Bigfoot News September 30, 2013

Happy birthday to me. Thank you very much! Justin Smeja stirs furor over pro-kill post on Facebook. On a Bigfoot Facebook group, Suzy Matiash asked Justin Smeja what his position was on the pro-kill/no-kill debate in the community. Justin left a lengthy answer that said he was still pro-kill. He was then promptly tossed from the group by Suzy because the group has a strict no-kill policy for posters. Cindy Bowers did a great job of writing this up on the Crypto Crew blog. Recently Justin Smeja was asked a tough question by Suzy Matiash, administrator of the Facebook group Bigfoot Community. The question was:

Mr. Smeja, I mean this question with no malice toward you. But this is a no kill group. And given the chance, would you kill another Sas? Or have you changed your views and would not do it again.

Justin answered:

I believe Bigfoots are some sort of people – a wild man or archaic human if you will. They are not just some other animal to be hunted like deer – its immoral. They are intelligent. For the greater good of the species whether it be in life or death or even extinction, I will pursue killing one. I do not love the species or the individuals. I feel it’s wrong to take a Sasquatch’s life, but who among us does everything right? You worry about the person you see in the mirror, and I’ll take care of me. I will try to kill another Sasquatch to prove their existence. The truth is most in the Bigfoot community are liars, especially when it comes to the subject. They preach this no kill gospel and pretend to be disgusted by the thought of killing one publicly, but behind closed doors I’m often (very often) approached by these same individuals – many of whom are highly respected pillars in the community – with a new strategy, location or idea on how to kill one. They often even offer to help fund an expedition to bring back a dead one. Derek Randles was never like that. He always hated the idea of killing one. I respect him for that. He’s a better man than I am. I’m not here to play politics, to be politically correct or to save face. I’m not looking for a place in the Bigfoot community. When I research, I often have a rifle, and if I see one, I will most likely shoot it. However, I also often research with no rifle at all. Make what you will out of that. My only goal is proof to validate my story. This is a stupid argument – to kill or not to kill – if you’re that worked up about it, you have too much time on your hands. DNA is no longer good enough. Especially in this field. Let’s just assume that I know more about DNA results findings and protocols then 98 percent of you. I’ve worked first hand with countless labs and doctors on this subject over the last 3 years. If a body’s drug in by a researcher tomorrow, the blood of that individual is partly on Melba’s hands. It is because of her that we need a body. We need a body, not a sequence. The truth is I waver back and forth and some days I’m 10

Rick Dyer will get $27 million on January 1, 2015. Late the other night on his show, when hardly a soul was listening, Rick revealed that his investor has not given him any money at all yet (hence the continuous grubbing and hucksterism), but that Rick will receive $27 million on January 1, 2015 if he delivers the body to the new owner (probably the casino owner) “completely intact.” That means he has to keep the body intact for all of 2014, during which the first half of the year will be spent touring with the Bigfoot body and the second half of the year will not. But Rick will retain possession of the body during the non-outing portion of the year. This sets up a very interesting scenario. Suppose someone – haters, skeptics, rivals or anti-kill activists – damaged the body by say removing the head and whisked the head off somewhere. Then Rick Dyer would not receive his $27 million. In fact, he would not receive one thin dime. New owner may be Steve Wynn. He’s one oily, slimy Vegas casino owner. He recently hosted a morbid exhibit on the Titanic. A source who went to that exhibit said it was very disturbing. He’s just the fellow to host a morbid and tacky Bigfoot body display. Criticism of Rick’s 19th Century “dead body on tour” sleazefest. This sort of thing was popular maybe 200 years ago. One wonders how many creatures have been revealed to science by traveling side shows, but actually there have been a number of them, mostly around 200 years ago. The problem is that what was acceptable in the 1800’s is now incredibly tacky to say the least. Personally, I am not too happy that this dead body is going to be trucked around by a bunch of ghoulish profiteering capitalist hucksters. It is slimy, disreputable and morbid. Suppose I died tomorrow, and some people bought my corpse from someone else, embalmed it, and then trucked it around the country as a freak side show attraction. This is more or less the same thing. Here are some of the comments that I received complaining about how the body is going to anything for a buck capitalists instead of the government, a museum or a university where it belongs.

If there was a Bigfoot body it should be going to a museum of natural history not some freak show tour with RD and then some tacky casino!! I don’t have a problem with a Bigfoot tour, but not in flea markets and gun shows. If this thing is a relict hominid, it should be displayed with dignity, a la’ the Treasures of Egypt tour or the tours of great artists, something like that. But as something akin to a carnival sideshow…terrible. Frankly, I am mostly a no-kill mindset. But, if one is killed, then science needs to be involved, to find out just exactly BF stands within our human family, and then try not to hurt them any more than have been hurt. If there is a casino owner involved, he could very well be Steve Wynn. He hosted the Titanic exhibit at the Bellagio. I do have to say, I saw that exhibit and it gave me the creeps.

The “Christopher Noel lied” accusation. Via Randy Filipovic, who seems to be getting more and more shrill lately to the point where it looks like he is going off the deep end:

Chris Noel’s opinion means squat. He destroyed any credibility he had when he asked Steve Kulls to lie.

Noel responds:

When Kulls maliciously outed the identity of my friend Jack Barnes, I wrote him and told him to post a retraction saying he’d been mistaken, to try to correct his immoral act. Then Kulls promptly posted our PM conversation with the headline Christopher Noel Wants Me to Lie!!!!! Delightful fellow.

I agree with Noel. I am tired of all of these malicious outings. People are entitled to a bit of privacy. Noel did the right thing to ask Steve to retract his story and say he was mistaken in order to protect Jack’s identity. Why so many awful people in Bigfootery? A commenter, new to the game, asked me in the comments why there were so many horrible people in Bigfootery. Here is my response: Although I do not think the Dyer story is a hoax, Dyer is himself a hoaxer; not only that, but he is a serial hoaxer! He was hoaxing in a major way as recently as May 2012 and he has hoaxed even in the course of this story (Bigfoot baby hoax). In addition, he has lied shamelessly all through this nevertheless true story, and even before the story, his track record shows that he is a pathological liar. The problem is not Rick Dyer. The problem is the fringe nature of the subject. The fringe nature of Bigfootery means that a very large number of those attracted to it will be jerks, idiots, scumbags, nutcases of all types and varieties, criminals, thieves, liars, con-men, narcissists and sociopaths. Hopefully once we get this thing proven a lot of the sane and decent humans will come rushing in as it will be as mainstream a subject as studying gorillas, chimps or even wolverines or mountain lions. The general public will flood in which there are plenty of good folks mixed in with the bad, and in particular the science crowd will move in, most of whom are cautious, decent, fair-minded, emotionally controlled folks. There are so many out and out horrible people in this field that I would not advise anyone to get into it. It is actually a somewhat dangerous hobby. Why are Bigfooters so horrible? I think it is because many of them are simply fanatics. Fanatics tend to be horrific human beings. Or at least their behavior is horrific. Their monstrous behavior stems from their fanaticism. Morgan Matthews’ clever wording. Matthews has been virtually speaking in riddles about his movie Shooting Bigfoot for some time now. But a commenter notes something very interesting:

Its interesting as there is nowhere in that interview with MM where he denies there is a real Bigfoot in his film. He apologizes for the incorrect rumors that he is in possession of a Bigfoot body or that he personally moved the body and that the film contained footage of a dead Bigfoot. He makes a particular point of not having footage of a dead Bigfoot in his film.

Morgan Matthews makes the following correct statements which nevertheless have interesting possible explanations in back of the weasel words. Morgan’s statements in normal text, explanations in italics following.

  1. I am not in possession of any Bigfoot body. But maybe someone else is!
  2. I did not personally move any Bigfoot body. But maybe other folks did!
  3. The film does not contain footage of a dead Bigfoot. But maybe it contains footage of a live one!

What sort of a person is Hank Williams III? I believe that Hank Williams III is the owner of Rick Dyer’s dead Bigfoot, Hank. But what sort of a person is HW3? This music video of his may give us some clues: [youtube=] That video is called Three Shades of Black. It is full of all sorts of dark, evil and even Satanic imagery. Obviously this fellow is deep into the bad boy game and he is trying to give off the impression that he is “badass” or even “evil.” A commenter wonders what sort of person would hire another person to kill a fellow hominid and then ghoulishly retain the body. First a commenter posted the video above and asked, “Is this guy evil or what?” To which the other commenter responded:

Eh? Well, which is it? Either it’s “This guy is evil enough to pull the strings of Rick Dyer (to intentionally ridicule the Bigfoot community with a vast hoax)” or “This guy is evil enough to pay for a Bigfoot hit-man and demand a Bigfoot body?”

I would say the latter, no? Rick Dyer steps down as President of Team Tracker. More of Rick’s wild, impulsive and unpredictable behavior. In this case, he is stepping down as president of his group, apparently to spend his time getting ready for his roadshow. In his place, Frank Cali will step in as President. I think Frank will be a lot easier to get along with. Frank has said that he will not tolerate TT members badmouthing either me or Christopher Noel on his show. Frank will take over the running of some of the shows. The shows should be a lot more sober and serious with Frank at the helm. [youtube=]

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201 thoughts on “Bigfoot News September 30, 2013”

  1. Can he do that if this is all a hoax? He’d get sued to hell and he must know that. Either it’s not a hoax, or he’s playing with an extremely big fire.

    1. Or they’ll accept nobody claiming they are too small for this cause ain’t no biggins comin a knocking. ie; Pepsi sponsors gunshot victim missing blown off face hank…. C’mon…. Not gonna happen…

    1. In my opinion continued ridiculous claims should not bolster your confidence or cause you to give him / them more time…

      1. Well, to be honest, I don’t know what to think either way. This whole business is fascinating though. I have no idea how it’s going to pan out in the end.

        1. We kind of do because there are only really 3 possibilities;
          1. He has lied entirely.
          2. He has lied and told the truth in some ratio.
          3. ….swallow…… ummm, He’s been completely honest the whole time.
          Ignoring the 2008 admitted hoax and considering only his behavior since sept 2012, only 2 of the 3 above are reasonable right?
          Now, add in the hoaxes, yes there are more than 1 before 2012 and you tell me which is the most likely ending?
          Do I know the ending? No, but if I were to bet this week’s check, it wouldn’t be on him changing the world.

        2. Actually we already know he lied so only 2 possibilities. Saying you will make a bet and making a bet are two completely different things. It does make you look tough though. Kind of like a bluff in poker. Pot odds are whatever you want them to be.
          Unfortunately, Rick has all the cards it seems. Not many, if any at all, know his hand.
          Me personally, I wouldn’t touch that bet against you. There are less than 10 people who would….at least I hope for their sake.

  2. What I find puzzling is the way they are pumping for the sale of the DVD! All the shows (last night) have the TT shills pitching this DVD HEAVILY. Cali’s refrain>>”Just defer paying your utility bills if you have to”…..comes to mind. Then Craig and Dale chime in all the time with>>>”Just buy the DVD”.
    Folks….it’s *only* 100 DVDs were talking about here…$12900 TOTAL SALES! You can’t buy a decent used car for that! I just don’t get this???
    It’s simply BIZZARE!

    1. As has been suggested by others here (maybe you, Ron), it seems to me that what’s happening is that Dyer decided somewhere along the way to try and pull off a Minnesota Iceman tour…so he starts “selling DVDs” hoping he can raise enough money to put together a body, a truck, and a tour of some type. That’s what the “I get the body for a year” stuff was all about. He’ll simply say he’s tired of waiting for the scientists and is just taking the body, promising to bring it back when they’re “ready.”
      I think he’s really struggling to make it happen, but he can’t do it alone. He may bring someone like Craig in on it, promising him part of the take. But that means actually coming totally clean with one or more team members, unless he can convince them that they need to do a tour with a fake body “even though” there is a real one on ice somewhere. Just like Craig and Frank (and DJ before them) needed to say they saw the body when they didn’t, for some mixed-up “greater good.”
      He can’t pull off a tour without money and help, and he has neither. He’s probably trying to figure out now how to risk “bringing in” someone like Craig or Dale, because without doing so, he not only doesn’t have the money to pull off a tour, he also doesn’t have any help.
      (Wow, amazing when you’re writing about Dyer how much of what you say has to be qualified in quotation marks!)

      1. Yes, I’ve entertained that thought as well, but a measly $12600…even $18000 with a mix of the other DVD sold as well…simply isn’t enough to fund this tour and produce a reasonable fake at the same time. Sure, he probably thinks he can pick up steam with ticket sales once he *jump starts* the tour, but it’s still a big undertaking to fund.
        Going back to the DVD…
        If this is a fake body he still could be setting himself up for law suits. True. there is no BF Body in existence to reference, so claims that he has a fake could be problematic. But he does claim the DVD shows a *real DEAD* BF.
        I think *dead* is key, because he claims it’s a DEAD creature and a FAKE would not be something that’s *DEAD* at all. Hard to say, but he could be open to fraud charges. The only caveat here is that Dyer could have planted a DISCLAIMER somewhere…like he just did with the GORILLA HAND on the cover. What’s to stop him from putting one on the DVD covers once they ship? A disclaimer would essentially say that this DVD is for *educational purposes only* and describes (replicates) what actually happened. Of course, he’s not currently stating that on the website for those placing orders.

    2. Simply following the orders of the dear leader for their 15 minutes and a chance at glory they’ve been brainwashed to believe is coming… See doomsday cults in wikipedia

    3. Ron,
      $13,000 is not chump change to most people, is it to you? I don’t find it bizarre at all that he’s doing all these things to make money. It all adds up! Plus, the price is supposed to be going up to $200 soon. So, if he sold or sells 70 @ $129 and the other 30 @ #199, that’s a combined total of $15,098. That is the potential sales on the ‘After the Shot’ DVD only.
      Then he’s still promoting the other autopsy DVD. He hasn’t put a limit on those sales and the initial price WITH the purchase of the first DVD, is $99. Without the purchase of the “After the Shot”, the autopsy DVD is either $150 or $199….can’t remember now.

  3. Hmmmmm…said, Hahahahaahah We’ll played sir VERY well played! However, ahemmm. He won’t want you and your family to be harassed by us other haters…
    You’re right about that. Dyer is very considerate that way! -LOL
    Vegas Rob

    1. Sorry Ron, I can’t and don’t see the hand on the back of the cover in this video. But then again, POS seems to change the design of these DVD covers more than he changes his underwear.

  4. Here we have Dyer running his hoax story. He gets more attention from people who hate on him than anyone else. People are profiting off of his hoax now. Then they become a respected member of the community. Rats feeding off of rats if you ask me. I am beginning to get a terrible feeling about all of these people. Every single one seems to be a piece of crap…except you Bobby!!!
    Fasano, RacerX, this Marty character, Kulls, Timberfoot, SQOntario, TStanding, MM, etc.
    Making content like this is pathetic.
    It is driving Rick to new heights….he is going to counter everything you throw at him.
    Every single person that attempts to profit off of Bigfoot is scum of the earth it seems. Why is that? As soon as someone starts producing content with click/views revenue, I immediately have to question the motives. I mean no offense to you Bob but doesn’t it seem like it?
    Nothing ever comes out to be true or validated and the people who feed off of it and are interested are just strung along thinking what if?
    Scumbags everywhere. I have been interested in the subject for the last year or so and it is ridiculous.
    If/while it is never proven, nothing will change.

    1. E,
      In defense of Sasquatch Ontario, he has never added click revenues to his videos and I don’t think TimberGiantBigfoot has either.
      You also have to remember that very few bigfooters would be able to make any money through clicks on Youtube. A person would need hundreds of thousands of views and on hundreds of videos in order to make any money worth mentioning.
      I do understand how you feel though because there are so very few bigfooters on Youtube that seem to be doing genuine research and without simply trying to make money or scam others for fun.
      Most of us searching for answers have become extremely frustrated and completely fed up with POS however. He’s been the most vocal, the most obnoxious/in your face and the person making the most outrageous claims.

  5. Michael J. Littrell put this in a perspective that even you IDIOTS should be able to undestand .Lets not forget that Robert Lynsey started this HOAX on or about Dec 12-2012. How long did it take Richard Traylor chuck Dyer to come out with his part…. (let the pawns get it out ther first) Hmmm. Robert Lynsy is just another player in this HOAX like Musky ( who the fuck is he ??)& all the rest …sung to the tune of the opening of Gilligans Island.. Robert, hope you got paid upfront !! SQUATCH IS REAL …THIS SHIT AINT..

  6. Here is s shot of BF from inside Dyers tent. I was taken straight on from a height of maybe 5ft up?>>
    This a pic of a man 8ft 11″ just about 5″ taller than the claimed Hank BF height of 8Ft 6in
    Life size statue:
    Actual pic:
    How could Dyer have caught the HEAD of this creature from that angle…sitting low and shooting eye level? The creature is fairly close as well.

    1. “The creature is fairly close as well”
      The problem is, we don’t know the distance this alleged bigfoot was from the tent. The further away it was from the tent, the more likely an 8 foot + creature could be seen from the opening of the tent.
      BY NO MEANS am I defending POS or even making an argument that this is real, but I just don’t see the point on focusing on this detail because we’ll never know or get the distance that this creature was supposed to be filmed from the tent.

    2. This question has been posed several times as a Perry Mason moment and I thought by now someone would have given an obvious and plausible answer but alas I guess I will have to:
      Assuming the creature is real (bullshit) and is 8’6″ tall (bullshit) maybe the terrain is simply unleveled as in the apparent Bigfoot is in a depression such as a gully, creek bed, step, valley, cliff, or similar. Because we can’t see its legs or the actual location one could also argue that maybe it was kneeling or even squatting! Perhaps the cameraman was stooping to get a better angle? Was the tent level? All 4 are pretty plausible unfortunately. For the record, the fact that it is shorter than what is alleged is MUCH more likely in my book but good luck proving that… Sorry.

      1. OK..I know this isn’t conclusive, but if Hank is 8 1/2 Ft tall (and Dyer has stated this)…it’s HIGHLY unlikely he could have taken this shot of the head unless the BF was crouched on all fours. We can see in the Vid he is fairly close. I know there are scenarios that *could* explain this shot, but they aren’t very likely.

        1. Don’t forget either and if we want to make assumptions about the distance/height theory. The creature is alleged to be 8.5 feet tall, but not only that, its body mass would be much larger in proportion to a human (a much larger head & shoulders). Therefore, a much more massive and taller creature would appear to be the same size in the camera lens further away, as a smaller creature/human in a costume would appear in a photo, closer to the tent.

  7. Regarding Derek Randles..
    I have communication with him on BFF. I asked him if was buying DVD and he said no. He did confirm he would go to Vegas to see the body if invited. Dyer just released on you tube info on Pay Per view event and the Vid implies Derek Randles is a special guest!
    Looks like he’s using Randles big time.
    I just informed Derek of this..let’s see what he says.

    1. Update..Derek will not be commenting on what he see’s should he go. That’s I asked him if he had to agree to that.

    2. Right in the middle of this PPV promo comes the most shocking, astonishing, unbelievable news yet: “See Hank live!”. Does that mean Baby Hank, Hank never died or has he been resurrected?

  8. Hello Paps. I’m probably the least knowledgeable person here, but I can tell you that the consensus on this blog is that it’s a fake and bears a remarkable resemblance to a Star Wars Wookie mask. I expect others will be able to give you a more informed opinion on it though.

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