Columbine Shooter Eric Harris' Journal Entries

Scary stuff! Harris was apparently a full blown psychopath, and Dylan Klebold instead was just severely depressed. Klebold was more the follower type and Harris was the messianic type. Horrible crimes with accomplices typically have paradigms like this. One is the messianic leader and the other is the follower. It is not often known, but depressives can be quite angry. I have known many depressives, particularly older females, in whom the main symptom was simply smoldering rage. Many depressed men are quite angry. Quite a few mass shooter cases which often end in suicide or “suicide by cop” are done by depressed males. Homicidal fantasies are quite common in depression. Not as common as suicidal fantasies, but still common. Look how many homicides are murder-suicides. These are usually done by depressed males going out in a blaze of glory determined to take someone with them.

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6 thoughts on “Columbine Shooter Eric Harris' Journal Entries”

  1. I read a book about Columbine written by one of the shooters’ close friends, who liked enough to tell to “stay home” on the day of the shooting. In the last decade or so, enough information has come out to dispel the notion that these boys were bullied and that was the bottom line. They were bullied by the jocks (and the teachers turned a blind eye), but they also did their fair share of bullying.
    I also don’t think this is a straightforward beta-alpha dichotomy, either, because, let’s face it, most of us are betas in high-school, and those who are alpha for that short four-year window typically don’t retain that status into adulthood.

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention: Harris refers to Klebold as “V” because his handle in the online video-game “Doom” was Vodka. That was when all the horseshit about violent video-games really got out of control. I must also say that was when any deference a sane man might have paid Michael Moore came to an end. The massive misdirected nonsequitur that was “Bowling for Columbine” was one of the most farcical excursions in the history of “documentaries.”
    Harris and Klebold, by the way, created their own custom-designed “Doom” levels, that are still available for download. Playing those might very well be as creepy as reading that journal, and it might prove just as distasteful.

  3. Sociopaths have multiplied. In the old days people lived in smaller groups and the spaths would have been killed. Now they can anonymously move from place to place and have lots of children. I believe that the Jews are a race of sociopaths. No not all of them but a lot. Much higher than the average population. If you look at the laws of the Torah they sound just like a rule book for sociopaths. No surprise “The Satanic Bible” was written by a Jew. A good look at Jewish behavior is the propaganda film put together by Goebbels called, “Jud Suess” 1940.
    While crude it does seem to show the general behavior of Jews. The Jews only problem is they’re running out of countries and their behavior is only suitable for an era where they can flee to another country where no one knows or remembers what they do.

  4. Whenever a white person goes out murdering people, the media claims that the white person was a sociopath, but if a non-white person does the same thing they try to link their actions with their race or religion.
    Harris and Klebold are kinda like Tamerlane and Jahar Tsarnaev, except the first pair murdered more people.

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