Save the White Race!

The problem with the White nationalists and White supremacists screaming about White genocide and saving the White race from extinction is that to be completely honest, there really is nothing much left to save anymore.
Back in the hippie era, we thought we were creating a whole new era of mind expansion and liberation. Instead we got mind reduction, idiocracy and a race to the bottom via the depravity of ghetto and anticivilizational culture. We were wrong to promote drugs and unlimited license. Woodstock was one thing, but from the soil of Woodstock inevitably grows something like this.
What White race? There’s nothing left. Look at the video.
White people RIP!

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69 thoughts on “Save the White Race!”

  1. I watched all of it.
    Horrified , amused a little sad.
    Best line;
    ‘ True,true ,straight fucking trustworthy ninjahood….’

  2. I think those whites are pretty smart, they are just bored… that is what happens when you born in the culture where you dont need to do anything to get food and stuff.

    1. Not all, there are 4 countries in the world where Whites are the majority (more than 66% or two-thirds) where the birth rate is pretty decent : United States, France, Ireland and Argentina; I am aware Whites in United States have low birth rate, but Hispanics have high birth rate, and among Hispanics, a good part of them are White hispanics ( like half of hispanics in United States are White Hispanics) .
      There are still Whites being born in UNITED STATES, FRANCE, ARGENTINA and IRELAND.

  3. If we are all one race, then there are for sure sub-races still, you can call the differences between Whites or Asians or Blacks races or sub.races, the point is there is certain differences.

    1. So much nonsense in your posts Coward. The fact you can find a high proportion of non-metric or metric cranial traits in Africans does not discredit race. Races are not based on independent traits, but combinations or trait clusters. The high phenotypic diversity in Africans actually means their traits will never combine as other races. The more variation in traits, the less likely specific combinations will appear. So the argument you’re trying to use to discredit race, actually supports their existence.

  4. Yeah and in france only 50% of newborns are ethnic french people, rest are different kind of immigrant populations- mostly africans.
    And Argentina is genetically partly native american anyways, wasnt it something like 80% european and 20% native american so argentina isnt really a pure white country.

    1. I do agree, if in his book only 100% White is pure White, then there aren’t any Whites countries in the world, because there is no country where 100% of the people is White, that means 80% of people of Argentina is White, Argentina is even slightly Whiter than United States ( 78% of United States is White). Uruguay is 86% White and Brazil is 65.9% White, those 3 countries are the Whitest in Latin America.

      1. I meant that argentina is 80% european and 20% native american average … most of argentinas have native american genes so there isnt really any pure european descent around. And they say that in Brazil there is only like 30 million “pure” european ancestry having people and all rest is more or less mixed race.. so brazil isnt very pure european country either.
        In USA whites are mostly european ancestry, when in latin america term “white” means only skin colour. So in USA there is way more “pure european origin” people than in latin american countries.

      2. “According to autosomal DNA study, by the University of Brasília (UnB), European ancestry dominates in the whole of Brazil (in all regions), accounting for 65% of heritage of the population, followed by the African contribution (24%) and the Amerindian (9%).” …. That doesn’t mean that every Brazilian is a mixed person of 65% White and 24% African… that means 65% of Brazilians are White and 24% are Black

  5. You dont really understand how that works, anyway reality is that most brazilians are mixed more or less. and european ancestry is most dominate one.
    And there is 7,61% so called afro-brazilians and even they are very mixed race.
    “Analyzing the Y chromosome, which comes from male ancestors through paternal line, it was concluded that half (50%) of Brazilian “negros” Y chromosomes come from Europe, 48% come from Africa and 1.6% come from Native Americans. Analyzing their mitochondrial DNA, that comes from female ancestors though maternal line, 85% of them come from Africa, 12.5% come from Native Americans and 2.5% come from Europe.[”
    and those “white brazilians” are a bit mixed too.
    According to a genetic study about Brazilians (based upon about 200 samples), on the paternal side, 98% of the White Brazilian Y Chromosome comes from a European male ancestor, only 2% from an African ancestor and there is a complete absence of Amerindian contributions. On the maternal side, 39% have European Mitochondrial DNA, 33% Amerindian and 28% African female ancestry. This, considering the facts that the slave trade was effectively suppressed in 1850, and that the Amerindian population had been reduced to small numbers even earlier, shows that at least 61% of White Brazilians had at least one ancestor living in Brazil before the beginning of the Great Immigration. This analysis, however, only shows a small fraction of a person’s ancestry (the Y Chromosome comes from a single male ancestor and the mtDNA from a single female ancestor, while the contributions of the many other ancestors is not specified).[74]

  6. Dear Robert
    Let’s look at the big picture. If we compare countries in which the European contribution to the gene pool of the population is over 80% with countries in which that contribution is below 80%, then we will find that the first are, on average, much more prosperous and civilized than the last. In my opinion, a country is civilized if it doesn’t oppress minorities or women, doesn’t exploit or abandon the weak and solves political disputes by ballots rather than bullets.
    As to Brazil, according to one extensive study by Brazilian geneticists, the European, African, Amerindian and Asian contributions to the Brazilian gene pool are respectively 52%, 35%, 12% and 1%. The Asians are Japanese and Arabs, which in Brazil, as in Spanish America are called turcos.
    Regards. James

    1. Brazil is 65% White! besides i forgot New Zealand, is small and i didn’t notice it in the map at first sight, the 5 last hopes for the White race are United States, France, Argentina, New Zealand and Ireland. And in the next video one can tell how Brazilians usually look more White and in second place Black.

      1. Brazilian ”whites” supposedly make up 49% of population, they are divided in three groups
        white brazilians ( majority composed by descendants of european immigrants of XIX or XX centuries), 10-15%
        Predominantly caucasoids, this mean, they exhibit majority of caucasians phenotypes and look like more as MENAS than europeans (look like more as exotic southern european phenotypes), probably, 20-30%
        Many are descedants to european immigrants of XIX or, and XX
        and many others have colonial ancestry
        I’m part of this group
        the fake whites, some look pseudo-caucasians (pseudo -melanesians + ainus with depigmented skin or fair browned skin, some predominantly caucasoids have this traits but with european phenotype more dominant)
        and the majority feel as white accord the context perception, income, work succesful or even (and more common) the self perception among the other people around.
        A one study about the genetics of brazilians find that while northeastern and north white brazilians are more genetically similar to their pardos counterparts (a one example extract this study, in northeastern Brazil, self declared whites have 75% of european blood while self declared pardos have 73% of european or caucasian blood)
        In south and southern Brazil, whites have more caucasian genes and specially in south, blacks are less genetically whites, while in southeastern, blacks are more genetically whites.

  7. Dear ale
    I don’t know where you get that figure of 65% from. The Brazilian census asks people about their color. They have 5 options: black, brown, black, yellow and indígena (pure Indian). Very well, the percentage that chooses the white option lies between 50 and 55%. Even by self-definition, the whites aren’t 65%.

  8. Russia and eastern europe is the last hope of white race.
    Somekind of religious groups in USA may have good potential too: like amish and mormons but in general eastern europe will remain white even though they have very low fertility rate AT THE MOMENT.
    No need to panic though, there is at the moment more whites in the world than there never have been… so I am not really worried.

    1. I am not really a white nationalist though I am cool with asians too. So I dont really care about what will happen to whites. But african blacks…… I dont like them that much…

  9. there is a strictly biological definition of race and a popular-spiritual will never extinguish the latter.ask the Russian Slavs who are extremely “race conscious” currently.

    1. The sources listed on that page are peer-reviewed and from mainstream sources. If you bothered to read the link you would see that. What you are basically saying is that, despite all evidence contrary to your position, you will ignore it. This is a religious/dogmatic mindset, which has no place in science.

    2. There isnt much genetical difference between dog-breeds either. Still different dogbreeds are pretty different when you look how they behave etc..

    3. There are multiple concepts of race. A race is simply a division below the species level, by grouping/dividing humans. How that is done, and by what criteria is constantly debated. Phylogenetic race concepts have been discredited, but other concepts haven’t. Google “seven concepts of race” for my research paper. Ecological races are a reality, but they are not phylogenetic, so the fact there is little genetic difference between populations is irrelevant.

    4. Sorry for not reply soon, but i had school, and on topic, Coward you were really rude to that guy, i was aware you were trolling with all of this “race don’t exist” but you were a well behaved troll, until you got more aggressive, calling the idea of that guy “stupid” and using the Word “motherfucking”, that was out of control, you don’t even really believe all of that, make no sense to use mean words, like if you were really angry.

    5. After Reading all the information about race on here? is just impossible, with all this knowlodge no one could say that, i even think you are the ONLY regular commenter here who claims race does not exist, you are trolling, but your trolling went a bit far yesterday, using strong words, you maybe hurt the feelings of that guy, that is why i did show your true colors, i do hope that guy feels better now.

    6. In fact, believing everything is ok leads to conformism, if Blacks are aware their IQ is really lower, they should try to improve.
      China believed everything was alright with their culture and they didn’t care about industrialization, that caused the disaster of the opium wars, on the contrary Japan was very aware of their technology disadvantage and they tried to be better, that lead to their victory against Russia.

    7. Dude your a frantic idiot. Explain Tasachs disease, Sickle Cell anemia? Explain The Kohenim Haplotype? Explain why I get sunburnt but negroids dont? Explain why Arctic dwellers are short and compact? Basically you are making a lot of suppositions that you simply state as fact. Do you believe in evolution? Are their taxonomies of specie? Do animals adapt to their surroundings? Do they adapt and evolve into sub specie and into sub genus and ultimately into another animal? Do whales walk on land? Than explain why humans are immune to these laws of nature.

  10. Am I the only one here who just wants to bash juggalo culture? Man what a poor excuse of a sub culture that is! and straight from the trailor park too! After watching this video I now hate hipsters just a little bit less, they’re pretty lame and superficial but at least they’re not obese and inbred, watching that pregnant juggalo smoking a cigarette really made me sick!

  11. ”However, if they wish to command their children to breed with other Whites by coercion or intimidation, this is NOT OK.”
    And the contrary?? You live in a bubble is not??
    “The Black Egyptians invented many things during their prime and the Chinese invented all the basic mechanisms that would allow modern technology to flourish. “
    Other “rational“ comment. Ok, I know that chineses create a great milenar civilization, congrat-them for it. Well, your high iqs and big brains “should“ have made something about the phenomenology of your civilization.
    But, i dislike about “black“ egyptians. You are apart about recent genetic studies of egyptian mummies right??
    If the answer is not, i suggest to you to inform about that.
    I see the world today and note
    Asians= very technical smart, but less creative
    Whites= with very technical and creative elite, with very large diversity of cognitive phenotypes.
    Blacks= very non-smart, but some them with great social skills (simpathy and extroversion)
    Mulattos (remember, i`m live in Brazil, i`m graduate on this subjects)= majority, more or less between the black-white lines. Generally, are people that the smart people like you and me dislike to live together, believe in me, i`m talk serious about that.
    About the rest, all correlate in some place among the 3 principal “races“.
    The IQ studies correlate perfectly in my visions.
    About “black egpytians“, is a mistery about a egyptian elite during the ancient civilization. If the white skin is a recent mutation, probably, some people inside these regions (europe, caucasus, near east, india, north africa) should be have “dark“ skin but with caucasoid haplogroups. Indians for example, they are very close to other caucasians, but many of them have very dark complexion.
    Anthropology and human evolution are two very complex subjects, is recommendable for both of us to use IDEOLOGIC moderation, rather leave them far to real science.
    I agree with you, race is a social construct, few non-human species are taxionomically divided among “races“. The majority of non-human species are divided (by humans) as “species or sub-species“.
    Is anti-scientific to say human races. The correct is to use human sub-species, as occured on majority of other animals.
    I believe some in things that my eyes can see, and i see blacks, whites, mulattos, asians…
    The only real subjetive and arbitrary taxionomic division about the “races“ (sorry, sub species) is inside them. In other words, when you have cultural or social contexts as divisions of the groups, you are divided culturally the people and the border can be more for north northeast.
    Example, lebaneses christians are white in USA, but lebaneses muslins are`t whites. In this case, you are correct, “race“ is a social construct.

    1. Coward sounds like a Feminist who says genders are social construct and not in the genes… just like Feminism blinds people, if we aren’t aware of the truth of race ,terrible consequences will come, Asians raised their IQ points, but why they are relatively less creative? what is the excuse? ; Blacks in United States have the same IQ as some Arabs, but Arabs countries are safer than Detroit; likewise, Women and Men have few differences in IQ, yet Men are a lot more creative in many fields.

    2. Women and Mongoloids are less creative than Men and Caucasoids ,even if their IQ differences are few; Feminism: sounds good to say the genders are equal and differences don’t exist
      Multiculturalism: sounds good to say the races are equal and differences don’t exist
      WRONG, you aren’t aware that your good intentions will destroy America, you were a Red-pill commenter and the Multicuralism virus catch you, the next thing you will be an extreme Femenist, i can’t continue this debate, you are brainwashed, but i do hope you and most Americans will wake up some day, remenber this.

  12. Ok, africans IMMIGRANTS (you believe that they are a representative population). Well, so, iq is a valid science??????
    “In the 1800′s, their IQ was 85“
    Where you take it??
    Ok, all of us are like a rock. We are inanimate animals, act only by the help the “environment“, the rain, the wind, all of “them“, the wind, the fire of lightining, the rain, made them act, like a rock. If the environment is bad, all of us act bad, we are adaptative species, but without self action.
    A one note, Lamarck lose in 1800`s.
    If i train my brain, i will be smart. I married and have kids that will are smart.
    You are teacher right?

  13. “Rushton is a fraud. No mainstream scientist takes that guy seriously.“
    MAINSTREAM, thanks to alert to us.
    “The White race has never been, and never shall be superior to the Colored races in ANY aspect“
    I conclude that if you don`t believe the superiority of “white race“, so, the “colored race“ (races?? colored???) ARE SUPERIOR than “white races“.
    You are a sick person, need a doctor. You disease called ingratitude.
    I`m a non-white and say, WHITES ARE SUPERIOR.

  14. Coward,
    if you live in a “white country“ or a country builded by “whites“, so i think that you need immigrate to this fantastic countries with superior non-white people. What you think??
    Is very easy to say your RACIST HATE discourse about white people in a white neighborhood.
    I`m NOT say “MONGOLOID (uuh??) aren`t creative“.
    I`m desire to say “asians are less creative than whites“, better
    “a one group of aleatory asian people are less creative than a one group of aleatory white people“. Now, i thing that i`m more clear. We Pray
    AVE Maaarrriaaa..
    “The Black Africa immigrant IQ is 108, even higher than Asians! Guess who built Egypt? and blablablablabla“
    You LUV non-white people????
    Come on here….
    What you think that we change the place???
    You here, in Brazil
    (brasil ioioooo, é um pouQIinho de Brasil iaiaia, este Brasil que canta e é feliiiiizzz)
    And me there, in a middle white-asian high iq, low testosterone non-black or hispanic class neighborhood???

    1. Dear brave troll or socialist 13 old boy,
      NO, i`m live in Brazil, blacks are (creative):>(, but, be creative is not only create novel things, but most important, high quality of novel things.
      And no,no and no.
      You don`t answer my question, what do you thing about my proposal???
      Egyptians aren`t blacks, sorry. (You suffer by “justinbieberluv“friend“ghettos??)
      Simple and easy, internal variability. I see a one documentary about one black african tribe in a Central African Republic, one of the most pacific tribes on region. More pacific probably that many whites and asians, more pacific than i.
      Then, and so???
      You are troll, i don`t believe that smart 13 old boy like you think this stupid things.

    2. I`m very angry when i have to read it. Amazing!!! White people created the most advanced human civilization like ever men have already seen. Many of other civilizations in middle east and north africa was builded by caucasians, other types of white people (If this ancient peoples had the same genetic of europeans today, we know that modern iranians have a lot of western european genetic markers, this is a partial evidence of the probably old scenario of the human bio-geography of region in bible era). Today, these regions are mainly mixed-race and very worst than old times.
      Many of the northern asian inventions was involuntary findings like the powder. All non-european discoveries was improved by europeans and descents around the world. In South African, country with 90% of black people and 9% of white people, the one of the most modern invention, the heart transplant, by white men. How the probabilty of it happen?
      If the asians were the most creative in the world, so, they and not the whites would builded the “modern (western) civilization“. Asians emulate all things made by whites. This is not talk about the culture gap. I love the asian culture (not only the cat and dog culinary) but is the obvious to a SINCERE AND HONEST smart man to observe that in the best moment for them to invent new culture, new music, new behaviors, they copy everything that whites created.

      1. The Arabs were translators of the Hindu numeral systems. Even the Arabs give credit where credit is due.. They have better morals about not stealing from others
        The Hindu–Arabic numeral system[1] or Hindu numeral system[2] is a positional decimal numeral system developed between the 1st and 4th centuries by Indian mathematicians. The system was adopted by Persian Muslim mathematician (Al-Khwarizmi’s c. 825 book On the Calculation with Hindu Numerals) and Arab mathematicians (Al-Kindi’s c. 830 volumes On the Use of the Indian Numerals) by the 9th century. It later spread to the western world by the High Middle Ages.
        Impact on arithmetic[edit]
        The significance of the development of the positional number system is described by the French mathematician Pierre Simon Laplace (1749–1827) who wrote:
        “It is India that gave us the ingenuous method of expressing all numbers by the means of ten symbols, each symbol receiving a value of position, as well as an absolute value; a profound and important idea which appears so simple to us now that we ignore its true merit, but its very simplicity, the great ease which it has lent to all computations, puts our arithmetic in the first rank of useful inventions, and we shall appreciate the grandeur of this achievement when we remember that it escaped the genius of Archimedes and Apollonius, two of the greatest minds produced by antiquity.”

      2. Tobias Dantzig, the father of George Dantzig, had this to say in Number:[16][17]
        “This long period of nearly five thousand years saw the rise and fall of many a civilization, each leaving behind it a heritage of literature, art, philosophy, and religion. But what was the net achievement in the field of reckoning, the earliest art practiced by man? An inflexible numeration so crude as to make progress well nigh impossible, and a calculating device so limited in scope that even elementary calculations called for the services of an expert […] Man used these devices for thousands of years without contributing a single important idea to the system […] Even when compared with the slow growth of ideas during the dark ages, the history of reckoning presents a peculiar picture of desolate stagnation. When viewed in this light, the achievements of the unknown Hindu, who some time in the first centuries of our era discovered the principle of position, assumes the importance of a world event.”

      3. In his seminal text of 499, Aryabhata devised a positional number system without a zero digit. He used the word “kha” for the zero position.[3] Evidence suggests that a dot had been used in earlier Indian manuscripts to denote an empty place in positional notation. [1]. The same documents sometimes also used a dot to denote an unknown where we might use x. Later Indian mathematicians had names for zero in positional numbers yet had no symbol for it.
        The use of zero in these positional systems is the final step to the system of numerals we are familiar with today. The first inscription showing the use of zero which is dated and is not disputed by any historian is the inscription at Gwalior dated 933 in the Vikrama calendar (876 CE.).[3][10] Documents on copper plates, with the same small o in them, dated back as far as the 6th century AD, abound.[11]
        The oldest known text to use zero is the Jain text from India entitled the Lokavibhaga, dated 458 AD.[12] Ifrah wrote that a sentence in Lkavibhaga “panchabhyah khalu shunyebhyah param dve sapta chambaram ekam trini cha rupam cha” meant “five voids,then two and seven, the sky, one and three and the form” was the expression of the number 13107200000, was the earliest place value decimal number with the concept of zero.[13]

  15. ”No Gottlieb, I am not certified in teaching. I am a 13 year old WHITE boy and a former White Supremacist.”
    Go school boy!!!

    1. Just stop trolling here… this topic have nothing to do about racial differences and nobody really cares what is your point of view on this subject anyways.

  16. “Yes, the Colored races are superior to Whites, because White is not a race! The Caucasoid phenotype can be found in many pure Asian populations, and the Caucasian genes can be traced back to 14 African populations, including Bushmen. So there is no such thing as the Caucasian race, Caucasians are depigmented Africans. San Bushmen have every gene present in Caucasoids. How the hell are Caucasians a separate race when ALL their genes except for MCR16 can be found in San Bushmen and 13 other Black tribes? The only difference is MCR16; pigmentation. One gene is not enough to classify Caucasoids as a separate race. Also, 66-70% of Caucasoid genes can be found in high frequency among NE Asians and Amerindians, and of course every Asian gene can also be found in Bushmen. So there is NO such thing as race, we are all descended from Proto-Bushmen. We still retain all their genes except for maybe 1 or 2 exclusively OOA mutations.“
    Say me that you are a troll… please… i need to beliiieev.

    1. You are Mighty Whitey also??
      But, you need like to me about you inconsistency. Double think.
      “Yes, the Colored races are superior to Whites, because White is not a race!”
      You finish to say that don`t there human races.
      Your arguments are very ( wrong) ambiguous.
      “Colored“ races is a political form to reduce enormous variety among the other races, non-white races, these is a other form to reduce them.
      “The Caucasoid phenotype can be found in many pure Asian populations, and the Caucasian genes can be traced back to 14 African populations, including Bushmen. So there is no such thing as the Caucasian race, Caucasians are depigmented Africans. San Bushmen have every gene present in Caucasoids. How the hell are Caucasians a separate race when ALL their genes except for MCR16 can be found in San Bushmen and 13 other Black tribes? “
      I don`t know refute it, because is impossible, you (to say) have 13`s, when i have your age i`m also was very intelectually energetic (and i`m today) but i can`t compete with your nature, if all evidences about racial differences, racial existence and genetic influences are disponible to you see and you don`t want to see, what could make?
      If the races there how you say in other substract of your comment and in other your comment to say that races is scientifically disproved, i can`t compete with your believes.
      But i think that how you are a logical boy, should be get your logic to a real world and immigrate to USA (or other racist only white country) and live in a people that you like, Simple.
      A one explanation to your “scientific argument“ was… white race is a new race, the most new human variation (and the blacks and aborigenes was the old variations of the humans).

  17. Remember??
    Oops, i forget…
    Remember, ”culture” is a social construct of humans, without humans and your inconvenient genetic markers, without culture.
    If you aren’t troll, boy, you have only 13 year old!!! Please, yeah, i perceived that you are very smart to your chronological age, but, no…

  18. ”Look man, what is your IQ? There is NO “visible”difference between Asians, Blacks, Aborigines, Native Americans, etc. ALL the phenotypes and genotypes in all of those populations are existent in San Bushmen and 13 other African tribes. Besides, Ainu and Ami look 100% White but are 100% Asian. See any “visible” difference there? What about the Filippinos and Aborigines who look Black? What about Negritos? Melanesians? Papuans? What “race” are they?”
    Clearly, you are an troll, with 13 year old age or not…
    Will not lose my time with you.

  19. ”The fact that you classify Aborigines as Black further proves your misinformation on this topic. Aborigines and Negritoes are the most distant population from Blacks. They are Asians, not Africans.”
    I agree (again), race is a bad and ideologically carried word, but SUB SPECIES, nooooo
    Race is a politically correct word. Sub species is a scientifically correct word. Simple.
    Understand, what all non-human species can be divided by sub species and humans no???
    Why not?
    You are a troll. If ‘not,, you are a dum’boy, dumb and perverse boy, hate the true.

  20. ”Look man, what is your IQ?”
    I don’t know but i presume that should be low, after all, i’m a low iq cucaracha . . .

  21. Coward is pretty funny troll, he says he is 13 years old and then he makes here some retarded bible-long posts about how all races are the same.
    Very impressive trolling 8/10

    1. ”You” ”present” your ass, beacht!!!
      Your ”evidences” is not evidence about anything.
      You need stop to theorize about your perfect world of non-white masses and immigrate of your white-asian-high iq-low testosterone neighborhood and turn your ”reality” in real-reality, super-reality, living into a your precious ”admirables blacks and hispanics” or melanesians.
      There are internal variations within the sub-species. Some blacks could bed more similar to an subtypes of whites than other blacks, but this blacks continue be blacks. Africans have great genetic diversity because they are the human museum and, i believe, because they aren’t execute many strong selections. Strong selections clean the genetic diversity, look the asians, northern asians evolved in a very dangerous place. The nature selected the most smart and reduce genetic variability and this is good by group cooperation. People that are more similar, are more cooperative among them.

  22. I like music these Songs, its very 1970s.
    1.Pink Floyd : Let there be more Light
    2. Remember a Day
    3. Set the controls to your Heart
    4. Scorpions: In Trance
    5. Scorpions : Fly to the Rainbow,
    6. Most Credence Clearwater Revival.
    7. A few Doors Songs. Like People are Strange, Break On to other Side.
    Why are these Songs sort of like Exotic?

  23. ”Coward”,
    your last answer show me your ignorance about this matters. You be talking about ”physical traits”. Indians, how i yet to say have dark complexion but they are very close genetically to caucasian groups.
    Sub species is not only about appearence but psychology.
    Human sub species are like as example of two food recipes with the same ingredients but different combinations and different results in their flavor,textures etc.
    Ok, we are all in a human genus, but is obviously that aren’t the same ”things”.
    Was discover a pyramide in Bosnia, there are many possibilities about the unknown past of human groups but some things are incredibly obvious as the human groups.

    1. So, you be to saying that humans are divided by ”races”, but ”races” are only a social construct, like you said. You leave very clearly your real intentions and real central concept about your beliefs
      anti-scientific, anti-moral, anti-rational and anti-self survive.
      Repeat and listen to me
      Ge out to America, go back to Brazil, heeeeere, or Afreaka, or Haiti, or Black or hispanic low iq high testosterone super races neighborhood, and stop your inescrupulous hipocrisy.
      Humans COULD not are classified like ”races”, but ”they” are in the process to be classified like that.
      You and other leftoid anti-white (clearly) people arrive late because the human populations yet already into the process of ”differentiation” at least 10 0000 years before.

    2. You know, i’m even worry if the caucasian europeans really aren’t ”superior” or ”inferior”, more smart or not. I’m really worry about your future extinction, planned by psychopath ”elite”.
      This white nationalism is like the ”indian survive question”, is a morally correct movement. Is not more left against ”right”, now is globalism (and mass human populations extinctions) and humanism, real humanism.

      1. What a hell you want to make here, what you desire?
        ”Asians” aren’t creative (end)
        Blacks aren’t smart (end), old egyptians CLEARLY wasn’t blacks (end),
        now, genetics prove old egypt was caucasoid (end) i live around many blacks and pardos, you get turn with me??
        Computer, for example, a white caucasian european invention that you used to denigre your own people…
        You are a shame (if you are a troll, congrats, you are very good in troll people here), your bless non-white peoples have nausea than you, all people around the world are more ”conservative” types, tribalistic, help their ”brothers” and believe that are very special and super smart, even the aborigenes and specially the blacks with their big-egos.
        Repeat and DO NOT deviate of my questions to you
        Leave out of western civilization and will to precious non-white civilizations please.
        If you ”think” this?
        fuck , now, again, why you continue to live with a stupid people like white trash people?? I think that the hiper smart blacks will love share with your hiper ”white” figure among them.
        Good luck and good fuck
        Again, you are troll, well i’m feed your ”arguments” and like this.

    1. WOW! Scary stuff!
      But in a way I have this schadenfreude delight watching Muslims do their thing on the lilly white Europeans… Christians and Muslims deserve one another

  24. Since 1965, mass immigration from all parts of the world, but primarily Latin America, has radically changed America. The national dialogue about amnesty has focused mainly on details: legal vs. illegal immigration; the ethics, fairness, and practicality of deportation, amnesty, and the status quo; the fiscal and economic costs and benefits of different policy proposals; and specific fixes to a “broken” immigration system.
    These wonkish debates obscure the underlying, fundamental question: Is mass immigration a good thing that should continue? Or is it a bad thing that should be curbed? Should America welcome almost any foreigner who want to move here—creating a truly multicultural, “melting pot” society? Or should America try to preserve its ethnic-cultural-political identity and heritage—emphasizing “assimilation”?
    The pro-amnesty attitude is, “America is a nation of immigrants. Keep ‘em coming.”
    The anti-amnesty attitude is, “America has a lot of problems. Let’s tap the breaks.”
    Each side has a tendency to demonize the other. The former excuses the latter of “racism” and “xenophobia.” The latter accuses the former of “anti-Americanism.” I honestly believe that both sides have good intentions. We all want the best for America. So let’s forget the insults and “policy debates.” Let’s focus on the fundamental questions: Is continuing mass immigration good or bad for America?
    I think it’s bad.

    1. I think its good…maybe not for you and me but for the people of China and India its awesome.. They never travelled like the white race and take over vast land of the earth…so its now their turn.

    Heather Koon Raped Babies At Ohio Daycare, Filmed At Least One Incident: Police
    She was trusted to take care of defenseless children, but now one Ohio daycare worker is accused of doing the unthinkable — and filming it.
    Heather Koon, 25, faces two counts of rape after police say they found video on her laptop of her “engaging in sexual conduct with an unknown infant.” An investigation also revealed an additional victim, according to WOIO.
    Police allegedly found the video on Koon’s laptop at the apartment where her boyfriend, James Osborne, lives. Osborne is a registered sex offender. Both Koon and Osborne were arrested Oct. 4 within hours of each other, and were held at Lorain County Jail.

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