Child of Rage

Fascinating HBO documentary from 1989 about Beth Thomas, a severely abused child. Beth was born ion 1983 and she was 6 years old when this movie was shot. She was severely abused by her stepfather, who is not dead. Most of the abuse was apparently sexual. The sexual abuse seems to have started very early, perhaps when she was one year old. The mother appears to have abandoned Beth.
Beth was taken away from her parents due to the abuse and given to a couple, Julie and Tim. Tim is actually a prominent Christian preacher who has a Wikipedia entry. Julie and Tim had a very hard time with Beth, who was violent towards her brother, towards animals, and even threatened her parents. A child psychologist who saw her said she needed to be removed from the home immediately. She was placed in a special home for children with severe behavioral disorders and given attachment therapy, which is now discredited. Her attachment therapist later accidentally suffocated a young boy with a pillow in the midst of a re-birthing session and the therapy is now outlawed.
The Beth you see in this movie is almost pure evil. She appears to be turning into a sociopath. After intensive therapy, she made remarkable progress and seemed to be a normal youngster. Beth Thomas is now a psychiatric nurse who works in a hospital. She is said to be healthy, but in the comments a man who works with her stays she still has a lot of issues.
I would like to point out that this is the main reason why molesting kids is so evil. This is what happens to (some) kids who get molested!
The Southern accents of both Beth, the church members and to a much lesser extent her parents can be a bit hard to understand. That accent is from Atlanta, Georgia.

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  1. The greatest HBO documentary on murder was “Teen Killers: A Second Chance.” I have struggled in vain to locate a full version. It was essentially about teenagers who had murdered, and rather than facing a life beyond bars, were put through a crash course in being forced to reckon with the pain they had caused their victims.

    1. Rachele,
      It wasn’t only the little girl’s words, but her actions as well which were documented in this video. I somewhat question whether or not all that psychological damage could have been done so quickly and at such a young age, but then again, I have no personal experience with this type of abuse and behavior in my social circles.
      Regardless, it was extremely upsetting and a very disturbing account of this child’s psychological profile and maturation process.

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