Israeli Spies in Syria

They are good, very good, very, very damn good. Nobody is better than the Mossad. As much as I hate Israel, I must admit that. It is important to respect your enemy in warfare, especially if they are very good. I remember in one recent war the top general kept a portrait of his counterpart of the other side on his desk every day, and he looked it all the time. He had no hate for the man, and he had utmost respect for him. This is the way to fight war! I am sorry that Syria did not build that nuclear plant and then develop those nuclear missiles. I would love it if Syria had nuclear weapons. That would be so cool!

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0 thoughts on “Israeli Spies in Syria”

  1. If anyone threatens ISrarel with a first strike (nuclear), Israel should consider that an act of nuclear agression and use their nuckes on that country as a defense measure.

    1. It is a fascist, Nazi, ethnic nationalist, ultranationalist state based on settler-colonialism. The whole project from Day One has been all about stealing land from the Arabs at gunpoint. That is Zionism in its essence. This project of armed land theft at gunpoint continues to this very day. Those Jews stole every single inch of that place.
      Israel has no right to exist. I want to see it wiped off the face of the Earth.

  2. What surprises me is how long the Jews/Israelis have been able to get away with their behavior. I believe their power is fading. They should stop acting so sociopathic because one day they the, poor Jews help us, lament will be completely ignored just like the boy that cried wolf.

  3. Sorry forgot. I hope they ALL move to Israel and stay there. My apologies to the Palestinians but better to have them in one place to watch them better.

  4. I’m of the “might makes right” attitude. If you can take a piece of land and keep it, it should be yours. We all came from somewhere else. In no other case are there “refugees” who have been in refuge for 60 years.

      1. Chinese are good people, unfortunately, many lazy Brown Peruvians, Bolivians and Paraguayans are moving to White Chile, Argentina and Uruguya, the most developed countries of Latin America = (

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