Most Evil Rankings

I really enjoyed this video. This fellow named Dr. Stone has ranked a variety of killers on a scale of 1-23 according to how evil they were. I was not even familiar with a lot of these characters. Others were familiar to me. I appreciated that he decided that many killers were not psychopathic. That would seem to be correct. You certainly do not have to be a certifiable sociopath or psychopath to kill someone or even to kill more than one person.
However, most spree and serial killers are sociopaths. This is because most non-sociopaths could not handle killing, then waiting a long time, and then killing again. The non-psychopath can maybe kill once and even then they are often eaten up with guilt and anxiety. The guilt and anxiety is so great that they can’t do it again.
I tell you, if I killed someone in some mad killing, I would be going completely crazy over it, probably for the rest of my life. The guilt, anxiety and fear in the near term aftermath would be so extreme that I would probably just have to turn myself in at least to keep from killing myself because committing a mad killing would probably make me suicidal. That is, if I could even do such a thing in the first place, which is extremely dubious.
A lot of the non-sociopathic killers are instead narcissistic. This makes sense. The narcissist can actually be dangerous. It is not uncommon for them to stoop to physical violence and many narcissists are sadistic. They can definitely kill sometimes but usually they do not.

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  1. Hi Robert
    I wonder what is the mental states of veteran. I have met quite a few veteran. They have killed people. Many of them obviously are not too scared to discuss what have happened.
    They simply told me that they have a job to do. But most of them feel more guilt in cherishing the memories of comrades being ripped apart. You can still feel them in some mental struggle when they mentioned the difficulties in relaying the death of comrades to their families.
    I believe a lot of these war vet may have their struggles that I have not seen. But apparently, these killers function normally in society. They look as normal as you and I. Some speak gently and you will never know these folks actually killed a lot of people.

  2. Robert, here’s a riddle. A woman goes to the funeral of her sister. There she meets a nice looking young man and they end up having a one night stand. She’s quite smitten but she doesn’t get his name and contact information. A couple of weeks later, the woman murders her brother.

  3. Good that you don’t. This is some kind of “test” question for narcissistic sociopaths. If you can answer it correctly, you think like one. She kills her brother hoping that the man will come to the funeral, and she can see him again. Whatever it takes to meet her needs at the time, see….

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