Bigfoot News September 28, 2013

First description of the damage done to Hank’s face by Rick Dyer’s bullet!

It was blasted in the back of the head, having an awful exit wound out its lower jaw/mouth. The jaw was partially disconnected from the skull, showing raw bone and flesh. The body was frozen, or semi-frozen, with a clear bag over its head.

This is directly from someone who has seen the body via Christopher Noel. Noel also obtained descriptions of the bullet damage from two others who had seen the body, and all three descriptions lined up very well. Now skeptics have to argue that all three of these people got together and agreed on a fake description to make up and managed to remember it well enough to retell it without significant discrepancies. Musky was forbidden from discussing the bullet damage during his 2-hour interview with Facebook Find Bigfoot for some odd reason, but I am not publishing this description for the first time. This is pretty much what you might expect from a round of the type that Rick fired that night. Timeline of how the Rick Dyer Bigfoot reveal is supposed to go: The reveal will take place on December 15 in San Antonio, Texas. A press conference will be held with scientists affirming its authenticity. The Bigfoot will then go to the new owner (the casino owner) to do some publicity with it. Then the body goes back to Rick for a year while he takes it on tour around the US similar to the Minnesota Iceman tour. Then the body goes back to the casino owner for whatever purpose. Rick’s tour with the Bigfoot. Rick says he will spend the first half of 2014 on tour around the US with the Bigfoot, though he will retain possession of the body for the whole year. This would be similar to the Minnesota Iceman (which was actually a real Bigfoot in my opinion) that toured the US in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Rick will charge $10 for adults and $5 for children. He recently announced all of the cities he will be touring on the first leg of the tour. He will no doubt need permits to take his show to those cities. Some of my commenters called the permits offices of some of the cities Rick listed and they knew nothing about Rick’s tour, so obviously Rick has not yet formalized this tour with the authorities yet, and it best to say that he plans to go to these cities rather than that he will go to these cities. Two cities in California that were mentioned were Eureka and California. Calls to the Eureka government office in charge of such things confirmed no such appearance by Rick. Rick has stated that he hopes to make $100,000/month exhibiting this body. After being confronted with these facts, Rick then said that he will be utilizing gun shows and flea markets for his tour. That way he probably will not need a permit. Rick also stated recently that he will have the Bigfoot’s organs in jars and that no photos of the Bigfoot will be allowed. The organs in jars bit is pretty morbid and sickening if you ask me. Derek Randles to view the body. Rick stated recently that Derek Randles will see the body on the first week of December. Rick and Derek have generally been on cordial terms for whatever reason. Rick back to grubbing for money again. Rick is now hitting his supporters up for more and more donations because he says he needs the money since his team will be picking up the body in late November – early December. They need to have the trailer ready and to have other expensive necessities ready to go before they can pick up the body. Dyer’s video, After the Shot. The video has now sold 65 copies according to Rick. Rick has also said that he will ship the video by December 10 even if he does not sell the requisite 100 copies. That is great news. Assuming that this video really does show a real dead Bigfoot and it will only be issued in a 100 copy limited run, I would assume that it is going to become a collectors’ item and the $129 price, which frankly seems like a complete ripoff, would actually be worth it. Why not sell the video for cheaper? Supposing Rick sold After the Shot for $20 instead, the normal price for a DVD? If there really is a dead Bigfoot in that video, I would guess that he might be able to sell ~4 million copies @ $20 a shot. You do the math. However, Rick was apparently only given permission to sell 100 copies. Rick’s copy protection threats seem dubious. Team Tracker has said that each video will have a certain marker on it that indicates who the person is who bought it. If anyone uploads any portion of the video, they will be able to look at these markers and tell who it was that uploaded it. Rick then said he would sue them for everything they have. Problem is that this technology probably does not even exist. I would assume that Hollywood would kill to get their hands on this technology, as it would be a great way for them to go after video-copying thieves who upload videos to the Net. Since Hollywood itself hasn’t even done this yet with all of their resources, it seems dubious that Rick Dyer thought up something ingenious that even all the brains behind Hollywood have not been able to invent. Color me skeptical. Rick Dyer’s lawsuit threats. Rick says he will sue the pants off anyone who uploads the movie. The problem is that the DMCA was meant to prevent a flood of copyright theft lawsuits. Hence, almost all copyright thefts are simply dealt with via a DMCA takedown order. The copyright owner issues the order and the person has to remove the material quickly otherwise there are consequences. The state has also gotten involved and passed some terrible laws making it illegal to upload copyrighted material. Recently a man was prosecuted for uploading one of the Star Wars movies to the Net. Bottom line is that no one is suing anyone for copyright theft for uploading videos, so I doubt if Rick Dyer will be too. Even if he does, the judge might just toss the case on the grounds that Rick should have used the DMCA law instead. Judges are within their proper bounds to junk as nuisance suits copyright theft suits that are better covered by the DMCA so as to protect society from a flood of copyright protection suits. Furthermore, a source has told me that Rick never sues anyone. He threatens to sue people all the time, but he never actually carries through on it because he doesn’t want to drive all the way into downtown Las Vegas to file the case. So it’s quite dubious that Rick would sue in these cases anyway. It is also my opinion and that of others that Rick does not even have an attorney. One of my sources and I have both received emails from this so-called attorney, and I thought they were fake emails concocted by Rick or someone on TT. I Googled the attorney’s name, and I do not think he even exists. After the Shot price will go up to $199 on Tuesday, October 1. That has to be one of the dumbest things Rick has ever done. I believe he will sell few if any copies at that price. New video coming out of Hank’s autopsy! Hank is the name of the Bigfoot that Rick Dyer shot a year ago. Rick now says that he has a video of the autopsy of the Bigfoot that he is selling for $199. That is ridiculously overpriced, but the price goes down to $99 (much more reasonable) if you also buy After the Shot. Who paid for the reefer truck? Rick rented a refrigerated truck or reefer truck to transport the dead Bigfoot from San Antonio to Las Vegas. People have been asking for the receipts for that for some time, but Rick will not show them. Former TT member Pinkfoot now says that the reefer truck was originally put on the credit card of Minnow Films, and that during the trip the truck’s cooling system shut off because the rental charges were exceeding the credit card’s limit. Rick then had to scramble to put the charges on one of his own credit cards to keep the Bigfoot cooled for the rest of the trip. After quite a bit of investigation working with a couple of my sources, I now believe that Rick has only ever had one investor and has never had the multiple investors he claimed he had. We believe that that single investor is none other than Hank Williams III, the grandson of the great Hank Williams, the famous country singer. Rick’s mother reportedly wrote songs for HW3’s father, Hank Williams Jr. who was also a famous musician. So HW Jr. is then a good friend of Rick’s mother. It is apparently via his mother that Rick met Junior’s son, HW3. So this part of it is all making sense. Rick has never owned this Bigfoot body. Instead HW3 has owned it the whole time. However, he is scheduled to sell it to a Las Vegas casino at some point, possibly around December. As soon as that Bigfoot died, HW3 owned the body. This also explains so many other things, as I will elaborate below. HW3 denies that he has anything to do with Rick or with any dead Bigfoot. Apparently people have put this question to him, but HW3 simply denied the whole story. But then if he really is the investor, it makes sense for him to talk that way. Greatest Bigfoot hoax of all time? There are two competing theories about the Rick Dyer case – that it is all a gigantic hoax, or that it really happened. At the moment, there is no good, hard scientific evidence to prove either theory, hence the case remains a mystery, unsolved and inconclusive. But what if it is all a gigantic hoax? I would argue that for several reasons, this  would then be the greatest Bigfoot hoax ever done for several reasons:

  • The Tent Video and the Shooting Bigfoot stills are two of the greatest BF photos/videos of all time!
  • Morgan Matthews has still not said this is a hoax.
  • Several people claim to have seen the body and one provided an extremely detailed 2 hour interview of it.
  • There is a full length feature film that captures this hoax without even showing it is a hoax.
  • Director was badly beat up in filming.
  • Worst of all, the skeptics have been trying their dardest to prove this is a hoax for a very long time, and they have not been able to do so!

Now all that is if it is even a hoax, which is not proven at all. Fake Musky Allen posting on Facebook. The haters made a fake Musky Allen posting a few weeks back. They made a fake Musky posting with software saying he lied about this entire thing. Musky then posted in the Facebook group I Shot Bigfoot that it was a fake and he still stand behind his story and Rick 100

The text of the fake statement the haters made up as part of another of their hoaxes.
The text of the fake statement the haters made up as part of another of their hoaxes.
Another hater hoax: Photos of Hank the Bigfoot’s body. The link to these photos was sent to me by a researcher under uncertain circumstances. The mail said to be from a disinterested researcher.
A photo of hoaxer Tim Hollis, the scumbag behind the latest fake photos.
A photo of Tim Hollis, whose account the hoaxed photos were on.
The researcher told me that he had been researching the case for some time and noticed that some of Dyer’s files had a certain letter and number combination on them. He Googled them and found what looked like a secret folder in which someone had forgotten turn on the privacy settings. The photos were labeled “Dead Hank” and the researcher thought this was one of Dyer’s secret sites and these photos were of Hank’s dead body. Instead, they are stills from a recent Bigfoot movie.
One of the stupid hoax photos of Hank recently faked by haters.
One of the hoax photos of Hank recently posted.
This is another of the stupid hoaxed dead Hank photos. It is from a recent Bigfoot movie.
This is another of the stupid hoaxed dead Hank photos. It is from a recent Bigfoot movie.

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77 thoughts on “Bigfoot News September 28, 2013”

  1. Am I the only one that finds it a little unbelievable that the investor would allow him to parade around a priceless specimen in the back of a cheap ass trailer (exact copy shown on last nights show and a nascar trailer blows rick’s hunk of shit out of the water) considering all the possible things that could go wrong? The dipshit already burned one motorhome to the ground right? What could possibly go wrong? The insurance would be outrageous. Smithsonian quality/importance samples aren’t paraded around like carnival fodder to fairs and flea markets folks. That’s how they treat jackelopes! Let’s use common sense! This tour is bullshit.

    1. Ya… I agree. This is crazy to think a real BF body would be paraded around the country transported by trailer to be exhibited at Gun Shows. It really does support the belief by most that it is not BF….. But instead BS!! GUNSHOWS??? GIVE ME A FRICKIN BREAK…..(forgive my un – PC comment) How Retarded would we be to believe such a ridiculous parade of BS!

  2. FYI, Dyer’s site is now open for comments. If Rick stays true to form, it will only be open for a limited time (he tends to scare easily). So, if you want to say something to him or team tracker head on over!

      1. Did you watch POS’s show last night Cindy? He stated again that just last week you were trying and begging to get back into TT. I know you gave me your answer to this, so I’m assuming this is another lie from POS.

    1. If you post there he can get your IP address and he and his henchman can track you down. Best to stay here and get Robert the $ he needs…

  3. Rick, on his show tonight, is trashing Robert’s report. (But what would we expect from Rick, huh?).
    Oh, now he’s going off on Pinkfoot!

  4. Know how you can tell this is a hoaxed rick dyer account? Rick would have said 110% and the icon is wrong. Nice try you troll..

      1. Thanks rl. Hey rick why does everything you do seem good ol boy second rate? Your trailer and motorhome are jokes. Ever see a nascar traveling team setup? Your bigfoot would be worth 10 teams and you would travel like a rockstar if it were real. You even dream second rate my man… and your lies are getting lamer instead of better. You are telling them better but they still are lamer.
        For example:
        Last night you said you had no idea what pink meant about replica bodies. Frank chimes in and corrects you that is was disinformation given to her. Tell dumb ol frank to turn up his hearing aid. He’s hurting your lol, credibility….

  5. Awesome.
    Thanks for the updates Bob. Just made a fresh bowl of popcorn and poured a big glass of chardonnay prior to sitting in front of the ‘puter.
    Tim Hollis looks like a little weasly as well as needing a Mansierre.
    I’m quite certain POS is on his last hurrah and set to foist himself upon his petard. I do enjoy yur dogged determination to see this until the end.
    Good on ya mate.

  6. Rick. You need to take a typing class so you can leave better comments. Seriously. 100% lies? There are some things in his story that are known facts. Which parts are you calling lies? HW3? Christopher Noel stuff? What parts?

  7. Robert, for the record, would you give rick or anyone else our contact information or ip addresses if asked? Your site says you won’t share email. Are we entirely anonymous and considered journalistic sources as users of your site?

  8. How is the 21 day fat camp expedition looking? Only a couple of days until you leave, can’t wait to hear all about it! Hope you don’t flake out on it like you did your last two bigfoot expeditions.

  9. Dyer said he had cell phone pic of BF after he shot it
    We have only TWO pics so far..>>>>>BLURRY Tent Vid and BLURRY shot from the movie. YEP that’s it folks.
    BUPKISS…nothing but CHIT!
    Dyer >>show us those cell phone pics??? Nah…ain’t gonna happen.

  10. Seems as though another TT member has been removed and according to POS on last night’s show.
    I’m wondering if it is Big Jake because he hasn’t been on the show in the last 3 nights AND, I received a PM from him that I don’t believe was intended for me. In it, he stated that he was “tired of Frank Cali’s bullshit”.
    Big Jake’s account on Y/T has also been recently closed.

    1. And also coincidentally a new member has joined the ranks, Tim Fricke. Was he allowed to join to replace the removed member?

      1. Tim Fricke the ‘new boy on the block’…
        started doing the DVD videos as well.
        The ‘alien/bigfoot autopsy’ one just came out today.
        He’s into the Rosewell thing(Alien crash)
        Morgan Matthews Interviewed About ‘Shooting Bigfoot’
        at the ‘Hot Dogs Film Festival’ Toronto
        Published on May 2, 2013

  11. We forgot to ask Rick how the “cancer research” for a potential new drug is coming with the Bigfoot body? I think he may have even forgot about that statement! Too many lies to keep straight.

    1. He hasn’t forgotten, this ‘cancer cure’ was mentioned again the other day on one of his shows. In fact Jason Judd went through a whole speech about the 11th chromosome in humans that apparently regulates disease and how the sasquatch doesn’t have this gene….
      Yeah, whatever!

  12. Robert and all,
    If there was significant damage done to the jaw and face of this alleged sasquatch after it was shot, why would POS deny it now? I thought POS did mention these details months ago, but lately, he’s denying there is any facial damage to the body. It makes no sense for him to lie about this if it were true and if Chris Noel and other sources are to be believed…
    I’ve also been thinking more about the copyright protection that POS claims to have incorporated in the DVDs. At first, I thought it was impossible or could be easily bypassed, Now I’m not so sure.
    On one of POS’s recent shows, I remember him saying that the number of the DVD will display at random areas of the film, popping up at different areas throughout the film. Static watermarks can be blocked out and so can static numbers, but if they appear randomly and depending on how often or how many there are, it would be very hard to hide them all while still allowing any copy to be viable or worth publishing.
    It this is what he has done, then I can see it being much more difficult. Hollywood would never use this type of copyright because it would essentially ruin the film, nobody would want to purchase a movie that has transparent watermarks or numbers popping up all over the screen at random times.

    1. That information about the damage to the jaw and face was not supposed to get out. That is why Rick is so furiously denying it right now. Musky was not allowed to talk about that in his interview and whoever is leaking it now is not supposed to leak it.

      1. It still doesn’t make logical sense. Why would it matter if there was damage to the jaw/face from the shotgun blast, or not?

  13. Pos must be running out of lies. He is stepping down as president of tt. Give me a break… He’ll be back in December… Let me guess, 2012 was a hoax too but this time, while on his fat camp He really really really got one, no bullshit people. Rick you are the clown king just like they call you on racers blog…

  14. POS keeps stressing that he needs the money before the tour and that’s why he’s selling the DVDs. Well then, whey didn’t he start selling the DVDs at the beginning of the year or at even 6 months ago? He apparently had this ‘after the shot’ video footage since Sept 2012. Why would he wait for over a year to release the DVD to acquire the funds to jump start the tour? It’s all a well thought out plan by his marketing team to make money and as much money as possible.
    He says, that the investors won’t pay him his money until certain aspects are taken care of, like making sure the body is secure and housed in an appropriate case & trailer. Why wouldn’t the investors pay for these requirements? It is because they HAVEN’T seen the body yet (confirmed by POS). To me, it sounds like any investors are planning on this being a hoax but wanting to insure it’s as good as possible before they dispense any funds to POS. They want it to be legitimate enough looking so that their ‘investment’ doesn’t fail supporting this dog and pony show, as Ron puts it. I believe they are expecting this to be a hoax, but they want to make sure it’s done professionally enough that it has a good chance of succeeding.
    POS now says that he hasn’t received any money from his investors and won’t until December. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t he mention on a previous show several weeks ago that someone has been giving him advancements with a figure of $300K mentioned? I could swear he said that. Where did that money come from, Was this true, or just more lies…?
    POS stated on this program that he IS doing all of this to make money and “as much money as possible, that he deserves it.” Is this not the exact mindset of a salesman? Capitalism alive and well in the USA but not for legitimate reasons. I have nothing against people making money, but only if they deserve it and it’s not to defraud or scam the masses.
    POS stated that 27 million is at stake for him If THIS is true, which I don’t believe, but if it is, then isn’t that motivation enough for him putting out $50,000 to perpetrate this hoax and do it to the best of his ability? If any of you watch his shows enough, you will see and hear that he is a used car salesman who buys and flips cars for huge profits. According to him again, this is how he’s made much of his money over the years. He will buy a car for $2000 then sell it for $6000. He’s an investor himself and this is how he makes his money. He is willing to spend some substantial money in order to make much larger profits. This is exactly what he’s doing now with this bigfoot scam, just on a much larger scale.
    Direct quote from POS: “We were planning on selling the ‘After the Shot’ DVD for $1000 a piece once this comes out, and they would have sold like crazy. So don’t complain about the price”. Fact is though, he has struggled to sell 60 @ $129.
    According to POS, 99% of the information and discussions on Robert’s blog is bullshit. Explain that 99% bullshit? He also says that; people take 1% of the truth and blow it up beyond belief. Isn’t this EXACTLY what he himself is doing? He’s taking 1% of the truth surrounding this entire event and making into some huge story that never truly happened the way he’s claiming. Every counter argument he uses and everything he says to silence his critics, is EXACTLY the same method he’s using to promote his lies.
    One of POS’s latest tactics is to suggest that Canadians have supported him the most, through 70% of the DVD sales. And because of that, he’s going to tour in Canada now too. Whether or not this is true, I find it abhorant. I am a Canadian and I’m sure most wouldn’t want him stepping foot in our country. I’m sure many other Canadians in the bigfoot community would agree and I suggest Canadians start a petition to keep him out. At the very least, a heads-up needs to be filed with Canadian media letting them know of this charade. Most Canadian news media are known for their no nonsense approach and don’t take B/S for fact. They will report on a story without blinders on and like any other news media, aren’t extremely receptive to bigfoot stories either.
    For anyone who is on the fence about this, or maybe not even aware about POS (Dyer’s) claims, he will tell you to “use common sense” and that everything he’s saying IS common sense. Well, the same is true about the reasons why you should also use the same common sense to see that there is no way this story could be true. The greatest cryptozoological discovery of the century, possibly of all times, yet this carcuss is being hauled around in the back of a trailer exactly like a circus side show.
    Now he says he’s leaving/stepping down AGAIN. Am I getting deja-vu here or hasn’t he already come on his shows previously with these ‘heart felt’ and sincere pleas and reasons for going absent? According to him, he won’t be back until December or doing any shows until then, he’s “just too busy and everything has been said already”. Let’s just see how long that lasts.

    1. I guess it’s the same reason you are still here and posting about the story, Jacki. 😉 Aren’t you a former TT member yourself? I’m just trying to balance the scales and help enlighten those who need to be.

  15. “Methinks Because it would be hard to replicate the damage in a replica without it looking fake.” ~(Hmmmmmm…..)
    I absolutely agree, BUT, according to Robert’s sources, POS, Chris Noel and Musky confirmed these details. It’s either or, so who is telling the truth and what does any of that debate actually prove?

  16. It makes SO MUCH more sense to assume that ‘Hank III’ is being deceitful and dishonest than to believe R.D or any of the others who have regularly dispensed erroneous supposed ‘insider info’ since this hoax was first unleashed on the world are lying…Yeah – that’s it!!

      1. This guy is evil enough to pay for a Bigfoot ‘hit’ man and demand a Bigfoot body
        There you go! Damn you are smart! This is all starting to add up now. All of the pieces are fitting together very nicely.

      2. Whether ‘Hank III’ is ‘good’ or ‘evil’ isn’t the issue, and even if that were the issue – who could make an adequate determination of such stuff based on a ‘YouTube’ video that was created to promote a song from an album? What IS in question is honesty and credibility. The lyric in this song seems to have been Inspired by the ‘Hanks’ that precede him in his Family and some personal experience, and it’s obvious he’s making no attempt to sugar-coat or deny any of those issues and the effects they’ve had on his life. I’ve known ‘Hank III’ for 20 years or so, and his Dad a lot longer than that. Rough around the edges in some ways? Sure. Had/has issues to work through just like everyone else? Sure. Inauthentic or deceitful? NO. On the other hand, R.D is a documented hoaxer and liar dating back to at least 2006. Regarding this current fiasco I’ve lost track of the lies he’s told: To begin with he posted the ‘tent video’ (obvious to anyone with 1/2 an eye to have been filmed with a ‘green screen’) under an alias because he KNEW no one would give it the time of day with his name associated with it. ‘You will see a real live ‘Bigfoot’ in Morgan Matthews film on April 30th, 2013.’ Lie. ‘I will post footage of the ‘Bigfoot’ on YouTube the day after the film is screened in Canada.’ Lie. ‘The body will be released on August 1st.’ Lie. ‘The body will be released August 15th.’ Lie. He’s told at LEAST two wildly different stories about the supposed events that took place in San Antonio, and to date there’s not ONE shred of evidence that there’s any Truth to either story. There’s the blatant lies he told about the reefer truck and how much it cost to rent one for the time specified which were easy to unravel with a simple search on the net and phone calls to rental companies in the area. There’s the lies told about law enforcement officers responding to the alleged scene of the shooting, and the lies told later about his (R.D’s) fear of being arrested months after the fact, and on and on – one lie after the other.
        Of course that’s not counting all the lies and inconsistencies put forth by the fictional character that was created for the purposes of the hoax and others who were/are either in on the whole charade or gullible enough to be taken in by it.
        The first time a ‘Hank’ was associated with this hoax, it was by people claiming to have ‘insider info’ that Hank Jr. was the ‘investor’. It was only after this lie was shot down by Hank Jr. that these people in the know with their ‘insider info’ came back and said, ‘ooops – we were mistaken. We meant to say ‘Hank III.’
        Regarding Morgan Matthews, R.D and his co-conspirators obviously woefully underestimated him in thinking he could be fooled by someone running about in a costume and that he would be foolish enough to make this a prominent part of his film. He took what they gave him and used it to optimal effect in his film, including the 40K plus members of ‘FB/FB’ and the free publicity they gave his film from Oct. 2012 ’til the film’s premier. Of COURSE it’s going to be ‘mums the word’ where he’s concerned regarding what’s actually in his film – that just makes good business sense: If you’ve got a contingency of people giving your product free publicity, why deprive yourself of the benefits of it, especially when you can keep it without lying? Not that it’s done he or his film that much good: A few tickets for the film were sold to a small percentage of the 40K members of ‘FB/FB’ that likely wouldn’t have otherwise been sold, but that’s not been near enough to make the film commercially successful. Reviews of the film talked of idiotic, mentally challenged people running around in the woods yelling at the top of their lungs, serial hoaxers, unintended border-line humor, and an obviously staged sequence of a guy running around in his under wear in the dark pretending to shoot at another guy in a costume – not nearly enough to Inspire many people to buy a ticket to see such folly knowing they might be able to pick it up for a $1.00 in the bargain bin at Big Lots – if it ever gets that far.

        1. Thanks Ms Pinkfoot!
          Hello again Ms Jacki!! My, it’s been a long time since our old days on the ‘Warz’ page – how have you been? I see you’ve dropped your membership in ‘Team Tracker’: I hope your absence from the organization has been agreeable for you.
          I can only infer that you’re being facetious, as film critics and others who attended those screenings made comments about it being poorly to moderately well attended. In any event, I said nothing in my remarks that indicated I thought, “crowds flocked in in their masses to see the film because they had all been reading bigfoot blogs for months” – to the contrary, I said, “A few tickets for the film were sold to a small percentage of the 40K members of ‘FB/FB’ that likely wouldn’t have otherwise been sold, but that’s not been near enough to make the film commercially successful.” In short, the benefits the film has received from the antics of the hoaxers and ‘FB/FB’ thus far have evidently been few.

        2. Ha!! Hello again Ms Jacki! Let’s see if I can get this right: YOUR theory that MY theory regarding Matthews and his film and R.D and his cohorts and ‘FB/FB’ is wrong – that’s why you think my ‘theory’ is wrong. This is what I said:
          “Regarding Morgan Matthews, R.D and his co-conspirators obviously woefully underestimated him in thinking he could be fooled by someone running about in a costume and that he would be foolish enough to make this a prominent part of his film. He took what they gave him and used it to optimal effect in his film, including the 40K plus members of ‘FB/FB’ and the free publicity they gave his film from.”
          What I mean by, “He took what they gave him” is just that – he took everything they gave him – all the foolishness, the self-serving hoaxer/entrepreneur and his attempts to portray himself as a ‘serious researcher’, the guy in the costume running around in the woods with another guy in his underwear chasing him with a gun loaded with blanks, AND ‘FB/FB’ and their 40K members AND the ensuing publicity they gave the hoax – and his film – to optimal effect.
          Of course Matthews is a respected film-maker and of course there are some fans who will see ANYTHING he offers – regardless of the topic being explored. Like you, I think it’s obvious that the hoax, the attention ‘FB/FB’ gave it – and by default the film – proved to be negligible, but I certainly don’t blame Matthews one bit for ‘rolling the dice’ just to see how much mileage he could get from it. There did seem to be a bit of potential there.

        3. Mr. Lindsay – I don’t know if ‘FB/FB’ was directly involved in the hoax or not. The available evidence seems to suggest they were a party to it knowingly or unknowingly. They heralded the ‘tent video’ as an authentic piece of evidence and placed it in the same category as the ‘Patterson/Gimlin Film’ without one shred of evidence to support that claim, and did their level best to promote it. It seems they were involved in the creation of that fictional character ‘Musky’, as I remember very well how he seemed to vex them sorely – to the point they would banish him from their forum – only to readmit him days or a week or so later, which was a policy uniquely applied to him and him alone: Anyone else who got banned stayed banned. They publicly supported the part of the hoax where he supposedly went to Vegas, saw the dead ‘bigfoot’, and had his ‘Damascus Road Experience’ of sorts. They awarded Rick Dyer with their ‘Bigfooter of the Year Award’ without ONE shred of evidence that he’d accomplished ANYTHING he claimed to have done aside from the ‘tent video’ that’s obviously a fraud to anyone with 1/2 an eye. Later they claimed to have met ‘Musky’ to review the film, and stated they had met and dined with him a few times after that. Were they in on the hoax? Yes sir, it’s my belief that they were – as nefarious co-conspirators or innocently gullible I can’t tell.
          Maybe R.D’s gun was loaded with live ammunition, or maybe Matthews was led to believe that anticipating the events that were soon to unfold. Either way – none of his rounds found their way into the body of ‘bigfoot’, of that much I’m certain.
          Thanks for having me here and allowing me to participate in the discussion!

    1. Oh Ms Jacki – we have far too much going for us to be arguing – don’t you think? As I’ve stated before, I’m an uneducated person and devoid of ‘arguing skills’. If I give you the impression that ‘I must have the final word and must always be right’ – I’m truly sorry, as that’s not my intention at all. I think perhaps you may have missed a question mark or two from me during the course of our discussing this hoax (maybe not on this forum, as my comments here mark the first time I’ve participated on Mr. Lindsay’s blog) – but you may well be right with your comments regarding the absence of the words ‘my theory’. The reason for that is simple: This isn’t about me. My observations are based on statements made by others, theories offered by others, and ‘reasons for believing’ posted by others. To identify this is a hoax requires no determination or effort on my part whatsoever – it’s as plain an evident as your name is on this screen. Nothing about the stories – and there have been MANY wildly divergent stories from those attempting to propagate this scam – makes sense or adds up. Just a few examples here, replete with question marks (-:
      Would ANY law enforcement respond to the scene of the supposed shooting and allow the murderer to WALK AWAY WITH THE BODY? Of course not – anyone with a passing knowledge of how law enforcement functions knows full well that if such a scenario did arise at the very LEAST the officers would have confiscated the body, and likely taken the shooter into custody until the unprecedented matter could be reviewed by the Judicial system.
      Would the United States Government build a special facility for the housing and study of a ‘bigfoot’ that some guy shot – and then differ to some anonymous investor and just allow the ‘body’ to be moved and then put on some slipshod mobile carnival display? OF COURSE NOT!! NO government would consent to such stuff.
      And there’s stuff like this: Nothing promised is EVER delivered. Lies are constantly added to lies in an attempt to keep the little hoax boat afloat. It’s easy to see it’s been a scam from the start based on the statement made by the hoaxers and those gullible enough to believe them. It’s as simple as that.
      Then there’s the nature of the beings some folks call ‘bigfoot’ to be taken into consideration, which some of us are acquainted with by way of personal experience: These creatures would no more walk into a camp full of bustling, noisy people with guns and cameras and such to retrieve a rack of ribs on a tree than you or any other sensible person would. They don’t survive and thrive by being stupid and clumsy. They can smell a human that comes within 20 miles of where they are. Twenty miles in the opposite direction of the encroaching human are acres of uninhabited land bustling with thousands of deer, elk, rabbit, birds, nut and fruit bearing trees that are as easy for them to access as your phone is for you. NO sensible being of ANY sort would risk life and limb in such an utterly foolish way. Who WOULD do such a stupid thing? Here’s a theory for you: The big guy in the costume who is being paid to waltz into the camp and have some ribs and act like he’s scared and run around and plow into to Morgan Matthews and pretend like the guy in his underwear shot him.
      You, along with several others on the ‘Warz’ forum told me MONTHS ago that I was wrong about the whole thing, and that I would be proven wrong on April 30th. That didn’t happen. You told me the same thing about the following day. That didn’t happen. You told me the same thing about August 1st. That didn’t happen. You told me the same thing about August 15th – but that didn’t happen either. If it comes across as though I ‘just have to be right’ – maybe that’s because I HAVE been right. Ricky Dyer didn’t kill a ‘bigfoot’ anymore than you did. The fictional character that claimed he saw a dead ‘bigfoot’ didn’t see one anymore than you have – at least not one brought down by the likes of Rick Dyer. You never have – although you’ve been promised one time and time again – and never will.

  17. Dyer said this morning that he takes possession of the *body* as of DEC1..providing he doesn’t violate his contract. Well, looks like Dyer goes into *hiding* until that time. Then we get so see more BS again. Stay tuned.
    Jackie…as far as photos he took *belonging to investors*..he never used that excuse did he? Besides, he has a frigging DVD with HD shots being released NOW! He’s the one that set the 100 quota for shipping. That goal *could* have been met already and so we would see those HD shots by now. Why on earth would investors let him do THAT and still tell him he can’t release photos he took at the scene? Please don’t make lame excuses for him. He’s going just fine on his own….lol.

    1. point was that *theoretically* speaking, it would have been entirely possible for Dyer to have sold ALL the 100 right off the bat. We would then have HD shots of this thing already! That being the case, why on earth would the *investors* allow THAT POSSIBILITY and yet still prevent Dyer from releasing some of the so called cell phone pics he himself took? Dyer implied a LONG time ago that he would release pics he had taken of loading the body and that was after the Minnow film debacle.
      Sorry, I didn’t mean to come off as condescending …sorry Jackie.

      1. Jacki, it is definitely not easier to fake a dead BF. The reason being, it would have to be high definition. The BF would not be moving, and the photographer has no reason to keep distance. It would be a perfect, high definition, close up photo. Where as when you fake “live” pictures as Dyer did with the tent video, the shots are blurry to the point where it could be virtually anything (mask, make-up, cgi) and they are taken through a tiny tent opening because the photographer is afraid of it.

  18. Not to the point where you can’t tell what it is supposed to be. But still quite blurry to the point that it could easily be make-up or a mask or computer graphics and so on. Much like the PG film, it is either a hoax or not. It is not mistaken identity or anything of that nature. Given the behavior since it was released and who is behind it, I have no doubt it is a hoax. But, I get that you believe strongly in BF and that is what is driving your opinion.

      1. I’m not really sure why you think I am being aggressive? I am simply having a courteous debate, at your request.
        In any case, I am 100% a skeptic. Does that mean I don’t believe in the possibility of Bigfoot? No, not at all. I think it would be very cool if it actually existed. I have always appreciated the story and would like very much for it to be true. However, I have the ability to remain objective and look at evidence as it really is. My objectivity has not been obscured by a pre-conceived notion, and obsession, that BF is real. (And no, that is not directed at you, or anyone in particular.)

      2. This attitude is because you are from New York City. People from back East, particularly the large cities back East, typically do not believe in this thing. While many more of us Westerners do. That is because out West you get a lot more sightings, often in places where you have been, and you are also way more likely to meet people who have seen them. Also we Westerners appreciate how truly vast and desolate our Western wilderness truly is.

      3. I grasp what you are trying to say. And you are right, there certainly aren’t any “sightings” in NYC. With that said, I don’t feel that my geography is behind my skeptical attitude. We all have the opportunity to see/read the same evidence presented across the country. In my opinion, I have yet to see anything compelling enough to make me believe BF is more than a story. But, I have no bias. I am skeptical it is real, but I would like it to be real. Whereas BF enthusiasts are certain it is real and will twist and turn every little thing to try and make it fit the mold. I would happy to see legit proof. Until then I will remain objective when I look at photos/videos, read stories, etc.

      4. Trust me, I know all about this. People from back East, particularly the urban Eastern seaboard, are MUCH less likely to believe in this thing than we Westerners are. I know because I talk to people all the time, and the % of believers in the West is quite high and that in your neck is very low.
        Whereas BF enthusiasts are certain it is real and will twist and turn every little thing to try and make it fit the mold.
        Not really. Most of us got convinced a long time ago, and it was often a long, slow hard process with a lot of doubting and second guessing along the way. Many to most of us came from skepticism. Somewhere along the way we got convinced, and now we know these things are real. There’s no more debate. So we do not have to twist around anything anymore because we already know they are real.
        Anyway, we reject hoaxed videos and evidence constantly, so it isn’t really true that we twist everything to our belief system, and anyway we already believe. We reject probably 95% of evidence as faked or inconclusive. A lot of other believers are far worse and seem to reject everything but the Patterson film. Go to Streufert’s site on Facebook to meet those types. Every new video or evidence is greeted with a hostile and threatening flood of HOAXER calls that creates a dangerous environment for the researcher. So it’s not true we believe everything either. A lot of Bigfooters seem to reject virtually all new evidence as hoaxed.

  19. Been interested in Bigfoot patty film in the 70s. Rekindled a little when a friend found a single print around 2005 in an area no one would bother to hoax on his rarely visited property. Picked up the Dyer story in Feb 2013 while vacationing in Tennessee. Any theories why the community is so fraught with hoaxers and an apparent preponderance of terrible people? Pinnicle of course being pos. The more I explore this as a potential hobby it seems every rock you turn over has a lot of jerks involved in Bigfoot. It really is disheartening to be a newbie poking around and I think I’ll be glad to be done with it all once I see how the pos saga ends… Honest opinion and food fer’ thought for you long timers.

    1. Although I do not think the Dyer story is a hoax, Dyer is himself a hoaxer, not only that, but he is a serial hoaxer! He was hoaxing in a major way as recently as May 2012 and he has hoaxed even in the course of this story (Bigfoot baby hoax). In addition, he has lied shamelessly all through this nevertheless true story, and even before the story, his track record shows that he is a pathological liar.
      The problem is not Rick Dyer. The problem is the fringe nature of the subject. The fringe nature of Bigfootery means that a very large number of those attracted to it will be jerks, assholes, scumbags, nutcases of all types and varieites, criminals, thieves, liars, conmen, narcissists and sociopaths.
      Hopefully once we get this thing proven a lot of the sane and decent humans will come rushing in as it will be as mainstream a subject as studying gorillas, chimps or even wolverines or mountain lions. The general public will flood in which there are plenty of good folks mixed in with the bad and in particular the science crowd will move in, most of whom are cautious, decent, fair-minded, emotionally controlled folks.
      There are so many out and out horrible people in this field that I would not advise anyone to get into it. It is actually a somewhat dangerous hobby. Why are Bigfooters so horrible. I think it is because many of them are simply fanatics. Fanatics tend to be horrific human beings. Or at least their behavior is horrific. Their monstrous behavior stems from their fanaticism.

      1. Robert, I often disagree with you, and at times it has been quite vigorously. I still disagree with you on who / how / when it will be proven but still believe/hope it eventually will. Hopefully I am wrong and by some miracle this set of events will culminate in the greatest discovery in our lifetime. Actually, I’d prefer it if it were someone else, but hey even jerks get lucky. I appreciate your optimism on the future post discovery Bigfoot world as well. Wouldn’t a community where Dyer and his kind are no longer relevant and we can delve into the science instead of the soap opera be a really welcome change? Thanks for you honest opinions, insight, putting up with us frustrated souls, giving us a forum, and all the work you do to get to the bottom of this whole mess. Hope your balls aren’t too busted 😉

        1. The reason I have such strict comments rules is because there is so much assholery in Bigfootery! It is an attempt to tone it down and get folks to be civilized with each other.
          Of course, a post reveal world will be much better. How insane is the group that is into studying chimps, gorillas or wolverines? The group that studies Bigfoot should be no less insane. The sane and decent people will flood in and as in any other field, the jerkoffs and dickwads will get weeded as in any civilized endeavor.
          The woman at Minnow who leaked this to me mentioned Rick Dyer and I said oh my God, not him! She told me, “I know. It couldn’t happen to a less deserving person.”

  20. said>>>
    …”then maybe he also owns the footage of the DEAD bigfoot. If there is a body, and it is to be revealed in December, then it makes sense that the investor would then allow the photos/film to be sold to coincide with the reveal?”
    But according to Dyer SOMONE (read>>investor) has allocated 100 VDVs for Dyer to sell NOW. Someone owned the rights to that DVD and cut Dyer in on the action. Had Dyer sold all of them off the bat, then indeed, those images on film would be available RIGHT NOW. In fact it’s DYER, not the one who gave him the DVDs, who set the quota in the first place.
    See what I’m saying here…WHY ON EARTH WOULD THIS INSIDER PROVIDE DYER A DVD FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AND, AT THE SAME TIME, DENY HIM THE RIGHT TO SELL A SO CALLED CELL PHONE PIC HE TOOK? Makes zero sense. You can’t have it both ways here. If the *investor* is holding Dyer back from showing a cell phone pic, then he going to do the same with any film footage.

    1. A December DVD may be a footnote.
      If Sykes makes a statement in October then everything could happen in rapid order. The body could be revealed without the hard science if Sykes confirms bigfoot’s existence.

      1. I’m going to have to agree with Ron here, Robert.
        Your previous response contained an entire paragraph in which you described Dyer as a “serial hoaxer” and “pathological liar.” Yet this time you think it is real? I have trouble grasping how strongly you believe this story. You seem to have a pretty good handle on what Dyer is and his motives, yet he appears to be pulling the wool over your eyes this time around. Oh well, it still makes for good entertainment. As long as you aren’t giving the guy any money its no big deal.

        1. Rick is a serial hoaxer and a pathological liar who has dedicated the last few years of his life to the hunting and killing of a Bigfoot. This endeavor has been funded by benefactors. It stands to reason that a guy who has been hunting Bigfoot nonstop for years with money behind him might get lucky one day.
          It also stands to reason that such a person, or any person who kills a Bigfoot, is not going to be a very nice person. In fact this endeavor would attract the very worst sort of folks. Sociopathic types would flock to such a mission. Hence that the man who killed a Bigfoot is a sociopath with all of the the lying and deceiving baggage is not surprising.
          A lot of people hoax in this game. A number of folks who had real experiences and collected real biological and video evidence were later caught hoaxing. Hoaxing and Bigfootery go together.

  21. Trust me…I was on the show tonight and Dyer was essentially forced to come back and defend his position after I questioned him on several points. Keep in mind..his knight in shinning armor..BIG Jake bailed on him. That’s a biggie. There was another TT member that also bailed as well.
    We are now in the end game of this saga…Dyer will make sure that he has an exit strategy. Rest assured..there will be NO scientific substantiation of his claim. He will show us more smoke and mirrors. That begs the question..are you going to buy into that?

  22. Hello Uncle Tancred. Yes, Sykes results are coming out soon. Part of me is excited about it and part is nervous. What sort of results would be acceptable to the sceptical community though? I’m no expert in this area – not even close – so it would be nice to know what people will be looking for from Sykes that would be a positive affirmation of the Sasquatch issue.

  23. Did you all know that on the back cover of Dyers DVD “After the Shot” there is a photograph of a hand. It stands to reason that if the DVD has clear HD footage, then they would use a screen grab on the cover.
    Except… this cover photo is an image of a gorillas hand taken from Flikr.
    Its on my blog, screen grabs and all if you want to check it out.

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