits.

  3. This is good stuff. I think you are right on: capitalism is not working for the middle class, what’s left of it.
    I heard an interesting interpretation of capitalism the other day by Andrew McAfee, a technology guru at MIT. He says, contrary to public opinion, that capitalism is “very successful,” it has greatly expanded output of technology and other consumer goods and increasingly does so with less and less labor. That is what capitalism is supposed to do.
    But he goes on to say because of this high return to capital and low return to labor, the middle class is going south. He suggests “a living wage” for everybody. It was hard to tell whether he meant only people with “jobs,” or the entire society.
    Indeed, we should do that through government regulation. One of the functions of government, which we forget, is the goal of “full employment.” It is not, and never has been, a goal of capitalism.
    Whether we will ever be able to do that politically is doubtful. One can always hope.
    George DeMarse
    The Sage of Wake Forest

  4. We could have full employment if we didn’t have immigrants.
    Why do we need to import high school dropouts when low-skill labor jobs are disappearing, or Indian scientists when our university system is the best on earth? (Answer: the capitalists are cheating.)

  5. Says a moron who is a arch-racist. See false socialist, even the republicans are better than someone who’s masquerading as a socialist like you. Dont pretend too much, your posts show who you really are …

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